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“Hello, I was calling about the house for sale” Alexis Thomas said.

“Oh yes…did you drive by and see the sign?” Miranda Lewis responded.

“I did…the house looks super cute; are you the owner?” Alexis asked.

“I am…well my husband and I have owned the house for almost 20 years now” Miranda said.

“So why are you moving?”

“Well, my husband has worked his way up the ladder at his business and we bought a plot in the new development going in across town and we’re building a house over there, so don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with our house…just time to move on” Miranda laughed.

“Well my husband and I would love to see it” Alexis countered.

“That’s great…we’ve had a few people come through but no offers yet so when’s good time for you?”

“How about Saturday…maybe around 11?” Alexis said.

“That sounds great…we’ll see you then” Miranda said before saying bye and hanging up.

“I really hope this works out” Miranda said after hanging up the phone.

On Saturday morning, Alexis and her husband Jake pulled up to the small ranch house with the For Sale by Owner sign in the front lawn. A 12 year old boy was shooting baskets in the driveway and Alexis gave him a small wave and a smile as they walked up.

“Is your Mom home?” she asked.

“Yeah…you must be the people coming over to look at the house” he said before yelling “MOM!”

The front door opened and a lady in her late 40’s stepped out “Hello…my name’s Miranda Lewis…you must the woman I talked to a few days ago?” she walked out of the house with her right hand extended out to them.

“Nice to meet you Miranda; I’m Alexis Thomas and this is my husband Jake” she replied shaking Miranda’s hand. Miranda and Jake shook as well “Pardon my youngest son’s manners”

Alexis waved it off “No big deal…he’s a pretty good shot. Hope you’re putting in a hoop at your new house”

Miranda laughed, “Oh yes…basketball has always been played around here. I’m sure the neighbors won’t miss the constant sound of dribbling coming from our driveway”

“So you said your youngest” Alexis asked making small talk as they walked closer to the house.

“Yes” Miranda smiled “Tyler is 12 but we also have Josh who’s 20 and Brian who’s 16”

“Three boys…wow” Jake said.

“Don’t I know it” Miranda laughed her hearty laugh again with a slight eye roll. “Do you two have any kids?”

“Not yet” Alexis answered.

“Well if you buy the house, it’s a perfect place to raise them” Miranda added tapping Alexis on the forearm.

Alexis and Jake shared a smile as they followed Miranda inside. “Could you take off your shoes if you don’t mind” she asked by the door.

“No problem” Alexis said. She looked down and noticed that Miranda had on a pair of simple black flip flops that matched her own pair that she had on. They were actually dressed somewhat similarly; both had on khaki shorts and while Alexis had on a tight green short sleeved top, Miranda’s blue top was much looser and flowing with ¾ length sleeves.

Stepping in, they stood on a small area of tile with a fairly large living room before them. Jake stopped to untie his shoes while Alexis simply slid out of hers and stepped over to the carpet. She caught Miranda looking sown at the top of her foot.

“It says Mischief Managed” Alexis said describing the tattoo on the top of her left foot “It’s from…”

“Harry Potter” Miranda finished “The marauders map…you’ve even got the little footsteps around it; cool”

Alexis smiled.

“Remember; three boys…I know my Harry Potter references” Miranda said. She was several inches taller than Alexis and she couldn’t help but think that Alexis couldn’t be much older than her oldest son. “How old are you if you don’t mind my asking?”

“Oh…I’m 23” Alexis replied “And Jake’s 26”

“So not too much older than my Josh…I’m 46 myself so simple math says twice your age” Miranda replied.

Alexis smiled at looked up “You don’t look 46…you don’t look a day past 36 honestly”

“Flattery might get you a discount but I know that I look and feel 46” Miranda replied laughing again; She had seen the few strands of gray working their way into her brown hair and the lines on her forehead and around her mouth and eyes confirmed it for her every day in the mirror. “I’ve earned it raising the boys”

“I’m sure you have…as well as earning a nice big new house” Alexis said back. She tucked her long dark blonde hair back behind her ears as they all stepped into the living room and began their tour.

The living room opened up into the dining room with a good sized kitchen attached to that. “Oh I like the cabinets and there seems to be plenty of counter space” Alexis said.

“Excuse the mess” Miranda apologized.

“No messier than our own house” Jake said looking around.

There were several brochures lying on the counter top “Is this your new home you’re building?”
Alexis asked seeing the pictures on top of the home builders’ brochure.

“It is” Miranda said.

“It’s gorgeous” Alexis admitted.

“It’s 2800 square feet; 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms…we’ll finally have enough space” Miranda conceded.

“Are those granite countertops?” Alexis said putting the pictures down.

“They are and solid oak cabinets with the quiet close system” Miranda added.

“Oh, I’m so jealous” Alexis said as they moved down the hall to look at the bedrooms.

As they went through them Miranda thought about all the memories they had made in the house. Even a slight nick in the doorway to her son’s room brought back memories of how it was made; and the trouble Brain had gotten into because of it.

Miranda’s husband came up and joined them. “Hello, I’m Dennis” he said enthusiastically. He was tall and well-built with salt and pepper hair and a trim goatee “Nice to meet you”

Alexis and Jake shook hands with him and he ushered Jake out to show him the garage and back yard.

“I’m going to miss this place” Miranda admitted.

“Oh I’m sure you will” Alexis said.

“I’d love to be in your position again…just starting out…buying your first house…it’s so exciting” Miranda said.

