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“Does anybody actually work in this store or is it simply open?” Emily Olsen thought to herself as she browsed the shoe department of Macy’s. She had found a cute pair of black heels but couldn’t find a soul to check in the back for her size.

“This is ridiculous” she thought sighing and getting angry. “If I don’t find somebody soon…I’m leaving and finding a God damn manager and by then I would refuse to buy anything”

Emily was just about to slam down the shoe and storm off when she saw a young woman walking by and spotted a name tag on her chest “Ah-Ha” she yelled out “Excuse ME!” loud enough to make the young woman stop and turn towards her.

Hailey Edwards turned and smiled at the loud voice. “Yes Ma’am” she said.

“I have been trying to get someone to help me for like 20 minutes already so don’t even tell me that this isn’t your department” Emily said saying the last few words in a condescending sing song tone.

Shoes weren’t her department but from the tone the woman was using, Hailey knew better than to say anything. “What can I help you with today Ma’am?” Hailey said as patiently as she could.

Emily looked the girl up and down from her worn out black flats to her slightly faded black skirt and blue shirt that was worn and frayed around the cuffs from many washes. She had a plain face and limp long blondish brown hair to go with her rather plain body. “I need you to go back and find these in a size 9” she said thrusting the shiny black heel into the girl’s chest.

Hailey smiled weakly and walked to the shoe stockroom. Once behind the door, she shook her head and grumbled “bitch” under her breath.

Hailey was 19; she worked two jobs trying to make ends meet for her and her 2 year old son Jaxon. They lived with her Mom and her four brothers and sisters in a small house that was always loud and crowded.  Her boyfriend had ditched her as soon as he found out she was pregnant during their senior year of high school and hadn’t been seen since. She worked as many hours as she could at Macy’s and Wendy’s while her Mom or sister watched her son.

“It’s not my fault they only staff 6 of us for the entire store floor” she thought as she rummaged for the box she needed.

As minutes passed, Emily started to get mad again pacing the floor. “I don’t have time for this shit…all I wanted was a new pair of shoes for my meeting tomorrow and I have to put up with shit customer service” she thought as she whipped out her phone. “God, I wish that these stupid little girls that they employ here would actually learn some work ethic…like me”

Emily was Vice President of Finance for a major local tech company. Bigshots from Verizon were coming to town for a meeting and she wanted to look her best for the important day. She was 35 and kept her chestnut brown hair down in a very professional style of long curls. Her green eyes conveyed her confidence along with her clothes which she spent hours picking out to cultivate her look. Today she was wearing black pumps with a black pencil skirt and a light pink silk blouse.

She called her personal assistant and began to ensure that all of the reports were made up and ready for tomorrow. Emily had never married, her work was her life and she made sure to have every detail covered.

Emily was deeply engrossed in her conversation when Hailey returned with her shoes. She barely nodded in her direction and kept on talking to her assistant. After a few minutes she slipped her feet out of her pumps and put her feet out to Hailey for her to put the new shoes on.

Hailey was waiting as patiently as she could while her customer continued her conversation. She knew she couldn’t just walk away or the customer would get really mad.
She usually didn’t put shoes on the customer’s feet but that’s apparently what she wanted as she pointed her toes in her direction.

“Okay…whatever” Hailey thought as she took the right foot and slid the heel on it before repeating the process with the left one.

Emily never looked down but upon feeling shoes on her feet, she stood up and began to walk around.

“Oh My God…this woman sounds like such a fucking bitch” Hailey thought as she sat on a stool and listened to this woman berate whoever was on the other end of the line. “I wish she could see what it’s like to have to actually work for a living”

Emily sat back down and put her feet out for the girl to take off her shoes for her; she didn’t like how they felt and the whole experience had just made her mad anyways.

Hailey felt something in the end of her own shoe, “Must have a rock or something in there” she thought as she slipped her own foot out and held her well-worn flat up watching a small pebble drop to the heel.

Hailey saw the heel clad feet thrust in front of her suddenly so she dropped her own shoe and pulled the heels off in front of her.

Emily put her feet on the rough carpeted floor and moved her foot around searching for her original shoes with little luck. She touched the end of a shoe with her toes and quickly put her foot into it.

Only at that point did she look down. She saw her foot crammed into a worn out black flat and she furrowed her brow piecing together what was happening “I’ve got to go Katie…I’ll call you back in a minute” she said ending her conversation.

“What are you doing…Hailey” Emily said reading Hailey’s nametag.

Hailey was putting the heels back into their box as she looked up like a deer in the headlights “What?”

Emily pointed down at her foot “Why am I wearing your broken down old shoe?”

