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Jen ran her hands over a faint scar on her leg “Where’d you get this scar at?”

“Oh…when I was 8 and trying to climb over a fence” Abby responded. “I got my leg hooked on the top; tore my jeans and my Mom was more pissed about that than the fact that I was bleeding”

“All the hours you’ve put into building these legs up” Jen said shaking her head “And now they’re mine”

“Yeah so take care of them…I don’t think you can undo a lifetime in a single weekend” Abby laughed.

“Do you think it’s just getting to see how someone else feels and sees the world that’s so exciting about this?” Jen asked.

“That’s part of it…getting to try out something different; like you getting to be taller” Abby said “Once you stopped growing, you accepted your size, that was it. Now though, you get to see what might have been if you had kept growing; longer legs, bigger chest”

“And you get to see what if you had stopped at 5’3”…shorter legs, smaller chest” Jen agreed.

“When we swapped size, do you think my head got smaller?” Abby asked.

“What?!” Jen replied.

“I mean proportionally….I think my head got smaller, like my entire frame changed to your size”
Abby said. “It doesn’t feel, you know, as big now” Abby’s hands touched the top of her head.

“Now you’ve got me thinking about it” Jen replied as she felt her skull “Is my head bigger?”

“It would make sense if it was” Abby replied.

“I guess you’re right” Jen admitted with a shrug.

Abby got up and smoothed out her shorts and unhooked her useless bra “I take it you know what these look like” she teased.

Jen nodded “All too well”

“I’m going to go shower” Abby announced and went into the bathroom.

Once inside, she closed and locked the door behind her. She jumped toward the mirror in a single bound of joy. Her wide smile portrayed her outright joy at how she looked now “I can’t believe this” she said to the reflection. She grabbed her small breasts and lifted them up “I love these. How did I ever think bigger was better”

Abby pulled down her shorts and underwear and started up the water. She played with her nose again and looked over her bare legs before turning her back to the mirror to look at her ass as well as she could.

The straight on mirror view showed two perky cheeks sitting firm but small.

As she stepped in, she began to lather and rinse off her thighs and legs. She ran her hands all over her different parts “If only we could swap everything” she thought.

Her excitement ran deep and she had to express it. Her hands went to her body and began to work. As the warm water ran off her, her hands worked vigorously bringing her to a climatic ecstasy.

As her body shuddered in pleasure a thought ran through her mind for only a brief fleeting moment “I am Jen”

She got out and wrapped a towel around herself. She came out and found Jen waiting to go in “My turn” Jen said heading into the foggy room.

Abby smirked and headed straight to her room.

Jen was just as excited to be by herself. She had built up a healthy dose of enthusiasm while Abby was in the shower. She had checked out her body as much as she could in the mirror on the wall and with her own eyes. She had rubbed her thighs and breasts, caressed her calves and even squeezed and rubbed her long toes.

“I wish I could stay like this” she thought “Maybe even go a little bit further even”

She stood up and continued “We could make it work…we could look exactly like the other and swap out job duties and knowledge like we swapped out dance moves. I could be Abby and Abby could be me as far as the rest of the world was considered”

Once Abby came out, Jen went in and finding the water still plenty hot, she shed her clothes and jumped right in. Massaging her breasts and seeing them so close to her eyes put her in the mood to explore even more.

Her hands went to work on the only part that was still her own below her waist. It didn’t take long for her to reach her own climax.

She took her time showering and working her new parts over and over again.

By the time she came out, the apartment was quiet; Abby was in her bedroom so Jen took her lead and went to her room as well.

Once there, she spread out on her bed, her legs stretched out long and far apart. Her breasts spread to their natural positions on her chest as she lay flat on her back. She was ready for round two.

Abby was enjoying making herself as small as she could in her bed. She had curled up into a ball, amazed at how little room she took up. She too had completed a second go around and was ready to drift off to sleep. As she dreamt that night, she saw herself not only at Jen’s size, but looking like Jen from head to toe.

Jen too had dreams of being Abby full time and she woke with a smile on her face. The first thought she had was, “I want to go for a run”

She came out of her room though still in her oversized t-shirt, because nothing would fit her now.
Abby was already up though and scrolling through Facebook on her iPad “Hey good looking” she teased.

