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Leslie got to her car and found that even it had changed. The pink dice were gone from her key ring and her smiley face sticker was gone from the dash. She had to slide her seat all the way up to reach the peddles “I think I drove in heels once back in college…but it’s been awhile” she thought as she started up her car.

Once she got going, it was fine but the first few times she moved her foot from accelerator to brake, she kept thinking her foot was going to slip. Once home, she saw that a lot had changed around her house.

All of the decorations were different: Different colors on the walls, different Knick knacks, and different furniture; it was all much plainer.

She kicked off her heels and flexed her toes, rising up onto the balls of her feet, glad to be free from the heels. She looked around and saw the kitchen was much less cluttered before she picked up her shoes and walked to her bedroom.

Pale blue walls greeted her along with a green and blue comforter instead of her usual pink and she smirked at the changes. She was curious about her closet and wardrobe so she headed to her closet. “Wow…check out the clothes I have now”

She knew she was a 6.5 shoe as she looked along the floor at all the shoes she had. “Size 2 skirts and pants…petite…extra small…never thought I’d ever see let alone wear these sizes” she said to herself skimming the clothes.

Curious, she went to the dresser and found all the skimpy panties and small bras that she would now need before she found what she was looking for; a bikini.

Standing before the mirror, she unbuttoned her blouse and removed it. She took in her trim arms and flat stomach and pale skin realizing that even though she knew what she looked like, this would be the first time she would see herself naked.

She unfastened her bra and slid it off, revealing her bare breasts to mirror. Her hands went to them and she felt their softness and their smallness.

She unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. Her bare creamy thighs stood out and she ran her hands along them before she hooked her thumbs beneath the waistband of her higher cut panties and took them down.

She looked in the mirror at her naked body and took it in from head to toe. “This is me now” she said. She gently ran her fingers through the short pubic hairs and allowed her fingers to touch and caress herself lightly.

Smiling again she stepped into the bikini bottoms and pulled them up snugly on her hips and ass. She put on the top and tied it behind her back “Yeah…I guess I could get used to this…this’ll do” she laughed at herself.

She ended up putting on a t-shirt and some baggy shorts before she made her way out to the kitchen to eat some left over grilled chicken that she found in the refrigerator with some lemon water.

Christina made her way to her apartment and found that even though she didn’t get to pick the colors of her walls; pink had become the dominant theme of her decorating. Paintings and pillows and rugs and all other kinds of pink accessories dotted every room of her previously rather bland apartment.

She felt the deep cushioned pink rug beneath her pink colored toes as she took her shoes off and walked into the living room. She wiggled her toes and giggled at the bright pink polish she had on them. “Can’t believe those are mine” she said to herself.

She too felt the need to explore her bedroom and wardrobe. A bright pink and yellow comforter sat on her bed. More makeup than she had ever owned sat along the top of the dressers along with two pairs of glasses that matched the ones she had on. “Spares of everything” she said picking one up.

She opened the closet and found a variety of shirts, blouses, and sweaters; most with pink as their primary color but also some where it was the accent color. There were mostly pants but also a few skirts and dresses…size 20. “From extra small to extra-large in just a few minutes” she reminded herself. “Miracle diet in reverse…while also growing several inches taller” she jumped slightly and touched the ceiling “But I couldn’t do that before either” she laughed.

She examined the much smaller collection of shoes that she found now in her closet. Flats, sneakers, sandals and other flat dress shoes were all that were there now. She picked up a newer pair and read ‘size 10’ on it “God…bigfoot”

“Hmmm…I wonder…” she said realizing that she too knew what she looked like but yet hadn’t seen it with her own eyes. She lifted her sweater up over her head to reveal her more ample body. She rubbed her thicker arms before she ran her hands over her fuller stomach. Her large breasts sat atop it as she reached behind her back to unhook her huge bra “44EE…I could never imagine having something that size as my own before now” she thought as she undid the bra and revealed her breasts. “My God they’re huge” she said staring at them from the top and looking in the mirror.

She lifted them and took in their weight before she undid the button on her pants and unzipped them getting a peak at her plain white panties. She wiggled her hips and ass to get the pants down before she stepped out of them.

She took her time and slid the panties down to the ground. She turned sideways to get a side view of her hips, thighs and ass. She put her hand on her right cheek and gave it a shake to watch the flesh move and jiggle.

