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“You made it! Awesome…weekend can begin!” Abby Williams yelled above the noise to her friend Jen Sembello.

“Yeah…traffic was awful and my boss wouldn’t let me go even a second early” Jen replied flipping her long dark brown hair back off her shoulders. “Just glad I made it in time for the trivia contest”

“Yeah, yeah…rub it in…” Abby said rolling her eyes.

“Champion three weeks running” Jen said nodding slowly. “Look at ‘em all shaking in their boots now that I’m here” she laughed looking around the room.

“Oh yeah…you’re so scary” Abby said nodding to the waitress to bring them both beers.

The waitress came over “Hey…we’ve got a new supplier and we’d like you to try it out and let us know if it’s any good”

“Sure…never hurts to try something new” Abby said with a shrug.

“Yeah…that’s fine” Jen replied settling into her seat and turning toward the screen for her game to begin.

The first question came up ‘This #1 song was released on July 4 1969 in the UK and a week later in the US’ Jen hit B-Honkey Tonk Woman and saw she was the first with the correct answer.

“Ha-Ha” Jen laughed and wiggled in her seat.

Their beers arrived and Jen took a long sip off hers as the second question popped up ‘This Giants outfielder finished his career with 660 Home runs’ Jen hit D-Willie Mays almost yawning at the ease of the questions.

Abby looked at the label of the beers that had been brought over; it was a local microbrew called Transfer with a logo of two swirling arrows “Hmmm, not bad” she said taking a second drink.

Jen was on a roll, answering every question in the first round. There was a short break before round 2 began and Jen drained her beer as the computer reset.

“I wish I had your trivial knowledge” Abby said finishing off hers as well.

Jen just smiled as the second round began ‘This won Best Picture for 1961’

Jen’s mind went blank; she couldn’t think of the answer. She furrowed her brow as the seconds passed by “Think” she told herself and waved her hands up and down.

“It’s The Apartment” Abby said flippantly.

Jen pressed the answer but was the slowest to get it right “Wow…my mind went blank there for a second…weird” she laughed nervously shaking her head.

Abby’s favorite song came on “Oh…I love this song…I’m going to go dance” she said standing up and smoothing out her skirt.

“Ok…whatever” Jen said running her fingers through her hair.

“You look stressed; why don’t you forget that stupid trivia game and come dance with me…it’ll be fun” Abby said taking Jen by the upper arm.

Jen was stressed; she had just failed to answer Tommy Tutone as the singer of 867-5309 and she didn’t understand why “These questions have always been so easy for me…why am I having such a hard time with it today?”

The two women began to move and dance; Abby had trained for years in dance and moved effortlessly on the floor while Jen bopped up and down to the beat but not much more. “I wish I could dance like you” she said as the song ended and they made their way back to their table.

Abby stumbled briefly as they left the floor, her right ankle buckled slightly in her black heels “Whoa!” she said catching herself. Her long red hair was braided and hung over her right shoulder, but it flew around as a moment of clumsiness washed over the usually graceful Abby.

They made their way back to the table “So how were the beers?” the waitress asked.

“Good” Abby replied.

“Yeah…I liked mine” Jen added.

The waitress smiled and gave them two more. “On the house…for being our Guinea Pigs” she laughed.

“I’ll take a free beer no matter what you call me” Abby laughed.

Jen ignored the trivia contest and sang along with the music as she worked on her beer. Her hips swayed under the table and her feet tapped the ground. Her shoulders got into the act and she tilted her head and neck as she danced away while remaining seated.

Abby just laughed; she felt no desire to move along at all suddenly.

She did however scan the room “Oooo…cute guy 9 o’clock” she said tapping Jen on the shoulder.

Jen stopped her dancing and discreetly turned to look. The right side of her mouth went up “Nah…don’t think so”

“Really?” Abby replied.

“I wish I saw what you did…just not happening for me” Jen said. She glanced back over and this time her heart leapt up into her throat “Wow” she realized “… on second thought…he is cute”

Abby looked up and now said “Ew…not my type at all…what was I thinking?”

After their third beers, Jen decided to call it a night “I’m done”

“You are such a party pooper” Abby told her.

“I just can’t party all night like you Abs” Jen replied.

“I wish you could…I wish you’d stay out with me just a little longer” Abby said.

Jen cocked her head “Oh alright…what’s it hurt to stay out a little longer”

Abby smiled but then thought to herself “Now why did I do that…I’m tired…I wouldn’t mind going home actually” She bucked up though for her friend’s sake and ordered them another round.

They had stuck with the new beers throughout the night “These things really grow on you” Jen said hoisting hers up.

Abby clinked hers off the neck of Jen’s bottle and said a simple “Cheers”

Another song came on and Jen jumped out of her seat and started to dance like she had never danced before.

“Wow…where’d you get those moves Jen?” Abby said watching her friend move.