“Well I’d love to be in your position” Alexis countered. “Moving up in the world to your dream house…established…doing a great job raising your boys into men” She also wanted to add that Dennis was really good looking but thought it would be awkward. “And still so young that you can enjoy it all”

Miranda smiled and cocked her head and wagged a finger while laughing “I already told you that your flattery will get you a discount”

“I’m not kidding” Alexis said sincerely as they walked through the Master bedroom. There was a small silver bell on the dresser that caught Alexis’ eye. “Oh super cute” she said picking it up and giving it a ring.

At the sound of the bell, both women stopped dead in their tracks. A wave pushed over both of them from head to toe. Alexis froze for a moment; her whole body tingled and her stomach flip flopped making her whole body shudder and break out in goosebumps.

Miranda too froze up; her body tensed and she felt all the hair on her forearms rise up. Her neck burned and her throat went dry. She lurched forward a step once the moment passed.

Alexis swooned and staggered once the moment passed for her and they passed a nervous look between them “Did you just feel that?” Alexis asked in a startled voice putting her hand to her chest.

“What was that all about?” Miranda replied a bit flabbergasted. She shook her head and shimmied her shoulders, trying to shake off the odd feeling that had swept over her.

“I have no idea” Alexis said with a nervous laugh. She put her hand down on the dresser next to her to steady herself and she looked at the bell.

“So, anyway…” Miranda walked to the closet. She opened it to show off the space but found herself feeling hot. A few beads of sweat broke out across her forehead and she wiped it with her arm “Here’s the closet…as you can see, plenty of room for both of…you” she paused at her last word as she turned and looked at Alexis.

Alexis was still standing with her hand on the dresser but Miranda thought something was off. She looked for a second, her head slowly tilting to the right as it hit her “She looks taller” she thought “But how can that be?”

Alexis had closed her eyes for a second when Miranda had turned her back to walk across the room. She was just trying to steady herself again as a wave of dizziness washed over her now. When she reopened her eyes, the room looked different: It looked smaller.

She looked down at her hand and even it looked further away “I thought this dresser was higher than this” she thought before she heard Miranda begin talking again. Alexis looked over and saw Miranda’s expression change to one of slight confusion and she knew her own face was matching it; something was off.

Alexis took a step forward as did Miranda. The closed the gap between them both looking confused at the other. Alexis was only 5’4” but as she got closer to Miranda, she noticed that she was shorter than her “But I thought she was taller than me” she thought “I know she was taller than me”

Miranda walked toward Alexis trying to place what had happened. As she got closer she was turning her chin up to look into her eyes “But she was shorter than me…I know she was…she had to be” she thought. Miranda was 5’8” and she thought “There’s no way she’s a six footer…but she looks a couple of inches taller than me”

Miranda looked down to the floor; it looked closer for some reason. She stopped directly in front of Alexis. They scanned each other up and down both searching for words “How did…?” Alexis said.
“Weren’t you…?” Miranda countered pointing at her. They both shook their heads “This is going to sound crazy, but wasn’t I taller than you?”

Alexis looked down and felt heat rising up her neck and cheeks; it was a heat from a fear of the unknown as she responded “Yeah…you were…at least I thought you were”

“I’m 5’8” Miranda said.

“Then that’s impossible; I’m only 5’4”…how am I looking down at you?” Alexis shot back quickly.

Miranda looked up and fumbled for words. She let out a few “Ah’s” and “Um’s as she looked directly at Alexis. As she tried to wrap her mind around why she was suddenly the shorter of the two, she noticed something happening to Alexis’s face.

She stopped talking and leaned closer. Alexis pulled her chin back “What?” she asked in a voice tinged with panic. Her hand went to her face and began to probe and press her flesh.

“Look in the mirror; behind you” Miranda said and Alexis twirled around to face the mirror.

Alexis said a very abrupt “Uh” as she looked in the mirror. Simply put, it didn’t look like her.
She leaned forward getting closer and closer to the mirror “I look…older” she said simply as Miranda nodded.

Faint lines were etching into her forehead and along the corners of her eyes and mouth. Her skin wasn’t as tight or as shiny. Small sun spots formed on her cheeks even as her cheeks began to droop down, the skin there loosening even further. Her chin looked less firm and her jaw too.

“What’s happening to me?” she asked the reflection and Miranda.

Miranda moved next to her, entering the mirror with her reflection now as well. They had both been looking at Alexis as she appeared to age before their eyes but when Miranda’s eyes strayed to her own reflection, she jumped back shocked at the sight “What the?” she said a bit too loud.

Whatever was happening to Alexis was happening to Miranda, but in reverse. Her face was looking younger. It was amazing to see a much younger version of her looking back from the mirror, it was an image Miranda knew from at least 20 years ago, but it wouldn’t last.

They looked at each other, mouths agape as more extensive changes began to occur. Alexis’s lips thinned and her teeth began to move inside her mouth causing her hand to clamp down on it.
“Mmmmppphhh” she managed between her clamped lips. She could feel her mouth moving against the palm of her hand.

Alexis then felt her nose come down and touch her index finger, freaking her out even more. Her nose had just grown longer and thinner as it changed shape on her face. Her cheeks continued to drop lower as even her ears grew out and changed shape.

Her eyes widened as she saw Miranda’s face begin to shift and move before her and she saw an equal amount of shock on Miranda.

Miranda’s chin and jaw continued to rise up tighter and her lips lengthened and plumped up as her mouth got longer and larger to accommodate her growing and shifting teeth. Alexis pointed and stared as Miranda’s nose lifted up and pulled back, getting smaller and smaller above her lips.

“You…Your…your face…” Alexis managed to say taking her hand away from her own changed mouth.

