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“Yeah…you’d better drive; I don’t think I’m such a good driver anymore” Beth admitted recalling a time Emma almost put a car into a ditch when driving with her Dad.

Emma followed Beth out as she locked up her classroom and headed to the parking lot. Once in the car, Beth sat back in the passenger seat “This is still weird”

“You’re telling me” Emma said starting up the car and pulling away confident as could be in her driving skills. It was only a three minute drive to Emma’s house so she knew the route well but this time it wouldn’t be her going in.

“You think you’re ready for this” Emma asked Beth.

“Sure; I’ve got this” Beth replied. “Your family seems like my family now. I remember all kinds of stuff about them and doing stuff with them…down to little details”

“Just be good okay” Emma said.

Beth turned to her and said “Just be good to Maddie and Ben Okay” as she hopped out of the car and hurried up to the door.

Beth opened the front door to a chaos that she understood. Emma’s life flooded over her in the sounds of the house.

“Is that you Emma?” Beth heard her Mom call out “Yeah Mom…it’s me”

“How was practice honey?”


“Well dinners still on the stove” her Mom called out “I’m helping Savannah with her homework”

Beth slipped off her sneakers and walked through the house. Savannah was one of her younger sisters now and in the 8th grade. There was also Lauren in the fifth grade and her older sister Megan who was a college freshman but still lived at home.

She got dinner and began texting with her friends as she sat and ate. As the night went on, Beth would seamlessly conduct 8 different text conversations like any 16 year could.

She knew she had homework to do so she retreated to her room and continued her conversations with her friends as she worked on her assignments. “This is harder than I thought it would be…maybe I needed more of my Beth mind to do this one” she said as she struggled with her own subject. Listing out the causes of World War One shouldn’t have been difficult for her; but it was.

Near midnight, she decided the start ending her conversations. She stood up and regarded herself in the full length mirror behind her door. She took her socks off and wiggled her long toes. She looked at her body sideways as she took off her shorts and t-shirt. She had glimpsed her body naked when she had swapped clothes but she took more time on it.

Undoing her bra and exposing her small but perky breasts and slipping off her panties to take in her firm ass and slender hips “I’m tall and skinny and I’ve got big feet” she said about her body.

Beth laughed and pulled her hair up into a ponytail to sleep. She put on a tank top and some boy shorts. “I wonder how long this will last?” she asked herself as she climbed into her bed and covered up “Part of me might like being Emma” she thought as she drifted off.

Emma had watched her old body enter her old house and take over her life. She looked into the rearview mirror into her new eyes and she smirked “Here goes” she said as she backed out and drove to what was now her house.

It was only another few minutes before she found herself pulling into her driveway of the small 3 bedroom ranch that she called home.

She came in through the side door and saw her daughter sitting at the table working on homework “Hey Mom” Maddie Bradley said upon seeing her Mom come in.

“Hey Maddie, how was school today for you?” she asked as she unzipped her boots and took them off.

“Typical day” she replied going back to work. Earlier today, Emma had been in science class with Maddie, now, she was her Mom. “How was yours?”

Emma smiled and thought of all the things she could say about what had happened to day but she just nodded and said “Same; did you eat yet?”

“Yeah…Ben brought home Taco Bell after school since he had to be at work a half hour ago” Maddie replied.

“Okay, I’ll just scrounge then” Emma replied opening the fridge. She found some leftovers and reheated them as she sat down on the opposite end of the table from Maddie. She opened her laptop and reminders for bills coming due popped up. She went into adult mode automatically and began to pay them. When she was done, she did some math on her bank site and realized that after paying everything that was due, she was left with $42.56 in her bank account “Awesome” she muttered to herself.

“What was that?” Maddie asked.

“Nothing honey, just glad payday is two days away” Emma said with a smile.

Emma got up and took her laptop with her as she walked down the hall to her bedroom. Once inside, she closed the door quietly behind her and looked around.

It was a very adult room, very few decorations, basic comforter and sheets, orderly dresser and closet and a bathroom attached for her own personal use. She peered in and saw lotions, perfumes, hair mousse, brushes, combs and everything else that was to be expected.