“I have no idea Abby; this is usually your department but I just felt it deep inside me to dance” Jen yelled while continuing to let her body go.

A few guys nearby watched Jen closely and she noticed it too. She gave one a sly smile and ground her hips and dipped down to the floor, touched it, and slowly rose back up shaking her ass under her skirt for the crowd.

“Whoo!” Abby yelled enthusiastically. She bopped up and down and was slightly puzzled by her decision to not join in. She had danced her whole life but at that moment, she didn’t feel the urge to dance at all.

“That beer gave you some serious confidence and moves” Abby concluded.

Jen just laughed “Yeah…I guess so” she said panting a bit “I had no idea I had that in me”

After a few more minutes it was Abby who brought up the subject of heading home.

“Aww, why can’t you stay out longer tonight? Can’t keep up with me?” Jen teased.

“I guess not” Abby said.

“Alright…we can go” Jen said in a mocking Mom sounding voice.

Abby and Jen were roommates; they were headed in the same direction but each had their own car.

Jen danced as she drove to every song on the radio while Abby found herself singing along to everyone in her car; she knew all the lyrics, artists, and the years the songs were released.
Abby got in first while Jen came in seconds later.

Abby kicked off her black heels; she spread out her toes and wiggled them in sweet relief. “Ahh” she sighed and let her shoulders slump. She undid her braid as she walked through the living room to the kitchen. She got out a bottle of water and chugged half of it down.

Jen came in and took off her heels as well. “I could have danced all night” she said taking off the light jacket she had on and plopping down in a chair. She put her feet up on the coffee table and slumped down giggling.

“I don’t know what got into you tonight dancing queen” Abby said coming in and spreading out on the couch. Her long legs stretched and her feet rested against the opposite armrest. Abby was 5’9” while Jen was just 5’3”

Abby fluffed out her red hair and rubbed her sky blue eyes “Too many beers tonight” she moaned drinking some more water.

Jen’s mind was working as she sat. She looked over at Abby and thought “Usually it’s me that’s complaining after four beers…I sucked at the trivia competition tonight but I danced like I’ve never danced before…”

“Hey Abby” Jen said.


“Do you think tonight was kind of weird?” Jen asked.

“How so?” Abby replied.

“Well, think about it…I’m partying and dancing while you’re hanging back and wanting to leave” Jen said.

Abby met Jen’s eyes “What are you getting at? I just wasn’t feeling good I guess”

Jen smirked “I’m sure it’s nothing” but she couldn’t shake an odd feeling inside.

After a few minutes she brought it up again. “I mean, it’s like our personalities flipped or something”

“Are you still talking about tonight?” Abby said.

“Yes I am” Jen said sitting up “It’s weird; I’ve never danced like that but it still felt so natural to me”

Abby closed her eyes. She thought about her dancing training. She pictured the dance studio she went to as a little girl, and found that she couldn’t see it at all.

A concerned look crossed her face as she lay still “Why can’t I remember such an important part of my past?” she thought.

Abby concentrated and when nothing came, a bit of fear and panic set into her chest and head.

“What are you doing?” Jen asked lightly as Abby stood up, a serious look on her face.

“Trying to dance” Abby said seriously. She stood and tried to remember anything about ballet or tap or jazz or even hip hop; all of which she had taken classes in: Nothing was there.

Jen looked on with concern as Abby said “Shit”

“What?” Jen said standing up now too.

“I can’t remember how to dance…its gone” Abby began to cry “How can I not remember how to dance?”

Jen came over to hug her friend and when she closed her eyes, she saw a large room with wood floors and mirrors along an entire wall. A bar ran the length of the room.

Jen stepped back a bit shocked as she realized “I know how to dance” she said out loud softly.
“What?” Abby said backing up.

Jen did a pirouette and stood on her toes. She did pose after pose before going into a tap routine.
“How are you doing that?” Abby said amazed.

“I have no idea” Jen said a bit frightened. “I just know”  

“Okay…I’m officially freaking out” Abby said stepping further away and putting her hands out. The lyrics to the song All She Wants to do is Dance popped into Abby’s head along with the fact it was performed by Don Henley from his solo album Building the Perfect Beast and was released in March 1985. “Why do I know that?” she asked herself.

Jen stopped dancing and had a shocked look on her face “What’s going on?”

“I don’t know Jen, it’s like part of our…our brains switched” Abby said “But it correlates out greater than that; you have not only my ability to dance, you have my knowledge of it too. Your muscles have changed…they must have for you to stand up on your toes like you did”

Jen rose up again on her toes “You’re right…I never could do that!”

“Do you realize the possibilities of this?!” Abby said. “I just wonder…” she bit her lip “I wish I knew how to dance again”

Memories that had been gone or bottled up flooded through and she was once again able to dance. She moved around the floor effortlessly as Jen stood with her mouth agape.

