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Ellie kept catching herself looking at Laura. “She needs to keep my old body and I need to keep this one. It’s the only way either one of us will ever be happy again. I wonder if she realizes it yet”

Laura gave Ellie and Ray a little wave and a tilt of her head as she got up along with Will “See ya in the morning…” she said as they left with a smile.

The morning brought them another full day at sea as it was Christmas; they would dock after dark and be able to depart in the morning but for the day, they had it all to themselves.

Ellie got up and put on a light beige sundress and brown wedge sandals still marveling over her body. She was going to go for a walk to enjoy the ocean breeze “I don’t want this week to end” she thought as she walked. Her strides shorter and her thighs touching were becoming a needed comfort for her mind.

Laura too got up and dressed in a sun yellow romper and black sandals. The boat was pretty quiet since it was a holiday but after a few church services in the morning, all the other services would be running at full speed.

Laura looked at her copper brown nails and decided to visit the spa. “She won’t mind if she gets a different color back; I think it’s a day to be pampered completely” She sent a text back to Will who wanted to relax and read anyway.

She entered the spa area and began to look through her choices. She began by stripping down into a robe and heading for a sauna. Laura loved hot tubs and saunas but she found that Ellie’s body wasn’t as used to heat like her own. She was sweating and panting within a few minutes and stepping out into the air conditioned room was a great relief to her.

“Wow that’s warm” she said upon exiting. She soon found herself face down on the massage table with just a towel covering her.

“Oh that feels so good” Laura said as the masseuse worked her legs and back. She got back into her robe to get her manicure and pedicure but as she walked through the main area, she saw a familiar face.

“Great minds think alike” Ellie said standing at the desk checking in.

“But I have a head start” Laura said playfully sticking out her tongue and waggling her fingers in her direction. “Shocking hot pink”

“Don’t you dare!” Ellie shot back knowing it was a joke about the color. “I will go with neon green on these if you do” she laughed holding her hand up.

“Actually I chose a color called ‘Pat on the Black’ for both fingers and toes…it’s a deep dark maroon color edging toward black; I think you’ll like it” Laura said.

“I’m going with a color called ‘Blue over you’” Ellie said.

“You’re going to paint your fingernails too?” Laura asked.

Ellie smiled and tilted her head “Why not…it’s a vacation”

Ellie headed for the sauna and massage table while Laura took her seat and put her feet up. A full foot massage and warm oils and lotions were first before her nails would be done. “I don’t want this week to ever end” she thought with her eyes closed.

Ellie found out how much Laura liked the heat as the sauna felt great for her and she was reluctant to leave. The massage felt great on her compact body, especially her calf muscles which were tight from wearing heels the night before.

“If you thought the back massage was good wait until you feel it on your feet” Laura said as Ellie came in. Laura’s toes were just getting finished up.

“I like that color…good choice…it works so well with your skin tone” Ellie said.

“My skin tone…” Laura said a bit dreamily.

Ellie blushed a bit as she took her seat and put her feet up and the tech began to work on her heels.

Laura soaked her hands and had them done as she looked over at Ellie; her knees poking out from her robe as her feet were worked on. “Do I miss it?” she asked herself looking at her old body.

Almost as if she heard her thoughts, Ellie looked over at Laura and said “I don’t miss it at all”

Laura felt her throat tighten a bit realizing that her answer was also no.

After their nails were done, the two were lead off to a relaxing bath where they had the room to themselves.

“I can’t get over seeing nail polish on your fingers” Laura said “I never have fingernail polish on”

“But I like having my fingers done…I also like seeing MY face with some make-up on” Ellie replied.

“I never wear make-up unless it’s a real formal occasion” Laura responded.

“If this were my permanent face, and let’s just come out and admit it, it should be…I would wear at least a little bit of make-up every day. You know just to bring out my eyes a little more”

“And if this were my permanent face, I probably wouldn’t wear any” Laura responded. “But I do agree with you; this should be my face from now on. You should have mine and I should have yours”

Ellie nodded “The longer I’m you, the more I want to stay you”

“I don’t want to change back either but we have to; the rest of the world knows us as how we were, not how we should be” Laura said.