Miranda touched her cheeks as they rose up tight and round changing the look of her mouth and jaw even further “What’s happening to us Alexis?” rising panic could be heard in Miranda’s cracking voice. Her hands flapped up and down, fluttering above her face as she tried to control her breathing.

Miranda felt her ears burning like someone was talking about her but it was that her ears were getting smaller and pulling closer to her head and the bottom of her earlobe pulled up and connected directly.

Alexis turned her head back and forth very slowly, shaking it the universal no gesture. The lines around her eyes etched in deeper as her pale blue eyes began to grow darker. Color flowed in like an ocean wave changing them from blue to brown before they too slid and changed position.

Her eyelashes thickened as well as her eyebrows as her forehead rose up and her hairline began to shift. She could feel her hair shifting as her part changed from left to center.

Miranda began to nod up and down slowly as a realization settled in on what was happening to them; as impossible as it may seem, Miranda was watching Alexis turn into her and she was turning into Alexis.

Her eyes pulled up and in tight and youthful as the color in them faded out from brown to a very pale blue. Her eyelashes thinned along with her eyebrows as they lightened up in color on top of a shrinking and smoothing out forehead.

Miranda’s hair fell off to the left hand side as it began its own changes. The slight gray vanished; those strands were the first to go blonde but soon the rest of her brown hair was lightening and growing out longer. A few wisps of hair fell over her forehead as the growing hair tickled her neck and ears landing on top of her shoulders.

Alexis’s hair rose up and stood up in the front to match Miranda’s shorter style. Her long locks pulled up and off her shoulders riding higher and closer to her head as it settled in as Miranda’s more mature look. Those few strands of gray began to work their way forward and they blended in seamlessly.

Alexis now had Miranda’s face and hair and height. She looked in front of her and now saw her own face looking back at her. She wanted nothing more than to scream at the top of her lungs but found she was even unable to do that. Her jaw worked up and down, but no sound came out.

Miranda badly wanted to touch Alexis to see what her face felt like. She glanced back at the mirror and was still fully shocked to see what she looked like now. “This can’t be happening” she said in barely a whisper.

Miranda’s hand rose up close to Alexis. Alexis jerked back away from it “I’m sorry” Miranda said quickly along with dropping her hand. “It’s just so…”

“…weird…I know…” Alexis said still staring at Miranda’s face “Every little detail is there…scars…marks…everything” she said.

Miranda took a step back, the skin on her neck was pulling and she jutted out her chin and ran her fingers down the front as it did. “This is…OH!” she stopped dead after she processed what she was hearing.

Alexis’s eyes went wide upon hearing her voice coming out of Miranda’s mouth. “Oh My God!” she replied and her hand went back up and slapped down on her mouth again. The voice she had just spoken was deeper and sounded way off inside her head. “Holy shit, I even sound like you too!”

Miranda could only nod; she was afraid to use her voice again but yet part of her yearned to hear it again if only to begin to familiarize herself to it.

“Say something please” Alexis said in her deeper voice.

“I don’t know what to say” Miranda finally replied, mesmerized by the sound coming out of her. She cleared her throat and even that sounded different to her. A random thought crossed her mind “If I sneeze will that sound different now too?”

Alexis turned and looked in the mirror again “This is going to be my life?” she questioned the reflection. She could see her skin tone changing along the top of her chest. Her skin seemed tougher; there were more irregularities in the texture and color.

Her shoulders began to round off more and her upper arms began to grow out larger. Alexis’s toned arms began to expand; she could feel the skin pulling before it loosened. She flicked at it with her hand and felt the movement there.

Miranda’s shoulders rose up and pulled back. She had noticed that Alexis had perfect posture and this was her first step to getting it. Her arms began to trim and tone up from her shoulders down to her wrists.

“It’s moving down…it’s moving through us” Alexis said. She put her hands out before her and watched her own hands change into someone else’s hands. Veins came out more prominently across the backs and when she flexed her fingers, more lines were there now. Her cuticles were shifting and white was appearing before her nails shifted and changed shape.

Alexis had been wearing a light purple nail polish that now faded away leaving just bare nails behind. Her nails felt thicker; they came to more of a point and her fingers themselves began to plump up and out turning bigger.

Miranda’s fingers were slimming down along with her nails. The nails rounded off and a light purple polish appeared on them. Her skin was smoother, more elastic than it had been in years.

“This isn’t going to stop until I look totally like you” Alexis said.

Miranda simply swallowed and looked worried.

With those words still ringing in her head, Alexis felt herself leaning forward. “Oh” she said upon feeling the additional weight building up on her chest. “Oh she repeated as more and more built up. Alexis hadn’t paid much attention to Miranda’s chest as they walked around the house and the loose shirt she wore didn’t help, but now she realized that Miranda had, in fact, very large breasts.

Her bra was straining to keep everything in and her tight green top was as well. The shirt began to lift up and away from her waist, giving into the force lifting it. Alexis brought her hands up and cupped the bottoms. As she did, she felt her bra shift and grow in response. Her stomach flipped again realizing that not only their bodies were changing into the others, their clothes were too.

Alexis now had on a white 40D bra instead of the tan 32B that she wore in. The sleeves of her shirt began to creep down her upper arms to just past her elbows where they flared out and her green top turned blue and loosened up freeing her body once more.

Her back still dipped inward though in response as it was changing into Miranda’s back and compensated for carrying the large breasts on her chest now.

Miranda noticed her loose top getting even looser. Her breasts were pulling up and back, getting smaller and closer. They no longer sagged and her back felt better than it had in years. Her bra began to change to keep up and eventually they caught up and cupped her smaller breasts, lifting them and holding them firm in place.