Jen tried to have command of her body and feet like she had mere seconds ago, but found it had left her until she said “I wish I could dance like Abby again” and began to twirl and spin with reckless abandon.

“Holy Shit Abby” Jen said as she stopped. “We have the ability to swap skills back and forth with each other…how did this even happen”

“I don’t know” Abby said, a thought and itch forming in her brain. A deep curiosity began to bubble up and a look across to Jen, who was also deep in thought made her say out loud what she was thinking.

“Do you think we have the ability to swap; you know…” Abby said.

Jen smirked slightly. She nodded and narrowed her eyes “Are you thinking that same thing I’m thinking?”

“I think so” Abby confirmed. “I wonder if we can swap out physical things too”

Jen smiled and pursed her lips up “What do you want to try out first?”

Abby smile broadened slightly at the thought, the possibility, of being able to switch and swap out anything and everything with her friend. She giggled “I don’t know…what do you want to start with?”

“Hmnm…if it were up to me” she looked up and down taking a vast inventory “I’d start with our eyes”
“My eyes!” Abby said.

“Oh come on…bat your baby blues at me all you want…how’d you like to see them from the other side?” Jen said.

“All right fine…I get to pick next though” Abby said.

A smile crossed Jen’s lips, a warmth spread throughout her body at the prospect before she rushed out “I wish I had Abby’s eyes”

Jen saw shock appear in Abby’s face. Her mouth dropped and her eyes widened. As they were wide open, she could see them darkening from blue to brown; her color of brown.

“Oh…My…God…” Abby said slowly. Her hands reached out towards Jen’s face “Your eyes…they’re light blue…”

Jen laughed and ran to the bathroom mirror “HA-HA…I’ve got your eyes!” She spun around and motioned for Abby to join her “You need to see yours too”

Abby walked slowly as if dragged along by gravity alone. “AH!” she screamed and pulled at her cheeks and her bottom eyelids. “I’ve got your eyes in return!” Abby looked down into Jen’s bright blue eyes. “I’ve got your eyes and you’ve got mine”

Jen nodded. “Obviously if one of us wishes for something, it automatically flips it out with our own…we both can’t have the same thing at the same time”

“This is so weird” Abby said. “But so fascinating too”

“I know” Jen admitted. “So what next?” Jen added practically bouncing up and down with excitement.
Abby smirked “I wish I had Jen’s hair”

Jen’s jaw dropped and a slight “Uh” escaped her mouth. Her hair was a long luxurious flowing mane for chestnut brown hair going down to the middle of her back. “Whatever…it’ll be fun to be a redhead anyway”
Abby’s hair began to darken and thicken and grow long. It curled down over her shoulders to the top of her breasts and she could feel it moves like tendrils down over her back “HA-HA” she returned pointing at Jen.

Jen looked down as her hair pulled up closer to shoulder level. It thinned and lightened to Abby’s shade of light red. She gave it a firm tug “Ow…it’s real”

“Of course it’s real” Abby said with a look of satisfaction on her face. She was bouncing her hair up and down and running her fingers through it “It’s so soft”

“Wow…I can even smell your shampoo in it” Jen said sniffing the strands. “Smells like a bar too”

“So does yours” Abby said laughing.

“I’m aiming higher…literally higher” Jen said.

“Oh No…no, no, no…” Abby said.

“I’m tired of having to look up to you…it’s your turn to be the shrimp. I wish I was as tall as Abby” Jen said with a definitive nod.

Abby began to shrink down as Jen began to grow. Jen’s legs grew longer as her back and torso lengthened too.

“Oh my God Jen!” Abby said as she looked down and watched her feet and the ground get closer. She looked back up at her smirking friend as their heights even up.

“Oh yeah…this is going to be sweet” Jen said feeling herself getting taller by the second. ”Bye-Bye” she said with a little wave as Jen became taller than Abby. “This is so freakin cool!” she said as their height gap spread out.

“How is this even happening?!” Abby said as she shrank down from 5’9” to just 5’3” She was below Jen’s nose now and looking up at her. She took stock of her legs. They were still hers, she saw the same familiar birth marks and mole on her inner thigh, but yet they looked different being shorter.

“This is cool” Jen said doing a little happy dance. “I can’t believe I’m the tall one now” She put her hands on Abby’s shoulders and looked down into her brown eyes with an intense smile on her lips and in her eyes.

Abby flipped her hands off and said “You know what I want? I wish I was tan like Jen”

Jen’s smile faded and her mouth dropped open again. She put her arms out and saw the color drain out of them.

Abby was quite pale, befitting her red hair and blue eyes “I think it goes better with your hair and eyes and you’ll look more natural with my paleness”

“Ah man…” Jen said looking down as her legs went from tan to very white “I could blind someone with theses pasty legs” she joked.