“Hey sexy” Jen teased back “I want to go for a run but, um…”

“You have no clothes that fit huh” Abby said looking up “Go for it” she motioned towards her room with her eyebrows.

Jen smiled and blushed this time as she went into Abby’s room. She quickly grabbed a pair of underwear and put them on happy that they fit over her ass. She got a pair of tights and sat down on Abby’s bed to work them up her legs.

She took a moment to admire how her legs looked in the form fitting black garment before she pulled out a sports bra of Abby’s. She slid it on and got herself adjusted in it comfortably before she found a bright neon pink running shirt to put over it.

Jen pulled her long brown hair up into a tight bun on top of her head before she grabbed some socks and Abby’s sneakers.

She sat in her chair and put on the socks and tied up her shoes tightly “I’ll be back” she said bounding out of the chair and heading for the door.

“Have fun” Abby replied with a wave “Why did I think that was fun?” she mumbled after the door closed stretching out her short legs.

45 minutes later and Abby hadn’t moved much when Jen came back in panting and sweaty checking her pulse.

“God what a rush…that felt awesome” Jen said as she walked around cooling down.

“Mmm-Hmm” Abby nodded in agreement “Runner’s high”

“You weren’t kidding” Jen said still out of breath “I could never have ran like that before the change”

“Nope, and I can’t run like that now” Abby replied “I’d pass out by the end of the block”

“You enjoying your morning routine?” Jen asked.

“Yes I am…coffee and social media instead of physical exertion…this could definitely grow on me” Abby replied with a smile.

Jen just smiled internally and went to shower.

They went out on Saturday night to a club neither one of them had ever been to before. Both had a blast picking out their outfits from the other’s wardrobe and they had even more fun that night in the club. Jen’s dancing got a lot of attention as she ruled the floor that night.

As Sunday wore on, Jen went for another run which gave her time to think about how she might proceed.

It was nearly nine o’clock when Abby finally sighed and said “As much as I hate it; it’s time”
Jen gave a wry smile in return and slowly nodded “It was fun while it lasted but work tomorrow calls, and hey, we know we could do this again next weekend”

Abby smiled and raised her eyebrows “I was hoping you’d say that”

“Oh God what a relief that you want to do it again” Jen said. “I thought about this the whole time I was running…would you be done with this or…” she smiled “…could this be the start of a new weekend tradition”

“I’m reluctant to give back your parts Jen” Abby replied “In all honesty, I’ve grown quite attached to them” She looked down and lifted her toes up “I’m going to miss seeing your legs when I look down. Not to mention the fact that with your boobs, I can see my feet clearer”

Jen laughed “Yeah, I have to work to see mine”

“No seriously…I’m going to miss your nose too” Abby said. “I’ve gotten used to seeing it”

“Maybe next weekend, we could maybe go a bit farther” Jen said sheepishly.

“What are you thinking?” Abby asked.

Jen sucked it up and put all her cards on the table “I thinking a total physical swap” she looked at Abby to see what her initial reaction might be. When she saw curiosity there and not outright refusal, she was hopeful. “We don’t swap any mental traits next weekend but we swap everything from head to toe physical so we can really feel how it is as the other one”

“Hmmm” Abby said out loud while her mind jumped for joy “Could it be! Could she really want this as bad as I do?!”

Jen looked expectantly at Abby and felt relief as Abby began to smile “Yes”

“Oh awesome!” Jen yelled.

“I can’t believe you want it too” Abby said talking fast “I was thinking it but I didn’t want to bring it up and then when you did, I’m all like, yeah, duh”

“Then we’re on” Jen said “I can’t wait for next weekend!”

They both laughed before Abby said “But first things first: I wish I had back my size, height, weight and parts that I swapped with Jen back”

“And I wish everything was back to the original person too” Jen added in.

Abby let out an “Aw” as she began to grow taller. Her legs were growing longer and more muscled as her feet grew out longer and wider as well. “This doesn’t even feel right anymore” Abby said as her ass and hips spread out and grew larger.

“I know right” Jen replied as she shrunk down shorter than Abby once again. “I really, really like being taller than you”

“And I really, really like being shorter than you” Abby countered as she grew. Her breasts began to mass up to their original size as well as Jen’s shrank away back to 34B.

