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Laura woke from her dream and rolled onto her back. She ran her fingers through her short brown hair and blinked several times. She sighed and yawned and swung her legs out from under the covers. She caught a glimpse of her black toe nail polish as her feet hit the ground and she stood up. “Another day…” she said.

She shook her head as she made her way into the bathroom. Her husband was already up and gone to work for the day before she got up to get ready. She stopped in front of the mirror and hoped that this time her dream would actually carry over into reality: Every night, Laura Anderson dreamt that she was Ellie Cooper.

It had all started 3 months and two days earlier; that was the day that a chance meeting and series of events had led to Laura switching bodies with Ellie. It had been the most incredible experience of her life and as hard as she tried, she just couldn’t shake what it had felt like to be Ellie. The ability to look in a mirror and see another woman’s face; the chance to walk in another’s woman’s body and control her muscles and movements had become an obsession to Laura.

The only conciliation was that she knew that Ellie was just as obsessed as she was.

The day they had spent in each other’s body had changed both of them completely. They had stayed in constant contact through Facebook and Twitter and Text and calls. They had started by merely hinting and casually mentioning that they would be open to another swap before recently they had both openly talked and dreamt about another opportunity to spend time in the other’s body.

“This time…it’ll be different” Laura said to the mirror.

She cleared her throat and smiled, happy that as a last act of swapping, two parts of their bodies had remained swapped. Even though Laura swapped back into herself, she had managed to retain Ellie’s voice and her feet. Every time she talked, she was reminded of Ellie. She looked down and wiggled her long, skinny toes; toes that had been Ellie’s but were now hers permanently.

Ellie had laughed long and hard at the sound of her deep and sultry voice when she realized Laura’s voice had stayed with her. And even though she had feigned being upset at having Laura’s wider feet, inside she was ecstatic and had spent all summer being sure to wear sandals so she could sneak glances at them.

Laura began to get ready for her day but couldn’t help to pretend to be Ellie as she did. She brushed her teeth, imaging that Ellie’s larger and wider teeth were the ones being brushed. She took off her top and instead of seeing her own 38C breasts; she envisioned that it was Ellie’s 34B’s there.

She tossed her shirt and panties into the hamper and started up the shower. “I wish I was washing out her longer hair and bangs” she said out loud. Since she had the house to herself, she would take the opportunity to listen to her voice.

She sang her way through her shower, taking extra time to wash off her size 7 feet.

She dried off and put on panties and a bra while keeping her hair wrapped up to dry more. She grabbed her phone and sat down. Her first task was to text Ellie ‘Dreamt about being you again last night’

No sooner than she sent out her text, her phone was ringing. She smiled when she saw who the call was coming from “Hey Ellie” she said.

“Oh My God Laura…last night was the most intense dream of being you!” Ellie said quickly.
“I thought it was just me” Laura replied.

“No. I can’t get you off my mind this morning. I mean, last night, I didn’t just look like you; I was you. I had your job…I was wearing scrubs…it was so real feeling too” Ellie said, still rushing.

“This morning I would have sworn I woke up with your mouth” Laura said. “I couldn’t get the image out of my head while I was brushing my teeth. I was brushing your teeth, I know it”
“We have to do something about this” Ellie said a bit quieter.

“I know” Laura responded.

“I have to swap with you again; it’s driving me crazy wanting to be you again” Ellie said.
“I know I feel it too: It’s like an itch you have to scratch. And it’s like an itch in the middle of your back that you just can’t reach”

“If we swap again though, what if we…” Ellie began.

“It’s the risk we have to take. We’ve both acknowledged it…and we both know it’s worth it” Laura said.

“But what about Will and Ray?” Ellie said, bringing up their husbands.

Laura let out a long sigh “I know they’ll be supportive. They have to be…they will be”

“Okay…” Ellie said and Laura could almost see her smiling on the other end of the line. “This time, we have to stay longer, there’s really no question about it”

“Definitely…what’s the point if we only swap for a day again? I think we need to go for a whole week” Laura said.

