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“Thanks Caitlin for finishing up those TPS reports” Amy Loggins said as she returned to her desk after her smoke break.

“No problem Ms. Loggins” Caitlin Graham said with a smile. “Oh; I started up a new pot of coffee too…it’ll be ready in a few minutes” she added.

“You’re such a dear” Amy said sitting back down at her desk. “I’m going to miss you next week when you’re gone”

Cait smiled and tucked her long dark hair behind her ears as she went about the rest of her daily to do list. She crouched down to file some paperwork in the bottom drawer of a bright orange filing cabinet. Her heel popped out of the back of her black heel as she bent down and upon standing up, she had to re-tuck in her white blouse into the back of her tan skirt.

Amy had enjoyed Cait being around the last 12 weeks; it was the first time she had ever gotten to have an intern. Amy had been with Dowell Industries for nearly 20 years; she was a senior account representative but she had held that title for over 12 years now “Not for much longer though” Amy thought.

The supervisor of the department had announced his retirement: Amy had interviewed for the position and knowing that she had by far the most seniority, she knew the job would be hers.  

Amy went over the reports and couldn’t find any errors, so she signed her name to them and turned them in. With her back facing the wall, she pulled up Sporcle on her computer and began a quiz on 70’s rock music while Caitlin worked on a spreadsheet she would need later.

Amy Loggins was 48 years old, never married but mother to three dogs and their pictures decorated her desktop. She ran her red nails through her beige-brown hair, augmented by a bottle of dye every three weeks to keep the gray away, it was cut at chin level to frame her face.

She wore a yellow top and black slacks today along with her black flats. Amy only had two pairs of shoes that she wore to work; either tan or black flats and today was a black day. She was 2 inches taller than Cait, who stood just 5’3” but with her heels, she stood slightly taller.

“When you finally start getting a paycheck, maybe you can buy some clothes that fit you better” she had teased Cait during the summer as she noticed her outfits were basic, simple and slightly too big for her.

Caitlin had accepted the teasing; her clothes were borrowed from her slightly larger older sister. She had scraped her way through college not ever needing a supply of dress clothes until now.

An email popped up on Amy’s screen ‘Company meeting 3 P.M.’ Amy smiled as she saw it would be held outside of Bill O’Neill’s office; her supervisor. “Maybe they’re announcing my promotion” she thought.

The crowd began to gather and Amy made sure she was near the front of it as she saw the head of HR, Ron, put his hands up and say “Okay…quiet down please”

The people stopped their side conversations and looked his way.

“As you all know, Bill O’Neill will be stepping down next month and first of all I just want to thank him for all his years of service here; how about a round of applause for Bill?”

Polite clapping followed; Amy could feel herself getting excited. She was feeling warm all over and her heart was racing in anticipation.

“Now I’m very excited to be able to announce Bill’s replacement today” Ron began. “Now is the time for us here at Dowling to make a move to take us into the future…do something bold and daring and with that I am so happy to announce that the new Supervisor will be…Caitlin Graham!”

Amy actually had taken a step forward when it registered to her what Ron had said “What?” she thought and only barely caught herself before blurting it out loud.

“Come on up here Cait” Ron said as applause grew louder.

Caitlin was shocked. She had interviewed for a position with the company; but she had no idea they would hire her for Supervisor. She made her way up through the crowd, as she had been in the back row. Once up front, she kept her feet together and demurely waved and said “Thank You” several times in a soft voice.

“If you have seen how hard this girl works as an intern; you all know how good she will be as a full time employee” Ron began “Everyone in management noticed her work ethic and we knew we had to hire her. She already possesses so many attributes that we look for in our leaders that we know she’ll know nothing but success”

Ron took Caitlin by the shoulder and ushered her into his office as the crowd dispersed.

Amy stood there in shock; her jaw hanging open and her shoulders slumped. Her face and ears were burning a bright red of embarrassment and humiliation; her intern was now her boss. She stomped off to her desk fuming mad. After a few minutes, she couldn’t take it and went to go see Bill.

Hearing knocking on the door, Bill looked up and gave a sympathetic smile and waved her in.

“Bill: I want to know why I didn’t get your position. I have worked here for 20 years and I think…” she began but Bill put a hand up to stop her. Once again the sympathetic smile emerged.