Her shirt began to get smaller, diminishing in size and pulling tight along her arms just past her shoulders. She saw it dip down and expose the top of her chest and her perky cleavage showed as it turned green and hugged her breasts.

Miranda still had her own stomach though and as the shirt came in, it got tight there momentarily showing off the soft belly that poked out. Miranda ran her hand over it, feeling the soft skin and outlining her belly button as it started to pull inward, sucking back and going perfectly flat.
“What giving birth to three kids will do to you” she thought.

As Alexis’s body now became middle aged and changed from 23 to 46 and into the body of a mother of three, she continued to soften. Her tight and toned stomach puffed outward, creating a slight belly. The layer that all women develop as they go further into life came onto her suddenly as she changed into Miranda.

With the extra weight along her middle, Alexis felt her hips begin to spread out to match. Her tight tan shorts began to pinch in protest along her waist and inner thighs. Alexis grimaced in her discomfort as now her ass began to enlarge.

Miranda’s waist came inward along with her hips as weight seemed to shed off of her by the second as she passed backwards through middle age to relative youth again. Her shorts were drooping down in the front creating a gap but as her ass began to firm up and rise higher, her eyes darted back and forth.

“Wow” she thought “I’m basically a girl again and she has a fabulous body” Miranda scolded herself as soon as the thought ran through her “Stop it…you’re also going to have to start all over again; everything you’ve worked for; your family, will all be hers”

Alexis found herself hoping that her shorts would change soon as her thighs now began to widen and grow rounder and fuller. The legs of her shorts pinched but then they suddenly let go as her shorts morphed and the legs of them ballooned out giving her the room she needed.

Her waist was relieved as well as it continued its migration from its original size to Miranda’s.
Extra weight and flesh built up behind her and long her thighs as she gained pounds as Miranda.
Alexis felt the backs of her thighs soften up and her hands went and squeezed feeling the slight bumps that went with her age and body now. She saw the changes picking up again around her exposed knees and she brought them together demurely.

Miranda’s ass and hips were both narrower and snugger and now her clothes began to change as well. Her Mom shorts began to rise up, exposing more and more leg as they went, but the legs they exposed didn’t look like her own anymore. The skin was taut and her thighs were firm as the form-fitting shorts rose up to the tops of her trim legs.

Miranda’s hands ran down their smooth fronts and she spread out her fingers around them as they continued to shrink and pull in.

Their eyes met once again in a new formed panic as both felt a stirring in the front. A primal thought of “Dennis” ran into Alexis’s mind as she felt her skin adjusting itself and moving on its own. Alexis felt a bit of moisture lubricate her skin as it slid back and forth and up and down, the folds rearranging into another woman’s most delicate part.

Her clitoris teemed in anticipation as it moved and finally settled back down making her shiver and shudder up and down.

Miranda felt her whole body tighten as a single thought “Where has this been?” crossed her mind. She was gaining something that had been someone else’s. She now controlled another woman’s body in its truest sense and form. Her clitoris practically purred as it rejuvenated and changed into Alexis’. Her skin reshaped itself to match and become Alexis’ as well.

Alexis looked into Miranda’s eyes and confirmed by sight their change. She dropped her eyes then and watched her knees puff up and her calves begin to grow out. She noticed a shine to her shins and small bumps on her left ankle.

Miranda matched and met Alexis’s eyes. She looked up to the ceiling for a brief moment before looking down to see her knees bulge out knobbier and her calves trim down.

“Oh No” Alexis said as she looked at her right foot. She brought her heel up and rested her weight on the ball of her foot beneath her big toe. There, she watched the black ink of her tattoo begin to fade away. The black footsteps faded first before the words began to vanish leaving nothing behind but pale skin.

Alexis felt her heel shift as it hung in the air. She put it down slowly, feeling the slight roughness that had set into her heel with Miranda’s drier skin. Much like her hands, slight b=veins appeared across the tops of her feet and her nails thickened as they changed and shifted position. Her toes widened with the little ones flipping almost on their sides as her feet took on Miranda’s shape and size.

Miranda felt a slight itching and burning across the top of her right foot. She rolled her ankle down and in to get a better view as the words Mischief Managed etched their way into her skin. The small black footsteps arrived next making her skin briefly redden but it just as quickly dissipated.

Miranda watched as her feet got smaller and her toes got shorter and thinner. Her nails trimmed and rounded and thinned as her feet smoothed across the tops. She looked down and knew that for all intents and purposes, she was now Alexis to the rest of the world.

Alexis looked intently at the woman before her who was now her from head to toe. No one would ever guess that it was really what she was supposed to look like; she was now Miranda completely in physical looks. She would even have her fingerprints and dental records she realized. They were the only two who had witnessed and experienced what had just happened; something so physically impossible that no one would ever believe them.

“I’m you” Alexis said quietly and softly.

“And I’m you” Miranda responded. She looked up into what had been her own brown eyes and just stared. “This is…” she began before shaking her head. Her blonde hair flowed back and forth against her neck and cheeks “I can’t…”

Alexis stepped to the window and saw Dennis and Jake talking in the back yard. She ran her hands through her short brown hair in a frenzy “What are we going to do?”

“I don’t know” Miranda replied walking over next to Alexis “No one’s going to believe what just happened to us…no one!”

“I can’t be you! I don’t know the first thing about you!” Alexis said. “I barely know your name, let alone your job or even how I’m supposed to act as you!”

