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“Emma! Are you texting on your phone again?”

“Uh…no: Of course not Ms. Bradley” Emma Franklin responded quickly while dropping her phone into her purse.

“Don’t lie to me; I saw the phone in your hands again. I’ve told you over and over no phones in my class: Detention tonight” Beth Bradley said as she walked down the aisle back to her desk.

“Shit” Emma whispered to herself. “Now I’m going to be late for cheerleader practice and Mrs. Lang is going to make me run laps”

“I hear you mumbling back there and I don’t care…maybe you should have thought about the consequences for your actions before you disobeyed the rules of my classroom” Beth said as she turned back around to face the class.

The withering eye roll from Emma didn’t have its desired effect on her teacher who simply smirked at her in reply. “So we’re still working on discovering the origins of World War One and the conditions of Europe in the years proceeding it…” she began her lecture.

As soon as Emma was clear of the door she turned to her friend Kyleigh “That fucking bitch! I can’t believe that she gave me detention! This sucks and so does she”

“Sucks what…I heard she can’t even get a date” Kyleigh said trying to cheer up her friend.

“Yeah, you’re right…If I looked like her, I’d be depressed too” Emma said flipping her long blonde hair off her shoulders and heading to her next class. She glanced over her shoulder back at her History class doorway and saw her teacher standing there “Bitch” she spat out one more time before rounding the corner.

When the final bell rang, Emma sighed and felt a worried sensation race up her spine. “If I skip detention, she’s going to give me two nights instead of one…”

She passed another member of the team and told her what was going on “Can you tell Coach Lang I’m going to be late; I have detention with Bradley”

“She’s not going to be happy about that” her teammate Riley told her.

“She’s never happy about anything but I can’t help it…that bitch Bradley has it out for me” Emma said heading for her detention.

Beth was at her desk when she heard the stomping that could only mean Emma had arrived.
She looked up and lifted up her glasses as she watched her stomp in and slide into a seat.

“I’m here, now how long do I stay?” Emma asked in the most sarcastic and put upon voice she could manage.

Beth got up and went to the door to close it “30 minutes is the standard”

Emma sighed and exhaled as loudly as she could tossing her head back “Ugh”

“You make this sound like a death sentence…like its so dramatic Emma” Beth said walking toward her. “You know what the rules are and you broke them”

“I wish I got to make the rules” Emma said quietly.

“Maybe someday you will, but not right now: You’re in my class and I make the rules, so no phones”

“Whatever Teach” Emma said in reply twirling the end of her hair around her index finger. She crossed her long tan legs off to the side of the table and bounced her foot. Emma was wearing a pair of leather moccasins, short blue shorts and a black and blue t-shirt sporting their high school mascot of a wildcat.

Beth just smirked; she had seen so many like her in her 22 years of teaching and even more when she had been a student herself “Nothing I do or say today will get through…I wish there was a way for her to see the other side of things” she thought.

Emma looked at her teacher standing before her with that smug grin on her face.  She knew that Ms. Bradley was in her mid-40’s due to the inconvenient fact that her two kids attended school here too. Ben was 18 and a senior and Maddie was 16 and a sophomore along with Emma.

Beth Bradley was wearing black boots, black tights and a maroon dress. She had blonde hair that came down to her shoulders and she wore black glasses. She was shorter than Emma by several inches as the popular cheerleader was a lanky 5’10”.

Emma and Beth locked eyes in a staring contest that lasted a few seconds before Beth shook her head and turned to walk to her desk.

“She’s a pathetic loser…probably always was one too” Emma told herself to cheer up “High school must have sucked for her and now she’s stuck teaching here and her husband left her too…sucks to be you”

Emma sat back and curled her fingers back to take a look at her nails. They were painted black and blue to match her cheerleading outfit. She picked at the end of her index finger, running her thumb nail over the end.

As she stared at her nails, the color on them began to fade “Uh” she let out in a surprised squeak.

Beth looked up for a brief second before looking back down at the paper she was grading.

“What’s going on?” ran through Emma’s mind as she brought her other hand up. All of her fingernail polish was disappearing from her nails. Clear was beginning to show through until she was left with pale, opaque surfaces.