“Amy; we all know how long you’ve been here and we’re grateful to you for your…”

Amy cut him off “Don’t feed me the company line Bill, tell me the truth…she must be fucking someone to…”

Bill stood up suddenly cutting her off “Enough!” he stared down. “That is an entirely baseless and awful thing to insinuate about anyone and I won’t hear it”

Amy said nothing but stared at the wall as Bill sat back down.

“Look; I was going to candy coat it and say some bullshit line about the company simply wanting to invigorate the place with fresh blood an ideas but I won’t. We have worked together for a long time and you know, I’m out the door soon so I’ll be perfectly honest with you. You didn’t get the job for a number of reasons”

Amy’s jaw fell open to begin to protest but the palm came up once more “Don’t lie to me and don’t lie to yourself Amy; you’ve been phoning it in for years. We all see you taking 6 to 7 smoke breaks a day and everyone grumbles about that behind your back about covering for you at least 2 hours a day for it”

Bill stared Amy down “You also must know that we monitor computer use around here” he said staring at her. “We know how much time you waste dinking around Facebook and all the other shit you do every day. Frankly, you could have been fired: Your work is adequate at best nothing extraordinary has come from you in years until this summer. Everyone started seeing these glimmers of care and detail in your work; that’s when we realized you were just signing your name to Caitlin’s work”

Amy was dumbfounded and even more embarrassed now than when she came in. She had to struggle to simply say “I’m sorry”

Bill stood up and came around the desk “Go back to work and work hard Amy; that’s all we ask of you in the end”

Amy stood quickly and exited even faster; the last hour of the week couldn’t go by fast enough.

Monday morning came and Amy was filled with anger and dread. She had stewed all weekend about what Bill had said and that now Caitlin would be striding around the office like Queen Shit. She got dressed in a green blouse, tan skirt and her tan flats and left the house with a bad attitude.

She saw Cait was already there when she pulled into the parking lot “Ms. Perfect starts out her first day in her big girl job with a brown nosing to remember” she thought sarcastically.

Amy went straight to her desk and went to work. She went through her emails and started a few reports before she clicked on her internet icon and sneered at the screen cynically “Monitor this” she said to herself.

It was 11 before she saw Caitlin walking around with Bill and Ron. Cait had bought new clothes over the weekend, Amy thought snidely. Cait was in a crisp gray blouse, black pencil skirt, black tights and shiny black heels. Her long wavy black hair was pulled back into a loose bun at the back of her head. “The 23 year old almost looked like a real grown up” Amy remarked in her head.

After a rather unproductive day, Amy shut down her computer and grabbed her purse to head home. She came around the corner of her cubicle wall and ran right into her new boss. “Oh…I’m so sorry Ms. Graham” she said sarcastically “I am so sorry I bumped into you”

Cait smiled patiently “Amy; I get it, you don’t have to cop an attitude about it…I get that you’re upset about me getting the job”

“How could you do this to me?” Amy shot back at her “How could you humiliate me? I show you around and teach you how to do even the most basic tasks and then you get all the credit and lauded for being some kind of genius around here while I get passed over yet again”

“I NEVER intended for you to be humiliated…how could you accuse me of that? I just wanted a job…any job here. I interviewed for just a general position; I had no idea that they would pick this for me”

“I see you didn’t turn it down though…no, I couldn’t…I’m not ready for a supervisor position” she mocked in a sing song voice. “Oh…you like me…you think I’m smart and pretty tee-hee”

Caitlin sighed and folded her arms “I’ll let you vent and you can be angry, like I said, I get it. But they did hire me for this job and you do have to report to me whether you like it or not”

“Well I don’t like it. It should be me in your position…that was my job…” Amy began.

“Put yourself in my shoes Amy” Cait interjected. “You wouldn’t step aside for someone else”

“Honey” Amy laughed “I’d LOVE to be in your shoes” she said in a voice dripping with venom. “More precisely…I’d love for you to be in my shoes”

Caitlin shook her head disappointed; she knew this initial meeting wouldn’t go well but she had no idea that Amy was this angry. She looked around the empty office and realized that they were the last two there.

“If you were in my shoes you’d know what it was like to have the girl you trained as your boss let alone someone who was probably still in diapers when I started here” Amy said with a shake of her head.

“And if you were in my shoes you’d know how desperate I was to even get a job, let alone how I know have to win the trust of everyone in this place who is older than me and more experienced too” Caitlin replied.

