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“I can’t believe I haven’t met your Mom yet” Clay Thomas said to his girlfriend Audrey as they drove down the road.

“Well once you meet her, you’ll know why I kept you away and why I generally stay away” Audrey replied burying herself a bit deeper in her seat and folding her arms defensively.

“I know your childhood wasn’t the greatest but she can’t be that bad” Clay responded.

“The amount of guilt that woman is capable of dispensing is truly amazing. I’ve just never felt like I’ve ever pleased her once in my life. Always disappointed…just never happy…nothing is good enough for her. I know it’s why my Dad split…he’s told me” Audrey said.

“Well, we still need to see her. I need to meet her…who knows, maybe she’ll like me” Clay laughed. He kept running his hand over his inside pocket to make sure what was in there, was still there. He had a diamond engagement ring in his inner jacket pocket that he planned to give her later that night.

“I doubt it but I can only communicate with her through Facebook for so long: She guilt trips me there so why not in person today…I mean it is almost Christmas”

They pulled into the driveway of a small ranch house.  “Look, before we go in” Audrey said sitting outside the house she grew up in “You need to know that I haven’t really told my Mom that we’re getting serious”

“Oh…um…well…” Clay started to say.

“My Mom would just meddle and it would give her something else to bother me about. I try to keep my private life just that; private. I told her I was bringing someone I’ve been dating but nothing more than that” Audrey admitted.

“Alright then: Let’s just make the most of tonight. I’ll help you get through tonight any way I can. It’ll be worth your while and we’ll just go from there ok. I mean the most important thing is that I love you and nothing can change that” Clay told her.

“Aw, you’re so sweet. That why I love you so much. What did I do to deserve someone as good as you” Audrey said with a smile. They kissed quickly and got out of the car.

Audrey audibly sighed before she rang the doorbell. She ran her hands through her long red hair and tucked it behind her ears. She was trying to stay positive but at the same time, she felt nervous like she always did. She flexed her knees back and forth to try to stay loose.

Clay patted her on the back as they heard footsteps approaching on the other side of the door.

Clay wasn’t really sure of what he was going to see as his mind played tricks on him in the seconds leading up to the moment the door swung open. “What kind of a monster is her Mom?” flashed in his mind.

When the door opened and he saw just a regular woman in her late 40’s maybe early 50’s standing there with a wide smile on her face he realized just how stupid he was being.
“Oh Audrey it’s so good to see you and this must be your friend” Heather Miles said to them as she stepped to the side to allow them in. “I miss getting to see you so much Honey…all these texts and messages aren’t enough for a Mom” She turned to Clay “Hello, I’m Audrey’s Mom, Heather…it’s so nice to meet you” she stuck her hand out.

“Clay…Clay Thomas Ma’am; nice to meet you too” Clay said as they shook hands.

“Please call me Heather. Come in, let me take your coats” she said ushering them into the living room.

Clay smiled and dipped his head as he took in Heather and tried to compare her to Audrey to see what they had in common. It wasn’t much though besides brown eyes and being thin. Where Audrey was 5’10” with auburn red hair, Heather was only about 5’4” with black hair with just a few streaks of gray. It was cut short, just below her ears and her black framed glasses sat atop a long thin nose and thinner lips than Audrey’s.

Heather was wearing a black and white dress that came to her knees and black flats. To Clay, she just seemed to have a constant nervous energy running through her that made her hum like a live wire. She rarely sat still or stopped moving as he noticed her fidgeting and tapping her foot as she sat down with them.

“It’s so good to see you Honey” she repeated to Audrey. “How is the job going?”

“It’s fine Mom…I love teaching” Audrey said as she wiggled slightly getting comfortable on the couch. She crossed her legs and scratched at an itch on her calf which jiggled her black boot.

Audrey was wearing black tights, black boots and a long white sweater that accentuated her long red hair as it lay over her shoulders.

Heather smiled “Would either of you like a drink?”

“Not right now Mom” Audrey replied.

“Um…maybe later, I’m fine right now” Clay said.

“Okay” Heather laughed nervously and waved her hand “Just let me know, you know, anything you need”

The three looked at each other rather awkwardly before Heather asked “So how long have you two been dating?”

Audrey and Clay exchanged a glance before Clay nodded. “We’ve been together almost 2 years now” Audrey replied reluctantly.

“2 Years! And this is the first time I’m meeting him, let alone even hearing about him! Oh my word” Heather said visibly shaken and upset.

“Look Mom, I’m sorry but you know I like to keep my private life private” Audrey began.

