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“Good Morning Christina! How was your weekend?”

Christina’s eyebrows went up when she heard Leslie’s bubbly voice coming from across the breakroom. “It was fine” she replied clutching her coffee mug tighter.

“So was mine…I got my house all cleaned after church yesterday but I’m ready for work today how about you?” Leslie said walking toward the coffee pots.

Christina Marron just shut her eyes and grabbed the pot to pour ignoring the incessant cheerfulness of her co-worker “Yea…work…Monday morning…” she mumbled stirring in some creamer as she rolled her eyes.

“Don’t forget about Meredith’s birthday party; we’re having cake in here at 11:00” Leslie said clapping her hands. “I’ve got it all set”

Christina turned and gave a halfhearted unenthusiastic smile and nod.
She looked up at the bubbly redhead in front of her. Leslie was 5’10” and well north of 200 pounds.  She carried it well but she had massive breasts, wide hips and a large round ass. She always wore something pink and today it was a pink and white stripped sweater along with a pair of black slacks and black flats on her wide feet. Her bright green eyes were wide behind her pink trimmed cat eye glasses and auburn hair framed her round face and wide smile. “Remember…11:00”

“Sure” Christina replied as she scuffled out of the room.

Leslie watched Christina head out. Christina was only 5’2” and quite skinny. She wore a gray blouse, black skirt and black heels. Her long dark brown hair was down today and her brown eyes, which could be quite expressive, only showed her contempt and lack of enthusiasm for anything and everything.

“That girl needs to get a more positive outlook on life” Leslie thought as she happily wiped up the table in the breakroom as she always did; nobody else would do it.

Christina had on her headphones and was typing away on a report when 11:00 came around. She heard Leslie make her announcement and saw everyone get up but she was in the middle of a thought and didn’t want to stop and forget her point.

By the time Christina made her way to the breakroom, the Happy Birthday song was in full swing and already wrapping up as she slipped in through the door. She hung back by the wall until everybody else made their way through the line.

She ran her tongue across her teeth behind closed lips as she made her way to the table to get a piece of cake.

Leslie was the only other person left in the breakroom and she was washing off the knife as Christina searched for a plastic fork. “You were late coming in Christina…shame, shame” Leslie laughed.

“I was finishing up a report and didn’t want to lose my train of thought” She replied as she now looked for a napkin.

“Oh I’m just teasing…you take everything too seriously Christina…I wish you could perk up and live a little and enjoy life; have a positive outlook and attitude” Leslie said as she dried off the knife.

“Like that’ll ever happen” Christina thought to herself as she smiled condescendingly “Yeah, I tried being perky once…worst five seconds of my life”

“HA, that’s funny!” Leslie said laughing “See…you just need a little pink in your wardrobe and then you’d turn that corner and be more like me”

“You know I don’t think I actually own anything pink” Christina said as she thought “Me be like you…not likely, maybe you need to be more like me and quiet down some”

Christina’s eyes trained down to the floor as she thought her more cynical thought. For some reason she looked at Leslie’s feet and noticed that she could see toe cleavage “I wonder what size she wears?” popped into her head for an unknown reason.

Christina turned to go but as she spun her body toward the door, she felt an odd sensation of air and her clothes flapping on her as if they were very loose. She heard the knife drop and clatter on the floor behind her.

Christina looked down and saw that somehow she now had on Leslie’s pink and white sweater. It was huge on her; her hands were up inside the sleeves and her shoulders were exposed through the large neck hole. She put her chin down on her chest and looked to her left.
She could see her black bra strap but as she looked at it, it turned bright white.

Christina lost the sensation that her breasts were being held in by a bra in that instant. She no longer felt fabric up against them but as she squirmed and turned, she knew she had on a bra just by how she saw the large shirt move on her body. It was just that she now had Leslie’s 44EE bra on her 32B chest.

Christina heard a gasping sound coming from behind her “Oh My Lord!” Leslie said from behind her.