Ellie just sighed “So when we change back do you think our feet and voice will stay again?”

“Yeah I do and I think that maybe something else might stay” Laura said.

Ellie popped up a bit “Ooo…I hope I keep your boobs”

“That was quick” Laura laughed and put her hands up to her smaller breasts. They chilled out the rest of the afternoon.

That night they all met up for dinner again before heading back to their cabins to get ready for a busy next day.

Once they were in, Laura stretched out on the bed. Will brought in a small velvet box “Merry Christmas” he told her handing her the box.

“Aw…honey…you didn’t have to. I thought the cruise was my present”

“Well here’s one more little thing” Will said.

Laura opened the box “Oh…” she said lifting up the silver chain and pendant. It was half of a pendant with an L engraved into one side and an E on the other side “…It’s beautiful Will”

“Ray and I were talking and we wanted to get both you and Ellie something to show you that we love you in either body. Ellie is getting the same pendant tonight…it shows that you’re Laura and Ellie both now and so is she”

A tear formed in the corner of Laura’s eye “This is so sweet…thank you. Thank you for understanding and accepting both of us” she said as she hugged him.

Will embraced her back until she said “Are you ready for another round tonight?” with a mischievous smile on her lips.

The next morning Ellie was up and ready. Her new silver pendant hanging around her neck; a white tank top and tan wrap skirt on along with brown flat sandals for more walking. When she saw Laura she looked directly at her chest.

Laura stepped out of her cabin in a pair of blue shorts and a loose yellow top along with white sandals. She looked down at her pendant which had flipped to show the E side. She noticed that Ellie’s was flipped to the L side. They embraced and compared pendants, putting them together to make a full circle.

They gathered up their spouses and headed to the walkway to head to shore. “I can’t wait to see Jamaica” Ellie said as they headed off the ship.

A full day of sightseeing followed and left all four of them exhausted by the end of the day. They spent the next day ashore too, but this time they stayed at the beach, relaxing on the sand and in the surf.

Ellie wore a black one-piece swimsuit while Laura broke out another bikini, this time in pink and black.

Ellie stood tall, smoothing out her stomach and enjoying the tight feel across her breasts and how the suit lifted up her heart shaped ass.

Laura loved the fact that she was out on a very busy Caribbean beach in her bikini showing off her flat stomach, pert breasts and slim legs.

The following morning, the ship left port to return to Miami and they decided to stay as the other until they reached land. Both had a hotel room in Miami before early morning flights: They would change back before they left but not any time sooner than that.

Both stayed determined to make the most of every minute they had and sleep was a luxury that they decided to skip for the most part.

Laura felt her chest tightening with anxiety as the U.S. coast came into view and they docked.

Ellie too didn’t seem very happy that the week was over.

The shuttles took them to their hotel next to the airport. Laura and Ellie once again shooed their husbands out of the room they chose for their return.

“This week was fun but we do need to swap back” Laura said. “It’s the fair thing to do and we both know that we can swap back like this again. We need to keep this as a treat…as a reward…something to look forward to; who’s to say that if we didn’t swap back we wouldn’t get tired of being this eventually and want to swap back anyway in a few weeks”

Ellie bit her lip “I guess you’re right. This is something special that we’ve been given and it needs to stay that way”

“And we feel upset after we swap back, we can already set a date to do it again” Laura replied.

“Deal” Ellie said stepping out of her shoes. She took off the white top she had on and the black shorts that went with it. She unhooked her bra and let it slide down her arms thinking “I hope I don’t lose these…” as the bra hit the ground and she wiggled her hips taking off Laura’s panties.

Laura smiled and turned her back to Ellie to let her unzip the zipper of the sundress she was wearing. She had already kicked off her shoes and she wasn’t even wearing a bra to worry about taking off.

