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Luckily, she made it back to campus without getting pulled over. There would be no possible way to explain what was going on and she was sure she would have been hauled into jail. She pulled into her parking spot at nearly midnight and headed inside.

The R.A. on duty smiled and waved “I didn’t think you had gone out tonight Laila” she said.

“Oh…um…yeah” Victoria replied with a shrug “Just for a little bit” She headed for the stairs and raced up three flights.

Her hands were shaking when she pulled out her key to open the door. She opened it a crack and peeked in “Oh God!” she said in a hushed voice as she hurried in and shut the door behind her.

There, lying on the floor, was her. Tori stood over her own body like an odd out of body experience. Laila had turned into her and had passed out from the shock of it.

Tori bent down and tapped her cheek “Laila…wake up Laila…it’s okay; I can explain; or at least I think I can explain what happened to us”

Laila shifted and let out a snorting breath but didn’t come to. Tori crouched over her as she stirred” her leg kicked out and she tossed her head back and forth. Finally, her eyes fluttered and opened and she screamed.

Tori clamped her hand down on Laila’s mouth to not wake everybody in the building up while saying “Sshhh…it’s okay Laila; it’s me…Tori”

Laila kicked back and scooted out from under the person standing over her. She sat up and felt that blonde hair whip around again. She put her arms up and her hands out “Oh My God…I’m still white!”

Laila now looked up and saw herself standing a few feet away; pure confusion set in “What…Who?”

“It’s me Laila…It’s Tori! We switched bodies!”

“But How?” Laila said trying to stand up. “I don’t understand how you…and we…and I…” She finally stood and realized she was looking up and into her own eyes “My God you look just like me”

“I am you” Tori said “At least I think I am; physically at least”

“And I’m you?” Laila said and turned to the mirror once more. She put her hands to her chubby cheeks and smooshed them around “I’m so…so…white!”

“I know and I’m black now” Tori said a bit too cheerful.

“What? Are you happy about this?” Laila asked.

“I mean yeah…in a way I am…are you?”

“I am freaking out here!”

“Well, that’s expected I guess” Tori said. “Sit down; rest” she lead Laila to her bed.

“What happened? Do you have any idea why this happened to us?” Laila asked.

“Well; I wished that I could look like you; to see just what the world was like for you” Tori confessed.

“You did What?!” Laila shot back at her.

“Well you see I went home right and I saw a black guy pulled over for no reason and I got to thinking ‘This is my hometown and what was my whole world; What would it look like and how would I be treated if I looked like you?’” Victoria explained.

“Then I went to the baby shower and the casual racism was all around and I started to picture how different everyone would be acting if I looked like you and was sitting in their midst and just how hypocritical people are”

Laila leaned forward “So your solution was to wish that you could be me”

“I didn’t think it would actually come true; not in a million years did I ever think I would just like, you know, start changing into you while standing in my old bedroom in my parents’ house” Tori told her.

“So wish us back!” Laila said excitedly.

“But…” Tori said disappointed.

“But what?”

“Don’t you want to be me? Aren’t you at least curious what it’s like to be…you know…white…even for a little bit?” Tori said.

“No! I was born looking like; ugh…like what you now look like. That’s all I’ve ever known or expected to look like. Never crossed my mind to think about what it would be like to be a white girl” Laila said.

“But we’re actually here now. We actually switched bodies. Isn’t that amazing?!”

“Amazing yes…a miracle sure…but it’s not right. I’m me and you’re you…not the other way around” Laila said “Change us back…please; I’m begging you to change us back”

“Well okay” Tori said.

“Trust me; you have it way easier than I do and you would not last a day trying to be me. Please wish us back to normal”

Victoria nodded and looked up “I wish I looked like me again and Laila looked like herself again. I wish we were back in our rightful bodies”

They locked eyes but nothing happened.

“It didn’t work” Laila said nervously “Try again”

“Okay…um…I wish none of this had happened and we hadn’t changed. I wish we were back where we started out” Tori said.

Still nothing.

“I wish I was myself again and Laila was herself again” pause “I wish we switched our bodies back!” pause “I wish Laila was back in her body and I was back in mine” pause “I wish we could just swap back to how we used to be”

“Nothing’s working” Laila said impatiently.

