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“Right this way Ms. Robbie; your trailer is right up here on the left” the harried assistant said with a smile as Margot arrived on the set for the time.  “I hope everything is to your liking inside”

“Oh I’m sure it’ll be fine” Margot replied in her gentle Australian accent “When am I due on set?”

“It’ll be a while yet…we’ve had a few technical setbacks this morning so we’re running a bit behind” the assistant said apologetically.

“That’s okay” Margot said as she was handed a few pieces of paper “They added a new scene with you and Ms. Coleman; these are the pages”

“Oh…okay” Margot replied “No worries”

They got to Margot’s trailer and the assistant opened it up. “There’s your wardrobe for your scene; someone will be by to get you to hair and make-up in a bit. If you need anything else, just let one of us know” the assistant said before disappearing.

Margot sighed and looked around. The trailer was fine, well stocked with snacks, it had a TV, a laptop and various other amenities. Her wardrobe was a little black dress and strappy heels which was much different than her currant attire of denim shorts, a white blouse and a pair of white sneakers.

Her personal assistant and her public relations manager came in as she was looking around. “Your interview with BBC is tonight but it’s just by phone so no big deal and we set up the shoot with Cosmo for Thursday morning…according to the schedule you’re not shooting scenes that day”

“Okay…that sounds fine” Margot replied as she took a seat on the couch “They’re not going to make me put on a Harley costume again are they?”

“No…it’s a casual shoot about natural beauty so the make-up and hair will be quick and easy too” her PR man said.

“Good…I’m not due to set for a while so if you don’t mind, I think I’d like to read this new scene and then take a little nap; if you could come back at noon and make sure I’m up so I can get something to eat before I have to get ready”

“Of course, we’ll see you then” her assistant said as they exited.

Margot cracked open a bottle of water, kicked her shoes off and put her feet up and began to read the new scene she had been given. Her brow crinkled as she read it “This doesn’t make any sense” she muttered to herself.

A light knock on her trailer door brought her around “Yes…who is it?”

“It’s Jenna Coleman…can I come in?”

Margot jumped up and opened the door with a smile “Hello!” she said enthusiastically “It’s so good to see you again”

Jenna smiled her wide dimpled smile and demurely dipped her chin as Margot hugged her in the doorway “It’s good to see you too” she replied as she hugged her in return and patted her back.

“I haven’t seen you since we were backstage at the BAFTA’s…how have you been?” Margot said letting her go and waving her inside.

“I’ve been good how about you? I see you everywhere…such the star” Jenna said jokingly in her lilting British accent.

“Oh please” Margot rolled her eyes and gave a dismissive wave “Wear those Harley Quinn outfits and the paparazzi come out in droves!” she laughed “I much prefer working on something smaller scale like this you know”

“Oh I do…Doctor Who conventions bring them out for me” Jenna responded.

“Please have a seat” Margot said as she took a seat on the couch.

“Thank you” Jenna said. She sat down in a chair, crossing her legs as she did and tugging her skirt down as well. She was dressed in a pair of black flats, a black skirt and a green top. “I just wanted to stop over and say Hi” she said “But I also wanted to ask if you had gotten the pages for that new scene”

“Funny you should say that; I was just reading it” Margot replied.

“Bizarre if you ask me” Jenna said.

“Exactly what I was thinking!” Margot said laughing out loud “It doesn’t seem to fit anywhere in the script I read before I signed on”

“Good, I thought it was just me that thought it odd and out of place” Jenna confided.

Margot pulled the pages off the table in front of her. “We’re co-workers trying to figure out if our boss can be trusted and then this scene” she wrinkled her nose.

“I know…who puts a sudden body swap scene in a physiological thriller; this isn’t some silly little comedy” Jenna replied.

“So I say we both think it should be thrown in the trash” Margot said.

“I think it was someone’s idea of a joke honestly but…” Jenna gave a disgusted face “…it didn’t go over right”

Margot pulled the top page off and read one of her lines as dramatically as possible “Oh…I’ve got your body…I look like you”

Jenna laughed, covering her mouth with her hands “I know right…like…I forget my line but afterwards I’m supposed to be checking out my body, seductively giving an eye to the camera…such rubbish”

“Yeah…I think you’re right” Margot said tossing the paper aside “Just a joke that didn’t take”

“Oh I don’t know about that…we’re having a laugh about it aren’t we?” Jenna said.

Margot winked and pointed at her co-star “I see what you did there” with a long and hearty laugh.

Jenna rocked back in her seat, but as she did, she thought that her right shoe felt tight. It was the foot dangling off the ground since her legs were still crossed. She lifted her big toe and saw that it was all the way at the end of her black flat, crammed in almost. She tried to run her index finger along the back of her shoe between the fabric and her heel but her finger wouldn’t go in.