“Are you okay?” Laura asked.

Ellie nodded and Laura took off the heavy black frames and handed them over to their original owner. Ellie looked at them in her hand for a moment before she took of Laura’s glasses and passed them over.

Laura took her frames and held them by her thumb as she took off her small white panties.
“On three; One…two…three” Ellie said and both women put on their own glasses.

Laura’s stomach dropped as her eyes began to adjust to her own glasses again. The flecks of gold turning them hazel again poured in as her eyes narrowed and her eyelashes thinned. As her vision cleared she looked directly to Ellie’s eyes. She was sad to see them now a deep dark brown and wide just like she had seen in her mirror over the last week.

Ellie offered a crooked smile as her nose broadened and returned to its original shape, her glasses lifting up with her changing nose. Her lips thinned and her teeth widened and shifted back to their original places as well.

Laura felt her nose shrinking back and her cheeks lifting up and becoming round again as her chin also pulled back and in. Her lips plumped up and her teeth shrank down and wiggled back to their original settings as she watched Ellie’s chin become more prominent and her cheeks sleeker and longer.

The changes went downward as Laura noticed her neck pulling lower “Wait a sec…I still have your hair!” she said excited.

Ellie’s neck elongated and her hands went to her short brown hair “HA-HA!” As her hands pulled at her hair, she realized that she was still wearing Laura’s earrings. “Holy Shit I still have your ears too! Your piercings didn’t close up this time” she ran her fingers over her smaller ears and she flicked the gold hoops with her fingernails.

Laura brushed back her long brown hair and ran her fingers over her non-pierced ears. “Oh My God…there’s already two more things that didn’t change and since I still sound like you, I’m guessing that won’t change this time again either”

“This is so awesome…maybe even more of us will stay this time” Ellie said as her shoulders rose up and her arms grew just a tad longer. Her upper arms trimmed back to their original size and she saw her fingers lengthen and change. Her nails grew out and the dark maroon polish that Laura had chosen was now on her.

“Arms are returning…check” Laura said as her upper arms filled out rounder and her arms grew slightly shorter and her fingers shrank down. Her hands became rougher and blue nail polish came on to them “AH I’m wearing fingernail polish. I haven’t done that since high school” she added flashing her fingers out.

Laura wiggled her shoulders “Something’s going on here…I can’t quite put my finger on it yet but…” she felt a rumble roll across her stomach and her hands went there. Her extra 10 pounds returned to her and her stomach puffed out and changed.

Ellie’s eyes widened in happiness and even a bit of shock. A low rumble of laughter started in her throat “Oh…oooohhhh…yes, yes, yes” her hands went to her breasts and they were now her breasts from now on as the changes passed over their chests without them changing. “I get to keep your boobs Laura”

Laura’s mouth dropped open “Three things so far not changing…”

“I really didn’t want to give these up” Ellie added; her hands remained under her breasts lifting them up as she moved back and forth. “Thank You, thank you, thank you” she said to them.

Ellie’s stomach flattened and her hips shifted inward and upward. Her ass rounded and changed back as well into her own again.

Laura’s waist shifted and her hips widened back out as her ass curved and reshaped back to her heart shape. Laura furrowed her brow then as she looked down at Ellie “Why aren’t you growing? Why aren’t you at least the same height as me right now?”

“Oh…Um…I don’t know” Ellie answered. She looked up at Laura and cocked her head before she looked down to the floor where she wiggled her toes. “I uh, I’m not sure”

“We’re not changing height back this time either…I get to stay tall!” Laura said.

“And I get to stay short! I think we both wanted this. I know I’m happier at your height and you’re happier at mine”

The shapes of their legs began to change but not the length of them. Ellie’s thighs trimmed and her calves rose up thinner while Laura’s thighs filled out and softened and her claves thickened and muscles up.