“Well I don’t know; maybe it doesn’t work like that. Maybe we can’t just switch back…maybe a certain amount of time has to pass” Tori said.

“Or we have to learn some kind of lesson in the other’s body like some cheesy ass movie plot” Laila said “No…I can’t…”

“You are and I am too” Tori told her.

Laila swallowed and shook her head.

“I told you I didn’t mean for this to actually happen. I was just talking and thinking about what you have to put up with in this world and I wished that I could understand it. I never meant to hurt you”

Laila sighed and slumped her shoulders “How did I get like this?” She looked over at Tori “I believe you when you say you didn’t believe this would actually happen”

“How many times have you spontaneously swapped bodies with someone else?” Tori asked on the verge of tears “I’m sorry”

“It’s okay” Laila said. “We’ll figure something out; we’ll be okay”

They hugged for a minute before breaking apart.

“I just can’t get over seeing you looking like this…like me” Laila said. “How does it feel to you?”

Tori shrugged, her tight curls bouncing away “It feels good”

Laila looked down at her pale arms and legs “I can’t; I don’t know if I can get used to this”

“You might have to. I can apologize a thousand times for making that wish but, I don’t know if we’ll ever switch back. You might have to become Victoria Steiner from now on”

Laila turned to the mirror again and took in her face. She stared and finally let out a long sigh “I don’t know…it’s taking everything I have to not freak out and scream right now”

“I hope you get used to it” Tori told her coming up behind her.

“You’re even taller than me now”

“Well you were taller than me; height comes with the body” Tori shrugged again.

They talked through the night, more intensely than they had even previously. They had gotten to know each other quite well during their time together, but now that process ramped up to intense levels.

At 7 A.M., Tori’s phone went off “It’s my Mom! You have to answer it and be me for the first time!”

Laila’s blue eyes widened in panic but she picked up the phone and hit the button “Hi Mom!” she said a bright and cheery as she could.

Tori could hear her Mom freaking out on the other end; Laila let her go trying to butt in but unable for a full minute “I’m sorry Mom, I had to go. Laila was puking her guts out and scared as could be; she’s my best friend and I had to help her. Remember that’s what’s you’ve always taught me…I know Mom…I know Mom. I thought I was being good; you and Dad need your sleep…I’m an adult; you trust me to be at college you should trust me to drive home and take care of a friend”

Laila looked at Tori for approval. Tori nodded.

“I know and I’m sorry. If something like this happens again I will make sure I wake you up” Laila said. “So you’re saying that to make up for this I have to come back and visit again next weekend?”

Tori covered her mouth in shock hearing this and then hearing Laila stumble over her response of “Um…okay. Can I bring my roommate Laila with me?”

Tori’s mouth dropped even further as she heard the muffled response from her Mom “Of course you can; we’d love to meet her”

After another few minutes of talking, she was able to end the conversation. “So how did I do?” she asked nervously.

Tori flung herself forward and hugged Laila tight “We can do this! You can be me!”

Laila accepted the hug while smiling wearily. “Yeah apparently next weekend for your Mom and Dad”

“It will be fine” Victoria assured her.

“Parents can tell when something is wrong; one of us will screw up; I just know it” Laila said.

“No we won’t. We will be perfect and this will be my chance to go back and really see what it’s like”

“So your wish?!” Laila said jumping up. “Maybe if you get to go back to your hometown as me and see your world through my eyes…maybe that could be the event to trigger our swap back!”

“Wow…maybe it could. I could even make the wish in the same place I made this one” Tori said not sure she wanted to change back, but she would keep that to herself. 

The quizzes back and forth never stopped throughout the morning until Laila’s stomach rumbled. She got up and found nothing that she wanted in the mini fridge “I’m hungry” she declared.

Laila looked up and raised her eyebrows and found Tori smiling back at her. Tori got up and grabbed her cafeteria card off the peg by the door “It’s all yours; Tori”

Laila took Tori’s card and I.D. and pursed her thin lips together. She went to grab her own purse, but Tori took it from her. She pulled out her wallet and began to pull out anything with Laila’s name or picture on it. Then she took her own purse and did the same. “Time to swap identities”

“Really” Laila replied but knew she had to do it. She took Tori’s purse and put in all of Tori’s cards; driver’s license included.

“See you in a little bit” Tori told her.