“All yours now Gigantor” Abby said. “Take my height and I’ll take your tan” Abby’s exposed legs darkened up to a creamy bronzed tone. The tops of her feet and the backs of her hands darkened. She rubbed her cheeks and stepped back toward the mirror “Oh yeah…that’s what I’m talking about”

They looked each other over up and down “Ok…let’s take a little break” Jen said walking back to the living room.

Abby followed and they both went back to where they had been sitting. But as Abby stretched out on the couch, her feet no longer reached the far side arm rest while Jen had to sit higher in the chair to keep her feet in the middle of the coffee table.

“God…look at us Abby” Jen said.

“This is so amazing and freaky at the same time” Abby admitted.

“Maybe it’s time to hit the reset button you know” Jen said.

Abby nodded “I wish I had my body back to the way it was”

Jen quickly nodded and sighed as her hair began to grow out long and brown. Her eyes returned to brown and her skin tanned back up. She adjusted herself in her seat as she shrank back down to her original height.

Abby’s hair pulled up and lightened to red as her eyes flashed blue and her skin returned to its natural pale tone. Her legs grew longer as she returned to being the taller of the two.

They looked at each other “Everything good now?” Jen said patting herself.

“I think so…yeah” Abby laughed.

“Maybe it was the beer” Jen said standing up.

“I think I need to just go to bed” Abby said standing up as well.

“Me too…goodnight” Jen said heading to her room.

“Goodnight” Abby said. After Jen closed her door, Abby shivered slightly and rubbed her arms. She went into her room but sleep was very slow in coming.

Abby crawled under her covers, but once there, her mind continued to run and her eyes refused to shut “What just happened to us tonight” she thought “This isn’t right”

She tossed and turned “Will we still be able to do this tomorrow…or was it a one-time thing?”

When she did sleep, she woke back up suddenly: She dreamed that she looked entirely like Jen.

Abby sat up and heard movement in the kitchen. It was only 6 AM. She had slept for only 4 hours but obviously Jen was already up too.

Abby got up and stretched. She went out and Jen smiled over her shoulder as she came out “Couldn’t sleep either huh?” she said.

“No” Abby replied shaking her head.

“My mind wouldn’t stop” Jen confessed. “I kept waking up every hour…finally I had to pee and said screw it…I’m up”

Jen had her hair pulled back in a ponytail, she was wearing just a long t-shirt and underwear. Her coffee was done brewing and as she took her mug out, Abby slid hers onto the Keurig to start her own.

“That was so trippy last night” Abby said.

“I’m sure that’s what kept us both up last night” Jen said.

“I agree…it was the last thing I remember last night and the first thing on my mind this morning”

“How could it not be” Jen said. “I mean…we switched parts of our bodies and minds last night”

“It was real…it wasn’t just a weird dream” Abby said.

“No; but I did dream I was you last night” Jen confessed.

Abby gasped “Holy shit…I dreamed I was you last night”

“No way” Jen said “Like, completely and totally me?”

Abby nodded.

“Cause that’s what I dreamed about too; I was you completely” Jen told her friend.

They looked at each other silently.

They didn’t talk much as the morning went on. Abby went for a run and Jen got on her phone and scrolled through all her usual spots on social media.

Jen showered and cleaned up before Abby got back. She was sweaty and hot and headed straight to the shower once she got back to their place. Neither said nor even thought about wishing they had something from the other.

At around noon, Jen got up and went to the fridge “God…nothing to eat” she turned “I’m going to the grocery store”

Abby just smiled wanly and waved “I’m good” she replied.

“Yeah…everything in there is yours” Jen said sitting down to put on a pair of sneakers. “I’ll be back”

Jen wandered the aisles picking out stuff at the store. The last aisle was the beer lane and she wasn’t intending to pick up anything but then a label caught her eye. “Transfer…that’s what we were drinking last night…was that what caused it?” she thought.

After a moment of looking at it, a gut feeling told her to get it, so she put it in her cart.

When she got back, she put her groceries away and put the beer in the fridge without a word.

Abby was working on her laptop when she noticed Jen looking at her “What?” she asked.

“Nothing” Jen said “Just still thinking about last night I guess”

Abby closed her computer and smiled “Me too. I can’t get it out of my head”

Jen sighed “Good, I thought it was just me”

“Nope…I can’t stop thinking about it” Abby acknowledged.

“Part of me wants to do it again but another part of me is afraid to” Jen confessed.

“Oh I know right” Abby said quickly.

“It was…surreal” Jen said “How could I possibly…or I mean, we possibly start swapping out parts of our bodies and minds with the other?”

Abby shook her head “I don’t know”

Days passed with the two friends talking about everything except Friday night.

Every time Abby would open her mouth, Jen wanted her to bring it back up but she never did. And Jen never brought it up either even though deep down inside, Abby was yearning for a chance to talk about it.

Friday night came around and Abby went home instead of going out, once inside, she found Jen sitting in her favorite chair, her legs crossed “What’s up?” Abby said coming inside.