Emma was thoroughly confused as now her nails began to pull inward and get shorter coming all the way back until no white showed across the tops. Her heart began to pound in her chest in confusion and a sense of fear. “This isn’t right” she thought.

Her nails began to move in other directions now, getting slightly wider on her thumbs and then the thumbs themselves began to widen and change. “Ms. Bradley!” she said, her voice pitching higher as she spoke out of distress.

Beth sighed “What is it Emma?”

“You need to come here and look at my hands Ms. Bradley…something freaky is going on with my hands AH! They just changed again…my hands! My hands are moving on me!” Emma said.

Lines and bumps and additional ridges were forming around her knuckles as Emma’s fingers changed shape. Her skin looked rougher and veins popped across the backs of her hands.

Emma slapped her hands down flat on the desk and splayed her fingers out.

“Honestly Emma” Beth sighed as she walked back to her desk “What in the world are you talking about?” Beth put her hand out to touch Emma’s prone hands. When she put her hand down on Emma’s, both of them jumped in shock.

Beth’s fingernails were long and painted black and blue. “What the…” Beth said jerking back her hand as if stung “…hell…”

Beth took a step back and looked at her hands; long painted nails and smoother skin on longer and thinner fingers greeted her. Her eyes darted back to Emma’s hands on the desktop.

“Those look like my hands” Beth said looking down.

“And those look like mine…why are your nails painted like mine Ms. Bradley” Emma said in a panicked tone.

“I don’t know…I…” Beth said.

Emma still had her legs crossed. She squinted as her shoe became loose on her foot and her heel popped out of the back and the front dangled off her toes. She went perfectly still and could feel the moccasin moving around as her toes began to change.

Emma kicked and the shoe flew off and soared across the room as Emma scrambled to her feet. She looked down at one bare foot and one still encased in a moccasin. The exposed foot was shrinking smaller as they both watched, mouths hanging open.

Emma’s heel came in and became rougher; small patches of white skin appeared on her heel.
Her foot widened as it shrank shorter. Her toes shrank down shorter and thicker and her toenails began to lose their bright blue polish. Opaque nails were left shifting and changing position on widening toes.

Her right shoe was plenty loose and Emma easily stepped out of it bringing out a foot that matched the other perfectly in size, shape and color. “Those aren’t what my feet look like” she said nearly crying.

“No…those are mine” Beth confirmed. She looked down at her own boot clad feet. She thought she saw the ends lift up and bulge up but she knew what she felt; her boots were getting tight like her toes were crushed into the fronts.

Beth reached down and unzipped her boots but she had to work to get them off her feet. A few seconds of wrenching them managed to get her feet free but it was tough to see through her black tights. She could make out that her toes were longer and it sure looked like blue polish was on her nails now but she wasn’t sure.

Beth hiked up the bottom of her dress and grabbed the tops of her tights. She began to wiggle her hips and yank them down, exposing her legs as she went. She finally made it down to her ankles and she lifted her right foot up to peel the tights off. She gasped when she saw smooth heels, long narrow feet, skinny toes and blue polish.

“What’s happening to us Ms. Bradley? Why are you getting my…parts and stuff” Emma said.

Beth peeled the tights off her left foot and tossed them to the side. She lined her feet up next to each other and lifted her bog toes in amazement “I don’t understand” was all she said.

Emma felt weight shift in her lower legs as her calves thickened and shortened down. She was 2 inches shorter and Beth was 2 inches taller as her calves lengthened and trimmed; her skin tightening and lightening up.

Another 2 inches swapped between them as their thighs began to change. Emma’s becoming rounder and fuller as Beth’s trimmed and thinned into the legs of a 16 year old girl.

Emma ran her hands over her changing legs feeling the additional weight fill in under her hands. Her skin felt looser and rougher “I need lotion” appeared as a totally random thought in her mind. She couldn’t wrap her hands around to touch around her thighs as she now had the legs of a 44 year old woman.

Beth’s dress rode higher up her legs now that they were longer. They felt tight and when she pressed her finger into the side of her thigh, the skin bounced right back, elastic and firm. “I’m turning into you Emma…I’m turning into a kid!”