Christina was thoroughly confused but turned back around. As she did, she felt the waistband of her skirt puff out away from her waist. She also sensed that her lower legs were now covered and she thought she even heard a noise like a flag unfurling as her black skirt changed from her size 2 skirt in Leslie’s size 20 slacks. She was an extra small body in extra extra large clothes. The tight feel on her panties around her body now gave way as they too loosened up and changed. Her bikini cut widened into full briefs several sizes larger. She felt her ass and thighs free up as the garment grew on her and she dropped her hands to try and grab the clothes before they fell down and off of her. It was difficult with her hands already engulfed in the sleeves of the sweater but she managed to get enough of a hold to keep them up.

She dropped down even lower as her shoes lost their heels and became wide size 10 flats instead of her usual size 6.5’s. She couldn’t see her feet past the cuffs of the pants but she felt how loose the shoes felt on her.

Christina’s mouth dropped open in shock as she looked up to Leslie and saw her shocked expression. Leslie looked the same it was just that now, Christina’s clothes had changed into an exact copy of them.

“What’s going on?!” Christina asked in a panicked voice just trying to keep the large clothes on.

“I don’t know!” Leslie replied in an equally upset voice. “Your…your clothes just changed right there on you”

“I know but…uh!” Christina began to say but stopped suddenly when she felt weight on the bridge of her nose and on the tops of her ears. Her peripheral vision picked up that she now had on a pair of glasses and without seeing them, she just knew they had to be pink cat eye frames.

“You...” Leslie said pointing at Christina. “You’re…”

Christina’s brow furrowed in confusion; she was experiencing a weird tingling feeling all over her body. The tingling stopped but it was quickly followed by an even stranger sensation. Christina felt herself getting bigger. She felt like she was beginning to slowly inflate.

The skin on her upper arms grew tight and she could almost hear her skin expanding and stretching as her arms grew larger. She felt her stomach shifting outward almost as if she was taking in a deep breath but Christina was holding her breath.

She now sensed that she was rising up and getting taller as well as growing outward and it seemed to be confirmed as she seemed to be getting closer to Leslie’s face almost as if she was standing on her tip toes then maybe a pair of really high heels. She had been below Leslie’s chin and looking up at her face but she now found herself looking more and more directly in Leslie’s shocked eyes as she pulled up even with her in height.

Christina looked down and while the pants were still billowing on her legs like sails, she could see the ends of her shoes and a pale line of her skin too.

She felt her toes stretch out until they hit the ends of the shoes. Unseen by her was the fact that bright pink nail polish also appeared on her wider nails. Her toes even felt larger as she wiggled them and her feet began to widen out. The line of skin she was able to see now showed off toe cleavage and it looked like the sides of the shoes bulged out slightly as she felt her heels snug up against the backs of the flats.

“What’s happening to me?!” Christina yelled now looking directly at Leslie.

Leslie just shook her head and sucked her lips in, her eyes wide in stunned silence.

As she had grown taller, Christina’s hands had begun to reemerge from the bottoms of the sleeves as her arms grew longer and fuller. As they did, one by one, fingernails appeared all clad in bright pink nail polish. Her fingers looked different, fuller and thicker and the backs of her hands seemed wider and plump.

Christina continued to feel the inflating feeling all over her body. Her longer legs now began to grow fuller and wider. Her slim ankles puffed up and her claves filled out and came down wider as most of the delicate curve that had been there was swallowed up.

Her knees popped and buckled slightly as her thighs began to expand. Christina now felt the fabric of the pants brush against her growing legs. Her hips began to spread outward to support her wider legs and her ass began to grow outward and downward.

Christina could feel her skin stretching and expanding as mass continued to build up on her lower half. Her thighs came together and she now felt the bottom elastic of the panties cling to her upper thighs and her lowering ass cheeks. Dimples formed in the skin as her waist expanded out being pulled outward by her widening hips.

Sweat broke out across her forehead as she felt a distinct shifting in her lower body. Her clitoris hummed to life as her vagina widened and changed shape; skin shifting and adjusting to become Leslie’s.