Emma stepped in front of the mirror in the bathroom and the two parts of her mind kicked in instantly “I’m old” called out from the back of her mind “I’m not old…I’m in my prime. 44 only seems old to a 16 year old, not to me”

Still looking at her mature face took some getting used to: The looser skin, the wrinkles and lines, the glasses that were always needed. Emma grabbed her dress and pulled it up and off exposing her softer body to her eyes again. She poked her stomach and her larger breasts through the bra before taking it off. She took down the tights running her hands over her legs as she went all the way down to her small feet.

Emma turned on the shower and took off her panties taking in the sight of her full body. “Shorter and heavier” she said to the reflection.

In the shower, she let the warm water run over her and she could feel her shoulders finally relax and slump a bit. She breathed deep and began to explore. Her fingers probed looking for an outlet for her stress. Her left fingers penetrated deep inside as her right hand rubbed at the top. The orgasm that followed made her knees weak and her body spasm and jerk a few times. “That felt good” she said to herself.

Emma took her time that evening. She graded some more papers, the work and subject coming easily to her before she settled in and watched some House of Cards on Netflix.  

She barely remembered turning off and closing down her computer before falling asleep.

Beth woke up to her Mother screaming her name outside her door “Emma! Time to get up”

“Emma…” her cloudy mind pondered “That’s me” Beth thought as her eyes popped open and she sat up in her bed. The sight and decorations in her room brought home the fact that she was in fact now Emma Franklin. She slung the covers back and saw her long firm legs and flat stomach as a blonde ponytail flapped over her shoulder.

“I’m up Mom” Beth called out using a phrase she hadn’t said in almost 30 years.

She stomped her way down to the bathroom only to find it occupied “Get out Savannah!”

“Shut up! I got here first” Beth heard her younger sister yell from the other side of the door.

“Ugh…hurry up then” Beth said as she waited her turn. She already had her phone in her hand so she picked up conversations that were already going on.

After getting ready, she got dressed in a tan skirt, green shirt and brown sandals leaving her hair down over her shoulders since she didn’t have practice today. Her friend Riley picked her up for school and the two of them talked the whole time sounding like neither of them took a breath.

The two teens headed for their lockers and more of their friends. Beth was standing in a circle talking to Riley, Kyleigh, Hannah, Ella, Grace, Macie and Haylie laughing away before first period that she didn’t even see her former body walk past on her way to her classroom.

Emma had woken to her alarm going off on her phone at 6. She opened her eyes and looked around as reality quickly settled in. “Time to teach” she thought as she swung her legs out of bed and hit the floor.

She showered and did her hair and makeup as if she had been doing it for many years. She put on black pants, a blue blouse and black low heels and made her way out to the kitchen.

“Hey kids” she said upon entering and seeing both of them sitting at the table eating.

“Hey Mom” Ben said.

Emma smiled and asked “How was work last night?” She remembered giving birth to him now but yesterday, Ben was just a senior at her school; bigger than her in status and standing. Now he was even bigger physically but she had the influence over him, she was his Mom; someone that he looked to for guidance and support.

Ben had his own car, a beat up old truck but he was proud of it “You riding with your brother today or with me?” she asked Maddie.

“I’ll catch a ride with Ben to school but I’ll get one home from you” Maddie said.

“I’m heading over to Scott’s after school to work on our project for Brewer’s class” Ben explained.

“I see” I said as I got some coffee “That’s fine”

I tried to watch my kids out of the corner of my eye as I gathered up things I would need for the day “They have no idea who I really am” Emma thought. “Even her own kids can’t tell a difference”

Emma closed her eyes and thoughts flowed through her remembering and seeing everything from pregnancy to first steps to first days of school to last weekend with them “I have two kids” she reminded herself as she grabbed her purse

“I’m out then” she said heading out ahead of them “Don’t forget to show up”

“Funny Mom” Ben said as Emma closed the door and walked to the car.

Being faculty meant that she got a closer parking spot that the one Riley had against the back row and Emma headed into school and went towards her classroom. As she went, she saw Emma, or rather Beth in her old body holding court at her locker. She didn’t say anything and Beth never even saw her approach and pass her by. “Well, I see Miss Popular hasn’t missed a beat” she thought, her cheeks burning just a bit.