“And I’m turning into you Ms. Bradley! I don’t want to be old” Emma said.

Beth looked down as her hips pulled inward and narrowed; no longer being hips that had given birth twice. Her ass began to lift up and become tight and firm under her maroon dress. She could feel her cheeks lift and tighten, the skin pulling taut.

Emma’s hips began to spread out and widen. Her shorts pulled away as they travelled out.
Her ass began to sag and fill out fuller adding to her hips and flank. Shorter legs and wider hips and legs made her shorts and panties pull up and into her ass crack. She reached back to pull them out but it was futile as they simply crept back in as soon as her hand left them.

“Oh God” Emma croaked out. Beth’s sexual experience was transferring to her. Her knees buckled and her vagina moistened. Her skin shifted and spread out wider and looser; once again, two children had been born through there now. Her clitoris hummed with newfound years.

“Oh God” echoed Beth as her skin tightened and pulled up. Experience and knowledge escaped her, transferring to the now older woman across from her.

Both shook their shoulders in a shudder as Beth’s stomach came in flat and snug along with her slimming waist. She grew yet another two inches as her back and chest lengthened making her a full 5’10”

Emma’s stomach puffed out into a slight middle aged belly and her waist slid outward as more of her changed into Beth Bradley. She shrank down a final 2 inches to 5’4” as her back compressed along with her torso.

Emma looked down in a newfound panic as she felt her breasts begin to grow.  Her small 34B bra was straining as her breasts grew and changed into Beth’s 36C’s. It wasn’t much of a size change but enough that it got her attention as her heavier breasts sagged down and settled lower on her chest making her shoulder straps work.

Beth stood up a bit taller as her breasts began to lift up and get smaller. Her breasts sat higher on her chest and were now perky and poking straight out. Her shoulders lifted and her arms lengthened under the sleeves of her dress. She could feel her skin pulling tighter again and her arms getting wiry strength in them.

Emma looked down at her ill-fitting t-shirt holding in her larger boobs and she rolled her shoulders as they sank in changing as well. She lifted up her arms as they changed. The skin on her upper arms loosened as her arms thickened and shrank shorter. “I’ve got your body” Emma said.

“And I’ve got yours” Beth said now looking down into the young face on the mature body in front of her.

Beth’s blonde hair began to lengthen and get stronger. It seemed to glow with a new intensity and a vibrancy of youth.

Emma’s dulled into a darker blonde as it rode up higher and changed style into something much appropriate for a woman of her age. Lines began to form across her forehead, at the corners of her eyes and the corners of her mouth as her skin loosened again.

Her blue eyes changed to brown and her vision weakened and she looked longingly at the glasses on Beth’s face.

Emma’s nose broadened but pulled up closer as her lips thinned and her cheeks drooped. The youthful vigorousness left her face passing to the girl before her. Her face matured and showed the lines and stress of being a 44 year old single mother of 2 as well as a High school teacher.

Beth’s skin lifted and her lines disappeared giving her a youthful glow as her forehead smoothed out and her eyes brightened changing from brown to blue. She blinked and realized she no longer needed the glasses on her face so she reached up and slid them off.

Emma snatched them out of her hand. Beth’s now free hands went to her face to feel her cheeks lift and her nose narrow and lengthen. Her lips plumped up and her teeth shifted and strengthened. Her chin and jaw came out and now for all intents and purposes, she was the 16 year old and Emma was the 44 year old.

“OH MY GOD!” Beth said stepping back and bumping into a desk behind her. “Look at you! You’re me!”

Emma could only nod up at the tall girl before her “And you’re me! I can’t be the teacher and you can’t be me!”

Beth slapped at her young body. She looked up and went pale “Oh No” she said quietly.

“What now?” Emma said looking down at her mature and very different body.

“I just thought of something; I’m in the same class as my daughter” she looked at Emma “And I’m younger than my own son”

“Oh” Emma said succinctly. “I…uh…”

“No…this can’t be…I can’t be…I’m a Mom…I’m not…I’m not some little 16 year old kid. I can’t look like this…my kids, I can’t…” Beth rambled on panicking.