Ellie’s eyes popped open then “I’m never going to get used to this” she said as pubic hair popped out and her skin lifted. Moisture flowed forward to lubricate the shifting skin.
She moaned and her hand went there. She wasn’t even shy this time about her hand rubbing at her changing clitoris.

Laura’s eyes narrowed and sweat broke out as Ellie’s hair left her and her skin rose and fell. She too couldn’t resist her temptation and her hands went to work as well. She flung her long hair off her face as she eased down to the bed to continue her pleasuring work.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Ellie stiffen and then jerk several times in orgasm before she too was satisfied.

The two locked eyes and began to crack up laughing. “Is this it?” Laura wondered. “Is this what we look like now?”

She stood up and walked to the mirror. She was now 5’6”, Ellie’s height. She had her long brown hair and her ears but the rest of her face was still her original. She put her arms out and saw the familiar look of her own but her smaller breasts were definitely Ellie’s and while her legs were shaped like hers, they were longer so they really were both of them at the same time while her size 7 feet remained Ellie’s along with her voice.

Ellie came over and joined her in the mirror and Laura had to smile about the fact that she was now the taller of the two.

Ellie looked older and more mature with Laura’s shorter hair and heavier bust. Being shorter now also contributed to her changing looks as even with her thinner legs, they looked different since they were several inches shorter.

“I wonder if we do this again if anything will change back to our original” Ellie said turning her face to the side to look at her small ears and the hoops in them.

Laura looked down at the sliver pendant on her chest with an E facing up “I wonder…” she said out loud before finishing the thought in her head “…if that would be such a bad thing”

Ellie looked in the mirror at her face, which was now framed by Laura’s hair. She sighed and said “I should have just stayed as you…I’m happy as you. It was a mistake to think that we could or should try to go back to being our original selves again”

“You’re right. I already want to be you fully and wholly again. I’m not even comfortable in this skin and body anymore even if it is a lot of you…I want to be all of you. I need to be all of you, or nothing” Laura said.

“Maybe it’s seeing it with our own eyes one last time, but this body isn’t me anymore.
It’s yours” Laura added. “We have to switch back and make ourselves whole, don’t you think?”

“Yes” Ellie responded immediately “You’re right. I need to be fully in your body, it’s who I am now. I may go by Ellie in name and have my own thoughts and job but I need your body.
It’s like we said; I think I was always supposed to look like you and you were supposed to look like me. That cosmic mix up that gave each of us the wrong body can be fixed permanently. We found what our body should be and we need to make it so”

Laura looked down at her legs “I don’t even know whose pants I could wear with these legs”

Ellie burst out laughing “Oh My God…so true…let alone our shirts!”

“So…do we call up our husbands now and let them know or do we change and tell them after that we couldn’t do it and this is what their wives look like now”

Ellie looked down and took the pendant in her hand and held it out “I think this shows that they’re okay with us looking like what we need to look like”

“I just need to wake up and see that face” Laura pointed to Ellie “I need to see the face I saw all last week to be there when I get up in the morning”

“Then let’s make it happen” Ellie said. “I think we’re decided”

“Yes; I give my body over to you if you’ll give yours to me” Laura said.

“It’s yours” Ellie said with a smile “It’s how it should be”

Laura smiled “How excited are you right now?”

“Pretty excited…content…I can’t wait” Ellie said. She reached up for her glasses “One last time…”

Laura visibly swallowed as she put her chin up; a smile creeping across her lips. She took off her glasses slowly and deliberately, her eyes focusing on Ellie, a bit blurry but she saw her smiling.

Ellie slid the glasses off her smaller ears; she was breathing heavier than usual in anticipation of what was to come as she stretched her hand out. She offered her glasses to Laura with a slight nod of encouragement.

Laura took the black frames in her left hand as she put her right hand out closer to Ellie. She felt instant relief as Ellie took them from her hand.

“So this is it” Laura said rocking up on her toes and easing back down.