Jen felt her nose shimmy and change and her desire to dance and run was gone too. She looked down at her small feet and skinnier legs with a pang of sadness “Friday night…” she thought “…it’ll be mine again next Friday night”

They didn’t make it to Friday night…

Constant thoughts followed them all week in their own bodies as they waited for the weekend. They talked about it constantly and dreamed about it while sleeping and awake. By Wednesday night, they both agreed to put in for a vacation day from work for Friday so they could move it up a day to Thursday night.

Abby rushed out of work and to her apartment Thursday afternoon. She got home first and stripped out of her work clothes, kicking her heels into her closet and tossing her pants and top into the laundry. Standing in just her underwear, she badly wanted to surprise Jen when she got in by already being in Jen’s clothes.

“She won’t mind” she thought as she took off her own panties and bra and went into Jen’s room. She got a pair of red shorts and a black t-shirt that had the Stark Direwolf on from Jen’s favorite show. The shirt was tight and the shorts were too but it would be worth it. She jumped on the couch and crossed her ankles and watched the door.

She didn’t have to wait long before Jen came through “Oh My God” she said upon seeing Abby in her clothes “That’s awesome!”

Abby jumped up “I knew you’d like it”

“I do…I definitely do!” Jen said stepping out of her shoes and taking off her coat. She got out of her work clothes in record time and went into Abby’s room coming out in a pair of Abby’s black shorts and a yellow short sleeved running top.

Abby looked at the pair of shoes by the door; tan heels, size 7. She went to them and put her foot in them as best she could, feeling the warmth that was still there from Jen “They’ll fit me again soon” she thought with a smile emerging on her lips.

She was still by the shoes when Jen came out “Soon” she said echoing Abby’s thought. Abby blushed like she had been caught but she didn’t care; becoming Jen for the weekend was all she cared about at that moment.

“So, should we draw this out?” Jen asked.

Abby nodded. “I’ve been so looking forward to this”

“Me too you know…I can’t wait another second” Jen said before she stiffened up “Our drinks!” she yelled and ran to the kitchen “Can’t forget our beers!”

Abby looked at her hands as she opened her beer “Not mine for very much longer” she thought before she said “Haven’t switched hands yet…that’ll be weird”

“Yeah” Jen said spreading out her fingers “I’ll have your bigger hands and long fingers and you’ll have my skinny ones”

“Head to toe right?” Abby said.

“Yep…head to toe; from the top red hair on your head to the tip of your big toenail, I will be you and vice versa”

“Can’t wait” Abby said putting her beer bottle out.

Jen clinked her bottle off Abby’s and they both took a long drink. “To a long weekend” Jen said.

“To a long weekend” Abby echoed.

Jen put her bottle down on the table and stood up straight; feet together with her arms down straight and her hands at her sides with an eager look on her face “Are you ready to start?”

“Yes” Abby said as she put her bottle down “So, so ready”

“So where do we start?” Jen asked.

“Well I assume things like height and weight will take care of themselves as we go if we change everything else”

“Mmm-hmm” Jen agreed “So maybe we start at the bottom and work our way up”

Abby fluffed her hair back and set her feet “Start it off…Abby”

Jen smiled and blushed, a lump developed in her throat “I wish I had Abby’s feet”

And with those words, Jen’s feet began to grow wider and longer. Her big toes flattened and her nails spread out wider. Her other toes grew longer and her feet grew rougher on the heels and bottoms as callouses developed over years of dancing and running became hers. Her nail polish faded and disappeared and she wiggled her toes up and down, drumming them in rhythm.

Abby smiled as she saw Jen’s feet begin to grow but then her own changes took her attention. She leaned over, her hair cascading over her shoulders and hanging down as she watched her feet get smaller and thinner and softer. The soles of her feet felt puffier as her heels came in and her feet narrowed. Her toes shrank and her big toes became rounder with smaller nails that soon darkened with Jen’s black polish.

Abby rose up on the balls of her feet and she slowly lowered her heels back to the ground “My new foundation” she thought.

Jen giggled “Good way to start”

Abby swallowed hard and said “I wish I had Jen’s legs”

Abby began to shrink down as her legs got shorter. They began to trim down and change to Jen’s shape starting at the ankles and working up her calves. Her calves became smaller and thinner and her knees popped out. Her muscled thighs began to trim and soften, rounding off and smoothing out with soft pliable skin.

