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Anne Brady stepped out of the elevator and walked up to the receptionist’s desk. “Hello, I just had an interview with Mr. Thomas and he told me to come here and wait”

“Are you Miss Brady?” the Receptionist asked the thin blonde woman at the desk.

“Yes I am” Anne replied.

“Yes, Mr. Thomas informed me that there are two finalists for the job. The other candidate is speaking with Mr. Roberts at the moment who I believe interviewed you the first time you were in”

“That’s correct” Anne said with a smile.

“Mr. Thomas and Mr. Roberts are going to make a decision in just a few minutes. There’s a room behind you where they’d like you to wait” she added pointing over Anne’s shoulder. “There’s coffee and cookies in there; it should only be a few minutes”

Anne turned and walked into the lobby to wait for the news. She didn’t have to wait long though to see who the other candidate was as she heard a similar speech being performed behind her a few feet away.

She was preparing her coffee when she heard a cheerful “Hello” come from behind her in a slightly sing song Eastern Asian accent.

Anne registered an Indian accent as she turned to greet the other finalist. She smiled widely as she saw the woman walking toward her with her hand extended. “Shit” she thought “I’m never going to get this job if they have to abide by affirmative action”

She maintained her smile and took the hand that was offered to her as she introduced herself to the woman who was indeed of Indian heritage before her. “Hi…you must be the other finalist; I’m Anne Brady”

“Pleased to meet you, my name is Shruti Patel. I hear that it is down to just the two of us” Shruti said shaking Anne’s hand.

Anne was several inches taller than Shruti even though both were wearing heels and she ran through a mental checklist of their differences as they broke off their handshake.

Whereas Anne was tall and thin at 5’7” with shoulder length thin blonde hair and blue eyes, Shruti stood only around 5’1” and was much more voluptuous in her build. Her maroon blouse couldn’t hide her generous bosom and her black skirt accentuated her ample hips and curvaceous figure.

Shruti also possessed flawless skin the color of wheat, a long thin nose and wide deep dark brown almond shaped doe eyes. Her hair was long, lustrous, thick and black; Anne had to admit that her competition was very striking in her looks.

Anne was curious about her age though as she couldn’t quite put an exact figure on it. She knew that at 32, her age might also work against her; the company might want someone younger that they could hire at a lower pay rate.

Shruti made her way to the coffee and began to get herself a cup. “I’ll never get this job with Miss All American girl over there as my competition” she thought “She’s probably got years more experience than me anyway”

Shruti was just 22 and only two months removed from college. This was her first chance at a real job and she was extremely nervous.

She preferred her coffee black and she skipped the cookies for fear for getting food stuck in her teeth when it came time to talk again. There were a few plush chairs across the room and Shruti headed for them.

She smiled again as she sat down across from Anne who had picked out a seat with her back against the wall. Shruti didn’t know how chatty she should be: She was normally a friendly and outgoing person but this was her competition. She took her seat and made sure her skirt was smooth as she brought her knees together and crossed her ankles and sipped her coffee.

Anne took in her rival as she sat down across from her. She adjusted her shoulders and picked at a piece of fuzz on her white blouse. She crossed her legs and tugged at her knee length tan skirt and tapped her right foot, clad in a nude heel up and down a few times as her left foot bounced slightly in the air.

Anne wasn’t inclined to talk; instead she focused mindlessly on the TV on the wall where CNN droned on about an upcoming debate. She thought to herself “Young, pretty and a minority…she’s got the job…why am I even still sitting here? I wish I looked like that…that job would be mine for sure…”

As Anne bounced her foot up and down she finally gave in and said “Why is this taking so long? They should just decide so we can finally just…<cough cough> relax”

Anne’s eyes widened at her last word; it didn’t sound right and now she saw Shruti looking her way with a confused look on her face.

Anne’s eyes darted back and forth; she was afraid to speak but felt overwhelmed with curiosity about what had just happened with her voice. She knew that her cheeks were bright red and blushing from embarrassment “If I had her bronze skin, I could at least be more subtle in my cheeks” she thought quickly.

Anne knew she had to say something now; Shruti was watching her with her own curiosity peeked. She cleared her throat and began to say “What I meant was…” and she stopped at the sound. Her hands flew to her mouth which had clamped shut and her eyes were as wide as saucers.

“What the hell was that all about” her mind screamed “Why do I sound like that? That’s not my voice!”

Slowly she parted her lips and took in a deep breath, her eyes still moving rapidly back and forth. She tried to compose herself and concentrate on what she was going to say, putting her hand against her chest before she said “I do not know…OH!” She shut herself off but then couldn’t hold it back any longer.

“Why am I talking and now sounding like you?!” Anne said in a perfect sing song Indian accent. “I cannot stop it or change it no matter how hard I try!”