Jenna popped the shoe off and flexed out her suddenly cramped toes. She rubbed them while still smiling but her smile began to fade when she moved her hand away “Where’s my nail polish?” she thought to herself as her toes were now bare and they had been painted a maroon color.

Margot saw the confused look on Jenna’s face “What’s wrong?” she asked.

“Um…nothing I think, it’s just…” Jenna began before she took off her left shoe to also reveal pale opaque nails from tight shoes. “I had my nails painted you know and now they’re bare”

Margot had her feet curled up under her as she had been sitting; she swung around forward, shifting position and put her own bare feet on the floor revealing that her nails were now painted maroon. “OH!” She exclaimed out of surprise “What the…but how…?” she wrinkled up her nose again and wiggled her painted toes.

“Something’s not right here” Jenna said as she looked down at her feet. As she watched, her toes began to change shape. Her big toes got slightly smaller and the rest of her toes rearranged themselves into slightly different positions “Ah!” she yelped out as she stood.

“My feet!” she pointed down.

Margot was even more confused; she looked at Jenna’s feet on the ground as a knot caught in her throat “Oh My God Jenna! Your feet…they look like mine!”

“No; that can’t be…” Jenna said but then she looked over at Margot’s suddenly painted toes and recognized her own feet now residing on Margot’s body “No” she repeated “That can’t be…your feet look like mine now too”

“What are you AH?” Margot exclaimed. Her feet did look different. She lifted up her foot and swished it back and forth.

“That’s my foot! It has to be!” Jenna exclaimed as she looked it over. She shifted around so she could put her foot next to Margot’s “Your foot’s smaller than mine but that can’t be…”

“No…my foot is bigger than yours…but not now” Margot said.

“Oh! What’s going on?!” Jenna exclaimed as her calves began to stretch out longer. Her legs were getting longer and changing shape. Her skin tone was also getting paler.

“Um…you’re…growing?” Margot said cautiously.

“Or you’re shrinking!” Jenna shot back.

Margot looked down, her legs were getting shorter and changing tone as well, getting tanner as her calves and knees shifted and changed. Looking over, what had been a four inch gap in their height was slowly evening up.

Jenna’s skirt rose up on her thighs as the burgeoning flesh pulled up and out making her thighs longer and a bit fuller.

Margot lost even more size as her thighs trimmed and shrank, her denim shorts showed a gap now between fabric and skin. She put her hands on her soft skin as it darkened in color. “Do I…do I have your legs?”

“Uh, I think so, which would mean that…I…have yours” Jenna said as she looked down at her legs. She reflexively stood up on her tip toes and lowered herself slowly back to the ground.

“But why? Why is this happening?” Margot said.

“The script?” they yelled in unison.

“No…that was just a…” Jenna began but stopped as she felt her hips shift and her ass move against her will. Her eyes bulged and her hands went to her rear. “Oh MY…” Flesh moved under her hands as they clasped down and squeezed hard.

Margot closed her eyes and her hips pulled outward and her ass rose up tighter and higher and her shrinking frame.

“I seem to have just a bit more to work with back there” Jenna said as the expression wiped from her face “Oh…oh dear…I…um…this is actually quite…oh” she squirmed. Her knees came together and she moved her hips. Unable to hold back, her hand went to the front of her skirt and pressed down as she hummed.

Her vagina was shifting and her clitoris was humming in high gear as it too changed. Suddenly her eyes popped open and she smiled an embarrassed smile.

For a moment, Margot was confused as to what was going on, but then, her knees buckled and her lips parted. “Oh God” she said unable to stand up straight. Every nerve ending in her body exploded into action as her vagina shifted and morphed. Her clitoris buzzed and she too was forced to clamp her hand down and press through her shorts to simply try and suppress the raw feelings she had.

They exchanged and awkward glance knowing that the most intimate parts of their bodies had just changed into the others. Margot’s eyes dipped to the floor as her waist and stomach began to change. More height and size dropped off of her and now Jenna was the taller of the two of them.

Jenna could feel herself being lifted up, growing taller as her spine and back spread out. Her stomach and waist shifted too as her chest began to pull.

Margot felt small, she was small, now just 5’2” to Jenna’s 5’6” but her breasts were growing going from a 32B to a 34C. “What in the…?” she said as she felt her bra grow tight and a bit of weight shifted to her chest.

Margot peered down her white top at her cleavage. She yanked on her simple white bra and saw the tanner flesh of her breasts and the slightly darker skin of her areolas topped off by puffy nipples. Her mouth simply fell open.