As Abby shrank, Jen grew. Her legs began to lengthen and muscle up. Her ankles strengthened as did her calves as muscles corded and fortified. Her knees came in but her thighs came out becoming longer and stronger but still very nicely shaped.

“Ha-Ha…I’m already taller than you with these” Jen said now standing an inch taller than Abby
“And things can only go up from here for you” Abby said.

“And down for you” Jen added “Which we both know we both prefer”

Abby nodded.

Jen grabbed her ass “I wish I had Abby’s ass and hips”

Jen’s rear began to plump up and out; more muscle gained in her ass as it rounded and pushed her shorts out. Her hips spread outward as well setting her stance and body.

Abby’s hips came in along with her ass. Her cheeks flattened and changed into perkier but smaller orbs. “As I’m watching this, I’m already thinking that I have no idea how to word what has to come next” Abby confessed.

“Oh…um…yeah…we both know what you mean but how to put it” Jen said picking up her beer and swigging down a good bit of it.

Abby brushed her hair behind her ears and smirked “I…uh…” before she burst out in a fit of giggles.

“Keep it together over there” Jen said but soon found herself laughing too “God, we’re a couple of degenerates”

After a few moments, Abby composed herself and said “I wish I had Jen and I would swap genitalia and become the other completely in that way from the waist down”

“Oh, that’s a nice way of putting it” Jen said as a few auburn colored hairs popped through her skin beneath her clothes.

Abby licked her lips as she began to feel warm.

“Whoa” Jen said as goosebumps broke out over body. She felt herself becoming wet just as she sensed her skin beginning to shift and slide. Her clitoris hummed to life as it moved and changed. “Oh God” she said as her knees buckled.

Abby swallowed and pulled her lips in and bit down on her lower. She brought her knees together and a shudder ran up her spine “Oh” she moaned. Her hairs were gone leaving her shaved as moisture flooded forward to lubricate her skin as it changed. Her clitoris moved, throbbing the whole time.
She felt a deep seated sense that things were changing internally as well.

Jen staggered a step and put her hand on the back of the sofa to steady herself “This is new…this is unlike anything before”

“Oh you’re telling me” Abby responded as the feeling began to depart and fade “that was different”
“That was fucking intense” Jen retorted.

“So now I’m you down there” Abby said pulling out the waistband of her shorts.

“And I’m you downstairs” Jen responded as she too took a peek. “It does look different…fleshier somehow…and you have hair”

“Duh…you’ve seen me out of the shower” Abby responded. Her eyes trained a bit further down “Oh, I have your skin tone now too”

Jen looked down at her legs and noticed that they were paler than before “Must have been that part about being the other completely”

“You’re right…that must have been it” Abby agreed. She put her hands down on her now tan legs and ran them up and down.

Jen smiled a satisfied smile “So where should I go next?”

Abby just shrugged her shoulders still smiling and still blushing.

“I wish I had Abby’s waist and stomach” Jen said. Her waist came out a bit wider accommodating her hips better and while her stomach remained flat, she could tell muscle tone shifted.

Abby felt her stomach soften but it didn’t expand while her waist completed its journey in to match Jen’s hips.

Abby lifted her shirt to expose her stomach, she patted it and ran her finger over her differently shaped belly button. She giggled as she let the shirt drop “I just wish I had Jen’s back and torso”
Jen was a bit surprised at Abby’s wording but realized what she was aiming for as soon as Jen felt her back spread out and lift her higher up “I see what you did there”

“Sorry…just tired of not being my right size yet” Abby responded as she shrunk down feeling her chest and back constrict.

“Yeah…room to move” Jen said rising up taller and taller. “But that means I get the glamour call”
“It’s all yours” Abby said putting her hands out and waving away.

“This is going to be so sweet; I wish that Abby and I switched boobs” Jen said unable to contain her giggling.

“Real mature” Abby mockingly scolded her.

“You’re just much more impressive in that regard” Jen said feeling her chest begin to swell and rise up and out.

“I’m hardly joining the itty bitty titty club here” Abby reassured both of them.

“They fit your body type more appropriately now”

“Size matters not” Abby said as her breasts reduced and pulled inward. Her nipples shrank down along with the flesh around them as her 36D breasts instead turned into 34B’s.

“Come to Mama” Jen said as her breasts grew larger in her hands. She squeezed them and pressed them together and up simultaneously.

