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“Welcome to the Los Angeles Area Saturday Swap Meet” read the sign at the Rose Bowl parking lot. Allie Fisher got out of her car and grabbed her oversized purse looking forward to her day of bargain and antique shopping. The sprawling booths of the flea market called out to her and she just hoped that she wouldn’t have to call her husband to bring the pickup truck for something oversized like last week.

She made her way past some of the larger booths on the outside fringes that were selling car parts until she got to an antique stand just a few steps into the second row. There were several items that caught her attention but she was determined to spend her money wisely this week.

Allie tugged on her tan shorts after she had to make a wide step over some spilled pots.
She adjusted her white top and brushed her long brown hair off her shoulders. She lifted her glasses back up as they had slid slightly down her nose already. “Stupid glasses…I wish I didn’t have to wear them” she thought as she picked up an engraved elephant.

She lifted her toes up and down mindlessly in her brown sandals; her black painted nails rising up and down gently as she took in the very detailed and ornate piece. “This thing is so cool; I wish I could buy it but if I come home with another Knick knack, my husband will kill me” she thought as she put the elephant back down.

“Wow…that is an awesome piece”  

Allie heard a sultry voice coming from behind her as she put down the decorative sculpture. She turned and saw a small woman with short brown hair standing behind her admiring the elephant.

“I know; it’s super cute” Allie said in her higher pitched and more nasally voice “Here…check out the detail on it” she handed the elephant to the woman.

Diana Stone put out her hands and gently took the meticulously made item in her hands. As she did, she also happened to notice Allie’s manicure as she said “Thank You”

“I wish I could keep a manicure like that” she thought as she held onto the elephant tightly.

“You’re welcome” Allie responded with a smile.

As Diana touched the elaborate antique, she turned it around in her hands and they both failed to see that the ruby eyes of the elephant flashed brightly for a split second.

“I see you two have a very good eye” the old lady who ran the stand said to them. She had witnessed them passing the item back and forth and she approached them slowly and with a wry smile on her lips.

“It’s beautiful” Diana said.

“It certainly is…how much are you looking for?” Allie asked.

“Right now, I would take no less than $300 for it” the old lady said.

“Too rich for my blood” Allie said putting her hand to her chest.

Diana also smiled “Yeah, out of my price range too” she handed it back over to Allie who was closer to the table it had been sitting on.

As the elephant passed between them for the second time, they both felt a cold breeze and both shuddered in response.

As Allie put the item back down on the table, she didn’t see that her fingernails were now pulling up closer and shorter and the dark purple polish that was on them was slowly fading and disappearing.

“I’ll leave it here for you two…come back at the end of the day and maybe we can work out something” the old lady said.

Allie just smiled and blinked at the bright sunlight that broke through the clouds. She put her hands up to shield her eyes just as her glasses popped off of her face. She no longer wore them or even needed glasses. Her dark brown eyes lightened up to hazel as golden flecks of color made their way into her irises. She would not need or miss her glasses as she received her wish of not having to wear her stupid glasses anymore as her eyes changed into Diana’s.

The elephant’s eyes flashed red as he granted their first two wishes.

Diana ran her fingers over her palms after she had passed off the article. As she did, her fingernails began to grow long and elegant as deep purple polish worked its way onto her manicured nails. Her hands and fingers got smoother and softer as Allie’s roughened up and a few small nicks and cuts appeared around her cuticles.

Allie’s knuckles became drier and a small red patch appeared between her middle and ring fingers of her left hand as she and Diana switched hands with each other. Neither woman realized anything was wrong or different though as the glow of the elephant’s eyes faded.

Diana’s eyes though did adjust slightly as Allie’s self-proclaimed “stupid glasses” now appeared on her face. She had never needed glasses before that moment but she would need them from then on. Her light hazel eyes also darkened to a deep brown but to her, it was now natural to have glasses and nice nails.

The two women walked amongst the cramped aisles looking for anything else that might catch their eye.