The panties and black pants now fit and she gave up having to hold them on as they now even began to get tight. Her stomach rode outward until she saw the button of her pants dip down beneath the growing flesh.

Christina had pulled the sweater up and watched as her stomach grew out soft and large. Her finger briefly brushed against her belly button and dipped inside before her hands rode up higher.

The tingling in her chest indicated that her breasts were on the move. Her nipples stood up on end and Christina pulled the collar of her shirt out to look down the front. Her small breasts sat dwarfed by the huge bra that rested on the top of her stomach.

Her areolas grew larger and darker and her nipples puffed up as well just before mass began to fill in there as well. Slowly and steadily, they grew larger and larger. From the size of baseballs to grapefruits before they too began to slide outward and touch the silk fabric: She felt the underwire begin to dig into her soft flesh and the clasps across the back began to tighten. The shoulder straps began to dig in as her breasts began to settle into the bra at least three times as large as they were before.

The pink and white sweater began to fit more and more and tighten up around her neck.

Leslie looked on still in shock as she watched Christina’s body turn into hers. She watched it grow into the clothes slowly but surely to her amazement and now she focused on the woman before hers’ face.

Christina’s neck grew out and her chin came in along with her jaw line. Her cheeks filled out as her whole face seemed to round off. Her lips reddened and puffed up as they grew longer and her teeth widened and whitened as well. Her nose grew broader across the bridge, lifting her glasses up as her ears settled down lower.

Her nose also grew longer and flattened at the end as her eyes flashed from brown to green in an instant and adjusted their position on her face. Her eyebrows lightened and lengthened on a widening forehead just as her hair began to rise up shorter and change color from dark brown to auburn.

Christina was in absolute shock, she had just turned into Leslie. “Am I you?” she asked. “I look like you now don’t I?” she said hearing Leslie’s voice roll out of her mouth. “Please tell me what I look like”

Leslie finally found her voice “Yeah…you look exactly like me”

“But how is that possible? Why did this…” she began to say before she cocked her head and looked confused anew.

Christina stared at Leslie a few feet away from her and a thought began to form “Oh No” she said.

“What?! What is it?!” Leslie said before she too realized something was wrong. Her view of Christina was slightly different as she realized that she was looking slightly up into her eyes instead of directly on.

“Oh No” Leslie echoed Christina’s last words as she felt herself begin to shrink. Slowly at first, but it was definitely happening. Leslie was looking directly ahead and staring at Christina’s mouth but not for long as she felt herself steadily begin to drop lower and found herself looking at her chin.

She looked up as she continued to drop down shorter and shorter; her 5’10 height shrinking down to just 5’2”. For the moment she looked even wider than usual but that too began to change as Leslie felt tingling all over her body.

As she had shrunk shorter, her pants had piled over her shoes and her hands had pulled up and into her sleeves. She flapped her hands up and down trying to free her fingers but the wide sleeves kept swallowing them back up.

As Christina had felt an inflating, Leslie now began to feel like she was deflating. Her hips, waist, stomach and ass all began to shift and slide inward. Her upper arms felt tight, like someone was squeezing them as they began to shrink down thinner and smaller.

“Oh God” Leslie said feeling her hips shift and her ass lift up. Her stomach began to pull inward as her waist did as well. Her pants began to feel loose and she slapped at her stomach as it retreated inward.

She gasped as she felt her breasts lose contact with the front of her bra. She could feel them lift up and begin to pull inward on her chest. She was no longer supported by the large bra as they diminished in size and weight and mass.

Leslie put her chin down to her chest and peered down the open collar of her sweater as it continued to get larger and larger on her allowing her a glimpse down the front. Her breasts shrank before her eyes, rising up high and pert on her dwindling chest. She no longer felt any support from the bra or any digging in on her shoulder or beneath her breasts.

Her stomach continued to shrink smaller and she saw her exposed and perky nipples shrink down on small bumpy pink areolas.