“Um…I felt something in it so I took it off for a second and then you were done so I took your shoes off and you, uh, must have put your foot in my shoe without noticing” Hailey said.

“That’s disgusting” Emily said. “Why would you ever take your own nasty ass shoe off while you’re working with a customer; I swear to God if you were any dumber, you’d be lucky to talk. This store has done nothing but piss me off today…I can’t find anyone to help me and when I do…it’s you…working barefoot obviously”

Emily reached down as she was ranting and took off Hailey’s shoe. When she did, she put her bare foot down and looked at it.

Emily cocked her head at what she saw; her little toe was sliding sideways and changing position. It was sitting differently than usual and the dark maroon polish that Emily had on was lightening to a bright green color.

Emily reached down and furiously rubbed her little toe. As she did, the skin tone lightened as well before whatever was happening spread to the next toe. It shrank down a bit and the nail shifted around as the polish changed from maroon to green. “What in the world?” she said incredulously.

“What did your shoe do to me? Give me some kind of fucking weird disease?” Emily said standing up and pointing her foot at Hailey.

Hailey now looked down as Emily’s middle toe shrank down, lightened in color, and the toenail slid to a new shape and position before the polish on it changed from maroon to green.

Hailey’s hand flew to her mouth as she recognized the color and shape. She stumbled backward nearly falling off the stool before she got her footing. Her mouth went dry.
Still staring, the next toe in line also changed shape before the big toe really began to move. It plumped outward and the green shone forth as Emily’s whole foot now began to get smaller and change.

Emily continued to watch her foot as whatever was happening spread backward making her foot smaller all around. “What did you do to me?” she sneered “I’ll sue this entire company into the ground! I’ll…” she paused. “I’ll…” she said much softer.

Hailey had stopped listening to the ranting coming from the woman in front of her. She felt her own foot tingling as if it were asleep and she slapped it down against the floor in response. When she did, she looked and saw that her foot pulsated out and now seemed larger than it did before.

Still searching for anything to swallow in her mouth, Hailey watched as her own big toe narrowed and came to more of a point as her nail grew out and the polish on it darkened from green to maroon. The rest of the toes on her right foot began to grow out longer and skinnier. The skin color darkened a bit as the nails changed shape and maroon polish replaced the green.

The two women exchanged a look of shock between them looking back and forth between the other and their feet.

Emily felt her left foot begin to twitch as Hailey felt her left foot growing tight in her shoe.  

Hailey worked her foot out with some effort, freeing it just as her toes popped out bigger with longer dark nails on them. “I think this is something more than just putting on my shoe” she said hesitantly.

“No shit Sherlock” Emily snapped as she watched her left foot shrink down and become a perfect match to her right. “What the fuck is going on with my body?” she said in a panic.

Both women stood barefoot looking the other one up and down. Customers walked by slowly looking at them and they suddenly became conscious of their surroundings. “Quick…back here!” Hailey said motioning to the shoe stockroom door.

They ducked in and closed it behind them. It was really just a long closet space packed densely in with boxes but it was well lit and private.

“Holy shit…my legs feel weird now too” Emily said once they stopped.

“Yeah…mine too…it’s like they’re tingling all over” Hailey replied. She felt her calf muscles tense up and she craned her neck to get a good look at her lower legs. She watched the tanner skin tone crept up from her feet over her lower legs as the shape of them changed as well.

Emily watched her own legs in horror as they turned paler and skinnier. Much of her muscle tone faded away leaving her with Hailey’s legs. Emily looked at the slightly shorter but much younger girl before her “I’m turning into you” she said with some disgust in her voice. “How am I becoming you?”

“I don’t know lady” Hailey snapped back. “I don’t even know your name! How am I supposed to know why we’re changing bodies with each other?!” She felt her thighs plump up and expand beneath her skirt. The skin touched at the top and she ran her legs back and forth feeling them rub against each other.

“Shit! What am I going to do?” Emily said clutching her head. “I can’t look like you. I can’t be you…I’ve worked too hard my entire life to get where I am to just…just…I don’t even know how to describe what’s going on” A look of fear settled in on Emily’s face “I’m not going to be some…some shitty little retail worker, working for fucking minimum wage”

Hailey looked down at how much more she was filling out her skirt. Her hips were sliding outward and her ass was rounding off and lifting up. “What’s your name?” she asked.

Emily looked over surprised “Um…Emily…Emily Olsen…I’m the VP of Finance for Forrest Tech. I have a huge meeting with Verizon tomorrow…the whole future of my company depends on a partnership coming out of it. I can’t believe this is happening to me?”

“Well Emily, I don’t know what caused this” Hailey said throwing her hands up in the air.