“So do you think Will wants to go on the cruise?” Ellie asked. The two had both been hinting at the idea of a cruise over Christmas to their husbands.

“Yeah…he’s all for it” Laura said. “I think part of him wants us to swap again too”

“I think Ray’s the same way” Ellie admitted. “He won’t come out and say it and I haven’t said that we were swapping for sure but after I mentioned that we were talking about taking a vacation together…”

“Will got excited too” Laura interrupted. “Those two are excited for their own reasons too; don’t let them kid you”

Ellie laughed “I have to finish getting ready for work. I’ll call you tonight and we can both get on the website and book at the same time”

“Sounds good” Laura replied.

Ellie hung up the phone and jumped up off her couch. “Woo-Hoo! I get to be Laura…I get to be Laura” she sang and danced back and forth in joy.

She headed to her closet and got out a black skirt and purple blouse. She and Laura had traded shoe collections after it became apparent that their feet were there to stay. She pulled out a pair of Laura’s black heels and slipped her feet into them, wiggling her toes in the ends and rocking back and forth a time or two.

She headed to the mirror to finish her hair and makeup, humming the whole time. She brushed out her long brown hair and combed through her bangs before she slid on her thick black frames. “The key to happiness” she said as she tapped the temples of her frames and spun on her heels to head out to her office.

Plans were soon discussed and finalized and booked that night between Laura and Ellie. It was still six weeks away though before they would be able to finally swap with the other again; it felt like an eternity of waiting but always with a light at the end of the tunnel.

The two women dreamt every night about being the other and each morning the feeling that it was true only got stronger.

December 21st dawned dark and cold in both St. Louis and Chicago. Bags had been packed and both women were up before long before the sun getting their husbands out the door and to the airport.  

Once landing in Miami, Ellie and Ray waited by the gate where Will and Laura would be coming in a few minutes later. She couldn’t wipe the smile off her face while she waited.

The squeal emitted by the two women upon seeing each other could have shattered glass.
Laura picked up her pace when she saw Ellie and the two came together in an embrace. They hugged and spun and laughed before finally breaking apart, but not for too long.

Ellie hands went to Laura’s shoulders as they talked and Laura’s hands kept touching Ellie’s forearms.

Will and Ray shared a nervous glance to one another before they shook hands. They had their own history and their own reasons for wanting to see this happen. Their wives had no clue that female to female body swapping was a fetish for both of them and the fact that their wives were able and now willing to do this was each of their fantasies come true.

“How are you doing?” Ray asked Will.

“Good…are you uh. Looking forward to this week?” Will asked with a sly smile.

“You know it man” Ray responded softly as to not be overheard.

“So, what’s our game plan…our wives are going to swap bodies again and we get to spend the week with them looking like the other’s wife?”

“Yeah…it’s all Ellie can talk about; she’s so excited to look like Laura again” Ray admitted.

“Laura too, she can’t wait to swap with Ellie” Will replied.

“Come on you two…we’ve got a shuttle to catch” Ellie said to the two guys who dutifully picked up the carry-on bags and followed along.

After picking up the rest of their luggage and boarding the shuttle, Ellie and Laura would not stop talking about seeing each other again. They kept shooting glances toward their husbands as they talked. Ellie had on a pair of brown flats which she kept slipping her feet out of, tantalizing both of them.

Once on board, they found that they had cabins next to each other which elicited another scream of delight. “No boys allowed” Laura said after the luggage had been dropped off.

“Yeah…you two need to head to the casino or bar or someplace; we need some alone time” Ellie said with a wink and a smile.

“Yeah, you two know why we’re here but we need to do this in private. Come back in a few hours and check on your wives okay” Laura stated.

Ray and Will were forced to simply shrug their shoulders and leave. They had their own conversation to work through while in the bar.

Once the door was closed and the blinds pulled, Ellie flipped on the lights and turned to Laura with a huge smile on her face. She was beaming and bouncing, barely able to contain herself.

Laura too was extremely worked up and ready to go. “I can’t believe it’s finally here…we’re finally here!”