“Yeah” Ellie said after a long exhale “I’m ready to embrace my real identity”

“Me too and uh, I promise to take good care of your hands and I’ll even paint my nails okay” Laura said.

“I am going to wear make-up everyday” Ellie said sticking her tongue out playfully.

With that, Laura brought the heavy frames up and placed them on the bridge of her nose and hooked the stems behind her ears. She blinked a few times and saw her vision swirl momentarily before clearing up. She could feel her eyes stretching out wider; she felt the skin shift along the corners of her eyes. As she blinked her eyelashes thickened and her eye color deepened to the dark brown that she so desired.

“Here we go” she said joyfully.

Ellie put on Laura’s glasses and closed her eyes. She held them shut for a moment feeling a twitching sensation as her eyes narrowed and pulled closer. Her eyelashes thinned and fluttered as her eyes opened, hazel colored and adept at seeing out of her wire rim frames. She couldn’t help but smile widely and begin to laugh Laura’s low satisfied laugh.

The glasses shifted one more time as Ellie’s nose pulled back smaller and slightly thinner. Her eyebrows also thinned on her exposed forehead and her cheeks began to round and puff up.

Laura’s eyebrows were obscured by her bangs as her forehead changed along with them and her cheeks lengthened and became sleek as her nose broadened and grew longer.

Ellie felt her chin pull in and her lips plump outward. They felt just a bit numb as they did and her teeth shrank and shifted around her changing tongue. She clacked her teeth together and flicked her tongue against the backs of them before she pulled her lips in feeling her skin stretch.

Laura’s lips thinned and her teeth grew larger. She ran her longer tongue across the outer surface of them before she licked her thin lips seductively. Her chin came out and repositioned her jawline with it. “I have your face…my face now don’t I?”

Ellie nodded slowly “You do and you look perfect”

“So do you” Laura replied looking back at own face; no longer hers “You’re gorgeous with that face”

Ellie blushed and dipped her chin “I am happier with it…it just fits me…it is me”

Ellie’s shoulders rounded and came in along with her back. Her upper arms filled out round and full as they shrank shorter. “My hands are the one part I think I’m going to miss at his point” she said as her nails pulled down closer to the ends of her shrinking fingers.

“I need to lotion and moisturize these constantly…it’s my new project to rejuvenate my hands and yes keep them polished” she said holding her changing hands up before her face.

Laura watched from the other side. As Ellie kept her focus on her nails, Laura watched Ellie’s palms shrink down and the lines and swirls change pattern. “Did I pass my fate off to her?”

Ellie flipped her hands over and looked at her own palms at that moments and Laura saw the blue nail polish had returned to those nails.

Laura’s arms grew longer again and trimmed down to delicate wrists and smooth hands. Her fingers grew longer and thinner and her round nails grew out. The dark maroon nail polish she had picked out appeared on them and she had beautiful hands now, something she had never had before.

Laura’s back hitched and she felt her stomach come in a bit flatter once again. “The body of a 26 year old and I’m giving her a 38 year old one in return” she thought. “She doesn’t seem to mind though and neither does her husband by now”

Ellie let out a slight “Mmm” sound as her stomach softened and rounded out slightly.

“Are you sure you’re okay with this Ellie…I mean…why…” Laura said suddenly nervous.

Ellie gave her a withering gaze “Don’t. You know I can’t put my finger on it besides just knowing that this is who I’m supposed to be and how I’m supposed to look. I don’t care that I don’t have a perfectly flat stomach or a thigh gap or a statuesque body. I’m comfortable looking like this…it’s what I want”

Laura smiled a bit ashamed and nodded “I know, I just…”

“It’s okay. Don’t question it just enjoy it” Ellie said as her hips widened back out and her waist settled in at her desired spot. The sly smile on her lips indicated that she more than pleased when she felt her ass rising and changing shape on her. She moaned as she tilted her head and kept on smiling as it continued to change into Laura’s delicious heart shaped ass “I mean your ass is incredible”

Now it was Laura’s turn to blush “Yours is nothing but awesome for me…I like the roundness, the firmness of it” she said as her ass shifted and rounded off full and firm.