She turned her back to the mirror and glanced over her shoulder to take in the backside view before turning back to face the front. Her wide thighs came together and her chubby calves were smooth and pale as she took in her body from head to toe.

Her fingers also went to the red hairs that sat atop her most private area. She giggled as she looked down “I don’t care what people think I should look like” She put her hands on her hips and stared at her reflection in the mirror. She smiled and said “I like how I look”

Christina put on a pair of pink sweat pants and a gray and pink t-shirt and headed to her kitchen. She pulled out a Dr. Pepper to drink and reheated some leftover Chinese food she had in the fridge.

After a night of lounging on her couch watching Netflix, her auburn hair resting on a fuzzy pink pillow, Christina went to bed and slept through the night in her new body and woke up in the morning to face her new life again.

She swung her feet out from beneath the pink covers and found a pair of pink fuzzy slippers to slide them into on the ground next to her bed. She shuffled to the bathroom to pee and shower and get ready.

After brushing her teeth and heading back into her bedroom, she decided to go bold in her clothes for the day. She pulled out a pair of black tights and took down a pink and black patterned dress. She smiled confidently as she got dressed; pulling the tights up her legs and putting the dress on and smoothing it out over her hips.

Christina did her make-up, pink lipstick of course, and hair and was ready for a new day at work after slipping her feet into the same black flats she had on yesterday. Somehow, she wanted to keep wearing them; they were her connection to the event that changed her life.

Leslie spent her night checking her now very different Facebook feed and playing some games on her iPad. She decided to paint her toes and found a bottle of red nail polish in a bathroom drawer that she thought looked nice when she was done with them. “It’s not pink, but it’ll do” she said to herself.

She woke up and went about her usual routine as well. Showering and getting ready despite the fact she wasn’t happy with how her hair looked so she finally just pulled it back into a ponytail. She got dressed in a pair of tan pants and a dark blue blouse along with a different pair of black heels from yesterday’s pair.

Once at the office, she looked around for Christina, who was of course talking up a storm in the break room.

Leslie grabbed her coffee mug; she desperately needed coffee to get going now and she was a mission to get some.

Christina spotted her as she came into view “Hey Leslie!” she called out in a sing song voice “How was your night?”

Leslie smiled shyly and came over to her “It was interesting, how was yours?”

“Interesting as well…we need to talk; can we meet at lunch today?” Christina said.

“Sure, I’ll see you then” Leslie said as she headed to her desk.

They met at a back corner table in the cafeteria on the bottom floor so they could talk amongst themselves.

“So…how are you holding up?” Christina asked leading off.

“I’m okay” Leslie answered “But there are some things I wanted to talk to you about”

“Yeah, me too: I was wondering if you were going through the same thing as I am” Christina said. “I’m talking about like my memories and stuff”

Leslie nodded “I think I know what you’re talking about”

Christina nodded “We’ve only had these bodies a little over a day in reality yet it’s changed everything. I think back to high school and now I see a younger version of this body; like it was always mine. My whole upbringing and life has changed. I didn’t date Jeff Mackenzie back in high school now; now I remember him totally blowing me off. Gym class memories of getting picked on for my body are there now that I never experienced”

Leslie was nodding fiercely. “I know how you feel. I’m not the big girl anymore and I never was. Now I remember being one of the girls picking on the heavyset one. I have memories of being on the track team”

“But I was on the track team” Christina said dreamily. “It’s not there anymore though”

“I have it now…and I can’t ever remember getting picked on for my body but I know it happened to me when I was…I mean when I looked like…”

“Like me” Christina finished for her with raised eyebrows.

“Yes” Leslie conceded. “When I looked like you”

“I think I’ve learned more about myself and about you in the last day than I ever knew about myself in the first place” Christina said. “This has really given me a sense of perspective about my life; how it was, could have been, is now and could be in the future”

“You’re telling me” Leslie said. I took so much for granted and now seeing different things and knowing what you go through along with what I go through…it’s a lot to take in”

“So what do we do now?” Christina asked.

“We keep on going and see how far it goes” She shrugged “Maybe we change back, maybe we don’t…I don’t know what the future holds, or even the past as it is now” She looked around “I found a picture of me going to prom in my house last night”

“Was it with Jeff Mackenzie?” Christina asked sarcastically.