“Settle down Beth” Emma said not realizing her switch in what she was calling her former teacher. “We will figure this out; there has to be a logical reason we switched bodies with each other. We just have to concentrate and figure it out” She put her hand on Beth’s shoulder to stop her from fidgeting.

The tears were welling up in Beth’s eyes though as she began to panic and fret “What are we going to do…I’m going to be late for cheerleading practice” she said.

“Don’t you mean I’ll be late for cheerleading practice?” Emma asked.

Beth blushed “Oh yeah…I do mean you” she looked down “It’s just I’m like super stressed right now Ms. I mean Emma”

Beth began to pace back and forth and bounce up and down full of pent up energy as Emma eased herself down into the chair behind the teacher desk. She adjusted her glasses up her nose before running her hands down the stems to her ears. Once there, she tapped her hoop earrings. “We should switch clothes” Emma said.

Beth looked at her “What, I’m not dressing like you”

“Look, if someone were to come in here and see us like this, we’d have a shitload of questions to answer. Better safe than sorry while we think this through” Emma said.

Emma’s door was already shut but now the two of them made sure they wouldn’t be seen by locking it.

Emma lifted off the black t-shirt and saw her softer and flabbier body. Her larger breasts popped out around her small bra and her small roll above her shorts caught her attention. She pinched it between her fingers and gave it a small shake watching it wiggle.

“When you get to 44, you’ll understand” Beth said lifting off her dress to reveal her taut physique. “Holy shit” she exclaimed taking in her body “I forgot what 16 was like”

“Don’t get too attached to it…you’re not keeping it for long” Emma said unhooking her bra and letting her larger breasts fall free.

“I hope not” Beth agreed undoing her too large bra and passing it over. With each other’s bras on, Emma took the maroon dress and put it over her head letting it fall down to her knees. She reached up and took off her tight shorts and panties off under the dress.

Beth stepped out of her now baggy panties that were two sizes too large. She caught a glimpse of her naked lower half and she gasped. She stepped into the high bikini cut panties she received from Emma and then put on the shorts.

She went a retrieved the discarded tights, boots and moccasins.

Emma had put on the panties and was glad that they fit. She sat on the edge of a desk and began to put on the tights, eventually working them all the way up to her waist. She stepped into the boots and zipped them up the sides as Emma stepped into the comfortable moccasins.

They swapped jewelry with earrings, necklaces, and Beth’s watch and bracelet changing hands.

“Great; now we really look the part” Beth said looking at her casual clothes and seeing how mature and put together Emma now looked in her body and her clothes.

There was a knock on the door and both of them jumped.

Emma cautiously made her way to it and opened it finding Mrs. Lang, her cheerleading coach on the other side.

“Hello” Emma said nervously.

“What are you jumpy for Bradley…are you going to let Emma out of detention or what?” Mrs. Lang said.

“Um…I guess” Emma said not sure of what to say.

“Let’s go Franklin…you’re already behind” Mrs. Lang said with a wretched smile of sadistic glee.

Beth’s eyes were the size of silver dollars “How could you? I don’t know any of your routines…I’m going to make you look like a fool” she whispered as she went past.

“I’m sorry…I panicked” Emma admitted.

“Ugh” she grunted and picked up Emma’s backpack to follow Mrs. Lang out. She poked her head back inside. “Don’t go anywhere…I’m coming back” Beth said before leaving.

Emma found herself alone. She closed the door again and stepped back from it. She looked down at herself “I’m old” she told herself. “How can I be in Ms. Bradley’s body?” She went to her desk and rooted through the top drawer pulling out a small mirror that she had seen her teacher use before.

Now she stared into it taking in her new face. She ran her fingers over her cheeks “Saggy…wrinkles…” she said turning her cheeks and face back and forth taking in every angle of what was now hers. She pressed on her nose, licked her lips, bared her teeth and ran her fingers over her eyebrows before she ran them through her hair taking in the feel of it.

Her hands felt dry and she saw a bottle of lotion in the drawer that she took out. She squirted some into her palm and rubbed it all over both hands. She looked further down to her tight clad knees. She saw the slight gap between her calves and the boots before her eyes rose up and took in her wider thighs and hips and midsection. “I can’t stay like this. How am I supposed to teach or better yet, be a parent to someone who’s technically older than me” she thought.