Laila sighed and looked nervous. She found her shoes and realized that they wouldn’t fit her now “Wardrobes too once we get this all straightened out”

“My clothes fit your body now” Tori told her. She went to the closet and brought out a pair of sweat pants and some sneakers “It’s just the cafeteria on a Sunday”

Laila put them on over her shorts and threw a jacket on as well. “Wish me luck”

“Good luck Victoria” Tori said.

Laila muttered under her breath as she went into the hall “She’s enjoying this way too much; so much more than I am”

She went past the R.A. desk and waved “Just getting something to eat”

“Okay Tori” came the response.

The cafeteria was pretty empty when she went in and got in line to get some food. She swiped her card and no one looked twice at her as she took a seat and ate in quiet.

Once alone in the room, Tori began going through Laila’s clothes, now her clothes and picked out a long tan skirt, brown top and brown sandals to put on. She was modeling it when Laila’s phone went off with a text. It took her a second before remembering that she had to answer it.

Philip: Missed U last night; thought you were going to call me

Laila: Sooooooo sorry got sick and fell asleep

Philip: u ok?

Laila: Am okay now, must have ate something bad L

Philip: On my way to library…

Laila: C U There!

“My first chance!” Tori thought. She grabbed her backpack and purse and flew out the door.

Tori arrived at the library in just a few minutes so she waited around outside on the steps. She smiled wide as she saw Philip approach.

Philip was big; 6’4” and 220lbs and Victoria bounded over to him as he got closer “Hey” she said, her voice in a sing song that she couldn’t control.

“You look fine”

“Thank You!” she did a little twirl.

“I was talking about your health” he laughed. “You said you got sick last night”

“Oh yeah…it had to have been something I ate…once I you know, threw up, and got some sleep, I’m feeling fine” she said nervously.

“You look nice too” Philip added “Why are you getting all dressed up for on a Sunday?”

“Um…no reason. This is just what I felt like wearing” she added with a shrug “I can’t live in sweat pants all the time”

He put his arm around her waist and her stomach fluttered as they walked in. They headed up the stairs to the back corner of the second floor where there wasn’t much traffic. They started at a table sitting across from each other.

Philip was working out math equations while Tori read her assignment in basic psychology. She slipped her foot out of her sandal and boldly lifted it up and ran it up and down Phil’s calf.

His eyebrows went up and he smiled.

Tori smiled coyly and bit the end of her pen before giving up a shy and innocent sounding “What?”

He chuckled and shook his head as he went back to work “You’re going to make me lose my concentration”

“Maybe I’m trying to” she admitted with a playful shrug of her shoulders.

She did calm down though and read her pages and filled out her worksheet while he finished his. They headed out and took a walk around campus together, chatting in the warm and sunny autumn day.

Laila had finished her meal in peace and headed back to the dorm. Once in her room, she found it empty. “Where did she go?” she asked the four walls.

Laila kicked off her shoes and peeled off her socks. Catching sight of her pale feet, she smirked this time instead of feeling her heart jump.

She pulled the sweats down and off and thought “Let’s take a look at this” she thought. She pulled the green top up and off and looked at her stomach. Softer than before but still relatively flat, she poked a finger at it. She put her chin down to her chest and looked closely at her boobs “Definitely bigger” she said to herself.

She popped her clasps around her back and let the bra fall. She lifted them up and examined her pink nipples before letting them fall and bounce back up. She made a satisfied face.

Laila took down her shorts and panties and stood naked before the mirror. She squared up to the mirror, pulled her shoulders back and stood up tall, jutting her chin out and swaying her head to throw her long hair back off her shoulders. “So different” she thought “But yet…I bet I can go walk through a store without people watching me. I can drive, oh yeah…if I’m Tori than I have a car, and not worry about getting pulled over and if I do…” she pouted her lips and looked sad at the mirror “I’ll get out of any ticket with a face looking like this and, um, these” she touched her breasts again.

“If she gets to see the world as a black woman than I get to see it as a white woman” she realized. “I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to seeing this face and I don’t know if I’ll ever like it” she still stared at the mirror “I feel like a traitor in a way. I feel like I ran away from who I really am but, I didn’t have a choice in this” She knew she was justifying what had happened to her in her mind and trying to not feel guilty about actually being curious to be Tori.