“No, his name was Steve…” she said. “We didn’t know each other in school but I was in this really cute black and silver dress with these really high silver heels…”

“I’m still a few years younger than you but that wasn’t what my prom dress looked like though” Christina said. “Well if nothing has happened by Friday night, let’s get together and destroy a few bottles of wine together”

“Deal” Leslie said.

Friday night came and nothing had changed <Knock, knock>

Leslie swung the door open to see Christina standing there with a big smile on her face and two bottles of wine in her hands “Let the drinking begin” she said as she stepped inside.

“Kind of looks like what my apartment used to look like” she said as she looked at the mostly beige and gray furniture and plain decorations.

“Let me guess, your apartment is now all accented in pink” Leslie said taking the bottles from her and walking toward the kitchen.

“Yes it is as a matter of fact” Christina said kicking off her shoes, which were of course the black flats, as she went further inside and followed Leslie to the kitchen.

“And the pink slippers are super comfy” she added. “I even brought them with me to wear them tonight”

“I loved those slippers” Leslie admitted digging through a drawer to find a corkscrew. She peeled off the label but was struggling to get enough force to get the corkscrew in.

“Let me take care of that” Christina said taking the bottle from Leslie “You get the glasses”

Leslie got down two wine glasses and put them on the counter. Christina made quick work of the cork and generously poured them both a glass.

Christina lifted her glass “To us and to whatever we shall look like and be like after tonight”

Leslie clinked her glass off of Christina’s “To us and to whatever our futures hold”

“I’ll tell you one thing, we have more in common than I ever thought we did” Christina said before she took a drink.

Leslie took a deep drink and nodded before she added “No matter what happens, we’ve at least become friends out of this”

“We’re more than friends now. We share a connection unlike any other ever. I have your body and you have mine. We share memories albeit tempered to our own lives but still, we share them now” Christina added.

“We know each other as well as we know ourselves because we are each other as much as we are ourselves” Leslie said before giggling “That didn’t make much sense”

“I get the gist of it” Christina said. “And you should laugh like that more often”

“It does remind me of being the old me when I giggle” Leslie said “I giggled all the time”

“Now I do” Christina said. “It’s weird…bodies first, then personalities, then thinking and acting like the other then even our memories are affected”

“Let’s go sit down” Leslie said picking up the open bottle.

Christina grabbed the next bottle and followed. She sat down on a chair and propped her feet up as Leslie curled up on the couch, tucking her skinny legs beneath her.

“I see you painted my toes…I mean your toes” Christina said “Got to be careful about that kind of thing…they’re yours now”

“Yeah, just something I wanted to do” Leslie answered.

They talked back and forth about their experiences from the week until the first two bottles were empty.

“So I have to ask you a question?” Leslie said.

“Ask away” Christina replied.

“Have you…you know…played; this week?” Leslie said blushing.

“You mean” Christina blushed now too.

Leslie nodded slowly “You know what I mean”

Christina blushed harder “Yes. Have you?”

“Yeah…It’s only human nature” Leslie said admitting to exploring her body. “It felt different; good, but different”

“Me too” Christina admitted. “I guess I’ve had enough to drink to admit to trying out masturbation in your body” she laughed.

“Don’t you mean your own body” Leslie corrected her with a laugh of her own. “It’s yours now”

“You’re right; I just wanted to see what it was like with slightly different equipment. I went to the same spot but this one’s a little different” Christina said.

“I know what you mean. I guess I wanted to know if it felt the exact same. It was close but yet…not, you know”

They both took long drinks before continuing. “So I have to ask you about someone now”
Christina said licking her lips “It’s Kyle…because I’ve found myself thinking about him both here” she said pointing at her chest “And there” she pointed at Leslie.

Leslie smiled and blushed “Yeah, I like him and you do too, don’t you?”

“Yes” Christina admitted “And I’m almost ashamed to admit that I’ve held back with him in both situations…first because I was too shy to talk to him and now I can talk to him but I don’t think he finds me attractive”

Leslie nodded slowly and dipped her head while smiling “Both sides…I’ve been on both sides now too”

“And I don’t know why really” Christina said a bit louder “I think this body is attractive. I like it and I’m getting quite used to it”

“So you’re saying that we pin him in the break room and double team him on Monday morning” Leslie said with a smile “I like it”

“Make him pick between us…no fear for either of us. One or the other…” Christina said.