Beth had not been a popular girl when she went through school. She had been quiet and shy and intellectual. Her glasses had been with her since she was 12 and her average body had left her mostly ignored. But now, as Emma, she was one of the queens. Cheerleader and very popular, she noticed the guys checking her out at all times, even a few of the teachers had lingering looks now.

Her group started to break up as the first bell rang and she headed off to science. It hit her that she would be sitting two seats and one row over from Maddie, her daughter who was now another classmate to her.

Beth concentrated and tried to picture Maddie as a little girl but it was fuzzy to her. She saw her clearer as someone she had gone to school with through the past several years. She pictured her as a girl, but it was from the perspective of being a girl at the same time “Weird” she said to herself slipping deeper into being Emma as she went.

Beth got to her seat and smiled when Maddie came in and took hers. Maddie returned a polite smile but nothing more as she took out her notes. Beth just sat there and watched her for a few seconds trying to muster up her motherly instincts but none came up more than just “I like her top…it’s cute”

Beth sat up straighter when she saw Mr. Myers come in. No longer a colleague to her but now her teacher and it was in a subject that she didn’t do well in. “I have absolutely no power here anymore” she thought to herself; the reality of being a student again crashing down on her. “I’d get sent to the office for even calling him Steve now”

Beth took out her book and her homework page to turn in. She looked up at her teacher and felt intimidated. She was being honest with herself and she no longer saw him as an equal. He was in charge of the classroom and she was just another student here.

“Miss Franklin” she called out to her.

“Yes” Beth responded.

“We’re going to be doing our worm dissection today and I noticed that Ashley is out along with Sarah, so why don’t you join Maddie for your lab partner today”

“Okay” she said.

The smell of formaldehyde filled the room as he began to put out their specimen trays. Beth stood up and smiled shyly at Maddie “Hey” she said.

“Hey, I guess we’ll be working together. Sarah said she’d do most of this so I’m kinda pissed that she’s not here today” Maddie said.

“Yeah, Ashley was way more pumped about this than I am” Beth said. It was odd being taller than Maddie in Emma’s body. Maddie was 5’6” and had been taller than her Mom for the last few years.

They made their way through the lab, both of them squeamish and gagging. Maddie did most of the work with the scalpel while Beth filled out their worksheets “It was fun working with you” Beth said at the end of class as they washed their hands.

“Yeah, you too” Maddie agreed. She spun off and picked up her backpack as Beth watched her go. By the time the bell rang seconds later, Beth was already embroiled in several new conversations with her friends.

Emma made her way through her first period class without any drama. It was when she saw her second class filing in that a new feeling hit her.

In her class was Travis, her boyfriend, or rather, Emma’s boyfriend. When Emma saw him come in, her first thought was “He is such a little boy. How was I attracted to that yesterday?” She saw an immature 16 year old boy whereas yesterday, he had been the most attractive man she knew.

His few whiskers around his chin and upper lip didn’t cover up his acne and he weighed 170 soaking wet. “Cute for a kid maybe, but he’s no man” she thought and as she did, another piece of her life as Beth Bradley clicked into place “I never called Tom last night”

It hit her that Tom was her boyfriend. He was a lawyer and her friend Heather had put them together on a blind date almost a year ago. She saw him clearly and it stirred more in her than Travis did by a country mile.

Emma got out her phone and sent a text to Tom, the top name in her contacts list “Sorry I didn’t talk to you last night…just busy and tired…love you…see you Friday”

She knew they went out to dinner on Fridays followed by…she blushed as her phone went off “No prob…love you too”

Thoughts of being held in Tom’s strong arms and even better thoughts of seeing him on top of her or her riding on top of him filled her and made her body tingle. “Okay let’s get started” she said standing up before her class “Everybody pass your homework papers up the rows please”

“Now we left off yesterday talking about Russia…” she began her lecture.

Beth finally got to meet up with Travis in third period. They sat next to each other in Spanish and when Beth saw him walk into the class, her heartbeat took off and she would swear that she got moist. “He’s so fucking hot” she thought seeing him stride in and sit down next to her.