“I don’t weep for you sister” Amy said rubbing her fingers together. “But those are some very fancy shoes you bought for yourself with all that new money you find yourself rolling in” Amy added looking down at Caitlin’s shiny black 3 inch heels.

Cait let out an exasperated snort and shook her head “I know you teased me about my clothes and shoes being too big and you’d think that since my feet are big enough already, that coming out of my shoes wouldn’t be a problem”

“What size do you wear?” Amy asked.

“Nine…and I’ve got wide feet to boot” Caitlin said.

“Damn girl you got some big ass feet…I never really noticed for you being a short thing that your feet were so big”

“What? Don’t believe me” Cait said trying to lighten the mood. She was really trying to get Amy to like her again and figured she would play along with the shoe talk. Cait smiled and slipped her black tight clad feet out of her high heels. She stood flat on the cold tile floor, shorter than Amy now and said “Try them on if you don’t believe me”

Amy smirked and laughed. She kicked off her tan flats and moved the black heels to her “I haven’t worn heels in years…I’ll probably fall over and kill myself”

Cait saw Amy’s toenails were painted a bright magenta color that actually matched the woman’s lipstick perfectly. She slipped her feet in and slid forward “Whoa” Amy said balancing herself out and lifting her heels up easily “Two sizes too big for me”

Cait did a quick sideways hop and began to put on Amy’s tan flats “Oh come on, you’re going to stretch them out with your big old feet” Amy said as she watched the sides stretch out a bit as Caitlin put her feet in her shoes. She lifted up her toes and the tops rose up as the contrast between the dark tights and light shoes became glaringly apparent.

As Amy pointed out the bad fashion, her heels began to move slightly backwards on their own. They widened slowly along with the sides of her feet until her skin met the supple leather sides and pushed them out. Her heels came to a snug stop as her toes began to widen and grow.

Amy’s stubby toes elongated and widened with her big toes especially growing larger while inside the soft shoes. Unseen, her magenta nail polish darkened to a deep red color which was the color still on under Cait’s tights.

Cait relaxed her feet and grimaced a bit “Hope I didn’t stretch them out” she mumbled. They felt better as she relaxed, like they weren’t as tight now. With the dark tights on, it was hard to see that as she relaxed, her feet actually got smaller. Her heels came in and her sides narrowed along with her toes.

She lifted up her toes again as they shrank down. The tops of the shoes rose up again but not as high it seemed. Cait’s toes were already growing shorter and stubbier and her big toes were now much smaller and rounder than before. Her tights bunched up and she spread her newly smaller toes out trying to get a tighter feel at the ends, a feeling that wouldn’t come.

Cait’s dark red nail polish brightened to magenta and her pinky toe nails almost disappeared entirely on her small and still changing feet. “Huh…that’s weird” Cait said.

“What’s that?”

“Well it almost feels like your shoes fit me now” Cait said.

Amy rose up onto the balls of her feet, but unlike last time when her heels lifted up free and easy, this time, the whole shoes came up with her. A look of confusion crossed her face and she lowered back down and stared at her feet “Huh” she said.

Amy lifted her right foot up and out. She wiggled it back and forth “It fits” was all she said.

“What? You said my feet were two sizes bigger than yours” Cait responded.

“Yeah they are if these are a 9. I’ve worn a size 7 since I was like 13” Amy replied.

“I don’t get it” Cait responded seeing Amy’s foot held snugly in her heel.

As both women’s attention was drawn to the floor, more changes began to occur. Amy began to shrink down slightly in height from 5’5” to 5’3” while Cait began to grow those two inches taller.

Amy put her foot back down and had to struggle to get her foot out, the shoe had grown so snug for her. Once her foot was free she said and emphatic “Oh My God!” upon seeing her differently shaped foot and the dark red polish.

Cait let out a little scream “AH!”

“What the hell?!” Amy said now taking out her left foot “Those aren’t my feet! My feet don’t look like that!” she said pointing at them.

“No but mine do!” Cait answered quickly.

“What?!” Amy said. “What are you talking about?”

Cait slipped her feet out of the tan flats, her feet looked smaller, and the tights were loose and bunched up around her toes. Cait reached up under her skirt and began to pull and shimmy her tights down and off of her legs in a big hurry.

She got them down to her ankles. She lifted her right leg up at an awkward angle and yanked the tights off “AH!” she yelled again.