“Oh I know all about you and you privacy and it obvious now to me that not only do you not trust me but I don’t think you even love me. This is such an utter lack of…of respect…I’m shocked. I’m just shocked” Heather said on the verge of tears.

“I told you this was a bad idea” Audrey said to Clay before turning to her Mother “You’re lucky I’m even here telling you anything. I could have just let us go through life without you ever meeting Clay. You drive me insane Mother. Just totally insane…no one has ever been good enough for you anyway. Every boyfriend I brought home in High School you scared off”

“How did I scare anyone off? You’re imagining things now and just blaming me for every problem you’ve ever created for yourself young lady. Talk about irresponsible…” Heather said.

“Enough Mom…no more guilt trips from you! I’m an adult and I’m living my life” Audrey started.

“Obviously without letting me actually know what your life is like. You never visit and when you do, you spring something like this on me” Heather continued.

“Clay is the best thing that has ever happened to me Mom…I don’t need your approval to be with him…”

As the argument continued, Clay was getting very uncomfortable. Thankfully at that moment, his phone went off. Looking at the number, he saw it was his work. As the IT guy for a hospital, he knew he had to take the call.

He stood up and Audrey got a panicked look, “Where are you going?”

“I’m sorry” he put his hand on her shoulder. “It’s work and it looks like there’s an emergency with the system…I have to take this”

“Ok…I understand” Audrey conceded but was unhappy that he was stepping away. The fight stopped for a moment as Clay walked out the front door with his phone stuck to his right ear and his finger in his left.

The door shut behind him and both women stood up to continue their fight. They closed in each other until they were just a few feet away and both began to hammer in their respective points.  

“Don’t point your finger at me young lady” Heather snapped.

“Don’t call me young lady…you just don’t respect me or my life” Audrey came back.

“Oh Ho…talk about a lack of respect…you need to look in a mirror for that” Heather retorted folding her arms over her chest and rolling her eyes.

It was at that moment that a single hair changed. On the top of Heather’s head, a single strand of her hair changed in color from black to auburn. It then began to grow out longer and longer weaving its way out and down until it hit her shoulder and kept on going from there winding down to the top of her slender breasts. Neither woman noticed it or the next one that also took a similar path.

“Look in your own mirror Mother” Audrey shot back as the first of her hairs turned black and began to retreat upward, stopping at just below her ears. A few more followed one by one with a few turning gray as they changed.

“If I were you…I’d respect my Mother” Heather said.

“Yeah and if were you…I’d respect my daughter and her life” Audrey said.

Audrey finally took a breath and looked at her Mom. “Mom?! What’s up with your hair?” she asked in confusion. A light run of auburn hair was framing her face, totally out of place.

“What are you talking about?” Heather said but as she dipped her chin and glanced to the side, she too now saw the red hairs laying on her shoulders and chest, getting thicker and more abundant by the second, filling and thickening. “I…I have no idea” she looked over. “These look like your hair…not mine”

“Yeah okay, but why are they growing out of your head all of a sudden?” Audrey said even as more and more of her own hair changed.

“I have no idea” she had to wipe hair away from her forehead and ears now as it continued to grow out wilder and longer “It’s not stopping!”

“Mom…calm down”

“How can I…OH MY GOD! Audrey! Your hair!” she yelled pointing at her daughter.

“What?” Audrey’s hands went up and found nothing at the point where her hair should be. “AH! Where’s my hair?!”

Her hands kept going up and up until she finally found hair around her ears. She felt it falling over her forehead and she swiped at it.

“Your hair…it looks like mine” Heather said incredulously.

“No way…that can’t be possible” Audrey said but as she looked at her Mom now, she stopped. Her Mom had her hair. It was a long, flowing mane of auburn red hair that was styled just like hers “And yours looks like mine”

“What’s going on…this makes no AH!” Heather screamed suddenly in the middle of her sentence.

The scream and the sensation that something was now on her face disoriented Audrey. “Am I wearing glasses?” she thought suspiciously. Her hands; still up and on guard made their way to her eyes and sure enough, they hit plastic frames “But I don’t wear…” she thought as she looked over and saw that her Mom no longer had glasses on.

“Why are your glasses on my face Mom?!” Audrey said.

“I…I don’t know…” Heather said exploring her own face and finding no glasses there but yet realizing that she could see just fine without them.

Audrey saw crystal clear though the corrective lenses now as her brown eyes shifted slightly, narrowing down as lines appeared, etching the skin next to her eyes with age.

As the lines penetrated Audrey’s skin, Heather’s eyes widened and the skin surrounding them stretched back out with elasticity and youthful vigor. Her forehead smoothed out and her eyebrows lightened in color and thickened. Her skin tone was becoming paler as well as her cheeks rose up to apple fullness and the tight lines around her mouth eased and disappeared.