Shruti was amazed and dumbfounded and speechless. She shook her head in wide eyes wonder and began to stutter “I…I…” but even that little bit of speaking alerted her to the fact that something was wrong with her voice now too.

Shruti looked serious and a bit afraid before she finally found her voice “Something is very wrong here” she said in a plain, non-accented flat tone. “OH My…my accent’s gone!”

Anne now stared even harder across the way “What is going on here?” she said still nowhere near used to the sound of her voice.

“I don’t know…I…you…you sound like me….and I sound like you now but how can that even happen? I mean how can I just like, lose my accent and start talking like I’m from somewhere in Mid-West?”  

“You?! What about me?! This voice does not match my body one bit” Anne countered back with no sign of her accent fading. “I cannot…” she started before stopping suddenly and putting her fingers to her lips.

“My lips are numb” Anne said “It feels as if my teeth are moving”

Shruti leaned forward and confusion continued to grow in her. She couldn’t explain it but Anne’s bottom lip looked like it was getting puffier while her upper lip actually thinned out a bit.

“Your mouth…it…it looks like it’s changing” Shruti said as honestly as she could.  

Anne’s mouth was changing and her teeth weren’t just moving, they were growing larger as they moved and shifted in her changing mouth.

Anne reached for her purse and brought out her compact mirror, flipping it open and looking at her mouth. She suppressed her inner urge to scream instead saying softly “My Mouth”

Anne stood up quickly “What in the world is going on here?” the word world really lengthened out with her accent “I demand to know why I no longer sound like myself and now my mouth no longer looks like it should”

“Hey I don’t sound right either” Shruti said plainly. She looked at Anne and noticed even more about her was changing “Something is majorly wrong” she said spying a sign of a women’s restroom. She grabbed Anne by the arm and said “Come on” and led her to the door.

Once inside, Shruti shut the door and spun Anne toward the mirror over the sink. Her jaw dropped.

The whole shape of Anne’s face was changing; shifting and gliding and what was more was the fact that the color of her skin was changing; becoming darker.

Color was rising in her cheeks and across her forehead making Anne’s face tanner than ever before.

Anne watched as her nose narrowed becoming aquiline in appearance. She brought her hands up and they began probing around her changing face. “My face” she said as her chin became rounder and her cheeks more pointed and defined to go along with her straight pointed nose.

Shruti began to recognize the changes in Anne’s appearance with a sense of dread and a forbidding feeling of what might happen to both of them. She was so interested though in Anne’s appearance that she didn’t notice when her owns lips went numb.

Anne ran her fingers repeatedly over her eyebrows as they grew darker changing from light blonde to jet black and growing much thicker as her eyes began to shift dramatically.

Her eyelids grew heavier as the shape of her eyes became like an almond. They grew wide and large and her original blue began to darken to a deep rich brown. Her expressive eyes continued to convey shock as it fully hit her who she looked like now.

Anne’s eyelashes darkened and thickened “I now not only sound like you but I look like you as well”

Shruti could only nod “I don’t understand” she said honestly. Her top lip began to shrink smaller yet it plumped at the same time she said those words. Her bottom lip plumped slightly as they paled in color. Her teeth then began to shrink and move about, rearranging themselves inside her mouth. She went to speak but found she couldn’t at the moment with her mouth feeling the way it did.

“Mmph” she managed for the moment as she now spun toward a mirror.

Shruti clamped her hand over her changing mouth so she wouldn’t see it. The color was draining from her face in every way conceivable. Her natural skin tone was lightening to pale as her chin began to work into a pointed more prominent chin and her nose began to broaden.

Her cheeks became rounder as her eyes began to shrink and narrow on her changing face.

Now she pressed her hands against her cheeks and lifted up her skin before letting go and seeing what she was becoming.

Her eyes were lightening and turning light blue; even her pupils were becoming lighter. Her eyelashes thinned and her eyebrows became blonde in color and much smaller. Her pale skin stood out drastically against her black hair but only for a moment.

The two women turned and glanced at the other in shock and awe staring at the other’s face and what they looked like. “You look like me” Shruti said.

“Yes and you look like me” Anne agreed reluctantly. “We appear to be switching bodies with each other”

“But why? And How?” Shruti asked.

Anne didn’t answer but instead noticed that Shruti’s hair was beginning to rise up and become lighter in color. She turned back to the mirror and saw that her own hair was darkening and growing longer and thicker.

Anne’s hair darkened at the roots as her hair grew past her neck and shoulders and now carried halfway down her back. It felt heavier to her and she ran her fingers through it sensing its thick lushness. “But if I look like her” she thought “The job will be mine”

She continued running her fingers through her hair “Maybe this won’t be so bad. I will be younger and have longer to make money and work my way up the company. I can make this work…” she thought while trying not to convey her new thoughts to her still very shocked companion.