“Holy shit Caitlin…your feet look like my feet and my feet look like your feet…what the hell?” Amy said.

Cait used her right foot to grip the other balled up leg of her tights and pull them off her left foot.

Seeing her bare feet on Caitlin’s body made Amy gasp for breath. She looked over at Cait and slowly realized something else “Why are you taller than me now too?”

“What I’m not…” Cait said before looking over “I’m taller than you…how am I taller than you?” she said with her head going up and down tracing Amy’s body the whole way.

Amy sucked her top lip in and her eyes widened. She shook her head back and forth just as she felt a tingling in her lower legs. She leaned over and tilted her head “Are my legs…” she said and began to rub them. As she gripped her calves, they began to plump up and grow firmer in her hands. They also felt smoother and softer “What is going on?” she said her voice rising higher with panic.

Caitlin’s legs were now bare and exposed beneath her pencil skirt. Her eyes bugged out as she saw spots and bumps beginning to rise up on her previously smooth calves. The skin looked rougher and felt so too when she ran her hands over them as they began to rise up and get skinnier.

Amy’s knees popped and reset and her thighs began to firm up, round off and smooth out. Amy’s tan skirt bulged out along the sides as her thighs grew larger. The zipper on the back began to open and drop as her hips and ass spread out.

Amy’s skinny legs and rather flat butt were getting curvier. She was now the owner of an hourglass figure as her ass plumped out firm and round and tight “Whoa God Damn!” she yelled, a look of shock on her face as she grabbed her expanding backside with both hands and squeezed.

Cait’s tight skirt loosened as the changes raced up her legs. Her thighs thinned and the skin loosened; her hips narrowed and her ass lost its trademark roundness which was replaced by flatter and saggy cheeks.

Cait clutched at the waistband of her black skirt as it drooped down in the back but her waist began to push out to compensate.

Amy’s heart was already racing but now it took off even faster. A wave of extreme dizziness washed over her that made her grab her head. A burning and throbbing sensation settled into her lower abdomen that spread outward and downward.

Amy’s nerves and senses heightened to superhero levels at that moment. She could feel individual hairs popping out or pulling in; she could feel her skin begin to warp and refold and move. Every single nerve ending in her clitoris exploded simultaneously and her knees buckled.

Amy grabbed the wall as moisture flooded her vagina, lubricating and massaging her changing skin.
“What’s wro…oh GOD!” Caitlin yelled out as she clutched her stomach as tightly as she could. “Oh God!” she repeated as she too now felt hair and skin beginning to change. Everything felt puffy and hypersensitive suddenly as her body changed into Amy’s in the most intimate way. Cait’s vagina aged and swelled and not nearly enough moisture came forward to lubricate as her vagina reshaped and her skin modified itself. Her clitoris popped and she had the wind knocked out of her by the experience.

Suddenly gasping for breath, Cait backed up against a desk and gripped the top of it for all she was worth. Her fingertips went white as she clutched and caught her breath. “Holy Shit…did you feel that?”

Amy simply nodded with a very concerned look on her face “Caitlin…” her voice shaking “I think I’m turning into you”

Cait looked down at her legs “Those sure aren’t my legs” she thought. “But that would mean…I’m…turning into…you” she said, her voice rising up in horror and fear.

Cait stood upright “No! I don’t want to be you!” she said as she felt a gurgling in her stomach.
Amy realized what was happening and the implications of it. As horrified as she was to be turning into someone else physically; she had to admit that this would work out for her in the end. “I’m going to be 23 and I’m going to be the supervisor” she said quietly; her voice evening out.

“No!” Cait said again, her stomach was growing larger and looser into the belly of a 48 year old middle aged woman instead of her previously tight and trim 23 year old body. A paunch formed up under her grey blouse. Cait pulled at the shirt, exposing her flabby stomach.

“Yeah!” Amy said with much more confidence behind it. “You’re going to be the older one now…Amy” she called Cait.

“Stop it!” Cait cried, tears forming up and rolling down her cheeks “Can’t you stop this!”

“I didn’t start this” Amy said taking a confident stride in Cait’s direction. She put her hands up “I don’t know how this even happened but I think I might like how this turns out for me”

“No…you can’t take my body; you can’t take my life!” Cait pleaded. Her back was contracting and pulling inward, her skin all around her chest and back was loosening up and sagging. Spots appeared between her breasts and lines formed on them as well.