Age and stress lines etched their way across Audrey’s forehead as her eyebrows thinned and darkened. Additional lines knitted around the corners of her mouth as her lips pursed and thinned dramatically from her usual plumpness. Her cheeks drooped and her cheekbones became more prominent and severe.

Audrey’s nose pulled in and thinned greatly across the bridge as her chin and jaw became more prominent. In a matter of moments, her face had come to resemble her Mother’s face exactly as she watched in horror as her Mother’s face altered to become hers.

Heather’s nose broadened and grew out as her chin and jawline softened and rounded. Her lips plumped as her teeth grew wider and straighter behind those budding lips. She watched as an all too familiar face appeared before her piece by piece. Not only did Audrey have her hair; now she had her face.

Audrey was panting in confusion and shock. “How is this happening?” she asked shakily. “Why do you look like me? Do I look like you?” she asked even though she knew that she did.

Heather nodded slowly “You look just like me, but, but…Ugh” she felt a distinct pull on her ears. She brought her hands up and moved away her now full hair to tentatively touch her ear lobes. Instead of a single piercing in each ear and small diamond studs, she found dangling earrings and additional piercings.

Audrey too felt the tugging as her ears now only had a single piercing and small diamond studs in them. “This can’t be happening!” she said backing up. “I’m turning into you!” she said with contempt and disgust in her voice.

As Audrey backed away, she shuffled her feet as she felt a pulling sensation there. As she looked down, she watched her clothes change on her body. She stopped her backward trek dead in her tracks as her boots disappeared and were replaced by a pair of tight fitting black flats. Her tights disappeared revealing her legs as her white sweater disappeared in a flash to be replaced by a black and white patterned dress.

Audrey clutched at the tight dress, pulling at it around her chest and hips. Her panties shifted as they changed from low waist bikini cut to basic brief as her bra now felt strapped down across her, clamping her boobs down and constricting her breath.

Heather was in shock but slowly, her mind began to turn. “Look in the mirror” she remembered saying as she now looked across and saw her own face. “If I were you…I’d respect my Mother” she remembered saying “If I were you…”

“It’s coming true” she thought. “I’m going to be Audrey and she will be me. Now she’ll see how it feels”

“Ooo” Heather said as she felt a distinct puff of air swirl around her as her dress changed into a large white sweater on her body. Tights firmly encased her legs and boots now reached up to her knees. She felt panties slip up her cheeks and wedge their way in as her small breasts lost their tight feel of support. She looked down knowing her bra was now several sizes larger but she didn’t have enough to fill it. “I’m going to have Audrey’s body” she rationalized.

“This isn’t happening to me. I’m losing my body to you! Why?!” Audrey cried out.

“Maybe this is a way to teach you to respect your Mother. You get to see what it’s like to be me” Heather replied.

“But I don’t deserve this…you don’t deserve to be me either and take over my life” Audrey yelled.

“I remember you saying that if you were me, you’d respect your daughter, so I guess now you’ll have that chance” Heather said shrugging her shoulders.

“No. This isn’t right”

“What…isn’t every girl’s fear that they’ll eventually turn into their Mother. You just get to do it literally” Heather said as she felt her body begin to shift and grow inside the too large clothes.

“We have to figure out a way to stop this!” Audrey said. “I don’t want to be you!”

“And I didn’t want to be you either, but somehow and some way we’re changing into the other” Heather said gaining inches in height.

Audrey felt herself getting shorter and saw that it was actually true as she slid down in height while watching her Mom grow taller. They were exchanging heights. They met briefly at the same size before Audrey shrank down shorter and Heather grew taller. Eventually, their 6 inch difference was reversed and Heather was now the taller one at 5’10” and Audrey now stood just 5’4”.

With her new larger frame, Heather found her arms growing longer and the sweater fitting better. She put out her hands and saw the paler skin looking much smoother and her nails growing out longer. Her fingers grew longer as well as red polish flashed onto her new nails.

The tight dress was no longer as tight on Audrey now that she was 6 inches shorter. The sleeves no longer pinched as her arms trimmed and shrank down. Her skin though looked rougher and more freckles and spots appeared as her hands roughened up and her finger slimmed down. Her nail polish vanished, revealing clear nails that were trimmed down; her Mom’s hands.

Her hands shook as she felt her stomach churn. She took a deep breath and recognized that her chest no longer felt as tight and restricted. “Oh Shit…I’m losing my boobs” she understood.