Jen smiled “I have a confession to make and I have to get this off my chest”

“What is it?” Abby asked, stepping out of her shoes.

“Not talking about what happened to us last weekend is killing me” Jen said.

Abby began to smile and then broke out laughing “Oh Thank God”

Jen perked up at Abby’s reaction.

“That is such a relief to hear you say that Jen…I’ve been dying to talk to you about it but I was afraid to bring it up…I thought you didn’t want to talk about it ever again” Abby confessed.

“Oh God No; I’ve been thinking about it constantly” Jen laughed “I thought it was you that didn’t want to bring it up again”

“Initially maybe…I was a bit freaked out but as the week went on, I can’t stop thinking about it”
“So are you saying you…?” Jen said hesitantly.

“…try it out again this weekend” Abby replied enthusiastically nodding her head.

Jen squealed with delight and bounced her legs up and down “Oh Thank You, Thank You, Thank You”

“Don’t Thank me…I should be thanking you” Abby replied.

“What did you like the best last weekend?” Jen asked.

“You’re going to think this is absolutely nuts but…” Abby began

Jen just nodded intently.

Abby began to blush; it showed easily with her light complexion “…but I really liked being short”

Jen’s jaw dropped “Shut up!” she said. “You’re right; you are nuts”

“See I told you you’d say that” Abby laughed.

“You want my height…you can have it all day long” Jen laughed. “I would love to be your height all the time”

“Well…if you want to start trading things out again…maybe legs would be a place to start” Abby blushed even harder.

“You have the legs of a runner and a dancer, and you want my legs in return?” Jen asked incredulously.

Abby nodded.

“Wait!” Jen said hopping up and running to the kitchen.

Abby laughed and clapped when she saw what she had in her hands “Transfer beer! Wooo!”

Jen cracked them open and put hers to her lips “Cheers” she said and took a long drink.

“Cheers” Abby returned and drank some of her own.

“Alright” Jen said rubbing her hands together “You start us off if you really want to swap legs with me” She was wearing a pair of gray shorts. She stuck her legs out straight in front of her lifting her feet up off the ground. She put her ankles together and pointed her toes “All yours if you want them” she said in a sing song voice as she started to wiggle her feet up and down.

Abby could hear the faint swish sound of Jen’s feet rubbing against each other
A feeling of unexplainable warmth grew out from Abby’s stomach. The thought of having Jen’s legs all of a sudden was so intoxicating and thrilling to her that it made her tingle.

Abby suppressed her vibrant smile and got a serious look on her face as she said “I wish I had Jen’s legs and feet…from the tips of her toes all the way up” she said stringing the word all out several seconds.

“Is that a dig on my height?” Jen laughed.

“Not at all” Abby responded. She had on a skirt that stopped just above her knees from work and she stood looking down at her bare feet.

Seconds passed like hours and Abby got a sudden fearful pang that it wasn’t going to work but just as quickly as that moment of panic set it, a sense of euphoria spread over her. Abby began to shrink.

Her laugh rang out as her legs began to change and reshape themselves before her very eyes. She squealed now and clutched her arms up close to her chest. Inches disappeared as her legs got more compact and she grabbed the bottom of her skirt as it began to slide down over her knees. She hiked it up high so she could see her thighs change. Muscles shrank; her thighs were thick from her years of dance and running and now they slimmed and narrowed and softened as they changed into Jen’s.

Her knobby knees smoothed and her calf muscles trimmed and loosened “Oh….Ah…this is so awesome; it feels kind of tingly” Abby said.

Jen stood up as she felt her own body react. She had held her legs out straight and tried to hold on as she felt her muscles tighten and solidify. Her thighs felt denser, tighter and harder as they grew longer. “I’m getting taller again” she said as she stood.

Abby gave no indication that she heard her so Jen just watched her legs change into long muscled and firm legs. “I feel so strong…so tall” she thought noticing how much further away the floor looked to her already. “Already making a difference” she mumbled. She was leaning forward and her hair kept floating and fluttering into her face.

She grabbed it and threw it back over her shoulders as she watched her ankles strengthen before the changes reached her feet.

Abby crouched down to get a close up look at her feet as they changed. She was simply fascinated by her ability to change her body into Jen’s body. Crouched like a baseball catcher; Abby saw her heels narrow and bring the sides of her size 9 feet inward. Her feet seemed softer as Jen’s and her toes were pressed down as she rested her weight on the balls of her feet. Her wide big toes came in and all her other toes shrank down stubbier and shorter in length. The nails changed position and thickness and she ran the pads of her fingers over the nails testing their strength and sharpness.

Black polish began to appear just like Jen wore as her feet completed their change.

Jen leaned over and stared at her feet as they grew 2 sizes larger. Her heels came out wider bringing her whole width with them. Her toes grew long and her big toes spread out wide and flat. Her nail polish faded away, leaving Abby’s clear, opaque nails in place on her new feet. “This is so frickin cool” Jen said wiggling her toes up and down.