He put his hand over onto her desk and she took it “Hey Babe” she cooed at him.

“Hey” he replied with a nod “You look hot in that skirt”

“Thanks…I wore it for you…I know you like it” Beth replied crossing her legs.

Travis smiled as Senorita Wilson came into the room. Beth had taken French in high school but she understood it as well as Emma did now, which wasn’t too much but enough to get by with a C in the class.

After class, they stood in the hall Travis leaned over and kissed Beth on the lips setting her whole body on fire “See you at lunch” he said as he headed up the stairs.

“Bye” Beth said with a little wave “Miss you Babe” she called out after him before she took off with Riley and Haylie for English.

At lunch, Emma ate at the faculty table with all her former teachers. It was great just talking with them. Senorita Wilson was just Jenny, Mr. Myers was Steve and Mr. Moneypenny was Gary. She always knew that the teachers talked about the students but this was hilarious.

Thinking back on just how vapid and immature she had been just yesterday made Emma appreciate where she was now. She had thought she was mature, just as mature and grown up as the teachers themselves. Now that she had switched bodies with one of them and become truly an adult in the last 24 hours, she was frankly embarrassed by how she acted and thought “I knew nothing”

Beth was having the time of her life as a student and a popular one at that. Having friends and boys fawning over her made her life as a middle aged teacher seem so lame. “I could do it again and do so much different if I just don’t switch back and it’ll be even better because I’m prettier now than I ever was before” she thought. “I really hope I never change back, I mean, why would I? It’s so much better on this side”

Emma looked over at the rows of student tables and thought to herself “I kind of hope I never change back…it might be better on this side”

After lunch, Beth returned to her former classroom now on the other side.

Emma watched her walk in a throw an extra glance at her as she went to her desk. Their eyes met for a brief moment and both thought “I like you better that way”

Emma never let on and spent no extra attention on her former self in the third row but she did keep her eye out to make sure she didn’t get out her phone during class, it annoyed her now and she couldn’t believe how rude she had been doing it yesterday.

Class passed without Beth saying a word. At the end she got up and walked out, swaying her hips and making sure her ass bounced as she went by her former body hoping to make it jealous at the sight of her former nubile self and what she had lost.

“Have a nice afternoon girls” Emma called out after her without looking up.

Emma looked after she had passed though and thought “28 years is a long stretch of living to give over to her. I could change a lot with my life with this experience”

At the end of the day, Emma saw Beth walking down the hall “Could I have a word with you Emma?” she asked.

Beth looked a bit surprised but said “Sure Ms. Bradley” and stepped into her room with her.

Emma closed the door behind them and saw Beth smiling in front of her “Changing places with you was the best thing that has ever happened to me” she said full of enthusiasm.

“I’m glad you’re having fun and that you like it” Emma replied in a much more measured tone. “That’s why I asked you in here; I wanted to see how you were doing being, well, being me”

“I love it Ms. Bradley” Beth replied. “I also must say that I love getting to call you that instead of the other way around”

“So nothing weird has happened?” Emma said tentatively.

“Well, everything is weird now Ms. Bradley” Beth replied. “People I used to work with now boss me around and give me homework and expect me to turn it in to them…if they only knew right”

“I know” Emma replied.

“So I’ve been thinking and guessing that as the day has gone on, you’re acting more and more like me” Beth said.

“You could say that, yeah” Emma replied. “I have felt more and more like Beth as the day has proceeded”

“Because I know I really feel like Emma now. Things that would have been normal for me yesterday just seem really far off and just, you know, like not right for me anymore” Beth looked around. “I think yesterday was totally fate. Like I was always meant to be Emma and you were supposed to be Beth but somehow everything got mixed up years ago with our souls or something”

Emma was amused by Beth’s philosophical rant.

“Like I was supposed to be born Emma Franklin, but somehow I got put in the wrong body and born way before my time and like the same for you but in reverse”

“I was going to ask what your thoughts were going forward” Emma asked.

“Um…yeah…about that” Beth said. She ground her toe down, chewed on her bottom lip and twirled her hair around her index finger.

Emma raised her eyebrows in anticipation.