The familiar and reassuring softness began to creep into Ellie’s thighs and they rounded back into their true shape, Laura’s small brown birthmark appearing on Ellie’s right leg. “Oh welcome back legs” Ellie said as she wrapped her hands around her curved thigh “These feel so good…so comfortable”

Her calves muscled and thickened to Laura’s size, now Ellie’s size. Ellie realized that everything she referred to as Laura’s was now hers forever.

Laura’s thighs trimmed and matched up again to their length. Her birthmark faded lighter until it disappeared to Ellie’s body and Laura gently ran her nails over the smooth soft skin. Her knees shifted and her calves trimmed and rose up. It was almost complete now and she took a deep breath in anticipation as she set her feet beneath her.

Ellie looked down and pressed down as her pubic hair pulled inward leaving just bumps on her skin. She felt the thrum and stinging heat as her clitoris pulsated and slid forward. Her skin shifted and lubricated once more but this time, it was accompanied by a different feeling deep inside her. A warmth spread throughout her entire body.

Ellie’s arms went numb, her teeth felt like they were floating and her hair was standing on end. Tingling sensations raced to every inch of her 5’1 ½” frame. She rose up on her tip toe and spread her arms out as wide as she could put them “This is unbelievable…it’s never felt like this before” she thought, unable to speak.

Laura too was rocked by an entirely different sensation this time as well. She found it difficult to swallow and even to breathe as her body stiffened and numbed. Her body radiated heat out from her shifting and changing vagina and clitoris. Her body felt on fire it was so warm. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes “What’s happening!?” she thought “This is so much more than what I’ve felt before”

Laura’s arms rose up at her side straight out with her fingers splayed. She rose up on her tip toes as every nerve ending stood at attention. Her 5’6” frame was ripe with anticipation.

Downstairs at the bar, Will and Ray sat at a table talking over their drinks. “What do you think they’re going to look like this time?” had been the first question thrown out there and many more had followed as the two discussed their feelings about the situation.

As the evening went along, they were getting antsy “What’s going on up there?” Ray said.

“I don’t know…I guess they’re just taking their time and talking it out too” Will countered. He shivered then and looked over at Ray, whose face had just gone pale and blank.

“Something’s wrong” Ray said.

“Yeah, I know” Will answered. “Something’s changed…something’s different”

“I don’t know what but I know that it’s true what you just said” Ray said quietly.

“Like there was a disturbance in the force” Will tried to joke.

“Something just like that” Ray said as he stood up. He took his wallet out of his back pocket to put money down for his drinks. As he opened it up, he said a shocked “Whoa”
“What is it?” Will asked leaning over.

“Check this out man” Ray said handing his wallet over. It was open and Ray’s thumb was on top of a photo in the front of his wallet.

“Oh” Will said equally shocked as he took the wallet. He slid the picture out of the plastic sleeve and held it up. The picture was of Ray and Ellie on their wedding day. Ray in his tux and Ellie in her wedding gown in a standard pose; the only thing was that now, Ellie looked exactly like Laura in the picture.

“That’s…different” Will said slowly taking in the photo.

Ray just nodded as Will handed back his wallet. He kept the photo for another moment though before he handed that back as well.

“They’re all like this now” Ray said as he looked at two more pictures he had. They were shots from when they were just dating but they had been favorites of his. The first was of Ellie in a burgundy sweater, jeans and brown boots standing in front of tree full of bright orange leaves in autumn. The setting was the same as were the clothes, but the body and face in the picture had changed.

The second was a smiling Ellie on the back of a boat, her long hair whipping away in a strong breeze smiling broadly in just a bikini top and denim shorts. The hair was shorter now and the body slightly softer in those denim shorts and bikini top.