Abby looked over and saw that Jen was once again taller than her. “Wooo” She let out a howl of excitement as she looked up at her now taller friend “This is awesome” she laughed.

“You’re telling me!” Jen responded still looking at her changed physique. She put her hands on her thighs and gripped them tightly “I’ve got your legs…and you gave them to me!”

“So you wanted them anyway?” Abby asked.

“Uh…yeah” Jen deadpanned “Duh…who wouldn’t want your legs?” She tapped her chin “Oh yeah…just you”
Abby blushed again. “I couldn’t stop thinking about having your legs…about being your height…your size” Abby admitted. “Being your size felt so…”

“…so right” Jen finished in a more serious tone.

“Yeah” Abby concluded “It just felt right for me to be your height”

“Me too” Jen admitted. “I wanted all week so bad to be your height again…to be your size. It was like I finally made it to the size I was supposed to be when we swapped height last week”

Abby nodded as she looked down, entranced by her legs. “I’m going to go try on your shoes” she said and sprinted out of the living room towards Jen’s closet.

Abby noted how different it felt to run with Jen’s legs: The shorter strides, the way her feet impacted with the ground, and the way her knees felt when she pivoted and turned.

She could hear Jen running behind her laughing as she came, closing the gap with her longer and stronger legs. “No fair…I just bought those Jimmy Choo’s” Jen yelled seeing Abby crouched down at the base of her closet, pulling out her prized pair of nude heels.

“Not like they’re going to fit your big ass feet anymore” Abby teased her as she sat on the edge of the bed and set the shoes upright with her toes.

“Uh” Jen said mocking her hurt feelings.

Abby slid her feet into the heels, wiggling her right heels to get it to go down into the shoe before pulling out the back slightly. The fit was firm and snug as she stood up.

“Still not as tall as me even in three inch heels” Jen said proudly.

Abby smiled and blushed again “I love it” she said quietly. She flexed her ankles out and clapped her toes together listening to the leather hit against leather and feeling it reverberate through her toes.

Abby slipped her feet back out and brought out a pair of knee high boots that she wanted to try on.
“Are you at least going to put socks on first?” Jen asked.

“Nope” Abby said succinctly as she slipped her feet into them and zipped them up “I like” she said nodding her approval.

Once she was seated and taking them off, Jen yelled “My turn” and dashed from the room.

“Hey!” Abby said unable to jump up in the middle of taking the boots off. Once off, she slowly made her way to her own room as she took in the simple feel of her walking with Jen’s legs and feet.

Jen already had on Abby’s shiny black stilettos “You like?” she asked.

“They make your legs look awesome” Abby admitted. “Improve on your flat ass too”

“Oh…you just gave me an idea” Jen said.

Abby’s eyes widened realizing what she had said.

“I wish I had Abby’s hips and ass” Jen said with a smirk.

Abby’s mouth dropped “I didn’t really mean you had a flat ass” Abby said.

“Well I hope not for your sake because it’s about to become yours” Jen said. She glanced over her shoulder “It’s perky I think, but not as nice as yours”

Abby looked at the back of Jen’s shorts; they were already riding higher because of her longer legs, but Abby thought she saw them pull up even a bit higher still.

Jen smirked as Abby gasped when the beginning of a curved cheek began to peek out underneath the fabric.

“Oooo” Jen cooed as she felt her ass begin to grow out rounder and fuller. Her hips began to spread and slide out as well giving her a more hourglass figure. “Baby got back” she said as she grabbed her ass in both hands and squeezed.

Abby’s ass flatten out and got smaller as her hips slid in and narrowed, which matched her slighter physique better anyway. Her skirt though was getting loose and she smirked and said a simple “Fuck it” and shimmied her way out of it allowing it to fall to the floor.

Now in just her panties, Abby craned her neck to get a better view of her new ass. “It is perky” she declared as she saw it as best she could. She pulled out the elastic and let it snap against her upper thigh.

Jen took her hands off and put them on her wider hips. She pressed down on the top of them, feeling the strength of her bone structure. “I can’t…” she thought “I have Abby’s lower half essentially…well, everything except for that” She giggled which got a glance from Abby but nothing else.

It was odd to Jen that she would be so involved and drawn in to this process. Until last weekend, she had never thought twice about wanting to change anything about her body, now, she couldn’t stop thinking about what it would be like if she looked like Abby all the time “Take it easy” she reminded herself “Don’t get carried away”

Jen looked over at Abby who was now checking out Jen’s ass.

Abby playfully reached out and gave it a slap “Oooo…watch it jiggle”

“Hey!” Jen said with a shocked look on her face.

“What? I can’t slap my own ass just because it’s on you now?” Abby said.

Jen just smiled and slumped her shoulders “Fine…you can play with my ass”

Abby slapped it a second time and said “So; what do you think you’d look like with my nose?”