Sure enough, she looked down and saw the dress pulling back as her breasts diminished in size changing into Heather’s slighter build. The bra now fit and held up her small breasts as she took several deep breaths and swayed her chest and shoulders back and forth.

Heather eyes couldn’t get any wider than they were at the moment she felt her breasts begin to grow. The increased weight and sensitivity were unmistakable as they grew larger and larger. She felt her super sensitive nipples reach the front of her bra and press in as the weight there doubled pulling her shoulders in momentarily before she recovered and threw them back, launching her long red hair in the process. “Ooo” she let out.

“Ooo indeed” Audrey snapped back “How can you be enjoying this in the least bit Mom?”

“I can’t help it…I didn’t start this and you know what?” she put her hands on her hips. “It serves you right to be me”

“How can you say that? How can you stand there and just let this happen? How can you take my body from me? You’re going from what…51 to 24…that’s not even remotely fair” Audrey whined.

“How can I stop it? Whatever started this is obviously going to finish it…what can I do about it?” Heather retorted. Her hips were widening slightly and her ass plumping up greatly, filling in and out as it rose up perkily behind her pushing out the tights and sweater but making her wedgie even worse.

Audrey’s body continued to slim and trim down from her curvy figure into her Mother’s skinnier one. Her hips narrowed and her ass lost mass rapidly slimming down. Her hands slapped at the dress which now had plenty of room on her frame.

Her long legs were already gone having shrank down as she became her Mother’s height but now they continued their change as well. They became skinnier and lost their full roundness in the thighs as her claves also trimmed down.

Heather felt the tights tighten their grip and felt them pull against her changing body. They caressed the supple growing flesh on her thighs and her calves fleshed out until the boots tightened their hold on her lower legs.

The boots now fit as she felt her feet growing inside them. Her toes lengthened and changed into Audrey’s and she wiggled them up and down in the heavy boot socks underneath the black leather.

Audrey’s feet now thinned and shrank down until they no longer pinched her shrinking toes as she lost her feet and gained Heather’s. She slipped her toes out into the open and confirmed that before putting them right back in again.

A burning in the pit of her stomach signaled to Audrey that the transformation was going deeper. Her hands went and pressed down on her lower abdomen. “Hmmm” she said as she pressed down.

Heather’s eyebrows shot up and her eyes widened once again. She stuck her tongue out and pressed her teeth down against it as she ran it back and forth once letting out a gasping sound. Her vagina was on fire all of a sudden. “Oh God” she said as it hit her what was occurring. She felt her skin shift and tighten. Her clitoris hummed as it transformed into Audrey’s. She blushed brightly knowing such a deeply personal part of their bodies were changing from one to the other.

“Oh My God” Audrey understood “I now possess the very part that gave birth to me. I’m my Mother” Her skin shifted and changed and every part of her body felt alight with fire.

“I’m Audrey now” flashed through Heather’s mind as her body began to calm down. “I have Audrey’s body…I’m Audrey” Her hands began to slap at her body working up and down from her long legs to her chest and her face and hair. She touched up and down taking in the feel of her body.

“Uh…” was all that escaped Audrey as she looked down at her willowy body. She was almost afraid to touch it because if she touched it and felt it than it would confirm it as real. She held her hands out, her fingers slightly bent but she didn’t move. As Heather wiggled around touching herself up and down, Audrey stood frozen like a statue, ready to scream.

“How am I going to explain this to Clay” she finally said softly. “He’ll never believe me”

Heather gasped in surprise at hearing the words and comprehending what it meant. “When Clay walks back in here, he’s going to think I’m you and you’re me. I’m even wearing your clothes…I can smell your perfume on my body…”

“No! You can’t take him! He’s my boyfriend…” Audrey began.

“He’s Audrey’s boyfriend and I’m Audrey now…not you Heather…or should I call you Mom” Heather said.

“You wouldn’t dare! You won’t…you can’t”

“Looks like the shoe is on the other foot” Heather said tapping her boot clad foot out in front of her “Literally in our case”

“This can’t be happening!” Audrey said.

Heather began to smile which showed off Audrey’s dimples and lit up her big eyes “Karma is such a bitch isn’t it Mom”

“Don’t call me that, I’m not your Mom” Audrey said pointing her finger up at her old face.
“It is like looking in a mirror though isn’t it…just the weirdest mirror ever in the fact that you get to watch me be you”

“What are you talking about?” Audrey asked confused.