Allie knelt down and swiped at her bangs; it was already getting warm and she knew she’d be sweating before long. She rested her knee on the concrete as she looked at a bowl on the ground but as she looked up, she saw Diana leaning forward as she looked at a statue on the ground.

Allie couldn’t help but look down the front of Diana’s shirt. Diana had on a loose brown top and a pair of dark green shorts along with a pair of brown flip flops. “Wow” she thought seeing what was undeniably a nice set of breasts “I wish I had boobs like those” she thought a just a quick flash of a thought that she was embarrassed had even crossed her mind.

But as she stood back up, Allie’s shirt began to rise up and out as her breasts began to grow larger on her chest. She grew two cup sizes larger as her bra grew along with it. As far as the world was considered; Allie had always been a 38D.

Diana’s breasts began to rise up smaller and more petite on her chest as she continued to lean over at the waist. As she stood up, her now 34B breasts settled into their smaller bra.

Allie stood up and she shook her head, fluffing out her hair.

Diana smiled from a few away “I haven’t had bangs in years” she thought as her hair began to grow down over her forehead.

Her hair also grew much longer down her back and onto her shoulders as Allie’s pulled up shorter and swept away exposing her forehead. As it did, Allie’s eyebrows also thinned as the changes to her eyes and hair affected her eyebrows and forehead as well.

Allie ran her fingers through her short brown hair, slightly scratching at her scalp with her stubby fingernails.

The two passed by each other once again and Diana said “Excuse me” in her deep and breathy voice.

“She has such a cool voice…like some old time actress or something” Allie thought as she turned her back to pick up a dish on a table.

“How much is this piece?” Allie asked. Her deep voice rolled out from between her lips like honey as she now had the velvety and throaty tones that previously had been Diana’s.

“I can let you have that piece for $10” the old lady said.

“If you don’t want it, I’ll take it” Diana said in a more high pitched and nasal voice.

“Oh No…that’s not too rich for me” Allie said in her low purr as she reached inside her purse.

She paid the old lady and smiled and nodded at Diana. “I’ll be thinking about that elephant” she said as she headed up the aisle.

“So will I” Diana laughed as she now too left and headed in the opposite direction. She flicked her bangs away from her forehead with her long nails and adjusted her shirt over her small breasts. She pushed her glasses up and cleared her throat.

The elephant statue sat on the table waiting to be called on again.  

Diana stopped a few stalls down when a pair of red heels caught her eye. She picked them up and saw ‘size 7’ written inside them “I wonder if she has any 8.5’s” she thought.

Her feet began to shrink and change as the thought ran through her mind. Her toes became longer and thinner and black nail polish appeared on her slim toenails but her overall size shrank down a size and a half. In her mind, she had always been a size seven so she dropped the shoe on the floor to try it on. She slipped her right foot into the heel; it fit perfectly.

Several stalls over, Allie’s feet began to grow a size and a half larger. Her brown sandals grew along with her feet even as her toes shrank down shorter and her black nail polish vanished, leaving behind bare pink toes which she wiggled up and down subconsciously.

As her feet changed, Allie picked up a scented candle and took a deep sniff in “Ugh…gross…get that smell out of my nose” she said to herself. As the words came out her nose began to shrink smaller on her face. The small upturn at the end dropped away as her nose changed into Diana’s.

Diana suddenly got a whiff of very strong flowers in her nose and wasn’t sure where it came from. She assumed someone who was drenched in perfume had just walked by as her nose changed into Allie’s and the scent stuck in it arrived as well. Her nose broadened slightly and grew out a bit longer as the end upturned slightly.

As Diana’s nose changed, she lifted up her glasses and readjusted them to examine the date on an old book she was holding. Diana had been to this stall many times and knew that the lady who ran it was quite deaf. Any conversation would have to be loud and up close “I hope I still don’t have coffee breath” she thought as she went over to inquire about the price.