Leslie dropped her hands to her sides; her sweater was now huge on her much smaller upper body. Her hips continued to pull in closer and higher on her frame as her ass continued to lose size and mass and her thighs began to thin.

Leslie blushed bright red as her clitoris took off making her knees weak as her skin slid and shifted and her vagina tightened and moved slightly as it became Christina’s.

Her legs trimmed and smoothed out as even her knees pulled in tighter. Her ankles trimmed dramatically as well as her calves as her muscle tone improved and her leg muscles rose up and tightened.

Leslie managed to free one hand to grab ahold of her pants before they dropped and she stared at the foreign looking hand that held on. Her long skinny fingers with pale nails gripped the waistband tightly as even her panties became loose on her and she felt them lose contact with the bottoms of her ass as her cheeks continued to get smaller and rise higher and her upper thighs as those too thinned and trimmed down.

She flexed her toes and couldn’t feel the sides of her shoes. She shifted forward until her now short and stubby toes hit the ends of the flats that were several sizes too large for her now. Her toe nails shrank and became pale as well as her now size 6.5 feet swam in the too large shoes.

Christina stared down at Leslie as she shrank away to nothing beneath the mounting pile of clothes, amazed at how small she was becoming as she gained her former body.  She was shrinking away to nothing it seemed as she watched her glasses pop off her face and disappear.

“Ooo” Leslie said as her glasses vanished and her hands shot upward feeling nothing near her eyes.

Her neck pulled inward and her chin and jawline shifted forward as her whole head appeared to shrink down. Her lips pulled in closer and tighter and her teeth shrank down inside her smaller mouth. The end of her nose upturned slightly as it shrank back both shorter and narrower across the bridge.

Her eyes darkened from green to brown as they shifted wider on her face above sleeker aquiline cheeks. Her eyebrows shortened and thickened as her forehead narrowed and her hairline shifted just before it began to darken from auburn to brown and grow longer. It grew down past her chin and onto her shoulders.

“Uh” Leslie grunted out as she exhaled feeling a bra clamp tight to her chest. She glanced down and saw a black bra strap where it had been white. Then, her shirt shrank and pulled up tight and close to her changing into Christina’s grey blouse. She saw her hands now fully for the first time and saw how thin her arms were in the tight sleeves.

Her small breasts sat up high against the smooth front of the blouse with no gaps between the buttons like had always happened to her whenever she usually wore a button down blouse.

Leslie felt her panties now pull up tight against her legs and ass and even change style and cut along with size and color. Her now huge pants pulled in at the waist and up from the bottoms exposing her bare and skinny calves as she now found herself wearing a knee length black skirt. She felt how tight her skin felt across the backs of her thighs and on her now pert and perky small round ass, encased and showcased by the form fitting skirt.

Finally, she began to rise up slightly taller as her shoes sprouted heels and took her up two and a half inches. The shoes shrank down to snuggly fit her much smaller feet at a size 6.5 and Leslie wiggled her toes as they fit into the closed ends once again.

“What just happened to us?” Leslie said hearing Christina’s lower voice and slower pace come from her.

She slapped at her tight clothes and firm, trim body. She looked up at Christina “You look so big…I’m so small now”

“I feel much bigger” Christina admitted “I’ve never been this big before…it doesn’t feel right to me…I mean, My God…my boobs are huge; they’re so heavy” She took a cautious step backward. It felt to Christina as if everything moved and jiggled: Her hips swayed more “Oh My Lord” she found herself saying.

“I’ve never been much of a heel girl” Leslie admitted lifting up her foot and waggling it back and forth in mid-air “I feel so tiny” she looked up and saw Christina was smiling. “What are you smiling about?” she asked in a mildly annoyed tone of voice.