“You gonna spend all weekend groping yourself?” Abby asked while laughing.

“Maybe” Jen replied.

Abby looked down at her arms “I wish I had Jen’s arms and shoulders”

Abby’s arms pulled up and trimmed. Jen had surprisingly strong and well-muscled arms full of wiry strength. Her shoulders rounded and her forearms slimmed as darker hair appeared.

Jen’s arms lengthened and filled out; still strong, just different as almost all her arm hairs disappeared.

Jen wasted no time as she said “I wish I had Abby’s hands”

Abby put her hands up and splayed her fingers out. The backs of her hands shrunk down but as she flipped them over, the palms seemed smoother and fuller. Her fingers thinned and shrank down too as every line and wrinkle seemed to flex and vary. Her nails rounded at the ends of her smaller fingers and grew out longer but thick and strong. Dark purple nail polish filled in completing Jen’s look.

Jen held her hands out flat in front of her as they began to grow larger. Her fingers thickened and grew and her thumbs went flatter. Her nails spread out and her polish vanished. She flipped her hands over and looked at her palms as the lines shifted and changed, wavy and unsettled for a moment before they came to rest in Abby’s pattern.

Jen flexed her fingers and balled her hands into fists. The shorter nails no longer poked into her palms but it felt good and right holding them tight.

Abby had tried to make a fist but her long nails now got in the way so she folded her fingers back and took in the sight of them from that angle.

Abby said “I wish I was Jen and she was me from the neck down”

“I won’t count that one” Jen said as she felt her underarms shift slightly and her skin paled while Abby’s darkened.

“My head on your body” Jen said looking over at Abby.

“We look pretty ridiculous at the moment” Abby agreed looking up.

Jen turned to the mirror behind them and Abby quickly followed her lead. They both broke out laughing at the sight.

“So if we swap necks and throats…will that switch out our voices or will that have to be a separate swap?” Jen asked.

“I dunno…try it” Abby said.

“I wish I had Abby’s neck” Jen said.

Jen’s neck thickened and shrank down as she had a rather long thin neck whereas Abby’s was stockier.

As Abby’s neck changed into Jen’s, she smiled, curious to open her mouth “So what do we sound like?” Abby said to disappointment.

“Same voice” Jen said in her own voice “Separate switch”

“Then let’s change that last” Abby said. “It’ll be fun to see myself fully as you but still sounding like me”

“Agree” Jen said.

They stared into the mirror. Abby began to smile which forced Jen to smile, then both began to giggle and laugh. “I can’t believe that’s going to be my face now” Jen said finally.

“I know…that’s what started me smiling” Abby said “I just want to look like you so much now”
“Well it’s your turn” Jen reminded her.

“I know…I just don’t know where to start”

“Well figure it out soon or else I’ll take your turn” Jen teased.

“Alright I’m going” Abby said with a laugh “I…” she paused “I wish I had Jen’s nose”

“Start in the middle then…okay” Jen said as her nose bulged out on top and grew longer at the end “Hello my old friend” she added as she reached up and pressed on her nose “I didn’t forget how this looked”

Abby’s nose thinned at the top but grew wider at the bottom as it became Jen’s nose once more and she smiled at its return.

“Now let’s partner these noses up with some real changes” Jen said eagerly “You know what I want right? I wish Abby and I would swap eyes”

“I knew you’d go for that first” Abby said as her eyes began to darken. They appeared wider on her face, more doe like, as they darkened from her natural light blue to Jen’s dark brown.

“Ha-Ha…always wanted these baby blues for my own…now I have them” Jen said as her eyes narrowed, her eyelashes changed and thinned and her eyes changed to a bright sky blue. She blinked several times before smiling wide.

“Well savor that smile one last time because that’s what I’m aiming for next” Abby told her. “I wish Jen and I had the other’s mouth”

Jen pulled her lips in and watched as her lips became pinker in color as opposed to her darker ones that were more in line with her skin tone. New wrinkles grew out in new places as her mouth went dry for just a moment. When the saliva returned to moisten her mouth, a slightly different taste filtered in as well. Her wider teeth narrowed and shifted in her gums as even fillings changed.