Diana leaned in and in her louder and higher voice asked “HOW MUCH?” as her coffee breath vanished along with her mouth. Her lips thinned a bit but got longer as her teeth widened and grew larger inside her changing mouth. Her cheeks slimmed as her mouth changed and her jaw and chin adjusted as well.

Allie was looking at some jewelry when she pursed her lips and ran her tongue over her teeth. She licked and smacked her plumping lips as her mouth changed into Diana’s mouth. Her teeth shrank down smaller and readjusted in her mouth taking her cheeks up rounder with them as her jaw and chin pulled in some.

“Too bad I don’t have pierced ears” Allie thought as she saw a cute pair of earrings. But then her ears shrank and pulled in and not just one, but two piercings appeared in her lobes along with the knowledge that she could buy whatever earrings she wanted.

As Diana’s ears closed up and her earrings vanished, she rubbed her left ear lobe absent mindedly. She saw a book that interested her on the very top shelf but being 5’1” had its disadvantages. Without a word or thought, just her usual frustration at not being able to reach things up high, she began to grow taller.

Diana took a deep breath as she grew six inches taller, gaining Allie’s height and ability to reach the book she wanted. She took it down and tugged at her green shorts which had kept up with her growing legs.

With the additional height now hers, she changed her mind about a pair of boots that she remembered seeing with the red heels. “Maybe I’ll go back and get those” she thought as her legs continued to change. Her calves trimmed to be more compatible to a pair of higher boots and her thighs changed as well.

Allie shrank down 6 inches as she stood looking at a collection of DVD’s for sale. Her arms and legs got shorter as she read the back of one of her favorite movies, Pretty Woman. Her legs continued to change with her thighs becoming rounder and fuller at their shorter length and her calves plumping out a bit as well.

“I love this movie” Allie said. It had come out the year she was born, 1990, “I wish I could have seen it in theaters when it came out”

Small changes began on Allie with those words. A few gray hairs worked into the top of her hair even though she watched for them to appear daily and removed them. A few lines etched into her forehead and around her eyes and the corners of her mouth.

She had seen Pretty Woman in a movie theater, in fact, she had seen it on her first date when she was 15 as she and Diana had swapped ages.

Diana went back and got the boots she had noticed earlier feeling great. She had a sudden burst of energy as her age regressed from 41 to 26. Lines on her face cleared and her hands, feet and skin became even softer.

Allie kept up her shopping in a stall that sold leather goods. She saw an awesome belt that caught her attention. She looped it around her waist, but it was just a bit too big. “I love this belt” she said as she opened it back up to try it one more time. As she pulled it apart, her hips and waist spread out just a bit changing to Diana’s and as she brought the belt back around, it now fit her perfectly.

Diana’s waist and hips came in slightly as she held up a shirt in front of her. It was cut kind of high on the bottom and she was afraid it might be tight on her arms; she didn’t want to show off too much skin until her stomach flattened up and her arms trimmed as they swapped with Allie’s stomach and arms.

As her stomach came out slightly to match her waist and hips, Allie said “This belt is perfect” Her arms plumped up slightly but it didn’t bother her as she moved on to a furniture stand next.

Allie saw a bar stool that she thought would go perfectly in her house. She hiked her shorter legs up and sat down. She wiggled her butt back and forth but she didn’t find the seat comfortable “If I had a little more padding back there it might be okay” she giggled.

As she laughed, her ass expanded out. It rounded into a perfect heart shape and the little bit more flesh made the seat feel just fine.

Diana pulled at the waistband of her shorts as her ass flattened out a bit as it changed into Allie’s. She had made her way to one of the farther ends of the aisles and she had to laugh at one of the items she saw on a bottom shelf “Neck massagers my ass” she thought as she distinctly recognized the bullet dildos in their boxes.

Still, she felt a warmth and pulsation in her body. Her clitoris hummed and her vagina shifted slightly as it rearranged itself and became Allie’s most private area.