“I don’t know; I just am” Christina admitted. She looked down at herself and put her hands on her hips. She leaned forward and took in her chest before letting her eyes train down to her stomach, then to her hips and then down her legs “My, my, my” she said shaking her head; her auburn hair brushing her ears and the back of her neck.  She walked over and bent down and picked up the knife off the floor “Can’t let this lie around now can we?” she said rather cheerfully.

Leslie just stared as she watched Christina pick up happily. Her mouth was locked with the corners turned down. She felt cold and she crossed her arms and rubbed them, still confused as to what had just happened to them. “Why did you just do that?” she asked.

“Do what, I alwa…I don’t know” Christina said. “I just had the urge to clean up” she said dropping the knife on the counter and looking back to Leslie while blushing and smiling sheepishly.

“Do you realize what this means? It means we didn’t just switch bodies…we’re switching personalities; minds even” Leslie said. “I’m going to be like you and you’re going to be like me. You’re going to look like me, talk like me, act like me”

“But I don’t want to be like you…I’m not you” she giggled “I mean I look like you now; I’ve got your body and your clothes and my voice changed into yours, but…”

Leslie tapped her heeled foot up and down, arms still crossed “Oh, it’s worse than I thought” she said cynically. “I guess what I said was I wish you could be more like me but this was definitely not what I had in mind”

“And even though I didn’t say it out loud, I thought that you needed to come down some and be more like me” Christina admitted.

“So that’s it; that’s why we switched; I even said you needed to wear more pink and the next thing, bam, you’ve got on my pink sweater”

“Which I proceeded to fill out; along with, the, rest, of, your, clothes” she said slowly looking down at her larger body again.

“I watch you grow bigger and taller and turn into me and then I start to shrink down into you” Leslie concluded. “Now, we have to be more like the other; our bodies and minds demand it”

“So do you think it’s permanent?”  Christina asked “Am I going to be like this for the rest of my life? Am I going to look like this forever?” She was slipping her right foot in and out of the black flat and curling her toes downward and rolling her ankle forward, a nervous habit that Leslie recognized as one of her own.

“I have no idea. I hope it’s only temporary but we can’t be sure of anything right now, I mean, look at us; who would’ve ever thought this was possible. We just switched bodies”
“So if we switched once, maybe we can switch back again” Christina said.

Meredith walked into the room and said “I just wanted to say Thanks Christina for putting this all together for me…it really meant a lot”

“Oh you are so welcome” Christina said with a wide smile “You know it was no big deal but I love to do what I can around here to make it a little bit more fun”

Meredith left as quickly as she came, but Leslie and Christina stared at each other, the mouths agape.

“What has happened to me?” Christina said covering her mouth. She began to walk out of the breakroom and toward her desk. Walking simply felt different in this body; she felt every step in her feet. Her hips and ass swayed, her stomach moved and her breasts wanted to swing but were held tight.

She saw her desk but it no longer looked like hers. The name tag stuck to the outer wall still said Christina Marron but now plants dotted the top of her cabinet and there were happy pictures and saying on the walls of her cubicle.

She eased into her chair and rolled to the computer screen and desk. She opened her bottom drawer and pulled out her purse. She quickly pulled out her driver’s license  and saw her round smiling face looking back at her; green eyes and auburn hair and numbers now stating she was 5’10” and 230lbs. “I may have been lying about my weight” she thought. She suppressed a giggle with the back of her hand.

Christina sat up straight and went back to work on her report wondering what was in store for her immediate future.

Leslie watched her colleague take her old body and leave the breakroom. She looked down at herself once again and thought “I’m so skinny and tiny now…it feels so different…I feel so light”

She started to walk around just to get a feel for her body now. She moved easily in the heels and was actually glad she had them on for the little extra boost it gave her. She also knew it made her legs and ass look better as well.

She had a craving for some coffee, which was something new for her; she never drank it but with this body came a taste and craving for it. She headed to her cubicle to get her mug taking her time as she walked there knowing that she could finish her report before the day was done. She didn’t want any more assignments and if her boss still thought she was working on this one, he would give her some space.