“It looks like they’re being given to me sweetheart” Amy said. She smirked as she felt her stomach tightening up. She pulled out the bottom of her green top “Oh!” she exclaimed “Look at that…going flat…so nice” she teased Cait. She rubbed her hand over the flat smooth skin and let out a slight moan “Mmm” she cooed as she swayed her hips seductively “This feels so good! My body never looked this good on its own. Thanks for all your hard work…it’s really going to pay off for me”

“How can you do this?” Cait said as she felt her breasts grow larger and sag down inside her now tight bra. Her 34B’s had become 34D’s

“I told you that you shouldn’t have been hired as supervisor; I should have. And now I not only get your job…I get your body too” Amy said. “Can’t wait to get all that luxurious hair of yours” she said putting her hand out and flicking a few loose strands of Cait’s hair up playfully.

Cait swatted at Amy’s hand “Quit it!”

“Oh settle down Hun…this looks like it’ll be over soon” Amy said. Her chest and back were firming up and her posture improved.

At feeling her breasts rise up, Amy let out a low and wicked sounding laugh “Come to Mama” she said accepting her perky and firm, round breasts. “I feel like such a kid again” Amy said “I might even get carded when I go out”

“Shut up!” Cait said furiously “You won’t get away with this. This isn’t right!”

“Right’s got nothing to do with it...and besides; who would ever believe this?” Amy said. Her shoulders rose up and her arms firmed and toned.

The skin sagged on the bottoms of Cait’s now pudgy upper arms and she knew they would flap if she waved them vigorously. Brown spots began to speckle her skin up and down even as the hair on her arms thinned out and lightened. Amy’s penchant for tanning and 30 years of smoking were racking Cait’s body as she changed into her former mentor.

Deep veins throbbed across the backs of Cait’s hands as they changed into Amy’s. Her fingers thinned and the skin thinned as well making her knuckles appear bony. The same magenta nail polish appeared as her nails grew out to points.

Amy flexed her fingers back as they felt stronger than in years. Her skin was smooth on the backs of her hands and her fingers thickened as her nails pulled back to a close cut and opaque look. She waggled her fingers at Caitlin with a little dance to go with it.

The tears just kept coming as Cait shook her head “No, this all a bad dream”

“No dream…you’re wide awake and about to see your pretty little face come over to me” Amy replied as her neck elongated and smoothed out.

Cait whimpered as her neck skin slackened and compacted. Her long wavy almost black hair popped out of its bun and tumbled down over her chest and back one last time as it was already starting its retreat upward. Its softness turned to brittleness; it felt more like straw than hair as it pulled up and changed color to a bottle type of beige-brown stopping at her chin.

Her chin poked out further to a point and her cheeks lost their roundness. Deep lines formed around the corners of her mouth and her cheeks drew in. Her full pink lips thinned and changed to a plain flesh color. Her wide white teeth shrank and yellowed; a few across the bottom went to angles.

Cait’s nose thinned and elongated as her skin thickened and roughened up adding unwanted color to her cheeks. Her wide expressive brown eyes dimmed in color to hazel and narrowed as more and more lines creased around and around etching deeply in her forehead and around her eyes.

Her eyelashes and eyebrows thinned and her ears dropped and drooped “No!” choked out in a raspy tone as her hand clutched her throat “This is impossible!” she said in Amy’s voice.

“Not impossible in the least” Amy replied. Her voice was higher now and more nasally but had lost the rattle and rasp that were developing over the last few years. “Mmm…your voice sounds delicious coming out of me” Amy said now sounding completely like Cait. She giggled “So girly”

Cait glared as she watched Amy’s skin soften and begin to glow and glisten. Her chin rounded and her cheeks lifted up high and round. She was watching as Amy began to look like her.

Amy’s mouth widened, her lips plumped and turned a natural pink as her teeth whitened, widened and straightened inside her mouth which tasted like something other than cigarettes for the first time in forever. Her nose shrank up and back, wider but yet smaller as her eyes darkened from hazel to brown and widened out under expressive and thick lashes and brows.

Her ears rose up closer as her hair softened, darkened, and grew. “It like Niagara Falls” she said as her hair tumbled down, cascading over her shoulders and halfway down her back. Amy ran her fingers through it “So, so soft” she cooed before she realized that it was over; she now looked entirely like Caitlin Graham.