Laila went to Tori’s bin and took out a pair of her panties and one of her bras, happy to be wearing clothes that fit. She put on some jeans, a brown and white top and brown slip-ons as she grabbed Tori’s purse and pulled out her car keys “If she can leave; so can I”

A few minutes later, she got out of the car in the parking lot of Target. She need to pick up a few items and wanted to observe a few things.

She walked in and smiled at the security guard who politely smiled back and dipped his eyes to her boobs. She giggled as she walked further in “That’s never happened before”

No one watched her, no employees followed her for even a second and she lingered as long as she wanted in the makeup aisle trying to figure out what lipstick looked good on this face and what nail polish would work on her hands and feet. “I can wear black!” she realized with a grin. She got her soap and toothpaste which was what she came for before thinking “I guess dove will work on my new smell”

Check out was a breeze using Tori’s debit card and she sauntered out to the car. On her way home, she purposely drove above the speed limit past a cop who looked up but didn’t make a move.

Laila laughed all the way back to her room.

Tori was waiting for her when she came in “Hi!” she said too loudly as Laila came in.

“Hey…where did you go earlier?” Laila asked still unnerved at seeing what she still thought of as her body standing before her.

“To the library; I finished my psych work” she said as plainly as possible.

“You got all dressed up to do homework?”

“Well, I did talk to Philip too”

“You did what?” Laila said closing the gap between them.

“What? He was waiting to hear from you last night and was worried. I told him you got sick and fell asleep. We just studied together and…”

“And what?!”

“And we took a walk around campus”

“You did what? Philip is my…”

“Your what?” Tori said.

“This is a whole new issue that I don’t want to think about”

“Well, if we’re living the other’s life then…” she lifted her shoulders.

Laila was disgusted “I was just really getting to know Philip and now you’re going around with him like you’re…”

“Laila” Tori interrupted. “He wanted to see Laila. I look like Laila; not you. Unless you want to explain what happened to us to him than you need to realize that I need to talk to him and act like everything is absolutely the same as yesterday”

Laila threw her hands up in disgust and let out a sigh of exasperation “Whatever!” She turned her back and said “You’d better hope your wish next weekend at your house switches us back is all I have to say”

Tori had no response. She kept quiet for a while as Laila stomped around the room and started to calm down.

“Maybe I’m just upset that you don’t have a boyfriend that I can hang out with and make you jealous about” Laila finally said with a slight smile.

Tori smiled wide “See; we’re going to get this figured out” and hugged Laila.

Over the course of the week, both would notice little things being different. Tori dropped a pencil and the boy who had always looked at her with a smile ignored it and her, while Laila had men opening and holding doors for her everywhere she went.

They attended their classes for the other and kept up every appearance through Friday.

“So I guess I’m driving” Tori said as they lugged their bags downstairs and tossed them into the trunk of the car.

“Well, I don’t know where I’m going so yeah” Laila responded.

Tori got out her phone and saw a message from Philip: Why are you going country this weekend?”

Laila: HAHA got to see how the other half lives don’t you think I’m a country girl

Philip: NO!!!! Have fun and be careful

Laila: HAHA I will

Tori put away Laila’s phone in her purse and climbed behind the wheel. They sang along to the radio as they drove on, eventually having to switch to a country station which was one of the few stations that came in around Tori’s hometown.

“We never went over song lyrics” Laila admitted as she stopped singing.

As they were getting close to town, red and blue lights flashed to life behind them “Holy Shit!” Tori said with her stomach in her throat and her hands beginning to shake. Laila’s eyes went wide and she stared straight ahead in deep seated fear.

Tori pulled over to the side of the road as nervous as she had ever been. She kept glancing in the rearview mirror until the officer got out of his car and began his slow walk up to the car. His right hand rested on the butt of his gun “Is this your car?” he said to Tori in a deep and booming voice more typically used by a Marine drill sergeant.

“Um…no…it’s my friend’s car officer” Tori said as she nodded to Laila in the passenger seat.

“Then why are you driving it and not her?” he asked. “Is there anything going on I should know about?” he leaned forward and addressed Laila in the passenger seat “Are you alright Miss?”

“Yes…I’m fine…what are you asking?” Laila said.

“I am asking if you are okay?” the officer pressed on.