Once at her cube she saw her name tag was the same ‘Leslie Hutchins’ but her cubicle was different; bare and Spartan in appearance with no decorations. An iPod sat next to her keyboard and her purse was beneath the desk.

She too opened up her wallet to take a look at her license: ‘Leslie Hutchins Ht. 5’2” Wt. 105 lbs.’

“Wow…what a diet…I went from 230 to 105…I’m half the woman I was and I’m 8 inches shorter too” Leslie thought looking at the picture of what was now her face.

She ran her hand over her flat stomach and she looked down at what her body had become “I think my boobs were this size for like a week in the 7th grade” she thought looking at her chest before her eyes trained down to her legs “And I’ve never had thighs this skinny…never”

Leslie slipped her right foot out her heel “My God my feet are tiny…delicate…dainty even” She laughed inside her head “I ain’t ever had no dainty feet that’s for damn sure” She picked up the heel and examined the inside to read the size “Shit…six and a half…from a 10 down to this…” she shook her head in disbelief.

“Still…this isn’t really my body” she thought “It’s Christina’s body but now everyone thinks it’s mine and it is me inside of here…I guess I really get to find out who I am now” Leslie thought as she stood up with her coffee mug and walked back down to the break room. She passed by Christina’s cube and she looked up when she went past.

Christina gave a wide smile which Leslie responded with a smaller but genuine smile and nod in return “At least I know where my plants went” she thought.

After filling up her cup, she turned and saw that Kyle was coming in to the room. “Hey Leslie, how are you doing?” he asked as he headed to the water cooler.

Leslie had never struggled for words in her life up until that moment. Her natural gregarious nature was gone and even simple interactions now became difficult for her and she even felt a bit of stress about it. “Um…I’m good, how are you?” she said quietly.

“Doing fine myself” Kyle responded filling up his water bottle “I’ll see you later” he added as he went out.

Leslie stopped dead in her tracks and put her hand up to her chest “I had no idea…I just thought Christina was grouchy…I had no idea she actually felt like this when she has to talk” The painful shyness of Christina’s mind was now front and center in Leslie “I had no idea what she must go through every single day like this…I mean it’s a miracle she even talks at all to me”

She walked back to her desk, her eyes open wider than before but she didn’t stop or even glance at Christina as she went by.

Christina was typing away at her report when she saw her former body scurry past her cubicle. She almost called out but let her go without a word. “What was I ever so afraid of in that body?” she thought to herself. “I just feel so much more confident and outgoing now…it really is a freedom in a way…new body, new mind, and new attitude”

She smiled to herself, her foot taping to a song playing in her mind “Maybe I can talk to Kyle now. Maybe I’ll even ask him out now” she laughed to herself. “I couldn’t even bring myself to talk to him before this happened but now, what do I have to lose”

At noon, Christina felt a rumble in her belly “Ah lunch time” she said as she stood up “Who’s going with me to Murphy’s?” she asked as she walked down the row.

“I’ll go with you” Kyle said from his cubicle.

“Awesome…let’s go…I’ll drive” Christina responded.

Leslie watched them leave as she took out her bottle of water and the bag of pretzels she had.  She exhaled long and deep and sank down in her chair. She stretched her short legs out in front of her and sank down deeper into her chair. She rolled her shoulders and stretched out her back and closed her eyes for a moment.

Once closed she saw the morning play back in her mind. She re-watched Christina grow and change into her and she saw herself shrink and change into Christina; she still couldn’t believe it had actually happened and that she was still functioning like it was normal to be this size and to look like this.

The whole world now accepted her as a small and quiet brunette and Christina as the big loud one that she had been. She already had gotten a glimpse into Christina’s social anxiety but she wondered if Christina had figured out why she was overcompensating and trying so hard to be outgoing now.

Christina opened her car door and almost laughed at how close the seat was to the steering wheel. She quickly grabbed the bar and pulled it back “Got to be able to breathe while I drive” she thought as Kyle piled into the passenger seat.