“I’m not interested in going back…like…ever” Beth said.

Emma dropped her chin “Okay…so you think it’s okay to just take 28 years away from me, let alone my body and my life and just say I don’t want to change back no matter what”

Beth worked up her nerve and was able to meet her former body’s eyes “yes” was all she said.

Emma shook her head slowly back and forth.

“I really believe what I said Ms. Bradley” Beth said. “I’m supposed to be Emma and you’re supposed to be Beth. I’m sorry but I think it was our destiny” she said and walked out of the room.

Emma was in shock as she walked out to her car “I thought I could at least talk to her about it”

Her phone went off in her purse and she dug it out seeing that it was Tom. “Hey…I could really go for hearing your voice right now” Emma told him.

“Well then I must have detected something…rough day?” Tom asked.

“You could say that…so what’s up?” Emma asked.

“I wanted to know if you wanted dinner tonight”

“Ooo…Thursday and Friday this week…I think I could go for that” Emma said perking up a bit.

“I’ll be over in a bit” Tom said.

“See you then” Emma said scanning the parking lot for her daughter. Maddie was on her way over for her ride home. Seeing her smile made Emma smile too. She was proud of her daughter.

“Hey Mom” Maddie said climbing in.

“How was your day Maddie?” Emma asked.

“Fine…how was yours?”

“Getting better” Emma replied.

Tom came over a little after 5. Maddie and Ben would be ordering pizza when Ben got home but for now, it was date night for Emma.

Seeing Tom in person made Emma very happy. Memories of the past year came to her and she knew he was a good guy.

Murphy’s was packed but they got a table just in time. Their favorite waitress Carly came over to get their orders. Emma ordered a beer with her burger tonight and never thought twice about it.

Emma had been in Murphy’s before but had never gotten to order a beer and Carly had been her waitress too. She was a college aged girl with olive skin and long dark black hair that she had always admired. Now, though, Carly was younger than her too.

Emma knew that she had her first date with Tom here last year and they came in frequently. The two of them talked and just enjoyed each other’s company through dinner “Thanks I needed that” Emma said at the end of dinner as he went up to pay.

“If you needed that, then you need to come back to my place” Tom said as they headed out to the car.

Emma raised her eyebrows and felt her body come alive; she knew what that phrase meant.

At Tom’s apartment, they didn’t need long. Once the door swung shut, Emma was on him kissing his neck and nibbling at his ear.

They both began to strip down as they kissed and ran their hands over the other. Having Beth’s sexual experience came in very handy; she knew exactly what Tom liked and what she liked.

“Oh My God Tom, That was amazing” Emma said panting and sweating at the end. She curled up in Tom’s arms and snuggled close to him and he held her tight. She put her leg up on top of him and closed her eyes.

Everything about her old life seemed so far away and everything about being Beth seemed so close and more important “If this is it, so be it” she thought contentedly. “I can be Beth from now on…I’m sure Beth thinks she won because she got to become younger but I sure don’t feel like a loser right now”

“This might not be the time to bring this topic up again” Tom said “But my offer still stands. I know you said it was too soon for you to get married again but just say the word and I’ll be there”

Emma sighed “Maybe we can go look at some rings this weekend”

Tom just smiled and hugged her tighter.

Emma and Beth kept their interactions with each other strictly in the context of school over the next few weeks; both of them going deeper and deeper into their new lives. One day, Beth came in wearing a knee brace and limping.

“What happened Emma?” Emma asked the young girl.

“I sprained my knee yesterday at practice” Beth replied. “I landed wrong and just felt it give way”

“Well I hope it will be okay going forward” Emma said.

The next day though, the sleeve brace Beth had been wearing was gone, replaced but a much larger and bulkier one with rod supports going down the sides “Oh No…that doesn’t look good” Emma said looking closely at her old leg.

“It’s not Ms. Bradley” Beth sniffed on the verge of tears “I tore my ACL…I have to have surgery!”

“That’s awful” Emma replied genuinely concerned.

“I know right, like, cheering is over for me now!” Beth said. She looked at her old body and life in a way she had been avoiding for the last 6 weeks.