“Sir, my friend is driving because she wanted to learn the way to go to get to my house. We go to Miller and we’re coming home this weekend to visit her, um, my parents and I wanted her to drive so she could learn the way” Laila said trying to be as calm as possible.

“Was I doing something wrong officer?” Tori asked.

“Be quiet Miss, I’m speaking to your passenger; the owner of this vehicle” the officer snapped at Tori. “I just want to understand why she is driving your car”

“I told you sir, we’re just coming down for a visit” Laila said.

“I’m going to need to see your license” he said to Tori who grabbed for her purse “Slowly!” the officer reminded her. “And I need to see proof of insurance and your registration”

Laila opened the glovebox without a word from the officer and Tori’s mind sunk in a little bit deeper “He’s treating me like a hardened criminal” she thought.

“Was I speeding officer?” she asked.

He stared at her for a full thirty seconds without moving a muscle before he simply took the documents and walked back to his car.

Laila and Tori exchanged a look of shock before Laila nodded slowly “It’s always like this” she whispered “If you’re going to look like me, you’re going to get treated like me”

“I had no idea” Tori admitted.

“I know you didn’t; you can’t unless you experience it. I guess I never realized how blatant it was until now getting to see it from your perspective”

The officer was coming back. “Are you Dan Steiner’s girl?” he asked handing back the insurance and registration to Laila.

“Yes sir, that’s my Dad” Laila answered.

“I knew your Dad back in school” he turned his eyes back to Tori who looked up at him with her wide almond shaped brown eyes. “Here’s your license back” he dropped it into her hand.

“What did I do to get pulled over?” Tori asked again.

“You need to shut your damn mouth before I do give you a ticket” he stared at her again. He turned his attention to Laila “You should take care of yourself” he said to her while giving a quick jerk of his chin in Tori’s direction.

The officer walked away and Victoria swallowed hard. She slowly pulled off the side of the road but pulled into a gas station down the road because her hands and legs were shaking so badly.

She broke down in tears as Laila rubbed her back. “Not as easy or as fun as you thought?”

“No” she answered through sobs “I’ve never had anything like that happen to me before; no one has ever talked to me like that before”

“And I’m afraid you’ll have to get used to it if you stay in my body” Laila confided in her. “I thought every traffic stop was like that, honestly, the way he treated me as opposed to you really shocked me too”

“A guy like that…knows my Dad” Tori said. He treated you so much differently than me. If we had still been in our original bodies…”

“He wouldn’t have even pulled us over. He only did that because he saw a black woman behind the wheel” Laila said.

“Did he think; was he implying that I had kidnapped you?” Tori asked.

“Yes” Laila replied.

“And the gesture at the end was to say you were hanging out with the wrong type of people” Tori added.

Laila nodded. She felt bad for Tori whose eyes were suddenly opening to a new world.

The drove the last five minutes in silence until Tori pulled into the drive. Her Mom and Dad rushed out and ran to the passenger side of the car to hug Laila.

Laila for her part smiled and hugged them back, playing the part of daughter as best she could as Tori awkwardly stood by, needing a hug at that moment more than any other time in her life.

Laila backed up and said “Um, Mom…Dad; I’d like you to meet my best friend Laila”

Sharon smiled at her daughter and said “It is so nice to meet you; Tori has told us all about you”

Dan put his hand out to shake and Tori took it with a smile and a broken heart “Welcome to our home” he told her while shaking her hand “Come in, supper is almost ready so I hope you brought your appetite”

Laila and Tori got their bags out of the trunk and walked up to the house. Laila stepped inside and looked around having never been there before but having to act like it was her happy place.

Tori said “You have a lovely home Mrs. Steiner”

“Why Thank You” she replied but not looking back as she headed to the kitchen “Come on in and sit down at the table”

Tori went to her usual spot and Dan cleared his throat “Oh…is this where Tori sits?” she asked innocently enough.

“It’s no big deal; she can sit there” Laila responded.

As Sharon brought out plates of food, Laila went to reach for one before Dan said “Where are your manners young lady? Have you forgotten that we say grace before a meal here?”

“I am so sorry” Laila said shooting a quick look to Tori to apologize.

They locked hands and said grace. Sharon said “Why doesn’t our guest start us off?”

Tori began to fill her plate and made sure she said how good everything was.

“So are you going to head to the game tonight?”

Laila looked up “Are they at home?”