“I know…I can’t even describe the feeling I’ve had wanting to be inside you again” Ellie added. “It’s so strange…I can’t stop thinking about being you”

Laura took off her sneakers and wiggled her sock clad toes before stepping on the end of the right sock and pulling back to expose Ellie’s feet to her once again.

“They still look so cute on you” Ellie said as Laura’s right foot popped free.

Ellie kicked her brown flats across the way as Laura grasped her left sock between her toes and pulled it off. The two laughed as they seemed to race to take off their jeans, fumbling with the buttons and zippers. Ellie stumbled forward as she pulled hers off and found her hand on Laura’s thigh.

Both blushed, Ellie felt her heart racing as she lifted her stripped shirt up and over her head and Laura unbuttoned her green top. Now down to their panties and bras, Ellie took a deep breath and reached up behind her back and undid her bra, letting it slide off and hit the floor between their feet.

Laura followed suite and undid her bra exposing her larger breasts and showing that her nipples were fully erect. “Are we…?”

“No secrets…no clothes” Ellie said hooking her thumbs beneath the waistband of her panties and shimmying her hips to take them down, stepping out of them and kicking them aside with a smile.

Laura smiled wide and took hers down too and the two stood across from each other naked and excited.

“I can’t imagine how I’m going to feel once we actually start; I feel ready to orgasm just standing here” Laura admitted.

Ellie dropped her chin and looked out over the top of her glasses and with a devilish smile and a lick of her lips said “Are you ready?”

Laura’s smile narrowed but remained mostly rising up on just the left side as she nodded.

Ellie reached up and took off her glasses and handed them over to Laura. Laura in turn, removed her glasses and offered them to Ellie.

Both took the other’s frames and slid them on.

Laura took in a quick sharp breath as a shiver immediately ran up her spine. She shook her shoulders and inhaled deeply. She held her breath as she noticed her vision, which was a bit blurry behind Ellie’s glasses begin to clear and adjust to Ellie’s as she knew that a deeper brown was filling in her eye color. She couldn’t help smile as she blinked and saw her vision becoming clearer.

Ellie’s hands went out and landed on Laura’s shoulders; she squeezed them in glee as her eyes too adjusted to the glasses and her vision cleared. She leaned forward “Oh My God…your eyes! They’re my brown again”

“And yours are my hazel ones again! It’s happening…I’m going to be you again!” Laura added with a jump up and down. As she landed, her glasses shifted slightly as they rose up onto her lengthening and broadening nose. Laura ran her fingers over it as the skin fleshed out.

Ellie’s nose pulled up smaller as it turned into Laura’s and the glasses fit even better as her ears shrank and shifted below her long hair.

“Oh crap…I forgot” Laura said as she scrambled to remove her earrings before her holes closed up and pushed them out. She got the right two out but the left ones dropped out as her ears changed and she lost her piercings. She bent down and scooped up the gold hoops and set them on the bed smiling as she ran her fingers over her ears.

Ellie’s cheeks rose up and rounded and beneath her bangs, her forehead and eyebrows changed into Laura’s. Her eyes narrowed and got smaller as she looked more and more like Laura in the face. Her lips plumped up even as they got shorter. Her mouth was beginning to change and she felt saliva rush into her mouth.

Her teeth shrank in size and shifted position even as her tongue got shorter. Ellie smacked her lips as the taste in her mouth changed along with the smell of her breath. Her chin and jawline weakened and pulled in closer to her neck and her face was that of Laura.

Laura’s chin and jaw came out before her cheeks slimmed and became sleeker. Her forehead and eyebrows also changed position as her eyes widened. Her lips thinned and elongated and she pursed them to feel her teeth grow and shift. She stuck her longer tongue out as it was changing, catching a glimpse of it in her peripheral vision.

Her hair then began to grow out. Bangs started working their way down over her forehead as her hairline shifted and the hairs on her head and neck grew with tremendous speed.