She laughed out loud and heard how it sounded to her now. It sounded different coming from her instead of hearing from outside.

She closed her eyes and sat still. As she did, things flipped through her mind. Small glimpses and memories and thoughts began to filter through the fog. She was scared at first but eventually she calmed down and let them come in.

She saw Beth but it was a first person. She realized that more than just their bodies had switched. Their minds were switching, at least some of their minds were and she knew she would need to have these thoughts.

She saw herself in High school but it was different. Clothes and people looked different “It’s the 80’s…”

She saw herself on a college campus and she saw herself walking down an aisle in a wedding dress. She saw herself teaching in a different room and with a large pregnant belly sticking out. She got a pang in her side remembering labor and seeing small children come up to her and call her Mommy.

Emma’s eyes fluttered open “I’m Beth” she said. She knew that she wasn’t; she retained her own mind and memories but she had also gained Beth’s. “I hope she got some of mine or I’m going to catch hell once I’m back where I belong for all her screw-ups in practice.

Emma stood up and ventured out of her classroom. She heard her boots clacking down the hall until she found herself standing outside the multipurpose room where she could hear cheer practice in full swing.

“Good job Emma” was the first thing she heard as she peeked around the corner to see her former teacher doing a backspring flawlessly.

“Oh Thank God” Emma said as she watched Beth perform her routines as if she had been doing them all along.

She snuck back off to her room and waited for Beth to return.

45 minutes later Beth did return slightly sweaty and flushed. She had changed her shoes, losing the light moccasins for a pair of white sneakers and ankle socks.

Emma had spent most of the last hour soaking up Beth’s experiences and she felt more confident for it.

Beth came into the room a bit shyly. She dipped her chin and shuffled in as she saw her familiar smile coming from someone else now.

She sat in Emma’s seat instinctively. It just felt right but her heart was pounding with nerves “What am I nervous about…just talk” she told herself.

“So” she said with a little giggle and bob in her head. She tucked her hair behind her ears nervously “Did we swap brains while I was at practice?”

“What do you mean?” Emma said.

“I mean, um, like my mind is still there…my Beth mind, but like, yours is now in the front and driving if you know what I mean” Beth said sounding very much like a 16 year old.

“I got to practice and I knew everything about everybody else on the squad. You know like things that were told to me…or I mean…you, in private” Beth said.

“Go on” Emma replied.

“So I switch out my shoes and do my punishment sprints and then I just got in line and I knew all the routines and all the moves” Beth said. “I did moves today that I’ve never done before in my life. I wasn’t a cheerleader”

“I know” Emma said quietly while nodding.

“But I was now…I know what all your homework is and where it’s at. I know your schedule and more importantly, I know your life. I can see your Mom and Dad and your older sister and your younger ones too…isn’t that freaky” Beth said.

“It is but it isn’t” Emma replied. “I’ve been sitting here for the last hour gaining your thoughts and knowledge too but yet I still know who I am”

“So like, we can live as the other if we have to” Beth said a bit confused.

“Exactly: Until we figure this out and find a way to reverse it and get back to our own life. I’m Beth and you’re Emma to the rest of the world. I have to come in tomorrow and teach and you have to come in and learn and respect me as the adult and the teacher”

“I can do that” Beth said. “Like I said, stuff is still there, but it’s kind of foggy and I mean it’s stuff I should know really well. Stuff I was teaching now seems like really far off and stuff”

Emma stood up and stretched out her back “We need to go home. I have to make dinner for my kids and you need to eat some dinner with your family”

Beth stood up and swallowed.

“Don’t worry, they’re in good hands; they’re still in your hands in a way” Emma replied. “Nothing’s going to change us back tonight; at least I don’t think it will”

“Yeah, me either” Beth replied chewing on her bottom lip insecurely.

“Go home and rest…Emma” Emma said trying out her old name on its new recipient.

“Thanks…Ms. Bradley” Beth replied.

Emma picked up the purse that was in the bottom drawer of the desk. She knew which car was hers and how to drive it now. “Come on…I’ll drive you home” she said to Beth.
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