Shruti tried to grasp and hang onto her hair as it retreated and thinned at the same time it lightened in color, changing from jet black to light blonde.

It rose off her back and shoulders into Anne’s shorter style. Shruti couldn’t believe how thin and dry it felt to her; she had never experienced hair like this before and to have it coming out of her own head was mind blowing. The voice was shocking enough to hear but to look in a mirror and see what was reflected back was making her feel on the verge of fainting. “I can’t handle this” she said.

Their skin tones continued to alter and change further down their bodies. Shruti noticed the skin on her neck becoming light and pale, she only had her top button of her blouse undone but she saw the lighter color creeping further down her chest.

Her breasts began to deflate and shrink down smaller while at the same time, her chest was growing longer. Height was building up as her back and chest elongated but her bust decreased as she began to slim down with Anne’s build and body becoming hers.

Shruti felt a gap form between her breasts and her bra and her maroon blouse was going flat in the front as the sleeves rose up her changing arms.

As the sleeves rose up, the pale color seeped down over her wrists and the backs of her hands. As her fingers grew long and thin, the paleness crept over them. Eventually, the changes reached Shruti’s nails. They shrunk down and became thinner and more brittle as well.

Anne saw the color of her skin darkening as she began to shrink down shorter. She lost 3 inches of her height as her back and chest became more compact but wider. Her breasts began to grow larger and the strain on her bra gave off an audible noise as the hooks pulled tighter.

Anne felt the weight increase on her chest and in her tightening bra as her breasts rose up larger and larger on her body. Her stomach softened as her did her arms. Her hands shrank down and her nails thickened and grew as her skin tone became much tanner on the backs of her hands.

“This is not real. I do not accept that this is happening to me” Anne said, her accented voice shaking a bit.

“Oh it’s real alright” Shruti said as her waist narrowed and her hips began to shift inward and sit up higher. Her ass rose up and became skinnier as her thighs began to trim as well.

Shruti slimmed down as her legs lengthened out several more inches raising her height up to where she now stood six inches taller than Anne. Her black skirt rose up from just below her knees to an inch above them. The waistline gaped and her blouse became untucked as her clothes and body continued to shift.

At that bottom hem, Shruti watched the color drain out and pale white skin become visible instead as her legs got skinny and long.

Anne, meanwhile, shrank down to just 5’1” as her legs thickened and got shorter. Her hips and ass began to spread. She felt them pushing her tan skirt outward and downward as her rear filled in much fuller. Flesh built up and Anne’s eyes opened wide as her panties sucked into her crack giving her an inadvertent thong.

Anne’s thighs filled out broad and round and full and pulled her skirt tight. She now possessed Shruti’s voluptuous curves instead of her own thin and trim build. She tried to be dignified as she went to adjust her panties but at the movement of them, she felt a forceful sensation in her front. The mere act of shifting her panties made her want to explode and she realized what was happening to her.

“Oh no, no, no…this is…Oh my…” Anne said her blushing cheeks not nearly as noticeable now. Her hands hovered above her pubic area as she felt a pulsation occurring. It was so sensitive that she could feel individual hairs poking through the skin and growing and curling.

Moisture flooded in as her skin began to shift and rearrange and Anne had to bend at the waist to catch her breath and not scream out. With a final push, her clitoris morphed into Shruti’s in a feeling that ran all the way to the base of her neck and made her mouth water.

Shruti also was experiencing new sensations. Her cheeks were bright red and her face was flushed; she shook her arms to fight off the numbness that set in as she felt her pubic hair retreat back into her body and her pubic region flatten down.

Her vaginal lips thinned and shifted against one another as they changed shape into another woman’s: A woman she was rapidly becoming both inside and out. Her clitoris hummed intensely as it wobbled about taking on a new shape and position slightly off from where it had been.

Shruti’s hands gripped down on her bonier hips as the rhythmic throbbing began to waver and decrease. She leaned forward and looked down, taking in her still slightly larger and darker calves as the skin tone there too began to fade.

Finally, the sensations ceased and Shruti took a deep breath as her calves trimmed and changed into Anne’s. Her feet then began to grow longer and narrower. She saw a gap form along the side as her previously wider feet came inward.

The tops of her now white feet pulled in and her toes pushed against the ends of her black heels as they grew longer. Profiled against the ends tightly, she could make out in the outlines as her toe nails changed shape. Shruti now looked like Anne.

Anne watched as her calves filled out and darkened and she took note that her nude heels were no longer nude and matching her skin tone. Her feet were now darker than her shoes as the outsides buckled slightly when her feet widened but her heels slid away from the backs as her feet also shrank down in size. Anne dug in her toes to fight the slide forward and as the gripped the bottoms of her nude heels, she felt her toes change shape and become smaller. Anne gasped as she realized that her physical transformation into Shruti was complete. For all intents and purposes, she was an Indian woman…and Shruti wasn’t.