Will had gotten out his own wallet and he let out a sharp whistle as he opened it up to the few pictures he had in there. She slowly shook his head as he took out the one from his wedding day. A much taller and younger Laura stood in front of him in her gown looking exactly like Ellie.

He passed the photo across the table. Ray said “We need to get upstairs” as Will nodded.

Laura found her throat open and able to swallow and she did just that and took in a deep breath as she lowered herself down from tip toe to flat footed. She trembled all over, shivering and shaking suddenly freezing cold. “Oh God what just happened?” she said a bit confused.

Ellie too had suddenly been released from her paralysis. She dropped back down on her feet, her shoulders shuddering and her knees knocking. Her feet came together and she curled up as she shivered. “I don’t know” she said looking down at herself frantically.
She saw that she still had the body she wanted; she hadn’t changed back in some weird way. She also had an assured feeling that it was all over now.

Ellie stood back up and took stock of the room and her friend who was still standing taller than her but still looking concerned. “It’s over. Whatever that was…it’s over”

“I know…but what was it and why did it happen?” Laura asked.

They were in Will and Laura’s room and Laura made her way a few steps to the desk. She saw her passport sitting on the table next to her purse and other papers. She felt an urge to open it up.

“Oh” she said, her hand coming to her mouth. “Oh God”

“What is it?” Ellie asked softly as she came closer.

“Look at this!” Laura said as she handed over her passport.

“Oh!” Ellie said sharply. Then she repeated it much softer “Oh…” There on the paper was undisputable proof that something more had occurred this time Laura Anderson was now listed by the U.S. Government as 5’6” with a birthday of May 12th, 1989 and the picture showed clearly that she had bangs, long hair, brown eyes, a broad nose, thin lips and a wide smile.

“That must mean…my birthday is…October 15th, 1977…”Ellie said staring at the passport. “And my picture matches it and my face”

“Whatever has been behind this must have changed more than just our physical beings this time. It really is for real now…it’s permanent” Laura said scrambling for her purse. She opened her wallet and nearly squealed when she saw her driver’s license picture and stats had changed in kind.

She flipped her own wallet open and pulled a picture out of the back. There she was in Will’s arms; her long brown hair on his shoulder, her wide smile shining up. The picture matched her reality now too. “It’s like…”

“It’s like it was supposed to be” Ellie said.

“Like it was meant to be” Laura said. She picked up a big t-shirt she used to sleep in and put it on. It didn’t go down over her thighs as far as it used to but that was a good thing. She crossed her toes over each other in an act of demure enjoyment.

Ellie went to her bag and pulled out a nightgown she had in there. It didn’t fit the same either and she couldn’t be happier about it. It was tighter across her chest and came down almost to her knees “Look at this…we need to keep a few of our original clothes when we swap wardrobes out”

“Is everything alright in there?” they heard from the other side of the door along with a knock.

“Yeah…better than we could have ever imagined in fact” Ellie said as she walked to the door and opened it.

Ray was in front so she looked up at him and said a simple “Hi Honey…how do I look?” with a quick dip in her knees before popping back up.

“You look fabulous” he responded without missing a beat.

“Really…you’re not upset and just saying that for me are you?” Ellie asked. “You have to be honest now. Are you mad at me for becoming Laura permanently in looks?”

“No I’m not. I’ve been expecting it” Ray said as Will came in behind him and walked over to Ellie where he simply hugged her and put his chin on her shoulder. He stroked her long hair and whispered in her ear “You can finally be happy…you’re free now. You’re yourself now”

Tears rolled down Laura’s sleek defined cheeks and she wiped them away with the heels of her palms “You get it…thank you” she said in a hitching voice.

Ray embraced his shorter wife “You do feel right at this size” he admitted. “This is you isn’t it?”

Ellie simply nodded.
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I loved the follow up to the Big City Swap story!!

Its nice to see a continuation of your previous works (and partial swaps in the story) - both thumbs up!!

Keep up the good work!!
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