Jenna looked down at the top of Margot’s blonde head, taller and larger than her now as her chest pulled inward. It was long and lithe and her breasts shrank down as her hands went to them and squeezed once more. A new intense wave burst through her body, shaking up and down her spine “Good Lord” she exclaimed as she looked down at her chest.

Jenna saw her arm muscles pop and lengthen as her shoulders rose up slightly, she splayed her fingers out as they grew slightly wider and longer and her matching maroon polish faded and vanished off her now slightly longer opaque nails.

Margot bit her lower lip as her shoulders rounded off and her arms softened as they shrank up shorter. Her hands got smaller as well as she watched her fingers narrow and trim down. Her nails pulled back and marron polish appeared, darkening up more and more as it filled in.

Her neck pulled down shorter as Jenna’s rose up lengthening out and Margot’s hands went to her hair as she felt it begin to move.

Margot’s long blonde hair began to darken to brown as it pulled up higher. Jenna’s current length was only to her collar and now that’s where Margot’s came to a stop. It grew wavy and even her part moved from the center over as it restyled itself into Jenna Coleman’s style.

“It’s not stopping” Jenna said “We’re going to totally switch bodies!” she said as her brown hair began to lighten, golden blonde color sprouting and taking over as her hair grew down long and straight.

Margot starred up at Jenna’s face as her features began to move around. Her chin rounded and widened, taking her jaw line out as it went. Jenna’s lips puffed up slightly as her mouth seemed to pull in and become slightly smaller on her face. Her cheekbones rose up and lengthened out longer and sleeker than her usual perky and pert round ones.

Margot’s jaw dropped watching Jenna’s face come to look like hers. Jenna’s nose broadened but remained straight as her eyes shifted outward slightly before flashing a bright blue color as opposed to her usual dark brown. Her eyebrows lightened and came in shorter as her ears pulled out and down even as her forehead shifted into its final position.

Jenna’s fingers came up and pressed down on her cheeks as her tongue popped out and licked her lips. She stared down in awe as Margot’s face now began a change of its own.

Margot could feel her chin rise up and come to much more of a point as it lengthened out alongside her shifting jaw. Her mouth widened as her lips thinned slightly. Her teeth shifted inside her changing mouth along with her tongue which suddenly got shorter.

Jenna watched as Margot’s cheeks rose up rounder and higher and dimples popped into them as her nose narrowed and shrank down, still straight but differently place than before.

Margot’s bright blue eyes darkened to brown as they shifted and grew smaller. Her eyebrows darkened and lengthened as her forehead rose up and her ears shrank down.

Margot and Jenna stood across from each other, now completely changed into the other. “What just happened?” Margot said, her hand shooting to her mouth. “Oh My God I even sound like you now” she realized the voice coming from her no longer carried an Australian accent but a British one instead.

“Anyone coming in here right now would think I’m you and you’re me” Jenna shot back in her unfamiliar sounding Australian voice.

Jenna put her hand out and Margot did the same; their fingers met and they locked hands just as a knock came at the trailer door.

Both women jumped as the door swung open and the harried assistant who had led Margot to the trailer initially looked at her and said “Good to see that you’re here too Ms. Coleman…you’re both needed in hair and make-up and then it’s off to wardrobe since neither of you are in your outfits yet”

“But I…” Jenna began to protest but Margot’s PR manager and assistant were coming in as well and taking her by the arm.

Jenna’s assistant walked right past her without a look and went to Margot “I got a call from Richard; he said you weren’t picking up your phone; you can talk to him while you get made up”

“No, you don’t understand, we…we’re…” Margot protested.

“You’re both late and not ready…I know the director is not going to be happy if we don’t have both of you on set and looking impeccable in an hour” the production assistant said shooing everyone out and taking the black dress and heels with her as she went behind the caravan of people.

Margot was dumbfounded as they worked on her short brown hair and applied darker make-up to her darker complexion.

Jenna was just as out of place as the tousled her long blonde locks and made up her blue eyes with smoky make-up. She was rushed into the black dress and strappy black heels as Margot was now dressed in a more demure and business like brown skirt, blue blouse and brown heels.

As they walked to the set, the assistant told them “Oh and those pages for that new scene…don’t worry about it…you don’t need them now” She winked as they exchanged a shocked look.

This is a request for scotishjoker1 who wanted to see a body swap between Margot Robbie and Jenna Coleman. This is only the second time I have used real people in a swap so I hope you like it.
Ageiss70 Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2016
Anything with Margot Robbie in is good. Coleman is very cute too, though, so I kind of wish it had been someone plainer who had switched with Robbie. But this was great.
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