“Or neither of us…who knows” Leslie said laughing and stretching out on the couch. She put her feet up on the far arm rest and put her left arm beneath her head. “So, you really like your body now?” she asked.

“Yes I do…I’m not ashamed of it…why should I be, it’s who I am” Christina offered up.

“But do you like it more than this one…your original body” Leslie pressed.

“Before I answer, can I ask you the same question?” Christina said turning it around. “And I only ask because of the conventions of beauty in this world. I think I’m beautiful now but you are now the more conventionally beautiful one between us. You’re petite, thin…have a more symmetrical face with more delicate features but is it that or is it comfort in your own skin”

“You didn’t answer my question but okay, I’ll bite” Leslie took a deep breath “First, let’s talk about that first day…the first time you looked in the mirror and saw your new self. The first time you woke up and moved a different body, a much different body. We have to admit that we are the opposite ends of the spectrum…but were you surprised at the reflection in the mirror? Were you shocked when you looked down and saw something so different before your eyes…in your case eyes that suddenly needed glasses?”

Christina smiled, happy with how open and freely Leslie was talking about all this; she had to admit that she might have shut down if things really were reversed. Being open and outgoing was a relief to her after spending her life so pent up. She did think about the first time she looked down and saw more flesh and body than she had ever seen before her.
The first time she touched her larger breasts and stomach, her thighs and ass; how she had slapped her ass cheeks just to watch them move.

“Because I was a bit shocked looking at myself and seeing something I had always wanted” Leslie conceded. “I had always wanted to be pretty and petite because I never was and never could be. Genetics are what they are and I was a big girl. How realistic is it to think ‘Oh one day I’ll wake up and be 5’2” and weigh barely 100 pounds’”

“Point taken and reversed to you…After hitting that height at age 12, I never thought I’d wake up in a body that was 5’10” and 230” Christina said.

They looked at each other for a moment. “So, basically we’re making the best of the situation” Christina said. “But to answer your question that started this all off: I’ve gotten comfortable in this body and skin over the past week. I think I’m beautiful now but I don’t know if I can say that I prefer it. I don’t want to hurt your feelings but I have to be honest. If I’m like this for the rest of my life, I’ll be fine with that but I do and will still miss my original body”

“Fair enough” Leslie said. “And now to answer you: I, too, have gotten comfortable in this body. It definitely has its perks and if I am in here for the rest of my life, I’ll be fine with that too, but there’s still something about my original body that I simply prefer: It was home to me, it was comfortable to me and it’s who I’m supposed to be. I’m not supposed to be the small skinny girl. I’m the big girl. I had embraced that and had made it my own and, frankly, I kind of miss it. It made me unique and stand out as unconventional in a world of conventions”

“It’s been one heck of a week hasn’t it?” Christina said.

Leslie let out a snort of air through her nose and took another drink. She closed her eyes and allowed herself a few dep breaths; she felt at peace with where she was at and what she looked like. The two of them had drained 2 bottles of wine in a short period of time so with her eyes closed she felt a slight amount of movement in her eyes.

Christina sighed long and loud, feeling her weight settle on her ample chest. Her nose itched and instead of putting down her glass, she scrunched up her nose and mouth a few times trying to work out the itch. She could feel her glasses rise up and down and press into her upper nostrils. She was still kicked back in the recliner with her feet up in front of her.

Leslie went to cross her ankles and felt something on the tops of her feet and as she moved, she felt something hit against something else just behind her heels. She opened her eyes and felt her heart begin to pound in her chest. She was wearing the pink fuzzy slippers.

Leslie’s eyes shot over to Christina who still had on an identical pair herself so it wasn’t that she had put them on her feet without her knowing.

Leslie stared at the slippers now covering her toes; there were several inches sticking out behind her heel as they were slippers made for feet larger than what she had currently.

Leslie exhaled and felt her shirt ripple out away from her and she could tell it settled down on top of her as well as spread out slightly further. Her eyes trained back and focused on her shirt. It was now an extra-large pink long sleeved shirt; the exact same one Christina had on and one she recognized as one of her favorites last week when it had been in her wardrobe. Now it was on her body “Could it be?” she thought quickly.

She sat up and felt her small breasts sway on her chest: She no longer felt a bra up against her breasts but she did feel the outline of a bra around her chest and back and shoulders as if the bra she had on was several sizes too large for her. “Christina!” she yelled.