“I can’t believe I look like this” she said looking all the way down to her bare feet.

Caitlin sobbed at the sight before her and below her “I’m old…I’m wrinkly…my chest hurts and I’m already craving a cigarette” she admitted.

“Ha-Ha…I don’t feel the need for one at all” Amy said. “This just keeps getting better and better” She reached into the top drawer of her desk and pulled out a pack of Marlboro Lights “Here you go Honey…you need these way more than I do now” she said tossing them to Cait.

Cait grabbed the pack out of the air in her bony fingers. She stared at them in her hand knowing that she did need them now.

Amy looked over and snorted laughter. She grabbed the bottom of her green top and pulled it up and off revealing her youthful body. “Wow” she said dropping the shirt to the floor. Her fingers and hands ran over her smooth skin and caressed her pert breasts inside her too large bra. “Why don’t you take yours off? It’s not like I don’t know what that looks like: You’re going to find out soon enough so…” she stared at her old body.

Cait clutched her arms tightly across her chest, possessive of her clothes, the last remaining visage of her own self that she saw on her.

“Come on…my clothes will fit you better now anyway, you might as well get used to them”

“No” Cait said and coughed “What if we change back?”

“What if we don’t” Amy shot back as she took off her tan skirt and let it drop to the ground. She craned her neck to get a look at her ass “Oooo…look at that sweet ass…so fucking round” she said slapping it hard and watching it jiggle.

“Stop it…stop touching my body” Cait pleaded.

“Um…it looks like it’s my body now…I’m the one who can touch it” Amy shot back defiantly. She tossed her head to flip her long hair back. She reached up and undid the hook of her bra and let it fall to the ground. “So cute”

Cait fumed internally but also felt utterly helpless. “Come on Caity…show off what my Momma gave you” Amy teased. Amy reached out and playfully grabbed at Cait’s gray top which was clutched tight. “I can wait all night here” Amy said as she hooked her thumbs under the waist band of her panties.

Amy wiggled and shimmied her hips and legs as she slowly took down her out of place underwear. Once over her thighs, she let them drop to her ankles “Oops” she put her index finger to her lips and raised her eyebrows “Are you uncomfortable with a pretty young naked woman in front of you now. You used to get to see this all the damn time in a mirror but not anymore…Nuh-uh…no no no…no more of this sight for you”

“Shut up…just shut the fuck up you fucking bitch!” Cait yelled and sat down in a swivel office chair. She put her elbows on her knees and buried her face in her hands.

Amy sat down in a chair opposite from her. She crossed her legs and sat back confidently as she swiveled back and forth, the ball of her right foot planted and moving left and right propelling her back and forth “What are you waiting for? The miracle already happened…I actually won for once in my life…”

Caitlin stood up quickly and began to unbutton her blouse “You will rue the day you did this to me. I don’t know how and I don’t know when but I will get you back. I will get my body back or I will get revenge…mark my words”

Amy just nodded “Ok…sure…Whatevs bro”

Cait was breathing heavily out her nose, the taste of cigarettes decaying in her mouth like ash. She saw her wrinkled and sagging chest as she took off the blouse and threw it as hard as she could at Amy in the chair.

She undid her bra and felt her breasts sag forward without its support. Cait looked down at what had become of her chest; gone were her high sitting and pert breasts; replaced by larger and lower sagging ones.

Her belly sat out round and soft over the waistband of her skirt “Muffin top” she thought as she undid the zipper on her skirt. It fell off of her narrower hips and she side stepped out of it seeing her exposed legs fully for the first time. She wasted no time taking off her black panties and seeing her puffier area and flatter ass. “Just put on some damn clothes” she said to Amy.

Amy stood up with a smile on her face. She picked up the panties and bra and examined them “Can’t wait to put on your clothes…you just bought a whole new wardrobe for big job and…such a pity…you never get to wear it…I do”

Amy stepped into the panties and brought them up and hooked the bra around herself shaking her shoulders as she did it.

Cait picked up Amy’s discarded underwear and put them on, thankful to be covered again. She wasted no time pulling the green top on and stepping into the tan skirt. She even wanted to cover up her feet and she slipped on the tan flats that had started all of this mess. She turned and saw that Amy was still in just her panties and bra, still admiring her body. “Stop staring and put on my clothes you stupid cunt”

Amy raised her eyebrows “Oooo…attitude…” She laughed as she put on the skirt. She slung the blouse over her shoulders and buttoned it up, but not as high as Cait had it buttoned earlier.