“They are and I know a lot of your old friends will be there” Dan replied.

“Maybe we will head down there” she replied and she got a kick from under the table as a thank you from Tori.

After they separated and went into the living room Tori said “Now we have to go”

“Didn’t you want to see how your friends would react to you? I thought that was the whole purpose of your wish” Laila reminded her.

“I know but…”

“But after our run in with the cop now you just want to wish us back to normal”

Tori nodded ashamed.

“I think we should go…if for nothing else, it should solidify your desire to switch back. Honestly, I never wanted to be white and you’re tired of being black right. The novelty of it wore off real quick didn’t it?”

Tori threw her head and shoulders back “Let’s go” she said grabbing the keys.

“You sure you want to drive” Laila asked and Tori handed her the keys “I’ll tell you how to get there”

Laila smirked her full pink lips and flipped her blonde hair back off her shoulders.

“My Mom didn’t touch me; not even a handshake” Tori said.

“Well, she doesn’t know you I guess” Laila said with a shrug.

“No, you don’t get it. Every person I’ve ever brought home, she hugged them, but not me” Tori said “And my Dad’s handshake was as weak as I’ve ever seen”

“He didn’t want to crush your little hand” Laila said.

Tori just curled up in the passenger seat and stared out the window.

The bright lights across town showed Laila where she was going; High School football.

They pulled into the lot and saw the group of her old friends immediately. “Who’s your friend?” Laila heard screamed at her.

Tori whispered “That’s Jenna”

“Hey Jenna! This my friend from Miller; my roommate Laila”

“Hi everybody” Tori waved shyly at her friends. They introduced themselves some with just waves or nods and only a few handshakes while Laila was hugged by everyone.

Tori saw Mitch and Billy whisper to each other and laugh right after their introductions and she just knew they were talking about her.

“Oh My God Can I touch your hair” a friend of hers named Melanie was on her and lightly tapping her curls before she could say a word. Melanie giggled and kept bouncing her ringlets until she backed up and smiled “That’s enough, thanks” she said.

Melanie looked offended at being told to stop. She made a disgusted face and walked back to the back of the pickup where the beer cooler was and said something to Jenna.

“I’m just being paranoid” Tori told herself “They’re not talking about me”

Laila felt a hand on her upper arm and she was pulled back by Mitch “Why did you bring her here?”

“She’s my friend” Laila said.

“She sticks out like a sore thumb if you know what I mean” he told her softly with contempt in his eyes.

“Whatever” Laila responded.

What had been loud was quitter now as it seemed that the group quickly ran out of topics to talk about. Laila was offered a beer but Tori wasn’t. Laila offered her one and saw the glares from everyone.

“No Thanks” Tori politely declined. She felt itchy and uncomfortable, she wasn’t paranoid; she was in the wrong place now.

Laila played along with old stories as Tori was virtually ignored. Tori kept making eye contact with Laila every time someone whispered something into her ear, usually accompanied by a look her way.

Tori was barely keeping it together; she wanted to cry, to scream, anything to break the tension. She was an outsider and could see for the first time, what that was all about.

Laila could tell her friends’ level of comfort was at an absolute breaking point. “It’s been a long drive and day guys, I think we’re going to head home” she said.

Tori smiled and waved “Nice to meet you” she said in a shaky voice.

“You too” Melanie responded but it didn’t sound genuine.

Laila was hugged again by everyone and Billy whispered something in her ear as she pulled away.

Laila was blushing as they walked back to their car.

“So what did he say?” Tori asked once inside.

“You don’t want to know and I don’t want to repeat it” Laila said.

“I’ve heard Billy use the word before; just tell me if that’s what he called me” Tori said.

Laila nodded “And he wasn’t the only one…”

Tori cried as they drove home and so did Laila.

The house was quiet when they got there. The light was still on in Dan and Sharon’s bedroom as the two girls tiptoed past.

They got to Victoria’s room and closed the door. Tori collapsed on her bed “I’m so sorry” she choked out.

“It’s okay…you didn’t know; I didn’t know either” Laila told her “I had no idea really”

“Neither did I” Tori said sitting up and wiping her eyes “I knew racism was rampant in this town but I couldn’t have even guessed just how bad it was”

“Being on the other side is eye opening for me too” Laila admitted “It’s blatant when you see it looking like this”

“It’s blatant when you’ve never experienced it and then boom, it’s all there all at once” Tori told her.