“I know! I don’t know anything about you either” Miranda said. She peered out through the blinds at the two guys standing there “Hopefully they talk long enough to figure this out or switch back or…” she stopped and ran to the dresser “The Bell!”

“What?” Alexis said confused.

“The bell” Miranda said picking it up. “We were talking and walking and you picked up this bell and rang it and it was right after that, that we switched bodies”

“So what’s so special about it…does it have a curse on it or like some magical power?” Alexis asked.

“It never did before today…it was just a little decoration that we got as a wedding present”
Miranda replied. It fallen over, been dusted thousands of times…it’s never made me switch bodies with someone though”

“We need to change back! I’m nobody’s Mom” Alexis said touching her stomach as she did.

Miranda rang the bell and looked at Alexis anxiously “Come on…” she said bouncing up and down a bit, but nothing happened.

Alexis walked over and took the bell out her Miranda’s hand “Maybe since I rang it originally, I need to do it again” she said as she rang it but after another tense 30 seconds, they felt nothing changing back.

“Oh My God we’re stuck like this!” Alexis moaned. She put the bell down and her hand went to her temples and she began to rub them. “This isn’t my body, this isn’t my life…or my family or anything but…it’s yours…not mine”

“I know…I don’t want to be you either…it’s not fair for either one of us” Miranda said.

They heard the back door open and male voices in the kitchen “Miranda?” Dennis called out.

Alexis and Miranda froze: Miranda waved at Alexis and raised her eyebrows.

“Yeah…uh…we’re in the bedroom” Alexis called out in Miranda’s voice.

The footsteps came closer and closer and both women felt like they were going to burst with anxiety.

“Hey honey, did you get a good look around?” Jake asked walking up and putting his arm around Miranda’s waist.

Miranda smiled and tensed up when he touched her but made herself relax and say “Yeah…it’s really cute”

“Dennis and I were talking some numbers outside and I think it’s a very reasonable price that they have here”

“Well let’s think it over” Miranda said. “You know…think about it maybe come back and look at it again” she said trying to act like she thought Alexis would act.

“Oh of course…I’m not pulling out the checkbook today” Jake laughed and Dennis joined him.

Dennis put his hand on Alexis’s back and they started to walk out of the master bedroom and Jake and Miranda caught their cue and followed them down the hall.

Standing in the living room, Miranda pulled out the phone she found in Alexis’ purse that had been set down by the door along with their shoes. “You have my number from I called you right in case I have any more questions” she asked Alexis.

Alexis nodded “Yes, please call at any time with anything you can think of”

Miranda slipped her feet into the black flip flops closest to the door and saw they were quite big on her.

“Um…honey” Jake said smiling “I think you just put on Mrs. Lewis’s shoes”

“Oh” Miranda said. She had put on her own shoes but they no longer were hers or even fit her smaller feet. She rubbed her toe in the larger toe impression it now sat in embarrassed before she slipped them out and found the other pair a few feet away.

“I know they look just alike” Alexis said waving her hand at Miranda. “Twinsies”

Miranda laughed nervously as Jake opened the front door and they stepped out. She looked back at the house pleadingly with her eyes and heart like a puppy on the way to the vet.

“We’ll be in touch” Jake said as they went back to their car.

Miranda saw Tyler still playing basketball and her heart broke “She better find a way back” she thought “and she better take good care of my boys”

Alexis looked scared as could be as she watched her body get into the car and begin to back out. “I hope she comes up with something”

“That went well” Dennis said to Alexis “What do you want to do about lunch?”

“What…oh…um…I don’t care, I’m not really hungry” Alexis replied.

“Okay” Dennis said heading back into the house.

Alexis watched the car until it was out of sight and then she simply looked around the yard.

“You okay Mom?” Tyler yelled out to her.

“I’m fine” she replied in a sad tone.

Miranda felt every nerve on edge during the car ride back to what was now her apartment. She didn’t say much of anything but simply looked out the window as they drove on.

“You thinking hard over there?” Jake asked and put his hand on her leg.

Miranda jumped and offered a nervous smile. “Yeah…” she said.

“I know…I liked the house too and I’m also thinking is it right for us…should we put in an offer”
Miranda looked at him and smiled and went back to looking out the window and biting her lip. She pulled down the shade and opened the mirror at one point just to see her face for a moment. “It’s not a dream” she thought as she rode on.

They got back to their apartment and Miranda let Jake lead the way to which one was theirs. “I’m going to go run some errands” Jake said grabbing a few items off the counter.

“Ok” Miranda replied looking around at her surroundings.

“Are you ok?” Jake asked.

“Yes…I’m just…” Miranda shrugged.

“You just don’t seem like yourself today is all” Jake said kissing her.

Miranda tingled a bit at the kiss of a stranger who only saw her as someone else. “Go do your thing” Miranda told him “I’m just thinking about what happened…I mean…what we saw at the house”

Jake gave her a funny look but left to do his errands.

As soon as the door closed, Miranda whipped out Alexis’ phone and dialed her own number.

“Hello” Alexis said picking up as soon as the phone went off.

“Hey…can you talk?” Miranda asked.

“Yeah…your husband’s out mowing the lawn…I’m by myself” Alexis responded. She was sitting in the master bedroom on the end of the bed staring into the mirror on the dresser. She just kept looking at her new face and body; touching every part of what was now hers.

She put her legs down and looked at her larger thighs. They touched together and filled out the longer shorts.