She flicked her tongue against the back of her teeth and knew that it had changed shape as well. She stuck it out to the mirror and tried to pick up on all the differences before she bared her teeth and pulled her lips back letting out a slight “Grr”

Abby smiled as her lips plumped up and tanned up as well. Her teeth too shifted along her gums as they grew wide and white. She stuck out her tongue and angled it down seeing that it was longer as Jen’s. She picked up different tastes as well and even would swear that their apartment smelled different to her now.

With each other’s mouths, noses and eyes, their faces were already looking much different and more like the other than their own.

“We need to swap the rest of our facial structures; I wish we had each other’s cheeks, chins and jawlines” Jen said as her chin began to round, her jaw began to square and her cheeks began to streamline out and back.

Abby’s chin came to a point and her jaw lifted and rounded and her cheeks lifted up to apple like roundness “Getting there…I wish I had your ears and your forehead” Abby said as her ears shrank down and pulled in, especially at the bottoms, where her lower lobes came up and connected directly as Jen’s lobes now dangled down.

Jen’s forehead widened and lifted as Abby’s lowered.

“I wish I had your skin tone all over” Jen said.

Abby quickly followed with “And I wish we swapped eyebrows” as their changes picked up a frantic pace as they neared the end.

Jen went pale as Abby tanned and Abby’s eyebrows thickened and lengthened and darkened to brown.

Jen watched her eyebrows thin and lighten and she smiled at her new face as it completed its journey to her.

Jen smirked Abby’s smirk and said “I wish we switched hair”

Abby’s red hair began to darken and grow, it curled and waved over her shoulders and down over the top of her chest and back.

Jen’s hair lifted and straightened stopping at her shoulder and turning Abby’s shade of red. She ran her fingers through it noting its thinner texture and tucking it behind her ears.

Abby fluffed her hair out noting its thickness and how it curled naturally at the ends into gentle waves that sat at the top of her breasts.

Abby turned from the mirror and looked up with an enthusiastic smile on her lips at her best friend who now looked exactly like her. “You look perfect Jen”

Jen turned and looked down at her now shorter best friend “No, you look perfect”

“I look like I’m supposed to look; how I want to look” Abby responded.

“Me too…me too” Jen added.

“One last thing…I wish we would switch voices” Abby said.

“So that’s it” Jen said and clamped her hand over her mouth at the sound of Abby’s voice coming from her.

“Ah!” Abby responded “It worked” Abby said with Jen’s slightly higher voice. Jen originally came from Virginia so there was a trace of a southern accent now in Abby’s voice. “That’s my voice and my accent now” Abby said.

Jen smiled “It’s all yours” in Abby’s flatter and deeper voice.

“Have you been thinking about what you want to do this weekend?” Abby asked.

“Yeah…but it might surprise you that it’s mostly mundane things” Jen replied.

Abby just smiled. Their eyes met.

“I know we said this was just for this weekend, but I think we’re both thinking about maybe making it last longer” Jen admitted.

Abby gave a wry smile, crossed her arms and looked down to the floor.

“At least I hope you’re thinking it too” Jen said blushing for fear that it was only her.

Abby nodded and rubbed her right big toe into the carpet “I am and have been thinking about it” Abby admitted looking up “I didn’t want to say anything until Sunday”

“No…we should probably talk about it now” Jen said taking a seat on the sofa while Abby took the chair.

“I know we said no mental changes and I don’t think we should change anything too drastic, but it did cross my mind that maybe we could switch out education and work skills and people recognition and then we could go to work as each other and really see the others life” Abby said.

Jen smiled “I was thinking the same thing too…making it more realistic…going deeper into your life…your world. It’s one thing to see it with your eyes, but to really get to experience it. To have the rest of the world think that I’m Abby not just you…” Jen shrugged.

“Do you want to do it now?” Abby asked “Switch some of our mental qualities?”

“We might as well…but we have to be really careful to not go too far” Jen cautioned.  Jen was a research chemist for a pharmaceutical company and was very proud of her mind; giving up her body was intoxicating and exciting; giving up her mind was a bit scary.

Abby looked at her friend, she knew Jen had a brilliant mind. Abby wasn’t dumb by any means, but as an English teacher and aspiring writer, Abby was intelligent in a very different way.

“Before we start, I just want you to know that I trust you” Jen said.

“Aw” Abby replied.

