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I'm extremely sick, in pain, and trying to recover my ability to have a normal life, and trying to recover my ability to do anything at all-- drawing on that list.

!!!Refund information here!!!


!!!If you'd like Art not refund, information is here!!!


Please read my pinned journal before messaging!! //

I love to draw and write! I haven't found anything that felt more fun and meaningful!

The days when I get to draw and write are blessings! (Meaning all my days are blessed, so, yep!)

>>>My late To Do List<<

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Hidari and Kazuaki
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Bump of a Chicken
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Shining by Stephen King, This is How by Augusted Burroughs
I'm seriously sick. That's for why I disappeared. My health just-- exploded is not the right word, it kind of-- I just became a vegetable for a few months. And I'm still one, to be fair, but I stopped hoping it would get better on its own. Bit down the fact and will start getting on my feet even if that means a lot of pain. (I started last week and I am in a lot of pain.) It seems like I drew the short stick in the genetic lotery and got what my grandfather and his mom died from, with a pinch of what my grandmother died from, so-- I'm kind of screwed. I might live a long life if I'm both lucky and extremely careful, but-- what takes regular people about let's say an effort number 10, will take me an effort number 60. And I'm trying to stomach it, come on terms with it, and - it's just going to be really hard, but I've been down about it for a few months now, that's enough of sulking and denial. So-- the reality is. My recovery and ability to work will come slow. Because I'm
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It was a personal life matter as huge as life and death. No one got covid and it wasn't a scenario of any of us near-dying, just to clear that out. It was just one thing that was left hanging in mid-air since my grandma's death that finally got a closure. An 'a-ha!' moment that arrived through our family finally gathering in full numbers and talking some important things through. A moment where I finally understood some extremely important things and could bring them up, talk them out, and come to a solution. I finally understood what was driving me near-mad in some ways I didn't notice I was mad in. Madness that started even before my grandma got health issues. Madness that started maybe even in my childhood. That was interlinked with my memories and experiences with grandma and her sister, interlinked with why I got into drawing, interlinked with why I loved drawing, interlinked with what drawing was to me. What it really was about. But far more important was-- What it
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Two refunds have been completed, one more might be done soon! Adopts are in progress (will submit WIP later, writing this on a different device) Otherwise - I'm just slow. That would describe it, but I'm properly tracking my progress each day, ticking off how much I've done and trying to adjust my goals to be small enough to be met. This is a hard thing to accept - that even if I set low goals, I can't meet them. It's hard to not beat yourself up about it. "But this is such a small amount, you used to do 10 times more in a day," that kind of thing just -- Being patient with yourself is hard. So much harder than being patient with others. It should be the opposite, yet it's not. That's about it for this small update! o//
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I really hate to be this person as a former supporter of yours but tshuki, with all due respect, you need a reality check really badly.

Let me start of by saying: Your last general update is now 4 months old. Your last commission update almost A YEAR. It will be exactly one year in February.

You owe a god damn lot of money and a god damn lot of art to people that have supported you willingly because, guess what, we adore(d) your art and we want(ed) to support you doing what you love. To see you treat us like this is heart breaking and, I'm gonna be honest, infuriating to no end.

And, I'm gonna sound like a major asshole now but I'm at a point where I don't care anymore, while you claim you have no energy to do anything, you still somehow manage to draw on your phone using nothing but your fingers and pump out art like the ones you uploaded before ghosting us again? Sorry but something doesn't seem right. You could have used that small burst of energy to get rid of small commissions aka head shots and stuff that generally doesn't need "a lot" of work. It's not fair to us. The majority of us so far has done nothing but be patient and understanding of your situation and this is how you treat us? I don't expect you to crawl in the dust before us and kiss our feet, but for crying out loud, woman, you aren't making it easy for us right now.

Could you give us in the very least an update? A plan how you're going to handle this and actually see it through finally?

I'm tired of waiting and I want this to be over already so I can finally move on.

Two year and I'm STILL waiting on a commission for 200+ what's going on??

I have been holding myself back from posting anything because it seems like you truly do not care in the slightest for those who have supported you in the past by commissioning you...

But I can't just sit back and not say anything anymore after all of these years passing and hearing NOTHING from you personally regarding all of this since that initial e-mail years ago.

As I am writing this, it has been an extreme amount of time with zero communication from you pertaining to the status of our commissions or refunds.

I understand that life can get to be difficult at times, but we deserve at the very LEAST updates regarding what you are planning on doing. You owe a lot of people a lot of money, and I understand that this may be a stressful thing but the LONGER you put it off...the worse this situation is going to get. I suggest with the new year you re-evaluate what your priorities are and do what you can to either pay everybody back what you owe them...or actually complete these commissions.

It's been over 2 years & i didn't get my 100 Euros back (Claimed 2 YCH in 9th july 2019) looking at your latest posts, it seems we commissioners are screwed for good & there is no hope in getting an update, but to hunt for our rights for gods knows how long

To anyone who plans to commission them, you probably wouldn't want to if you truly value your own hard earned money, & better look somewhere else, & don't make the mistake & everyone else owned did, I remember she sent me a note a long ago asking if i want a refund or wait, & i regret giving my full trust to her & decided to wait...

Also one of her fans blackmailed/attack me in a note, defending a poorly executed commission service, like wow, i didn't know it's ok to justify having your money taken away without taking something in return for the service you paid for, this is truly saddens me to see this

I have been waiting 4 years to date with no real responses. I have also trusted and loved this artist BUT I have also spent a lot of money on their service. Yet even after all these people have spent YEARS waiting... they have the ability to post NON- commissioned art on this DA? Its not fair sorry not sorry. People have spent a lot of money and I have waited a longer time then with any other artist I have worked with.

What annoys me even more is the audacity for them to ask for free money, as if they didn't get enough already?

I've been keeping mostly quiet since my own life has been crazy, and since you haven't even opened my last note (and from past journals I doubt you will) could you Please give us an update? Honestly I'm feeling really taken advantage of and I feel like you've broken my trust. You owe me 140 EUR and it's been almost 2 years! 2 Years I've never sent you a negative comment or been pushie, but this lack of communication is killing me, and I'm sure many of the others you owe art and or money. Could you at the very least give us an update?