“I think I’ll just skip the tights” she said as she stepped into the shiny black heels that finally put her taller than Cait again. “So” she began “Tomorrow, you will come in and sit at my desk and you will call ME, Ms. Graham and you will take orders from me…right Amy” Amy said.

Cait sighed and nodded.

“So…I’ve been thinking and we need to switch cars at the very least if not houses slash apartments now too. I remember you saying something about having a roommate so you can’t very likely walk into your apartment looking like that and not have someone freak out. You get the body…you take the life” Amy said.

Cait slumped even further down in resignation; she knew it was inevitable.

After hanging over her purse, keys, and all identification and receiving Amy’s in return, Cait began to cry again.

“Turn off the waterworks until you get home” Amy told her.

Cait bit her lip and walked out of the office stride for stride with Amy. “Have a good night Hun” Amy said getting into Cait’s car.

Cait watched her leave before getting into what was now her car. It had a thick aura of smoke to it but she refused to light up. She put the windows down and drove to Amy’s house.

Once there, Amy’s three dogs rushed to greet her but stopped short. The dogs were confused and began to whimper and whine in confusion. Cait put her hand out for them to sniff but they retreated. “Dogs are smarter than people…they can see the real you…” Cait filled their bowls and heard them eat but they all kept their distance that evening as Cait explored her new surroundings.

It was a basic house that Amy had. The furniture was worn down and the place smelled like the omnipresent smoke. Smelling it and having Amy’s body finally broker her down and Cait pulled a Marlboro out and lit it up. The first drag made her choke and cough but it also calmed her down and stopped a headache that had been forming up. She paced the room as she smoked, one hand holding an ashtray while the other fiddled with the cigarette.

“What am I going to do?” she thought. So many thoughts rushed through her head and yet no answers accompanied them. She went into her bedroom and flipped through the limited clothing choices. She smoked a few more cigarettes before crying herself to sleep.

“It was just a dream” she thought as she woke up but as she opened her eyes, she knew it hadn’t been. Dogs milled about still keeping their distance but nosing closer out of curiosity. She felt a cold nose bump into her outstretched hand “I’ll feed you” she rasped out before a coughing fit took her rattling her lungs.

Caitlin sat up and swung her legs over the side of the bed; she ached. “I’ll be dead in 10 years if I keep living like she did…I have to get out of here” she said to herself. After going to the bathroom she got the dogs fed and herself showered and her teeth brushed. She picked out a longer floral skirt and blue top to go with the black flats.

Cait got to work before Amy, she didn’t see her car in the lot. She went in to Amy’s desk and went to work. It would be the most output the company had tracked on Amy’s computer in years.

Amy slid in the door with 2 minutes to spare. She had her hair down and was wearing a white blouse, tan skirt and nude heels. She flashed a brilliant smile at Cait as she passed by on her way to her office “Glad to see you working away so diligently Amy” she said as she glided by.

“Thank you Ms. Graham” Cait replied. She had to close her eyes and count to 10 before she could continue. She made it through the day with only one smoke break; she was determined to quit but knew it would take some time and effort.

By the end of the week, Cait could make it through the workday without one and had been able to keep the headaches away with 3 or 4 overall. She had also purged all the food from Amy’s kitchen and replaced it with fresh fruit and vegetables and she drank nothing but water.

Amy was looking forward to the weekend, she was going out clubbing with her roommate Kim. Putting on a short tan dress with a black belt and black heels, she teased her hair up and headed into the hottest club in town on Friday night.

On Saturday morning, Amy felt her head pounding as she woke up. Without opening her eyes, she rubbed her temples. “What the hell did I do last night?” she thought and began to stretch. Her foot hit something hard yet soft, smooth but hairy. Amy’s eyes popped open “OH My God!” she thought slapping her hand over her mouth.

“Who the fuck is this guy snoring away next to me and what did we…oh no…” she began to remember the night.

“Where Am I?” She thought as a vision of the guy next to her, his face just above hers, his hot breath on her cheek as he railed away on her, her legs stuck straight up in the air as he fucked her brains out.