They locked hands sitting across from each other on the bed “I wish I had never made this wish” Tori said with all the sincerity in the world “I wish for nothing else than to just go back to our normal lives”

Tori gave a wan smile “I had fun during the week; on campus as you, but…I mean now that you know what it’s like to be me…do you even want to go back?”

“Yes. Simply put…I’m used to all this horse shit; you’re not and I get the feeling that you never would be. So yes, I’m ready to go back to being me” Laila told her.

“Then wish with me; I wish Laila and I were back to ourselves. I understand now and I promise I will do everything in my power to make more people understand. I’ve learned my lesson and now I wish I could just go back to being me again” Tori said.

“I wish that your wish comes true. I’ve seen the other side and so have you; I wish we would switch back into our real bodies” Laila said. She added with a smile “It’s not all bad though…I wish you could have got to spend some time with my family in my body”

“Would I have heard comments about white people?”

“Only if my one uncle showed up” Laila admitted which made Tori laugh.

“My selfish reason for wanting to change back though is that I don’t know if I could not have another hug from my own Mom”

That brought a tear to Laila’s blue eye. She blinked and wiped as her eyes flashed, changing to brown.

Tori buried her face against Laila’s shoulder as one by one, her hairs turned blonde and began to straighten back out.

Laila’s eyes were closed as she held and comforted her friend; her blonde hair began coarsen and thicken before turning black and beginning to rise up into tightly wound coils. She winced and shut her eyes tighter as they lengthened and became almond shaped.

Tori’s tears had brought her a runny nose that was shrinking and thinning across the bridge and pulling up at the tip. She wiped it and stopped as she felt her skin ripple under her fingers.

Victoria shot back out of Laila’s arms. She pressed her hands against her cheeks as hard as she could feeling the bones lift and pull in under her fingertips. She stretched her mouth and chin down as low as she could feeling her mouth shrink and her lips thin.

“Oh My God!” she yelled grabbing Laila by the shoulders “Look at my face! I think it’s changing!”

Laila’s eyes widened “Oh My God they are! I mean it is!” Color was draining out of Tori’s face and her tightly wound hair was beginning to pop out and fly wild around her face, changing from black to blonde as it went.

“You too!” Tori yelled as Laila’s hair pulled up and she regained her skin color. Her nose broadened and her mouth grew out. Her teeth grew and shifted as her chin and jaw changed back taking her cheeks and ears with them.

Laila jumped up and rushed to a mirror. Her jaw dropped at the sight of seeing her own face again. “Thank You…” she whispered to the reflection. Color came back to her arms as they lengthened and muscled and to her chest as her breasts shrank and changed back into her own.

Laila was growing taller as she stood with her chest and back narrowing and her stomach streamlining in.

Tori joined Laila at the mirror. Her face continued to change back into her own as she approached. Her chin rounded and her jaw softened along with a lot of the rest of her body. She shrank down several inches in height, her back and chest widened and her arms shrank back all the while her skin color paled.

Her breasts grew out, straining Laila’s bra to capacity as her stomach softened and her hips spread outward.

Her ass flattened and her thighs plumped while she saw Laila’s press outward, lifting her pants out as they went.

The two exchanged a knowing glance as their bodies changed back. Laila’s clitoris hummed into high gear “Not again” she mumbled as her skin shifted and rearranged itself.

Tori’s hand went to her front but stayed outside of her clothes as she squirmed through her vaginal shift.

Laila’s longer legs thinned and trimmed down all the way to her feet, regaining their own size, shape and color again before finally her feet changed shape back as well.

She spread her hands out in front of her face as they thinned and lengthened out.

Tori’s legs shrank up and plumped out as they changed back into her own and her feet widened back as well.

“I’m back” Laila said.

“I’m back” Tori repeated. “It worked…it really worked” She turned to Laila “I am so sorry for putting you through all of this; I never meant…”

“Shhh” Laila shook her head “It’s over: We’re back and I think we both learned some things that could be very helpful in the long run”

Tori sniffed and wiped her eyes and nose with a tissue she grabbed from her dresser. “I liked being you in a way but…”

Laila looked around the room and put out her arms “There’s no place like home” 

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Very good, deep and meaningful, and sadly still very true......
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