Christina had been sitting quietly and contentedly in her recliner until she heard her name screamed out by Leslie. She saw Leslie scrambling up and off the couch but what really caught her attention was the fact that she was wearing a huge long sleeved pink shirt instead of the basic green shirt she had been wearing.

Christina’s heavy legs swung down taking the foot rest down with a bang and she jumped up out of the chair. She was momentarily dizzy from the effects of the wine but her mind immediately jumped to what might be happening “Oh My God Leslie...are you starting to change back?!”

“I think so!” Leslie yelled just as her jeans ballooned outward going from size 2’s to size 20’s in a fluid motion popping away from her waist and legs. Her panties went next, changing in size and style back into the large white panties she had worn as ‘big girl’ Leslie.

“My clothes…I’m back in my clothes…I think I’m…I feel weird” she said talking fast.
Christina’s wide green eyes showed nothing but stunned shock. A smile crossed her lips as she saw what could only be the first sign of their switching back; Leslie began to rise taller in front of her.

Leslie’s weird feeling was a sensation that she was being lifted up slowly and steadily higher “I’m growing! I’m growing Christina; I’m getting my height back and I’m getting taller!” She rose from 5’2” to 5’3” and kept on going.

As she grew taller, she also began to get a little bit wider. She felt her hips begin to slide and shift outward and she felt her ass begin to grow out and get larger again. Her thighs began to blossom and widen and thicken up along with her calves.

Leslie lifted up the bottoms of her jeans when she felt her feet moving against the fuzzy surface of the slippers. She watched her heels scoot backwards and once they matched up evenly with the backs of the slippers she slid her feet out to watch her toes grow.

The red polish she had put on her stubby and thin toes now brightened into a familiar shade of bright pink as her toes grew longer and wider and her nails pushed outward. “My feet! I see my feet again!”

“I see them too” Christina called out just as happy as Leslie.

“This is really happening; we’re going back!” Leslie said.

Christina put her hands on Leslie’s upper arms and squeezed them happily. As she held on, she felt the irresistible force of Leslie’s growth. Her fingers slid outward as Leslie’s upper arms grew larger and her hands went up as Leslie continued to grow taller.

The pink shirt began to pull up as her shoulders and arms grew. Her arms lengthened and her fingers reemerged from the sleeves. Her hands pulsated out and plumped up as her fingers grew longer and thicker. Her fingernails flashed the same bright pink as her toes as her hands returned.

Leslie’s ankles filled out and her calves became solid and strong. Her knees buckled a bit as her thighs grew out round and full. She could even feel the slight dimpling of her cellulite returning to her flesh.

She felt her legs grow back large enough to feel the leg holes of her panties at the tops of her thighs. They brushed up lightly at first but as her legs continued to get larger, they soon clung tight across her thighs and expanding ass and hips.

Leslie looked down with a combination of joy and yet some disappointment as she watched her waist and stomach begin to grow outward. Her hips were still moving out and her ass was still filling out. She could feel the panties and the jeans growing tighter as she reclaimed her body.

She blushed and said “Oh My God” in a dramatic way and fanned herself as her clitoris hummed to life. It shifted and brushed at her cotton panties. She felt moisture flow forth as her skin lubricated itself for its shift and change. She felt a widening and movement as her body shifted.

Christina continued to watch, fascinated by the changing body before her. Leslie continued to grow taller; she was nearly back to her original and natural height.

Leslie finally looked up from her bottom half and was surprised to see just how tall she had gotten again. She was nearly back to her full height by how she saw Christina in front of her. She laughed as she grew the final inch back to 5’10” and looked directly into the face she was about to get back. “I guess everything we talked about is moot now”

“No it’s not, not at all” Christina replied emphatically. “I learned so much this week; I can never express how much being you meant to me”

“Oh that’s so sweet. I know I like essentially being you too this past week” Leslie said as her stomach popped out and up against the waistband of her jeans, She rolled her shoulders as she felt s distinct rumbling feeling in her tiny breast.

“Time to fill these puppies back up” she laughed and grabbed the front of her shirt, moving it up and down as her breasts began to grow. Her areolas extended out and her nipples puffed out as weight and mass filled in stretching her skin as her breasts filled up and out coming back to their original size.