Emily’s hips slimmed down along with her thighs. She felt her skin slide and then with a slight popping sensation, her thighs separated as they became much skinnier. Her ass began to flatten out and her tailored skirt went loose, no longer fitting her correctly.

Emily grabbed for the waistline of her falling skirt “I DON’T WANT TO BE YOU!” She yelled in Hailey’s face. “You look like poor white trash and you can’t just take my life from me!”
Hailey was shocked and reeled back as if slapped in the face by the words. “Don’t you call me that! You have no idea about my life”
“No but I’m just taking an educated guess” Emily spat out. “Working here and doing a shitty job at it at that” she looked her up and down “In your worn out clothes because you can’t afford anything nice and now you’re telling me I’m going to be wearing them; I don’t think so…STOP! Please…whatever is doing this…please stop!”

The changes to Emily’s body didn’t stop but she did stop yelling. Suddenly, she couldn’t speak as a feeling bubbled up in her stomach and filled her entire body. “Oh God” she murmured and looked down at the front of her skirt.

Emily’s hand shot out and knocked several boxes off a shelf. Her hands gripped the metal shelf tightly as she bent at the waist and knees. Her vagina was tingling like never before in her life. The intensity racked her body sending shivers through her at regular intervals as the skin there rearranged and changed from her own into Hailey’s.

Her clitoris slipped around changing position and size and she felt a spasm between her legs before she began to breathe again and was able to stand back up straight.

Hailey had backed up when she saw Emily tense up but then she felt a similar sensation run through her like electricity. “Whoa” she said rocking forward onto the balls of her feet.
Her leg muscles tensed up and she could feel her calves straining as she stood on the balls of her feet.

Her vagina slid in movement back and forth as it rearranged its shape spontaneously changing into Emily’s. Her clitoris hummed as it shifted its place and she slowly put her heels back down and eased her muscles adjusting to her new body.

A number popped into Hailey’s head ’52.8 million’ and she shook her head against it. Her stomach and waist began to lift outward as her body now approached her mid 30’s.

Emily’s waist and stomach pulled inward giving at least some curve to her straighter frame. But with it a new thought flashed into Emily’s mind and she said the name “Jaxon”
“What did you just say?” Hailey said.

“I…uh…” Emily saw a little boy with blonde hair and a big smile, Kool-Aid staining his lips. “I…uh…” as she struggled to find the right words she felt a wisp run across her lower abdomen. She stuck her finger down the loose front of her skirt and ran it along a long mark “A scar” she thought “My C-section scar; from having my son”

Emily’s jaw dropped “I’m seeing your life” she said amazed. Emily closed her eyes and saw the crowded house that would soon be hers “No” she whimpered. Tears dropped and ran down her cheeks “I’m a teen Mom…oh shit” she tried to think of her real life and saw it slipping away quickly. “What’s my assistant’s name?” she looked for her purse but realized it was still sitting out on the main floor in her purse “Is it Kelly?”

“I have 2 sisters and 2 brothers…Kelsey…Nina…Tyler and Jacob…my son is Jaxon” Emily thought with visions multiplying in her head.

She reeled and looked across the way. Hailey was looking down as her chest grew larger, stretching out her shirt. Emily watched in wonder as her breasts appeared on Hailey’s body straining the top two buttons on the blue shirt she had on.

Emily looked down at her own chest as it dissipated and dwindled: Her breasts shrinking down on her thin frame.

Hailey’s mind filled with thoughts of her report for tomorrow, numbers filled her head as her body continued to change. Her breasts were growing making her bra and shirt tight across her back and chest. Additional weight flooded forth on her body straining her bra; she felt the clasps in the back pull and twist as her cups filled and the flesh popped out of the top and bottom with nowhere else to go. Her 32B chest was growing into a 38D.

“Ow…” she said reaching up to release her bra. It gave way easily allowing her to breathe again. She was afraid a button might pop off her shirt though as she looked down.

Hailey shoulders lifted and she stood up straighter as her back and posture changed just as she saw Emily’s shoulders roll inward and she slouched forward a bit in her stance.

Emily felt her hands tingling in much the same way that her feet had a few moments ago.
She splayed her fingers out before her eyes and saw the skin tone fade to pale before her fingers narrowed and slimmed down to very skinny fingers. Her nails hadn’t been painted but now a pale blue color began to creep onto them. The ends of her nails became uneven and chips and nicks appeared in the polish that was coming up from her cuticles. “Kid hands…” Emily thought looking over Hailey’s hands.

Hailey put her hands out and watched as her nail polish faded away leaving her with opaque nails that now began to shift and spread wider on her widening fingers. Her hands became tanner in skin color to match the rest of her body now and some slight veins appeared across the backs of her hands as she flipped them back and forth before her.