“I don’t know if I can take this…I think I’m going to go crazy” Miranda admitted. “But if we’re going to be like this for a while…we need to talk to start to piece together what our lives are like now”

“I agree” Alexis replied. “I just can’t get over what I’m seeing”

“I know” Miranda agreed. She looked down at her young, lithe body, her longer hair falling down and dangling as she looked. “So, let me start: Your name is now Miranda Lynn Lewis. Maiden name is Harper…your birthday is March 9th 1970…”

“Whoa…wait…My birthday is March 9th…just 1993 and my maiden name was Harper too” Alexis replied.

“Really…that’s…weird” Miranda admitted.

“And my middle name is Lynn…Alexis Lynn Thomas” Alexis said standing up slowly. Her back ached a little and she noticed when she flipped her wrist a certain way, it popped every time.

“Um…I work as an office manager for a medical billing company” Miranda said. “Servatech… it’s…”

“I work in accounts receivable for Manuware” Alexis replied.

“I know Manuware” Miranda said.

“And I know Servatech” Alexis replied. “This is kind of freaky”

“You’re telling me” Miranda said. “At least we can do each other’s job…”

“I graduated from Central in 88” Miranda offered.

“I graduated from there in 11” Alexis countered.

“And if you even say you went to Michigan State” Miranda said and heard her own familiar laughter in the background.

“I did…and graduated with a degree in education in 15 but I hated my student teaching so I never got a job as a teacher” Alexis told her.

Miranda felt a bit faint as the coincidences piled up “Oh my God…my degree’s in education and it’s the same reason I never went into it…oh my God” she repeated.

“Maybe we’re connected in some weird way that was behind what happened to us today” Alexis said.
“So much of our lives are similar…it’s like…”

“…looking in a mirror…” Miranda finished for her. “Just with an exact double in age….like what your life would have been if you were born in 70 and what my life would be like if I was younger”

“Yeah…This is where I would be and what I would look like with a few simple changes in circumstances. What’s past is future and what’s future is past. Same name…birthday…education…location” Alexis said.

Miranda was speechless “If our parents were different this is where would we have ended up anyway” she thought.

“Maybe I was meant to be born as you originally if you believe in that kind of thing” Alexis continued “And you were meant to be me”

“I don’t know” Miranda said. “All I know is that you’re in my body and I’m in yours and I don’t know when or if that will change. We’ve got a lot to cover if we’re going to pass as the other still”

They ran off more facts and both took notes. More coincidences were discovered including both of them having a sister named Elizabeth. Lists of people and dates and stories were exchanged over the next hour along with a promise that they would meet up again tomorrow at Murphy’s diner.

Alexis hung up as she heard the back door open and Tyler coming in “Did you do your book report yet?” she called out to him.

“Uh…no Mom not yet” he replied.

“Well you’d better get going on it” She replied having been tipped off to his assignment by Miranda.

She walked around the house and took in pictures and names; stopping at an extended family portrait that included everyone she would now consider family.

She went into the basement to their office area and started going through papers there, finding each of the boys baby books along with other keepsakes and important papers. By the time Dennis came back in, she smiled at him and said “Do you want to grill out chicken tonight? I can start getting a marinade started, and then we can have rice and a salad”

“Sure…that’s fine” he replied getting a glass of water.

She went to work, watching how her hands moved, how her arms felt, how she stood as she worked. She noticed she kept lifting her right foot up and sliding it up and down the back of her left calf as she cut up vegetables. Her feet ached and got tired quicker than before.

Josh came in as she worked. He had been at work and he still had on his orange Home Depot vest when he came in. “Hey Mom” he said.

Alexis smiled and replied “Hey Honey…how was work?”

“Just work Mom” He replied getting a Coke out of the fridge.

“We’re having chicken tonight…are you sticking around?”

“Yeah…Megan’s coming over too” he said and Alexis remembered that Megan was his girlfriend.

“You know we always make enough” Alexis replied working on the marinade.

“Yeah…I’ve got some reading to get done this weekend” Josh replied; he was a junior in college.

Alexis smiled to herself as he left “Faking it pretty good so far” she thought to herself.

Jake returned from his errands to find his young wife sitting on the couch playing with her tablet.

Miranda was memorizing Alexis’ Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts to familiarize herself to her new life. She smiled when he came in and he sat down next to her.

“Feeling better?” he asked.

“I am” she replied confidently. “I was just really thinking about that house earlier…sorry if I freaked you out or anything” she said bobbing her head naturally like Alexis did.

“What do you think? I really like it and the price is right” Jake said.

“Yeah…I’d like to go through it again though. I’ll talk to Miranda tomorrow to set up another time” Miranda said. “Let’s sleep on it though and think it through”

“I agree” Jake said.

“My sister called…she wondered if we wanted to come over for dinner tonight…nothing fancy just pizza” Miranda said.

“Sounds fine to me” Jake responded.

Jake drove them to Alexis’s sister’s house. Miranda knew that she had recently had a baby so she could get out of a lot of conversations just by holding and fusing over him. Alexis’ parents were there too so she got a lot of meetings out of the way trying to play it as cool as she could.

No one gave her any grief but she stayed pretty quiet throughout. Whenever anyone asked, it was Jake who answered for her “We went through a house on Springside today and we both really liked it…she’s been quiet ever since though”

“I’m seriously considering this house” Miranda said covering herself “I start thinking about the money and commitment and the rest of my life and, I just get quiet and deep in thought” she shrugged. Alexis’ Mom came over and gave her a hug. Miranda had to admit that it felt good, even if the woman doing the hugging was actually only four years older than her in reality.

Miranda tried to talk more as the night went on pretending to be Alexis. She was getting more comfortable around everyone but still knew she had to play it safe.