Jen turned to her a bit surprised by the question “Is that where you want to go next?”

Abby nodded enthusiastically “Yeah…you’ve got this perfect thin straight nose and I just want to see what it would look like on me”

“Virtual reality and all that shit has got nothing on us” Jen responded. Abby’s nose was a bit broader across the bridge than her own and it was larger at the end “Why not…I might like yours on my face too”

They walked to a large decorative mirror that hung above the couch in the living room so they could both watch at the same time.

Both women had smiles on their faces; the type of smiles usually seen on someone who is really enjoying getting away with doing something they shouldn’t be doing; a slightly naughty smile.
Abby took a deep breath and said “I wish I had Jen’s nose”

Abby felt her throat tighten in excitement as the top of her nose began to narrow and thin. The bottom flared out as it changed but as a whole, it got smaller on her face “Wow…it changes the whole look of my face” Abby said.

Jen’s nose broadened across the bridge and made her nose much more uniform in line as the bottom pulled outward and grew in length. “Yeah…you’re telling me” Jen said; her fingers pressing and molding the soft cartilage back and forth. “I could get used to it though…it brings out my lips more in a way”

Abby looked over “It does! Your lips look even fuller paired with my nose”

Jen looked at Abby “And with mine, it brings even more focus to your baby blues”

Jen nodded “I like it like this”

Abby smiled and blushed and dipped her chin.

Jen stepped back from the mirror, her fingers still running over her new nose “I think we should stay like this for the weekend, how about you?”

“Definitely” Abby replied as her fingers gently ran over her nose. She picked up her beer and took a long drink from it.

Jen smiled as she picked hers up as well “Anyway…I’m not done yet. You’ve gotten two swaps and I’m still at one”

Abby swallowed and raised her eyebrows.

“I’m still deciding” Jen said. “I’m thinking about the rest of our height…your dance and running ability and stamina; I’d love to go run a few miles for the heck of it and not think twice about it and there are a few others going through my mind too”

“Well whenever you decide, just say the word” Abby replied.

Jen put her drink down and took off her tight shorts “Don’t fit right now at all”

Abby put her hand out “I’ll take them” She did and stepped into them and found they fit her very nicely. She took off her top, which was still her work top and stood in just her bra.

Jen’s eyes widened “What size are those? 36D if I remember seeing your laundry”

“Yeah” Abby responded slowly “Wait…you’re not…”

Jen nodded and lifted her t-shirt up and off “Say hello to a pair of 34B’s babe…I wish I had Abby’s boobs” she laughed.

“Nooooooo” Abby said in mock protest; she was smiling the whole time but stomping her small foot.
“Yeeeeeees” Jen said unhooking her bra in the back “Gotta give these puppies room to roam”

Abby felt her breasts shrink back in an initial motion that made them separate from the front of her bra. Her bra sucked in at suddenly not having as much to hold in and up. “They’re so tiny” Abby said “And still getting smaller”

Jen smirked.

Abby clutched at her small breasts: Still very sensitive, she noticed that her nipples were smaller too.

Jen’s smirk grew into a smile as her breasts began to grow larger “All part of that size swap Abs…if you’re going to be short and petite like me…you’ve got to have the chest matching. Your boobs were too big for your current size…they’ll look better on me”

As the weight flowed forth, her nipples puffed out, pushing the unhooked bra out with them. Flesh came out freely from below the useless free hanging garment “Wow” Jen said as her hands went to them and squeezed “More than a handful”

She caressed them on the bottoms and pushed them together.

Abby watched and said “Then I wish I was Jen’s size”

Jen looked up a bit surprised. There was a laundry basket in the corner and Jen spied one of Abby’s t-shirts in it. She slipped the useless bra off and let it drop in as she took the shirt out, marveling at how her weight shifted as she bent over forward. “Whoa girls…down” she said as she stood back up, her large breasts flopping back into place. She slipped the t-shirt on happy to be covered again and enjoying the snug fit of the shirt over her more impressive chest.

“Hey, if you said size swap…I’m all for it” Abby said smugly as her back and chest shrank in smaller and dropped her an additional two inches to 5’3”

Jen rose up to 5’9” and smiled “Fine with me” as her back spread and her chest elongated.
“God this feels so much better” Abby sad quietly as she rolled her shoulders adjusting to being shorter still.

“Tell me about it” Jen replied lifting her shoulders up.

“So if you want my dance moves and passion to run…take ‘em…they’re yours” Abby said “All I want is to be short for a while”

Jen shook her head “I wish I had Abby’s ability to dance and her will and skill at running”
It was a subtle shift between the two of them as it was more mental putting Abby’s legs to task in Jen’s mind. Abby, meanwhile, just didn’t feel like running anymore or wanting to dance.

Abby sat down in the chair that Jen usually favored. She put her feet up on the coffee table and wiggled her toes. She rubbed her feet back and forth hearing the soft swish of skin moving and it made her smile “I could get used to this” she thought as she finished her beer.