Laura spun toward a mirror over a nearby dresser to get a look at herself and she could only smile and flip her hair as she saw Ellie reflected back. “Can’t wait to gain those few inches in height that go along with your killer body”

“It’s all yours…I want your body” Ellie laughed. “I even missed being short if you can believe that” she said as her hair began to rise up. Hair swept away from her forehead as her bangs blended back into her shorter brown hair.

“You hated being short” Laura said as her shoulders rose up slightly.

“I guess not…I missed it. Part of me feels like I should have always been 5’1 1/2”…part of me feels like I should have always been you. Being you feels right”

“And being yourself doesn’t…I know…maybe this was a way to correct some cosmic mistake. Maybe I was supposed to be born Ellie and you were supposed to be Laura all along” Laura said.

“Maybe” Ellie conceded. “It would be an explanation for our feelings and obsession with changing; and a reason why we were able to change anyway”

But Ellie was distracted as she felt her body shrink. In a single shudder, her back changed and took away several inches of her height with it. She smiled in a way that showed both satisfaction and pleasure “I’m getting shorter”

Laura felt a tightness and a need to stretch. She stuck her shoulder out and twisted as she started to grow taller. 3 inches came onto her frame as her back lengthened and her chest elongated. As they did, she noticed her breasts rising up higher on her body. They shifted and the color of her areolas darkened.

Laura’s breasts lost mass but got perkier and she was happy to have these ones back. “Welcome back” she laughed as she bounced them playfully.

Ellie’s arms shortened and thickened; her upper arms filled in fuller as her chest changed structure. Her posture changed and her breasts began to dip lower and grow larger; filling up and filling out going from a 34B to a 38C. “You think you’ve got some bounce…look…” she said as she jumped up and felt the additional weight on her chest bounce and jiggle. “So soft…” she added.

That softness started to drift further south as Ellie’s stomach puffed out. She had gained Laura’s extra 10 pounds of weight and the softness of her belly that went with it.

Laura’s stomach however pulled tighter and flatter and she gently ran her fingers over it as it did. “Inst-diet again…sorry”

“No reason to be sorry…just like everything else; I kind of like it. It feels comfortable” Ellie said shyly.

Laura put her arms out straight as they began to grow longer. She watched them as they grew longer taking her hands further away from her.

Those hands then began to soften and her fingers became longer and thinner; her nails grew longer and turned a copper brown color. Laura had noticed Ellie’s nail polish earlier and had looked forward to when she would see that color on her.

She gave her fingers a wiggle and splayed them out wide. As she had them out, Ellie put her hands up against them, their palms meeting with identical hands for a brief moment.

Ellie and Laura both watched and felt as Ellie’s fingers shrank down, moving against Laura’s steady hands. Her palms puffed out and her fingernails shrank down as the familiar roughness returned to Ellie’s hands.

They broke apart and Ellie balled her fingers into fists, clenching tight before unleashing them outward.  She ran her thumbs back and forth on the pads of her fingers reacquainting herself with Laura’s hands.

“Woo…so far so good” Ellie said with a big exhale. She shook her shoulders and set her feet in preparation of the changes that would begin in their lower halves.

“Can’t wait” Laura added licking her lips and resetting her feet as well.

Ellie felt a shift in her center of gravity and body stance as she felt flesh and mass growing behind her. Her hands went to her backside as her ass turned into Laura’s fuller and more heart shaped ass. As it went, it brought her hips out wider casing her to shuffle her feet once again. Her waist spread out as well and her thighs began to thicken and fill out.

Laura let out a quick “Ooo” as her ass perked up and rose up. It was still full but shaped differently as her hips narrowed and angled upward more than outward. Her thighs thinned and trimmed and shifted but most of all, they grew longer.

Laura was getting taller, taking on Ellie’s full height of 5’6”. She looked into Ellie’s eyes just as Ellie began her journey down shorter. She lost another 2 inches and was now just 5’1 ½” and was ecstatic over it. She threw her head back and craned her neck “Hello up there” she joked.