Once they got home, she was afraid Jake would want to have sex but he didn’t. He simply curled up behind her and draped his arm over her as he drifted off to sleep.

It would be a long time before Miranda slipped into a very fitful night’s sleep. Different noises and sensations along with her mind still running at 1000 miles an hour kept her lying awake. She got up and went into the bathroom a few times, simply to check and see her face again and again.

She had trouble getting comfortable and when she did finally sleep, strange dreams came to her.

Alexis made up dinner as Brain came in too. He had been at track practice and then had gone to a friend’s house afterward but had made it home in time for dinner. She too stayed quiet for the most part or simply asked vague school questions which sounded Mom-like.

She wasn’t as concerned that Dennis would come to bed looking for love and she too was relieved when he also simply climbed in and fell asleep.

Alexis lay on her back wide awake. She was tired, she had been through a lot during the day “How am I lying here in a stranger’s bed in a stranger’s body?” she thought. “This was NOT how I thought I’d spend my day”

She tossed and turned and tried to get comfortable but sometimes even touching herself made her jump with the still unfamiliar feel of her own skin. Eventually, she too drifted off to sleep only to dream that she had been Miranda all along.

She woke up early and shook off her dream. She sat up and felt her body shift and move like never before. Her short brown hair was spiked up in spots and she saw that she had drooled on the pillow. “Never drooled before in my life” she thought as she swung her legs off and hit the floor.

It took Alexis an extra moment to get moving. She stretched out her back and felt a slight creaking in her left knee and she limped for the first two steps on her way to the bathroom. She stared at the image in the mirror, still a stranger to her, still there though.

She showered and took in her naked flesh: She did her hair and started to go through her clothes.
“We were dressed alike yesterday” she thought as she went through Miranda’s clothes. There were a lot of similar items to pick from “Uncanny” she said looking through and finding the same color combinations and styles only in a more mature style.

The panties and bra were both larger as were the black Capri pants and blue top that she put on. She found some black flats that were worn in and felt quite comfortable once she had them on. She walked out to the kitchen and slipped them back off to walk around barefoot. She saw that they still got a paper delivered to their house so she went out and got it in to read while she drank her coffee.

Putting in her usual amount of sugar made it taste way too sweet now. “Different taste buds” she said as she drank it anyway. Gradually, other members of the family got up and made their way in.
“Already dressed and ready?” Dennis said.

“I’m meeting with Alexis in a little bit: She sent me a text and wanted to talk again about the house so I’m going to meet her at Murphy’s” she explained.

Dennis smiled “They sound serious…I hope they buy; I liked those two yesterday”

“I did too…reminded me of us when we were their age” Alexis said.

“A bit” Dennis replied.

Miranda awoke from a dream where a blonde haired little girl was running through a field. She opened her eyes and looked through a light curtain of her own dark blonde hair. She saw her own hand and the light purple nail polish on her thin fingers brush away the hair as if she were still in the dream.

Her heart took off as her mind caught back up with her body. She blinked a few times hard and flipped onto her back. Miranda rubbed a hand at the corner of her mouth but found it dry as she looked over at the man sharing her bed with her.

Jake slept on but her eyes lingered on his defined chest before she slipped out of bed.

No aches or pains greeted her body as it began to move. She turned on the shower and stripped down. Her hands lingering on her felt stomach and trim hips. She took her time in the water as she had forgotten how much of pain it was to wash longer hair.

After drying off and wrapping her hair up in a towel, Miranda started going through her new wardrobe. She smiled at how similar it was and how much she liked it “It’s like the clothes I would buy if I were actually 23” she thought “I wonder what Alexis thinks about her clothes now?”

She picked out her clothes for the day and got dressed before she went out, grabbing her phone as she went. She checked both her own and Miranda’s Facebook pages before Jake woke up.
“Where are you off to?” he asked.

“I’m going to Murphy’s…I meeting Miranda there to talk about the house and some stuff?” she said.


“Yeah…I got a text from her seeing if I could meet her, so…you know, sure” she said trying to act casual.

Alexis got to the restaurant first and ordered iced tea. She had to smile when she saw her former body walk through the door.

Miranda came in and scanned the room to find her former self. There sitting at a booth, she saw her. She smiled and waved and made her way over.

“Nice outfit” Alexis laughed as she stood up.

Miranda stopped and looked her former body up and down. She had on a tight blue top and black legging to go along with a pair of well-worn black flats. “We match again” she said looking at Alexis in her same themed clothes.

“This is so weird between the two of us” Alexis admitted.

Miranda also ordered iced tea and they settled in for a conversation. “So Jake really likes the house and so does the rest of your family”

Alexis perked up “You met my family?”

“Yeah…we went over to your sisters for pizza last night” Miranda replied. “Jake told them all about it”

Alexis smiled “If we don’t switch back…you might never get a chance to move out of that house”

“About that…I’ve tried searching the internet but I haven’t found anything except a bunch of fictions stories and pictures” Miranda said.

“Me too” Alexis concurred. “There’s nothing out there for an actual case of body swapping. I read some of the stories and sometimes people swap back as spontaneously as they swapped in the first place and other times…”

“…they’re stuck like that forever” Miranda finished “Yeah, I read some too. I couldn’t sleep last night”

“Me either” Alexis said stirring sugar into her tea “Too sweet…just like the coffee”

“I never liked much sugar” Miranda said but my drink tastes funny to me”

They swapped glasses “Better” Miranda admitted taking a sip with more sugar in it.

“I think the point is, we could be like this forever and we need to talk about that” Alexis said.

Miranda just looked at her old body. “It’s not cheating in my mind” was all she said.

