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I'm currently grieving
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Important!! - Please read my journal about my current situation.

I'm currently grieving, I'm very slow and can't do much or respond much.

I love to draw and write! I haven't found anything that felt more fun and meaningful!

The days when I get to draw and write are blessings! (Meaning all my days are blessed, so, yep!)

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2020.05.16 I'm trying to come back, take 2.

2020.05.16 I'm trying to come back, take 2.

This is hard to admit, but last time I came back I tried to do too much and thus the little bit of creativity and motivation I had recovered not only burned out but crashed and burned me so completely for a month there I was - "ok, screw it, guess I'm a scammer, maybe art was never meant for me if I'm such a oversensitive poop where a family tragedy takes me out of commission so completely that I can't even pick up my pencil without starting to tremble." I tried to be positive about it, most people really have been understanding, kind and just incredible about patience, but a few were-- well, yeah, feeding my inner demons and calling me all

I'm back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Things settled down a bit. It's not that we've given up, but knowing something is gradually ending is less rollercoaster like than what it was like this winter - collapsing, falling, hospitals, it drained her the most, but it drained us too. Sometimes life is like that - it throws you in for a wild loop you never wanted to go through. I had no mental capacity to focus on anything else - I let my messages, emails and everything stack into a sea of issues. I didn't check anything. I didn't respond to anything. I didn't have it in me - any smallest thing or anger from someone felt like it would break me more. Someone could have said, 'yep, old people die, big deal, grow up', but it was the biggest deal to me. I'm a granny's child, she raised me, all my childhood memories are of her, she supported me to draw, she let me draw, I spent my childhood by her table, I haven't spent even half the time with anyone else in my family as I did with her. To me, it's like half of my family is being

My situation update

My situation update

I took my granny home today, she didn't end up having the surgery, they kept pushing it back every two days after additional tests and after an emotional rollercoaster for us all of not knowing what is going on, they decided it would be too hard for her. So-- well, they said they will test her again in summer and see about the operation then, but... mhm, how do I say this? Will she live till next winter? Will she last till summer? She keeps losing weight and is withering away. I'm not really in a good state to talk with people. At all. Any time when I tried to say anything at times like this, when my family is facing death and my already tiny amount of people I love shrink in size, it went horribly wrong. I feel like even writing this sounds horribly wrong. I'm sorry. I will try to draw. But It will take time. It's really not a good time. I'm sorry I'm so weak and this is hitting me as hard as it does. I will try, but I'm sorry, things are really hard right now.

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hi! you owe me 170 euro for the commissions you never did. thanks.
WhiteWolfTikaaniProfessional General Artist

Hello, this is not the right place for this. Read the journals and posts that were written and be patient. When you have concerns just write a note and wait for the reply, even if it takes a while. We are all just humans. No one should be stressed in doing things when they lost someone dear to their heart. And everything feels hard to do, especially when they gave you the heart to do it and you think about them with every storke you make in an artwork. A public post for a refund is not the right thing to do and it's very rude. Please be understanding and just wait.

yeah, no. one of the two pieces i've been waiting on is from march of last year. both of the pieces i've been waiting on are no longer under paypal's protection policy precisely because i've been patient and understanding. the last time i heard from tshuki was november of last year when a note was sent to all of her commissioners. i continued to wait and be patient. i went a note in march, which has gone completely unread. she completely ghosted on instagram and deviantart both and i'm not going to sit here and continue to be patient when i've done nothing but be patient for the last year and an artist who ghosts instead of delivering the art that's commissioned from them and/or following through with their plan to pay back commissioners is not one that i want to support nor one who i would encourage anyone else to support.
Synodic-SyzygyStudent General Artist
Hope you're doing okay! Wishing you the best, and a happy new year!
tshukiProfessional Digital Artist
Sorry for the late reply and thank you so much! <3

/just leaves a bunch of hugs here for when you return/

Hug Hug emoticon hug

tshukiProfessional Digital Artist
//happily accepts hugs///