“Oh God” repeated in her head as she sat up and looked around. The room was unfamiliar and she didn’t see her clothes anywhere. Her hair was a frizzing mess tornadoed around her head, her mouth tasted like something had died inside of it and her ankle hurt when she put weight on it to go to the bathroom.

Once sitting on the toilet, she peed and looked down and almost screamed. A used condom was stuck to the inside of her left thigh “EW!” she picked it off and tossed it into a trash can next to the sink. She ran cold water and filled a Dixie cup several times rinsing out her mouth. The pasty sensation wouldn’t go away though and neither would the pounding headache.

Amy went back into the bedroom blinking hard. She picked the other door and found herself in a living room where her dress was balled up on the floor. She slipped it on when it became apparent that her underwear and shoes were nowhere to be found.

Luckily her purse was there along with her phone. She got it out to call Kim. When she pulled up her contacts, she saw a new entry ‘Ant’ with a number. “Did I just sleep with a guy named Ant?”

She had to use the GPS function first to get an address before she called for a pick-up.

As she waited for Kim to show, she poked around. There was an empty Tequila bottle and several full ashtrays spread around “Was I smoking last night?” she thought as she sat barefoot on the floor. “Whatevs…”

She heard a car pull up and saw her ride home. Kim was laughing her head off as Amy tip toed out and across the lawn “Don’t say anything unless you’re filling me in on details from last night” Amy said getting in.

“I have never seen you party like that girl” Kim said as they drove away “I don’t know what got into you but you are one wild ass woman”

Cait went for a long walk with the dogs that Saturday morning in her part of town. She thought that if she could exercise and eat right as well as quit smoking, she might be able to survive in this body. She didn’t like it one bit and still hated looking into mirrors but she had to accept it. She had a complete breakdown on Friday night and had cried the entire night but after several hours, she had purged her system.

She went to Target and bought better shampoo and conditioner and lots of moisturizers, her dry skin and hair was driving her crazy.

It was three weeks into their swap before Amy was late to work for the first time. Cait had been on time every day and while it hurt her to see Amy fucking up her life already; she took a bit of pride in knowing that it was going to happen.

Amy began sneaking out for smoke breaks by week five and by week 9, Cait was able to walk a mile without huffing and puffing.

Cait was also letting the dye work its way out of her hair and it was turning a nice light brown color with a few streaks and flecks of grey in it but it so a lot softer and more manageable. As the moisturizers and some pampering manicures and pedicures worked their magic, Cait expanded her wardrobe to include some nice sandals and low heels while she noticed that at least three times a week, Amy wore flats to the office.

Six months passed, Cait was at her desk working away when Amy stomped past her to go into her office. She had on a tight black top that was not flattering on her. Amy had put on 15 pounds in her time in that body and her stomach was pressed up against the front of the shirt. If she bent over, she might lose a button and her gut would pop out.

Cait just shook her head smelling the smoke vapors that lingered even when Amy wasn’t there. Cait had lost 10 pounds and was feeling good. The lines on her face looked lighter, her skin had natural color to it and her hair was growing out nicely. Everyone in the office had noticed and congratulated her on quitting smoking and her improved health and work ethic.

That included Ron, the head of HR, who had secretly confided in her that they had made a mistake of putting someone so young and untested in the supervisor’s spot. ‘Cait’ was being fired and ‘Amy’ was going to be promoted in her place. The stomping by that Cait had just witnessed was followed by two Security Guards coming by with boxes.

Amy fumed in her office; she was out of job now. She cursed at the guards as she packed up and made a special point of stopping at Cait’s desk “You fucking bitch” she said. “I don’t know how you did it but just know you will never get this body back”

“The way you’ve abused it; I don’t want it back. You can keep it you nasty skank. Go waitress at the bar you’ve been hanging out at since you got it”

The Security Guards hurried Amy along not quite understanding anything that had just been said.
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I love this story! I really like that she didn't switch back but made her new life better. Would like to see that more. I'd love to see your take on the movie wish upon a star. Where sisters that aren't that far in age but have completely different personalities switch.
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Great beginning. I LOVE stories with unfair and horribly uneven swaps.
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Amazing story! Absolutely Loved it! 
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Very nicely written, but terrifying too. A very unfair swap for poor Cait.
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i agree cait at the end aged 25 years. she is bachelor and doesn't have any children. she only have her job and since she is already 48... she will work again around 15 years. her future seems particularly sad. :'(
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