Alexis blushed.

“I hope you realize that if we don’t swap back we will be having sex with a different man”

“I know…Dennis seems very nice” Alexis said.

“So does Jake” Miranda admitted. “It might take some time before we’re totally comfortable if we ever are at that, but we can’t make others suffer for what happened to us”

“I know it’s just…” Alexis started,

“It’s not fair and I’ll be the first one to admit it” Miranda said. “You just aged 23 years…you doubled your age and I cut mine in half. I’m starting over if I stay as you and you’re missing out on a lot if you’re stuck as me”

“I’m really trying to not think of myself as being stuck in your body” Alexis admitted “But how else am I supposed to think?”

“This might seem hard to believe but I’m losing a lot if I stay as you too. I’ve dedicated my life to raising my boys and to just be made to walk away from them” Miranda shook her head “It’s tough”
Alexis knew it was more than just physical “I understand where you’re coming from too” she said
“You’ve built a good life but I was looking forward to building that life for myself. Jake and I talked about having kids…now it’ll be you having another round of kids while I might have grandkids soon”

Miranda realized that she could go through pregnancy and breast feeding and diapers all over again just when in her mind, she had long moved on from that.

They looked at each other and both began to cry. They held the other’s hand across the table until it passed.

Miranda dabbed a napkin at her eyes while Alexis went into her well stocked purse for a tissue.

They talked for a long time about work and people they should know and recognize trying to avoid their original topic.

“If we stay…we need to keep talking like this forever” Alexis said.

Miranda nodded and agreed.

They spent the next week talking and texting as much as they could while slowly adjusting to the other’s life. They set up a second walk through of the house for Saturday…one week after they had originally swapped.

“We’ve talked all week about this house” Jake said as they drove across town.

“I know…we need to just go through one more time just to be sure” Miranda told him. She had gotten more comfortable around Jake but it still wasn’t carefree yet. She was still getting used to her own reflection in the mirror; the youthful face still surprised her at times.

Miranda and Alexis thought that maybe if they could be in the same place at the same time as they were when they originally swapped, it might be their chance to switch back.

Jake pulled into the drive and saw both Dennis and Alexis coming out to greet them. “Hey…good to see you two again” Dennis said as he approached.

Miranda got out and the two of them stopped and shook their heads in unison. They had dressed alike again. Miranda was wearing skinny jeans, brown moccasins and a white long sleeved shirt. Alexis also had on brown moccasins along with Mom jeans and a looser long sleeved white top.

Miranda looked over her former body from head to toe “She wears it well” she thought “But it should still be me in there”

Alexis saw her former body and the first thought that came to mind was “She looks so cute…and young. Was I really that young looking just last week” The more mature visage in the mirror had begun to seem the norm to her but she was still hopeful it could be reversed today.

Alexis came over and wanted so badly to hug Miranda. Instead, she just smiled and put her hand out to shake.

Miranda took Alexis’ hand in hers and clutched it tight. She felt her old skin again hoping for a spark of some kind, a sign. She looked up into her own brown eyes, noticing the lines and marks that had been hers for her whole life up until last week. “We can hope” she whispered.

Alexis nodded. She saw the few faint freckles across the bridge of her former pale skin. She looked down into the pale blue eyes that had always greeted her from the other side of the mirror. “This might be our only chance” she thought.

They all walked in together and Miranda made a show out of looking closely at details working her way through the house. Jake too looked around again for any previously unseen flaws as it seemed like the thing to do.

“Why don’t you two go look around the garage and yard” Alexis suggested to Dennis.

He simply shrugged and Jake followed as they set off.

Miranda and Alexis looked at each other nervously. They went into the master bedroom and stood across from each other. Alexis picked up the silver bell from the top of the dresser and said “Here goes nothing” and rang it a few times.

Miranda held her breath and closed her eyes. Squinting, she peeked out and exhaled. Alexis still looked like her in front of her and she didn’t feel any different.

Alexis held her breath and looked at herself up and down. She looked over at Miranda hoping to see her start to get taller but she stayed in the same place at the same shorter height. She rang the bell again and said “I wish we would swap places again”

Miranda again shut her eyes but still felt nothing and, still saw nothing changing. “I wish I would go back to my original body” she added.

Alexis was getting nervous. Minutes passed and nothing was happening. “I don’t know what’s wrong? Why aren’t we changing back?”

“Maybe we aren’t supposed to…maybe it just doesn’t work like that” Miranda said. “Maybe it’s a one way street only; once changed…it’s permanent”

Alexis sighed and dropped her head. “I’m stuck like this” she said.

Miranda put her hand on her back and rubbed “I’m stuck too” she reminded her.

They heard Jake and Dennis come back in. They exchanged a look and a shrug before the tears came for both of them. By the time Jake and Dennis came into the room they were holding each other and bawling their eyes out.

“I don’t know if I’ll ever understand my wife” Dennis said.

“Me either” Jake agreed.

10 years later…

“Josie…Breanna…Taylor! Come on in and get cleaned up for dinner” Jake yelled at his three daughters who were playing in the backyard.

The three girls came running knowing that they were getting to go to eat tonight. They ran past their Mom and Dad who both just smiled as they went by.

“The real estate agent will be here at 5:30 with the couple who’re interested in the house” Jake told his wife.

Miranda; known to her husband and family as Alexis for the last 10 years just smiled “I’m so glad we’re going through an agency…I don’t think we could ever sell this by ourselves”

“Yeah…even though we got some good friends by buying this house, it does make it a lot less personal this way” Jake admitted.
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