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!!!Refund information here!!!


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Trying to recover my ability to draw!!

Please read my pinned journal before messaging!! //

I love to draw and write! I haven't found anything that felt more fun and meaningful!

The days when I get to draw and write are blessings! (Meaning all my days are blessed, so, yep!)

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Heyo! My journals explain the situation I've been going through for the past year (family tragedy), and I haven't been responding to almost anything in that time. I have an overwhelming amount of messages and notes and most of them are months or more old and likely outdated. First, I need to recover my skill and build up my drawing muscle back - when I do - I will start settling matters to my best ability. Since I'm unable to settle matters at this current moment (I have neither the ability nor the financial means) - I will mark all inquires of that nature as read without responding to them, so I could use that time more productively on doing things that actually will solve the issue, like - 1)Recover my skill 2)Recover my endurance 3)Start clearing matters I can settle most easily, not get stuck on those I can't yet on one-on-one basis. The less I'm covered in reminders, messages, inquiries at this current moment, the easier and more efficient this will go. ---------- Now
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It was a personal life matter as huge as life and death. No one got covid and it wasn't a scenario of any of us near-dying, just to clear that out. It was just one thing that was left hanging in mid-air since my grandma's death that finally got a closure. An 'a-ha!' moment that arrived through our family finally gathering in full numbers and talking some important things through. A moment where I finally understood some extremely important things and could bring them up, talk them out, and come to a solution. I finally understood what was driving me near-mad in some ways I didn't notice I was mad in. Madness that started even before my grandma got health issues. Madness that started maybe even in my childhood. That was interlinked with my memories and experiences with grandma and her sister, interlinked with why I got into drawing, interlinked with why I loved drawing, interlinked with what drawing was to me. What it really was about. But far more important was-- What it
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Two refunds have been completed, one more might be done soon! Adopts are in progress (will submit WIP later, writing this on a different device) Otherwise - I'm just slow. That would describe it, but I'm properly tracking my progress each day, ticking off how much I've done and trying to adjust my goals to be small enough to be met. This is a hard thing to accept - that even if I set low goals, I can't meet them. It's hard to not beat yourself up about it. "But this is such a small amount, you used to do 10 times more in a day," that kind of thing just -- Being patient with yourself is hard. So much harder than being patient with others. It should be the opposite, yet it's not. That's about it for this small update! o//
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it has been another year and you have yet to complete owed commissions or issue refunds. would love to know when we're getting what we're owed!

You're BACK !!!!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!

I'm glad to see you're back! I know this time must be stressful for you, but I am super impressed by your work to make things right ^^ I'm rooting for you!

Beautiful art on here.

hi! you owe me 170 euro for the commissions you never did. thanks.

Hello, this is not the right place for this. Read the journals and posts that were written and be patient. When you have concerns just write a note and wait for the reply, even if it takes a while. We are all just humans. No one should be stressed in doing things when they lost someone dear to their heart. And everything feels hard to do, especially when they gave you the heart to do it and you think about them with every storke you make in an artwork. A public post for a refund is not the right thing to do and it's very rude. Please be understanding and just wait.

If all pople thinks the same as you, running away or ghosting out will be easy for all artists to do, i relate to what she wrote, and i am as frustrated as she is, and i don't think she is been rude, she is asking about a service she paid for, but never got anything back in the end, just like i am

if you don't have the ability to do the work, then just say so, don't keep people behind you for years without any update because it's unprofessional, if this were a real company, she will be immediately fired

Sometimes making a public post is an option, mainly because i experienced the same thing, an artist who owned me for years never responded to any of my messages or notes at all, and were mostly likely ignored, so i had to ask her publicly to get their attention, then after i did that, they responded back & give me my refund

I have been scammed many times, so i tend to get big concerns when such things happens