Jen did a spin and a few impromptu dance moves before she lounged on the couch; her long legs reaching the opposite arm rest with satisfaction “So, we’re still on for staying like this all weekend”

“Yep” Abby replied. “Sunday night, we can switch back”
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Switchchick Featured By Owner May 4, 2016
Great story! Would love to see a spin off where a mother/daughter switch with the same concept
MasterofMuffin Featured By Owner May 16, 2016
That, I'd want to see.
818125 Featured By Owner Edited May 4, 2016
This is one of the best stories I've seen from you in a long time. Abby and Jen may be my favorite characters you've ever created. Their friendship is not only well-written and believable, but incredibly sweet. The fact that neither of them ever started swapping traits without the consent of the other, and that they regularly consulted one another on their feelings about the swaps, provided a real sense of genuine concern and respect for each other's comfort and well-being. Then there was the constant goofy, playful banter between Abby and Jen, which was endlessly entertaining, ranging from hilarious to downright adorable, and really helped make their relationship and the swapping feel "real" and spontaneous. I also liked that—instead of dumping a bunch of details about their respective physical appearances at the beginning of the story—we get to know these characters gradually over the course of the story (even as they swap out their identifying traits).

The pacing of the story is also excellent: I really enjoyed how Abby and Jen discover the transfer ability through minor unintentional swaps, and proceed to experiment with it though a series of increasingly dramatic transfers, with full-body swaps not coming until the very end. It built a sense of anticipation that really helped draw me into the story. I also appreciate the level of detail you go into when describing the swaps themselves. None of them felt rushed, and even though many of the same swaps were perfumed multiple times, they never felt reused or bland.

My favorite moment in the story is undeniably the scene where Abby playfully teases Jen about her "flat ass", which prompts Jen to swap their butts (made funnier by Abby appearing momentarily chagrined at the prospect of parting with her curvaceous runner's rump, Giggle though happily she quickly falls in love with her new, more petite derriére), which leads to a brief debate between the two over whether the original owner of a transferred bottom maintains the right to slap said bottom following its relocation to another person's backside.rofl (It doesn't hurt that the booty is my personal favorite body part to be the subject of a swap, expansion, reduction, or other such shift in dimensions.)    

One more detail I appreciate about this story is that towards the end, after Jen has fully become Abby and Abby Jen, the two are implied to still retain traces of their original personalities. Maybe it's just me, but in all honesty, I find transfer stories where the subjects completely lose their original identities to be—for lack of a better term—kind of pointless. The way I see it, if two people swap everything, to the point that they don't even remember being their original selves, then essentially no character development has occurred and nothing has been gained from swapping. (Again, just my opinion. No offense to those who enjoy that sort of thing.) This story, by contrast, allows for the interpretation that even though the characters have exchanged lives, the retained vestiges of their old identities will allow Abby and Jen to live their lives even more fully than the original Jen and Abby could have (if that makes any kind of sense).

There is just one piece of constructive criticism I would like to offer, and that is in the area of punctuation. There are a lot of missing commas and periods throughout both chapters, especially in sentences where quotation marks are used, such as when characters are speaking or height measurements are given. (I can sympathize; punctuation can get confusing fast when quotation marks are involved.) For example:
“Yeah” Abby concluded “It just felt right for me to be your height”
There are three missing punctuation marks in that sentence: a comma at the end of the first quote, a period (or comma depending on style; since you apparently prefer to capitalize interrupted quotations, I would recommend a period) before the second quotation, and a period at the end of the second quotation. The correctly punctuated sentence should look like this. (Punctuation marks underlined and boldfaced for visibility):
“Yeah,” Abby concluded. “It just felt right for me to be your height.
It's worth noting that you do demonstrate correct quotation punctuation whenever question marks and exclamation points are involved, such as in the following example:
“So you wanted them anyway?” Abby asked.
Basically, all you need to remember is to use commas and periods in quotations the same way you use question marks and exclamation points (placement-wise). I hope that makes sense.

Finally, in instances where quotation marks indicate a measurement (as in # feet, # inches), the punctuation mark should come after the quotation mark. (Just think of the quotation mark as a contraction of the word "inches".) Corrected example as follows:
Abby was 5’9”, while Jen was just 5’3”.
Here's a punctuation guide for quotation marks , in case you want a further resource.

I hope my review has been helpful, and that you continue writing fantastic stories like this one! :) (Smile) 
Tservo96 Featured By Owner May 4, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Wow...Thanks for the well thought out review on my story. I'm glad you liked it and my stories in general. I will fully admit to a lifelong fight with punctuation...serving as my own editor may well be my downfall yet. Character development and attempting to make those characters realistic has always been my main goal and it appears that I managed to achieve that for you. I sometimes don't get any feedback on my stories so I do appreciate your remarks. 
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