Her whole chest grew out to support them and she felt the familiar dig of the underwire against her soft skin. The shoulder straps dug in against the new weight they found.

“You look kind of silly with my face on your body” Christina admitted.

“Hey, you never know…I might just stop and hold onto your look up here” she made a circle around her face with her index finger.

But as she smiled her lips began to widen and her chin and jaw seemed to pull inward as her neck came out. Her cheeks rounded as her teeth grew larger and her nose began to shift.

As her nose grew longer and the tip turned down, pink trimmed cats eye glasses popped on to the widening bridge of her nose. Her brown eyes flashed a brilliant green and shifted in. Her ears rose up and her forehead widened as her eyebrows returned to their lighter and longer shape.

Her long brown hair lifted up and changed to her auburn color as it came to rest at her neckline. Leslie was back in her own body. She smiled in satisfaction.

Christina took in the fact that they were twins for the moment and their smiles matched up.

As they looked into each other’s green eyes, Christina felt a cool breeze on her toes which had been toasty warm inside her pink fuzzy slippers. “Oop” she let out and she looked down to see her bare toes on the carpet; her slippers had vanished.

“Here I go” she said as she raised her eyes and her shoulders up and down quickly.

“Ah!” Leslie let out in her real voice as she noticed that Christina was slightly shorter than her again. It was a small change at first but Leslie could tell that Christina was shrinking.

Christina felt her pants become just a bit looser than they had been and her shirt felt loose in the sleeves. She looked down and by the time she looked back up, she was no longer at the same eye level as Leslie. She was getting shorter.

“I’m changing back” she wiggled her toes as they began to get smaller. She felt her heels pulling forward and her sides pulling inward as her toes shrank down and her nails became smaller. Her bright pink polish darkened to the red that Leslie had put on them. She curled her toes and dug them in “Feels good” she admitted.

Her legs began to shrink down in length and width. Her pants and panties were becoming looser and looser as she lost weight and Leslie’s body shape.

Her thighs were no longer touching her jeans. She could feel the large panties clinging to her legs one second and then not the next; they were free and shrinking away from them. Her ankles trimmed up followed by her calves. The delicate curve returned as her muscles tightened and rose up.

Christina smiled as her hips began to slide inward and her ass began to shrink smaller and smaller. She felt her panties creeping down as she lost mass on her backside. Her ass was becoming small, tighter, and rounder and she was soon swimming in the jeans. Her shirt was getting longer on her arms but she kept her fingers out to hold onto her pants as her legs returned to normal. Her waist and stomach began to retreat.

She was only up to Leslie’s chin when she looked up and cocked her head “I’m honestly going to miss that ass though; there was something to it”

“Oh Good Lord…I’d tell you to keep it but it would look ridiculous on you” Leslie laughed at her shrinking friend.

“Oh” Christina said in a long drawn out way as she tucked her head down and raised her shoulders. She shut her right eye and squinted out of her left as her clitoris took off as it shifted. Her vagina tightened and slid into place as her thighs continued to shrink around her.

Her waist and hips and stomach continued to retreat upward and inward returning her body to her normal height and weight slowly but surely.

As her stomach shrank, she felt her breasts begin to quiver and move. They broke contact with the fabric of the 44EE bra and began to get smaller and smaller. Despite getting shorter, Christina stood up straighter and taller as the weight of her breasts came off and made her back feel stronger. Soon, she found herself swimming inside the bra and pink top as her body came back.

She looked up and through the cat’s eye glasses one more time before they blinked off her face as her nose began to shrink and her cheeks became sleeker. Her eyes flashed from green to brown and her mouth got smaller taking her teeth and lips with them.

Her chin and jaw came out and her neck trimmed down. Her forehead dropped and her eyebrows darkened and thickened as her hair grew out long and dark brown. She flapped her hands out of the bottoms of her sleeves to see that her hands were small and thin once again too.

“I’m back” she said in her quiet deep voice. As she did, she felt movement around her body. Her loose panties clamped against her ass as they came back to size on her frame snapping to her waist. Her jeans sucked inward in a single motion and became a size 2 pair, tight against her legs.

She felt her bra pull down against her shoulders and back and embrace her small breasts as the huge pink shirt turned green and shrank down to fit her. There she stood, barefoot and suddenly cold as she returned to her body “I think we need another bottle of wine”
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