Anne looked up at her former body in awe. The tall, thin blonde haired, blue eyed woman before her stood dazed and confused looking down at herself.

Shruti was amazed and horrified at the same time as well as confused and somewhat afraid. She had just physically transformed into a complete stranger and when she took her gaze away from her own new body, she looked down at her former one and felt faint.

“What are we going to do?” Shruti said frantically tucking her maroon blouse back into her skirt.

“Ms. Patel” the receptionist said from the doorway. She looked slightly confused as she remembered their outfits as reversed when she came onto the scene.

Both women spun around at the voice. Shruti took a step forward in Anne’s body.

“No I need Ms. Patel right now”

Shruti stopped “Oh” she said and Anne now shook off the cobwebs of her mind and stepped forward.

“Yes…that is me” she replied not quite believing what was happening to her still. A thrill ran through her though as she was certain that this was a call for the winning candidate.
“Follow me please” the receptionist said and began to walk away.

Anne and Shruti passed a panicked glance between them before Anne began to walk. Her shoes were too loose and her shirt and skirt were too tight but off she went.

Shruti walked in her tight shoes and loose clothes back into the waiting room where she saw some commotion coming her way.

Shruti stood in place as Mr. Thomas entered the room. “Congratulations Ms. Brady…we’re happy to welcome you to our team”

“I got the job” Shruti said excitedly.

“Yes, Anne…it’s yours: Your experience from the last 10 years sealed it for you in the end” Mr. Thomas said.

Shruti’s mind and heart were a jumbled mess of emotions. She had a job as Anne but not her own body or identity. She also didn’t have Anne’s experience but if she swapped back to her own body, she would have that and no job.

Meanwhile, Anne was lead to Mr. Roberts’s office where he greeted her with a sad smile and the encouraging words “I’m sorry Ms. Patel but we did decide to go with the other candidate”

“No” Anne replied now scared. She no longer had her own body and now she wouldn’t have the job either.

“Her experience ultimately won out but we were very impressed with you as well”

Fear turned to anger in Anne’s mind “I have to get my body back” she thought. “This job is mine and now she took it and my body from me”

“I do hope that you keep me in mind if something comes up in the future sir” Anne replied politely. She spun, her ill-fitting shoes slipping a bit as she walked out of the office. She headed for the elevators to wait for Shruti and her body to return.

Shruti talked with her new boss for a few minutes getting a more detailed description of her duties and days before they shook hands and she was left to herself. She stepped into the main hall and saw her old self waiting for her by the elevator doors.

Shruti pursed her thinner lips tightly together and walked toward Anne.

“You have done this to me!” Anne said angrily in her accented voice. “Somehow you knew that I was going to get the job and you took my body from me to get it!”

“I did nothing of the sort” Shruti said upset. “I didn’t want your body and I had nothing to do with making our bodies switch. If I really had any control of any of this, I would have swapped our minds, because having your body and this job and having them expecting your experience is pretty worthless if you think about it”

“You will get me fired! You will ruin my reputation!” Anne yelled as they stepped in and the doors shut behind them.

“No…I have a plan if you’re willing to go along with it” Shruti said.

“What do you have in mind?” Anne said.

“I asked Mr. Thomas if I was allowed to have an assistant and he said yes. I asked if I could choose that assistant and he again agreed as long as it was someone who they had approved” Shruti said.

Anne furrowed her brow “Are you…”

“You have been hired to be my assistant” Shruti said “If you want a job and a chance to save your reputation and a chance to work with me on figuring out how to get our bodies back” Shruti said.

“Are you kidding me? How humiliating that I would be a personal assistant to my own old self? You are younger and less experienced and…”

“And I have your body and your job…I know…but it’s the only real chance either of us have of salvaging this situation if you think about it” Shruti said. “We’re linked together now whether we like it or not. At least this way we can keep an eye on the other and maybe swap wardrobes”

Anne finally smiled. “I do want to wear some clothes that actually fit my body now if this body is really mine”

“I can’t say if or when we’ll change back, but at least both of us can be employed and make the best of this” Shruti said. “Please…”

The elevator doors were open at ground level and the two women stepped out. Shruti put her pale thin out.

Anne looked up and then down and took her old hand in her new one and they shook “I accept”

“Great…now let’s get to work trying to figure this whole thing out” Shruti said.
For those of you who wanted to see a take on a change of race in a female to female bodyswap
killersmile88 Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2019
Is there a part 2 to this
Tservo96 Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2019  Hobbyist Writer
Nope, this is it
ckkew Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2015
Thanks for coming up with this story although I hope you can come up the the second part on how they deal with the swap. For example both of them might have boyfriends or husbands.
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