Laura threw her a tight little wave “You’re so little and short and compact over there…I love it”

“Me too stretch” Ellie replied.

“Hardly: But 5’6” does feel more natural to me like you said earlier. Like I was meant to be this size but never got it until now”

Ellie just nodded as her thighs continued to fill out and she felt and intense tingle form between her legs. Her calves plumped up as they changed down to her ankles into Laura’s legs.

Laura’s calf muscles tightened and rose up as her legs finished changing into Ellie’s. Their feet would now be reunited with their original body as they did not change back and neither did their voices. The two parts that had stayed with them stayed still.

Laura’s pubic mound lifted before settling down lower and small hairs began to appear there. Blood rushed forward as her clitoris began to hum and throb “Oh God” she said exhaling hard.

“I’m not going to be able to hold this back” Ellie admitted as she looked down and watched her hair pull inward and disappear and her pubic mound rise higher. Skin began to shift and slide against itself as it began to rearrange itself to become Laura’s.

Laura bit her lip and closed her eyes but soon found her body rocking with slight spasms of pleasure. Her hand couldn’t contain itself any longer as it went and began to rub and work as her skin too shifted and slid. Her body becoming Ellie’s fully was met by an orgasm that buckled her knees. “Oh God…Oh God…” she moaned as her knees hit the floor.

Ellie too couldn’t stop her primal urge and excitement. Her hands went to work as she found herself sitting on the edge of the bed, her lips pursed, sweat forming on her brow.
She lifted her left foot up off the floor and onto the bed, her thigh cocked outward until she threw her head back in ecstasy.

Their eyes met after a moment and they simply smiled. Laura fanned at her chest trying to cool down “I’m you again…I look like you again” she said breathily.

Ellie smiled and tilted her head as she caught a glimpse of her left foot as it moved back to the floor slowly. “Your feet didn’t change…I look like the complete original you again. And I still sound like you”

Laura looked down and wiggled her black painted toe nails “Huh, I guess so” she said.

They cooled down and Laura pulled out Ellie’s bag and began to root through it. She found a cute black romper that she held up in front of her. “Cute…I’m wearing this”

“I tried to pack a nice variety for you to wear this week” Ellie said. “Happy I still have the deep voice” she said putting her hand to her throat.

Laura shot her a smile as she found a black bra and black panties to go with it. They had brought Laura’s bag in with them as well so Ellie knelt down and unzipped it. “I guess you’ll still need the shoes” Ellie said.

“Yup…still these little size 7’s” she said wiggling her toes and finding a pair of black sandals that she liked.

Ellie found a white scoop neck top that showed off her cleavage nicely and a pair of tan shorts and they both got dressed. They fixed their hair and decided to go out and find their husbands.

Laura’s stride showed the confidence she felt in Ellie’s body. She held herself tall and straight as she walked the decks to find the bar where Will was sitting.

Even though Ellie had to walk a little bit faster to keep up with her now longer legged friend, being back in Laura’s body was heaven to her. She just felt so much more comfortable.

Laura snuck up behind Will and leaned over to kiss his ear while Ellie pressed her larger breasts against Ray’s back. “You want these legs again don’t you…you want these big boobs again don’t you?” she asked him.

Will and Ray both turned in their chairs smiling at the sight before them. Laura was Ellie and Ellie was Laura.

Laura put her hand out and took her husband’s hand lifting him up out of his seat. She smirked and turned leading him away to their cabin.

Ellie moved into Will’s seat and said “Care to buy a girl a drink?”

Ray smiled and got the bartender’s attention. He was about to order a vodka tonic, which was Ellie’s drink when she interrupted him and said “Amaretto Sour please”

Ray looked over and Ellie just smiled Laura’s smile back at him “I don’t like the taste of vodka in here”

“Right” Ray replied.

Ellie took his hand and put it on her thigh. She began sliding his hand up and down her leg “Guess what we’re going to be doing in a few minutes” she said raising her eyebrows as she took a sip.