Allie had also hit the end of her side as she felt a shiver run up her spine and a momentary shiver ran through her body. “Ooo” slipped out as her eyes widened and her hand went to her mouth. She fanned herself as a hot flash ran over her. Her clitoris hummed to life and she felt a slight rush of moisture as her vagina slid and moved and changed into Diana’s.

Allie turned and began walking back to the center of the swap meet. Her short legs pumping as she tucked her purchases under her shorter and rounder arms. She was quite happy with her new belt around her middle, her new earrings in her ears and her dollar purchase of a copy of her favorite movie in her hand.

She was still thinking about that elephant statue back at the antique booth. She ran her fingers through her short brown hair and looked down at her chest. It had gotten very hot and humid as the morning went along and she was afraid that her large breasts were showing off her boob sweat. She could feel it but luckily her white top was still dry even if her bra wasn’t.

Diana still chuckled over the neck massagers as she made her way back to the center of the swap meet. The elephant was on her mind too. Her long legs carried here past where she had bought the boots and heels and her new midriff baring top. She had passed on the books for now, at least until after she bought that elephant sculpture.

She adjusted her glasses and flipped her long brown hair off her shoulders. She noticed just a slight nick in the end of her middle finger’s polish and made a mental note to fix it up when she got home.

She saw the booth she was looking for but she stopped short. She looked down at her hands again and thought “Wait a second…are these…are these my hands?” She looked up and then back down again. “My hands are rough…I’ve never had a manicure”

There was an antique stand up mirror at the edge of the stall. Diana turned to it and saw a tall young woman with glasses and long brown hair with full bangs. She smiled at her reflection “Duh…where is my head today…of course I’ve always had nice nails. Now where was that statue?”

Allie approached the stall from the opposite direction: She was on a bee line for that ornate elephant. She stepped over a few strewn pots and saw a gold framed mirror propped up by a fountain. She looked at her reflection in the mirror and bared her small teeth to look to see if anything was stuck between them.

For just a moment, Allie had a weird thought in her head “That’s not you in that mirror what happened to you, you were younger and taller and had small boobs and glasses when you came here” before the thought dissolved into “What kind of craziness is my brain even thinking?” as she fixed her hair in the mirror and turned sideways to make sure she wasn’t showing any sweat through. “Now where is that elephant?” she said in her low sultry voice.

Allie looked around and had to laugh when she saw the same other woman she had bumped into the first time she had visited this booth “You again?” she said raising a thin eyebrow.

Diana heard the deep honey toned voice she remembered from earlier and she laughed as she pushed her glasses up and flipped her head back, shaking out her hair “HA…what a coincidence” she said putting her manicured hands on her hips.

Diana took in the sight of the shorter woman with the short brown hair and nice chest as she nodded “Coming back for the elephant huh” she said.

“Yes I was…you too huh” Allie responded.

“I couldn’t get it off my mind” Diana said looking around “But I don’t see it”

“Ah…you two again” the old lady said approaching them with the same wry smile she had earlier. “How was your shopping…find anything… different today?” she asked eyeing them up and down.

“Actually I found several things” Diana said “But I was coming back for that elephant”

“Me too” Allie said.

“Sorry ladies but I sold it just a few minutes ago to an older lady and her daughter. “The woman was probably in her mid-70’s and the daughter looked to be in her mid-30’s…but the older lady was just so enthralled by it that she had to have it”

Allie looked disappointed and just shook her head “I knew I should have bought it earlier”

Diana cocked her head and asked “So how much the stand-up mirror over there?”

She turned to look at it again but stopped when she saw an odd sight; an old woman with long jet black hair was standing next to younger woman with snow white hair “How odd” she thought as she bought the mirror.
Just a quick F2F swap...nothing deep...
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When I read the title, I thought this was going to be an actual Swap Meet, where people went to intentionally swap bodies or traits :) That would be quite cool with multiple changes.

But this one was great too!
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Felt rushed. 
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Great story! Always checking to see if there are new ones up and I'm never disappointed
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