“You didn’t respect your Mother and okay, I’ll admit to not trusting you either but now we have the opportunity to make things right. If I’m you, I’ll make sure I come and visit you much more often and if you’re me, you’ll have the chance to support my choices and trust me”

“But I don’t want to be you…I want my body back. It’s not fair that I’m in your body”

“It wasn’t fair that you blocked me out of your life either…I mean I don’t know Clay at all. Maybe a little time in your body will make you appreciate your life and the fat that you’re in mine can only help you too”

“We have to swap back…we just have to. I do appreciate you…I promise…just say that you trust and respect me too and maybe we’ll swap back” Audrey said.

“Oh you know I do honey” Heather replied. “But I don’t know if or when we’ll swap back though…It’s not like I even understand why we swapped in the first place”

“What if we don’t switch back; what if I’m stuck as you” Audrey said in a panic.

It was then that the front door opened and Clay stepped back in “Hey, sorry about that but I had to take that” He looked and saw the two standing across from each other both with odd looks on their faces. “What’s going on?”

They both turned to face Clay. They exchanged a glance and Heather knew that whatever Audrey did in those next seconds would determine what she did next. When Audrey said “Nothing” a bit nervous but laughed afterwards and waved her hand at him in a very Heather like gesture.

“Okay” Clay said as he walked back into the room. He took a deep breath and said “I wasn’t planning on doing this here or right now. In fact I was going to do this later tonight when we were alone. But I feel like I need to do this now” He turned to Audrey but not knowing that it was her, he spoke to her as Heather.

“Heather, you say that your daughter hasn’t included you in her life and you feel left out so I want you to witness this as a token of my goodwill and my hope that maybe this act will bring you two closer together from now on”

He turned to Heather but saw Audrey and addressed her as such. “Audrey; I love you so much and these last two years have been the best years of my life. You are without a doubt, the best thing that has ever happened to me” He got down on his knee and pulled the ring box out of his pocket.

Audrey was stunned; so stunned that she couldn’t speak or better yet, scream out her objection as Clay knelt before her old body and asked “Audrey…will you marry me?”

Heather was stunned too but something in her made her begin to nod her head as she teared up. “Yes” she choked out. She put her hand out and felt Clay take it in his hand. He slipped the ring on her finger and it fit perfectly.

As it hit the bottom of her finger a flash shot through both of their minds simultaneously “The change has just become permanent”

Heather’s jaw dropped and she slowly turned her head to Audrey. She looked down and saw the same shocked expression on her face. They nodded at each other in acknowledgement of the mutual thought that had just crossed their minds. A tear ran down Audrey’s lined cheek: She was stuck as her Mom forever.

Clay stood up and embraced her tightly “You have no idea how happy I am” he whispered to her.

“No…you have no idea how happy I am” the new Audrey responded.
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andylele Featured By Owner Edited Dec 10, 2017
have u considered making a picture of them?
Tservo96 Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
I've thought about it...I sometimes use people from my own life and other times, I use celebrities so it might be an odd mix. I would love to work with an artist to get some visuals out there. I have no talent when it comes to drawing; you'd have two stick figures if it were up to me. And sometimes it's best to leave it up to the mind of the reader to see who they want to see in my stories
wlel Featured By Owner May 29, 2016
Great story! Does Clay notice that “Audrey” doesn’t remember anything about the last two years? Does she have any problems with or her new job?
alan124421 Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2016
Awesome stuff man - love it and so glad you post as often as you do! Thank you!
SinfulXdc Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2016
Ever the fan of your work. Always an inspiration.
Tservo96 Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks, glad you liked it
doomer1989 Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2016
Finally a new FTF bodyswap story from Tservo96 after a long wait. Really like it and keep up the good work!
Tservo96 Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks, there will be another F2F coming soon that I'm putting the finishing touches on
Berkhart Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2016
I really liked this.  The fact that the mother gains the most in this transfer, and seems happy to have it, makes the swap all the better.
Tservo96 Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks...glad you liked it. I don't always put the darker spin on my swaps but this one called for it
Berkhart Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2016
That darker aspect is what I love.  One person gaining so much, much more in the body swap is incredibly exciting.  In this case, the mother doesn't just steal her daughter's life, but her youth as well...and isn't sorry about it.  Better yet she has no desire it seems to find a way to reverse the swap.  Again, just a fantastic scenario.
Switchchick Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2016
Love reading your work! Keep it up. Might start writing myself
Tservo96 Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
You should; I'd love to read your work. I'm still playing around with the idea you mentioned of a teacher and student/cheerleader swap
MayorUnraw Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is fantastic. Love the detailed descriptions of the change.
Tservo96 Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. I enjoy your works as well...F2F is an under served genre
MayorUnraw Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Fight the good fight! 😂
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