When Beth returned to school after her surgery, she was slowed even more and using crutches in addition to the brace. Her first day back, she noticed something different about her former self so she lingered after school to make sure.

“So…is that what I think it is?” Beth said pointing at Emma’s hand.

“It is…” Emma held out her hand to show off the large diamond engagement ring.

“How could you do that? I didn’t want to get married again” Beth said.

“But I guess I did” Emma shot back.

“You’ve got a lot of nerve getting Tom to give you that” Beth said shaking.

“No! You had a lot of nerve when you said you never wanted to switch back” Emma said not pulling any punches. “I came to you after a day…one day and you said you never wanted to go back. So you know what? That makes this my life now and my decisions are my own. I don’t give a rat’s ass what you think; you gave it away to me when you took my body and said it was yours”

“I didn’t take your body…it was…I don’t know…given to me” Beth said.

“Fine: If my body was given to you then yours was given to me. What am I supposed to do? Let you run both of our lives…I don’t think so. You got my youth and my body…do with them whatever you want; live your life…Emma but please don’t have the gall to come in here and tell me how to live mine”

Beth turned and made her way out of the class.

Two more weeks went by and on her journey to her class in the morning, Emma passed her former group of friends as they all crowded around Beth who was sobbing and crying.

“What’s wrong?” Emma asked Riley who was on the outside “Is it serious?”

Riley nodded “Emma caught her boyfriend Travis having sex with Amanda Harris, if you have to know Ms. Bradley”

“Oh” Emma replied “I’m sorry to have pried…I was afraid someone had passed away”

“No nothing like that Ms. Bradley” Riley replied as she turned to go back to the friend group.

After school, Emma was sitting in her room finishing up a report when she heard a knock on the door.

“Oh…Hello there” she said with a smile “I heard you’re going through a rough patch lately”

Beth nodded and worked her way into the room. “Can I talk to you?”

“Of course you can” Emma replied and got up and closed the door for them.

“I…” Beth paused and looked down; her bottom lip was already beginning to work in and out. “I didn’t remember how tough it was being a teenager “

“It is tough…maybe even tougher if you get a second go through with it” Emma replied.

“You seem so much happier now is all and I just feel miserable” Beth admitted.

“Being miserable is part of being a teenager” Emma told her. “When you gave up your maturity, you gave up a hard earned perception of the world and what it takes to live in it. You have to re-earn that now and that’s what you’re doing”

“I don’t…understand” Beth said.

“No, you don’t remember” Emma cautioned her. “You’ve gone so far back and truly became a teenager again where everything is a world ending catastrophe and the magnifying glass is stronger than at any other time in your life. You’re growing up but it is harder because a small part of you still remembers already being an adult when you could get past these problems”

Emma continued. “I can lecture you or console you as an adult and tell you that there will be other boys…and not just boys but eventually men that come in and out of your life.
Don’t define yourself by the people around you…only you can define who you are. I can tell you that your knee will heel and even if you don’t cheer again, you still have what got you on the squad; a great outgoing personality and the fact that you’re extremely attractive and only going to get more so as you mature”

Beth smiled and looked a bit happier. “So we can’t swap back can we?”

Emma shook her head slowly back and forth “No we can’t…we’re stuck like this Emma”

“I am Emma aren’t I?”

“And I’m Beth…Emma seems so far away…that’s you now. You’ve got it; now make the most of it”

“You’re not mad at me are you…Beth…I mean, Ms. Bradley” Emma Franklin asked her teacher.

“No, I’m not” Beth Bradley said at peace by putting this away for good. “Not at all”
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Greating ending. Keep it up
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Another great story.  The immediate mental changes forcing them to act according to their current roles and ending the story with what happens to Beth & Emma post swap was well written.  Also kudos on weaving in Murphy's diner and Carly into the story.
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Thanks, Glad to see you found the Easter egg
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Nicely done story! I like the idea of the swap between the student and the teacher. Hopefully your next story will have the element of permanent mind change with both characters force to accept the new identity. Keep up the good work and looking forward to your next F2f swap story!
Tservo96 Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
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Love it! Really like to see the stories where they don't switch back! Keep up the great work!!
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