Ray’s eyebrows shot up “I know you enjoy being Laura but wow”

Ellie giggled and rocked forward chewing seductively on her straw. “I want you to rock this body” she whispered to him.

Ray dropped a twenty on the bar and stood up taking his wife by her smaller hand. She leaned in to him, ducking her head to droop beneath his arm.

Laura awoke the following morning and stretched out as long as she could in bed. She put her arms over her head and pointed her toes under the sheets. Both she and her husband were nude; having slept that way after falling asleep in each other’s arms after a night of passionate sex. Laura couldn’t get enough and even though it took Will a bit longer to find her new spots, once he did, she was insatiable.

Even now, his hand reached out and ran along her thigh.

“Good Morning Love” she cooed to him in her now familiar Ellie voice. Will smiled and turned to her just as her lips met his.

“This is going to be some week” he said. They were going to be at sea for a while before they reached their first port so they had all day to relax.

“I say we get showered and get some breakfast and then head poolside to get a good seat” Laura announced from the door to the bathroom. She stuck her hip out, moved her foot around, dipped her chin and looked out of the top of her eyes “You want to see me in a bikini today don’t you?”

Will just smiled and rolled onto his back “You’re going to kill me this week aren’t you?”

“Merry Christmas” she replied and turned. She wiggled her hips and ass at him before stepping into the shower.

While Will showered, Laura went through Ellie’s clothes until she found a blue and green bikini that she put on along with a cover up to begin with.

“You know I’m not a breakfast eater…why don’t you go?” Will called out.

“This is how we got in trouble originally: You sending me out to breakfast on my own…” Laura called back.

She stepped into some sandals and went to the buffet.

She stopped and had to smile and laugh when she saw herself sitting across the room, pancakes in front of her along with coffee.

Ellie waved frantically when she saw herself walk into the restaurant. “Laura! Come here”
Laura made a beeline for her friend, the possessor of her body for the week “Hey Honey…how was your night?”

“Incredible; How was yours?” Ellie asked.

“Amazing” Laura sang. They both laughed before Laura went to the food line. She came back with a plate of fruit, cereal and orange juice.

“So what do you have on under that wrap?” Ellie asked.

“Your blue and green bikini…how about you?” Laura asked.

“I have on your purple and black bikini of course…can’t wait to show off this body” Ellie announced.

“Why is that? Why are you more comfortable in my skin than I am…I never wear that bikini out. I’m always in a one piece when I’m out in public” Laura asked digging into her food.
Ellie shrugged “I don’t know; I can’t explain it. I love your body more than my own at this point. I want to show it off”

“I mean when I’m you, I’m younger, thinner and taller…why wouldn’t I want to show off” Laura added.

“Maybe because we know it’s a fantasy for us that we just don’t care what anyone else thinks. We’re determined to enjoy ourselves right here right now” Ellie added.

“That must be it” Laura agreed but deep down, she wondered: What if I’ll never be happy unless I look like Ellie?

She moved on though as they talked through breakfast. Both talking at the same time and yet listening as well. They made their way back to their rooms walking together to gather up supplies for being poolside all day. Books, sunglasses, lotions and a lot of other essentials went into bags before they were ready.

Ellie found a good spot with four chairs by the pool. She laid out her towel on the one inside one with Laura stopping at the chair right next to her. Ray and Will were relegated to the outside chairs.

Will felt a wave of confusion wash over him as both Laura and Ellie took off their cover ups and both stood before him in their bikinis. “What body am I supposed to be more attracted to?” he thought to himself.

Ray had gone to get bottles of water and when he returned he elbowed Will on his way past. “Poses a heck of a question doesn’t it?”

“You’re telling me” Will said.

Laura sat down and put her long legs out in front of her, pointing her toes. She took in her coppery brown fingernails as she opened the water. As she lay back, she smiled looking down at her flat stomach and pert breasts in the blue top. She adjusted her straps, put on her sunglasses and eased back.

Ellie watched her friend with satisfaction noting how effortlessly she moved in her old body, how she made it her own, how confident and content she looked.