Christina started talking about the weather and the song on the radio as she pulled out for the quick drive down the street to the restaurant. “Why am I talking so much?” she thought as she drove. Kyle was politely answering and trying to keep up with the onslaught of questions that were coming out of her mouth.

“You’re talking so much because you want to impress him with your awesome personality because you have a deep seated fear that he doesn’t find you physically attractive” popped into her head.  “You’re self-conscious about your looks and your body and the unrealistic standards of beauty that the media puts forth. You know that you meet none of those narrow criteria and now you find yourself over doing it on being friendly and outgoing” she thought.

They pulled in and Kyle got out while Christina sat for a moment longer with her thoughts. “But I like this body” she thought in all honesty “I think I’m cute like this but I understand that after a lifetime of being told that you are not what is a standard beauty…it can make you try other things”

As she walked up and they got a booth, she continued to think back. Different memories filtered in to her mind now. She no longer got asked out in high school and college. She could see a younger version of this body and what it would have been like to go through school as ‘the big girl’. Teasing and getting no attention from boys and even always sensing some disappointment from adults even if they didn’t say anything based solely on looks and appearance. “I had no idea that behind that constantly happy façade was some deep sadness” she realized.

She perked back up and kept the conversation going as they ate lunch but Christina had already gained a totally different perspective about Leslie in just a very short time.
As the afternoon went on, Christina continued to think about where life had placed her now and that she and Leslie actually had more in common than she would have ever thought.
Leslie too continued to think about how similar the two of them were deep down. They both had their share of obstacles to overcome but they had gone about it different ways. Being outgoing or being shy and removed both just hid their own insecurities.

“What if we don’t switch back?” she thought as she wrapped up her work day. “What if I look like this for the rest of my life? Will I ever get used to it…I just feel so different”

She made sure she stopped by Christina’s cubicle before she left.

“So…Um…I guess we go home now” she said unsure.

Christina smiled and stood up. Part of her enjoyed being taller and bigger now than what she used to be even if it did feel foreign to her to be this big, “Yeah, I don’t think anything is going to happen now and we can’t be up each other’s butts waiting for something to happen anyway” she laughed. “However this thing sorts itself out, we’ll be the first to know” she concluded as she grabbed her bright pink purse and threw it up over her shoulder.

“Yeah…I’m just wondering if we actually will switch back” Leslie said quietly.

“I have no idea hun…what I’m wondering is how different my apartment is going to look when I get there” Christina confided.

Leslie smiled a crooked smile “Yeah, there is that too”

“I’ll see you in the morning” Christina said.


“What?” Christina asked knowing how difficult it would now be for Leslie to open up and ask questions.

“So how does it feel inside my body?” she asked.

Christina looked around to make sure no one was nearby. She leaned forward and said “Awesome actually”

“Really??” Leslie said genuinely shocked at the answer “Don’t kid me now”

“I’m not kidding you and I’m not joking” Christina said “Believe me it surprised me too when I said it but I mean it. I genuinely feel good in here. It’s definitely different but enjoyable; I’ve never been tall and I’ve never been big but for some reason, it feels roomy…comfortable.

Leslie smiled.

“How about you? How does it feel in my body?” Christina asked.

Leslie knew that she was now what would be considered attractive in the conventional way “I feel so tiny, I feel safe…I feel; pretty”

Christina cocked her head and smiled “You were always pretty. I think I’m pretty like this”

“You know what I mean though don’t you. I know more about you and you know more about me now and that means you know that I’ve never thought I was pretty in the way the media expects a woman to be pretty” Leslie admitted.

“Yes, I know that but I’ve come to ignore it already. Maybe it’s because this wasn’t my body to begin with, it’s one I’ve been given though now and if it’s mine forever, I’ll make the best of it” Christina said with determination.

“I think we both appreciate our new bodies because they’re new and different but I think we also have come to appreciate our old bodies more now that we no longer have them” Christina continued.

“I’ll see you in the morning…this should be interesting” Leslie said as they walked out together.
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