“I wouldn’t do anything like this with someone that I didn’t trust with my life”

A tear came to Abby’s eye “I know…I trust you too”

“Okay” Jen said and took a deep breath “I wish I had Abby’s education background instead of my own”
Chemistry and biology was quickly replaced by writing and novels and grammar.  “I wish Abby had my education and I wish I had Abby’s job knowledge and passion and that she had mine”

Names and faces of students and colleagues came forth along with lesson plans but more importantly,
Creativity flowed through Jen; ideas for stories and plots of novels excited her now.

Abby clutched her temples as chemical equations and compounds came to her. Her thinking became more linear and analytical. She knew the projects she was working on and what was required of her as well as her co-workers as well.

Their eyes met again, they were deeper than ever into the others life. “I wish Jen could dance and run like I could in that body and I wish I knew all those stupid little trivial facts that her mind seems to retain”

Jen smirked but nodded and mouthed “Thank You” as Abby passed on special attributes to her.

Abby stood up “I really feel like Jennifer Regina Sembello now”

“And I really feel like Abigail Elizabeth Williams” Jen said putting her hands on her hips.
“The nights still young…you want to go out?” Jen asked.

“You want to dance?” Abby said “I think we could”

Jen rushed towards Abby’s room while Abby headed for Jen’s: Both knew exactly what she wanted to wear.

Jen did her hair and makeup and came out in a black dress and strappy black heels to find Abby waiting in a skintight royal blue dress and nude heels, her hair teased out and her makeup ready to go.

Once at the club, Jen headed straight to the dance floor to show off her moves and her body, flirting with every guy in range.

Abby watched from a distance, sitting at the bar, her legs crossed, her right heel dangling off her foot.


Abby heard the male voice next to her but had missed seeing anyone walk up to her. She spun and tried not to look shocked or desperate, but the guy standing next to her was gorgeous and everything that she found attractive.

He was tall with short brown hair, piercing blue eyes and a strong chin and jaw. He was well built and well dressed. “Hi” she managed to say with a smile.

“I couldn’t help noticing you sitting over here by yourself; would you mind if I joined you?”

“Not at all” Abby replied.

“My name’s Matt” he said taking the seat next to her.

“Jen” Abby replied and put her hand out.

“Nice to meet you Jen” Matt replied taking her hand. “What brings you out tonight?”

“I’m here with my friend; see the redhead out there with the dance moves?”

“Yeah…she can definitely dance” Matt replied.

“Yes she can” Abby replied while thinking “Thanks to me”

“I can’t dance myself” Matt laughed.

“Me either…put on a trivia contest and I’ll be fine but keep me away from the dance floor”

“You a trivia buff?” Matt asked.

“Totally…I’m a big nerd” Abby said.

“Love it” Matt said. “What are your favorite topics?”

“Movies…music…Sci-Fi kind of stuff” Abby said before the two of them began a discussion that would last the next three hours.

On the dance floor, Jen never wanted to stop but she would at times sneak off to get a drink and take a song off. She tried to get Abby’s attention the first couple of times she came over but struck out every single time; Abby was enthralled and deep in conversation.

Jen did notice a guy dancing closer to her after a while. He was good and he was good looking.
Eventually, they paired up and danced with each other before breaking off.

“What’s your name?” Jen asked.

“I’m Greg”

“Abby” Jen replied “Nice to meet you”

Greg walked her over to a table and bought her a drink and they began their own conversation.
Usually, Jen wouldn’t be interested in a guy who was a musician and songwriter, but Abby’s more creative side was exerting itself and she allowed it to run wild.

She was relieved to find out that he had a real job though as part of her own practicality still shone through. Jen wasn’t sure though if it was her or Abby that was attracted to Greg but deep down, she didn’t care.

Both women came away from the night with phone numbers.

They met back up at Jen’s car, both with smiles on their faces. “Well, that went well for you” Jen said to Abby, who came up carrying her nude heels in her hand.

Abby smiled a smile that Jen recognized all too well “You looked like you were having fun too”

Jen blushed, unable to hide it anymore with her now pale skin. “Let’s just enjoy this…no complications this soon please”

Abby nodded but both would be texting with the guy they met within the next few hours.

Abby went straight to bed in Jen’s room. They had agreed that swapping rooms would just be easier while they were the other for the duration of this swap.