She too eased down onto the lounge chair. She fluffed out her short brown hair and putting her chin to her chest took in the sight of her large breasts in the purple and black patterned top. She adjusted her bottoms on her ample hips and rear as she settled in. She ran a hand over her soft stomach before brushing away an insect on her soft thigh.

She wiggled her toes, admiring the red nails, happy that these feet were still hers and the rest of the body with it. She thought ahead to that evening. It was their formal dinner and she couldn’t wait to rock the black dress and heels that Laura had packed for the occasion. But for now, she was content to just lie back and relax, tanning Laura’s pale skin. She was so happy at that moment, time could have stood still and she would have never lost her contentment.

After being warmed by the sun for a while, Laura stood and walked to the water. With a smile, she jumped in feet first coming up and whipping her hair back out of her face. “That feels awesome” she called out.

Ellie got up and took off her sunglasses. She scampered to the pool deck and jumped in as well. “So glad you know how to swim”

Laura laughed “I didn’t think about that part”

They swam and floated around for a few minutes before Laura made her way out. Lifting herself up with the ladder and padding back to her chair dripping wet. She gave Will the look as she dried off.

Ellie stayed in the water for a while longer, relishing how the cool water felt on her warm skin.

By the time she came out, Laura was dry and warm so she screamed out in laughter when Ellie stopped over her and made sure she dripped on her bare stomach.

By 4, they decided to head back to their rooms to get ready for the formal dinner that began at 6.

Laura showered first in her room while Ellie showered simultaneously in hers. They had no way of knowing it, but they washed the same parts in the same movements at the same time; a sort of twinning and connection that they had no idea even existed yet.

Laura dried off but kept her long hair up in a towel while she started putting on a light base of make-up. She pulled out a pair of black panties and was excited when she saw that her dress had a bra in it. She had always needed more support and had never been able to wear a strapless dress before.

Stepping into the dress, she took her time working it up to her hips and then up to her breasts. She reveled in her bare shoulders as Will zipped up the back. She worked on her hair for quite a while getting it just right in movements that she felt she had performed her whole life.

Finally, she pulled out the pair of 4 inch strappy silver heels that she had packed for Ellie but since their feet were the same, she got to wear. She slid her feet in, adjusting the straps over the tops of her feet and fastened the ankle straps tightly.

Standing, she surprised herself with just how tall she was. 5’10” in heels was suddenly intoxicating for her; she loved it.

In the next cabin over, Ellie got herself ready for dinner as well. She too held her hair up in a towel as she applied some make-up. She gazed into the mirror taking in her face. She pursed her lips to put on lip liner and lipstick bringing out her plump lips.

The eye liner and mascara to accentuate her smaller eyes made a world of difference “I would wear at least some make-up every day if this was my body permanently” she sighed. “I wish it was my body permanently…” she said putting some mousse in her hair to scrunch it up into Laura’s style.

She got out the matching black panties and bra and put them on. She too took her time stepping into the black dress, shimmying her hips to get it to sit right. She got the straps over her shoulders and covered the bra straps and she adjusted her breasts to sit them up nice and full.

The heels that she had were a much more modest 2 inch pump with closed toe, “Good” she whispered. “I don’t want to be any taller anymore”

She slipped her feet in and wiggled her toes in the end, ready for their dinner.

Ellie and Ray stepped out and waited in the hall for Laura and Will. When they stepped out, Ellie jaw dropped “You look gorgeous Laura…you’re so tall!”

“I know; I love it” she admitted with a demure drop of her shoulders and a slight waggle of her head.

“Seriously…I can’t even…” Ellie said.

“Oh no…you’re not going to pull that now. You look awesome in that dress. You pull it off better than I ever could. Look at your legs…awesome!” Laura said.

“I do like these heels…” Ellie said rolling her foot up onto the ball and lifting her heel. “Not too high…”

The two couples shared a table with several other people for the evening and they all enjoyed their drinks and dinners.
We catch up with Laura and Ellie, who first swapped with each other in Big City Swap
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November 16, 2015
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