Emily hit herself in the forehead and Hailey heard her mumble “Think…think…” Her eyes glassed over though as she tried to recall her report; it was there but so far back; it was being replaced with her upcoming work schedule at Wendy’s.

Emily felt her neck lengthen out slightly and trim up as her chin pulled in and her jawline weakened.

Hailey’s neck compacted as her chin and jawline strengthened and jutted out strong. She felt her teeth shift inside her mouth as they too strengthened and whitened. Her lips plumped even as a few faint lines creased the sides.

“52.8 Million is the amount of the deal tomorrow” Hailey realized. “If it goes through…my bonus will be 52,800 dollars and my salary will go up by 15%...Wow…” she saw the house she lived in now and the car she drove which just improved from a ten year old Toyota to a Lexus.

Hailey’s nose broadened and lengthened as her eyes went from a pale blue to a dark green with full eyelashes and set deeper in her face. Her cheekbones streamlined and her eyebrows darkened and lengthened as her forehead rose up and her hairline shifted.

Hailey’s previously limp blonde hair bounced to life. It darkened to chestnut brown and grew long and full and began to curl up. She looked over at the slightly shorter girl before her.

Emily’s nose shrank back shorter and thinner as her lips thinned as well and her cheeks became round. Her teeth shrank down and shifted a bit crooked in places becoming Hailey’s. Her eyes rose up and narrowed changing from green to a pale blue as her eyelashes thinned and her eyebrows did as well.

Her hair pulled up closer and went from a deep brown to a light blondish brown color that would hang to her shoulders.

She looked slightly upward to the woman before her. She knew that it had been her but no longer. Her thoughts and life that went with that body were quickly becoming background noise her. She wasn’t Emily Olsen anymore in looks, she was now Hailey Edwards. Hailey’s thoughts came to the forefront but she would never forget what she had as Emily; it would always be with her.

As she looked, she felt a tugging at her ears. She put her hands up and where large gold hoop earrings had been, now simple studs sat.

Emily reached for her necklace but found nothing there and she ran her hand over the baggy pink silk blouse. She looked across though and saw the gold necklace sitting there along with the large hoops dangling from her ears.

She looked farther down and saw that her expensive gold watch had vanished along with the sliver ring she wore on her left middle finger and that both were now on the new Emily.

Hailey looked down at her newly acquired accessories as her life continued to come together. Her blue shirt now puffed out changing into a pink silk blouse that fit her large chest much better along with a bra that fit underneath. She too would never forget being Hailey but being Emily was now the driving force in her life.

Her plain black skirt tightened along her hips, ass and thighs becoming tight and tailored to her body and ending at her knees as even her panties felt softer and tighter against her. She looked over and saw the plain, slightly worn clothing she had just been wearing now on the new Hailey.

The new Hailey looked down to her bare feet. She lifted up her green painted toes and wiggled them knowing that it was there that all this had started but also knowing that it was too late to go back now; she was too far along to ever go back to being Emily again. She looked over at the woman before her.

The new Emily looked down at her bare feet and lifted up her maroon toes, wiggling them up and down. “I’m free…” she thought looking over at the girl before her. She reached for the door handle behind Hailey and opened it up.

Light flooded in from the main floor as they both stepped out. The store wasn’t busy and Emily was relieved to see her purse still sitting there. She slipped her feet into the black pumps she had worn in and thought “I’ll wear these tomorrow anyway…I think they’re my lucky pumps now”

Hailey stepped out and walked gingerly toward the old worn out pair of black flats that sat by the stool. She slipped her small feet into them taking in just how well they fit her and how broken in they were to her particular feet.

Her supervisor walked by “Hailey…when you’re done with that customer you can take your break”

“Thanks Cheryl” Hailey said with a wave.

Emily slung the purse up onto her shoulder. She looked at her old body and life but couldn’t think of a single thing to say. She turned her back and walked away.

Hailey just watched her old body and life walk away from her unable to speak but as she left, she saw a smile on Emily’s face.
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krewson Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2016
Well rich to poor, great story. At least the bitch was a little younger but I don't think she liked being poor! Well written, thanks
applepye234 Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2016
Really fun story! Loved how Emily ended up with a much better and privileged life :) 
Noix01 Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2016
Great story.  The old memories taking a back seat to the new personas and clothing swap were a welcomed surprise.  Although different, this story reminds me of Race for the Job, another well written F2F.
anavt Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2016
awesome ;)
doomer1989 Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2016
Thanks Tservo96. It is indeed a very nice story. I really like the permanent mind swap idea describing how both of them are helpless and force to accept each other life. Looking forward to more of such stories in the future! 
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