She woke up on Friday morning a bit hungover and disoriented, her first thought was “Brown hair…holy shit oh yeah!” She sat up smiling and playing with said hair between her fingers.

Her small breasts shifted as she sat up and she tossed aside the covers. She scrambled back and spread her legs out, knees apart, feet together. “I’m so happy in this body…I love looking like this” she thought.

Abby made her way out of her room and saw the place was still and quiet; Jen was still sleeping. She made her way to the shower where she decided to explore again in this body.

There was no way she was going to let the opportunity to see what another woman’s orgasm felt like pass by. She stood in the shower and using her new hands and fingers, explored Jen’s vagina and clitoris.

The thought alone of what she was getting to do made her come very quick and it was incredibly intense; so much so that she had to sit down on the tub floor while she recuperated.  

Abby had a wicked smile on her lips as she stood naked before the mirror. She brushed out the long flowing brown hair, happy with just how long it was when wet and straight. Just a slight arch of her back got the bottom of her hair to her waist in the back.

Abby took in all the subtle differences that day; from using Jen’s toothbrush to how it even felt to brush her teeth. Everything tasted slightly different than how she remembered it; smells were different and even a slight chance in the color of objects around the house.

Jen slept in and eventually staggered out of her room. She was smiling too as she emerged “Good Morning gorgeous” she said to Abby.

“Hey Sexy” Abby replied seeing her old body. Jen’s red hair was a mess; it stood up in places and was matted down in others. “Having pale skin really shows the blotches” she said looking in the mirror over the sofa at herself.

“Those will calm down as you get up and move around” Abby replied.

Jen pressed her cheeks and squished them around. She turned to the side and stuck out her chest with a laugh “Doesn’t get old” she said padding barefoot into the kitchen. “I know you never do, but would you mind if I painted my nails” Jen called out.

“Do whatever…it’s your body” Abby replied.

Jen smiled “Yeah it is”

Abby was getting texts from Matt that she was replying to discreetly. It was fun replying to all the texts that were addressed to Jen and she found herself thinking of herself as Jen more and more as the day went on. “I should be Jen” she thought.

The original Jen made her way through a lazy day texting Greg just as happily and on the down low as Abby was doing. Once again, their thoughts and desires were running parallel as Jen thought of herself more and more as being the rightful Abby now.

As the weekend wore on, their thoughts would only intensify and a full week of work as the other would bring only thoughts of dread when thinking about having to swap back. Jen was happier as Abby, and Abby was happier as Jen.

By the end of their first week as the other, they knew they had to talk about the future.

“Hey” Jen said.

“Hey…what’s up?” Abby replied.

“I guess I should mention that it’s been a week now and we should talk about what we’re going to do now” Jen said.

“I know that look” Abby said “You can’t hide anything from me using the face I grew up with”

Jen shook her head “I guess not”

“You don’t want to change back” Abby said.

“No” Jen replied.

“Good, because neither do I” Abby admitted.

“I was hoping that was what you were going to say” Jen said relieved.

“I really, really like being Jen” Abby confessed.

“And I really like being Abby” Jen said.

“Do you think you’re going to get tired of it” Abby asked.

“No” she shook her head “I don’t think I will” Jen responded.

“Neither do I” Abby said. “I feel like this is how I’m supposed to look like, who I’m supposed to be and you’re who you’re supposed to be too”

“So are you saying that we should maybe stay like this” Jen said.

“Are you?” Abby retorted.

Jen nodded “Nothing would make me happier than staying like this for good”

“Me too” Abby said. She got up and went into the kitchen, smiling all the while. She came back with the last two Transfer beers that they had. She sat down and wrote out something on a piece of scrap paper.

“On the count of three, we both say this at the same time okay”

Jen read it and nodded. Tears were flowing out of her.

“Drink first” Abby said.

They both picked up a bottle and drained at least half of it “One, two, three” Abby said.

“I wish we could stay like this forever” they said in unison then drank down the rest of their beers.

“I don’t feel any different” Abby admitted.

“I do” Jen said “I feel like the weight of the world is off my shoulders now”
njg12 Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2018
I have a fan theory about this. When they both said they dreamed about becoming the other, they literally did. 100% even memories. And their transformation into each other was the results of their souls or something making them want to go back to what the “should be”
applepye234 Featured By Owner May 4, 2016
Amazing work! I'm so excited when i see you post!
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