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“Don’t worry one iota Miss; our store carries lovely dresses in all sizes; there is absolutely no discrimination here” Celeste smiled at hearing the words of the man behind the desk at the upscale boutique she had chosen to shop at.

“It’s just at my size…” she waved her hands up and down her ample front “I’ve heard my fair share of jokes and comments”

“Well those people are fools; our store will find the perfect dress and fit for you; I guarantee it” He said with a friendly smile. “Tonya will be helping you today” he said waving to a small woman who had just entered the room “She has been here for years; she is the best I have”

“Thank You” Celeste said to the owner as she followed Tonya back behind the curtains.

“We’ll get you measured and then we can start browsing and looking around” Tonya informed her “First how tall are you?”

“I’m 5’4” and I weigh 254lbs”

“Okay so we will be looking at petite lengths” Tonya said without a hint of judgement in her voice. She got out a tape measure and began to work “Bust is a 48; waist is a 42 and hips are 50” she said jotting down a few notes in a notepad.

Celeste blushed a little bit but not much. She had always been a bigger girl and had come to terms with it; she had a great boyfriend and was generally comfortable in her own skin. Sometimes shopping did bring her down though. Sometimes she could just sense the pity and sideways glances of stuck up shop girls who preferred to work with size 2’s instead of 22’s. She wasn’t getting that vibe today though so she felt like looking.

“Now what occasion are we shopping for?” Tonya asked enthusiastically.

“Oh…it’s a formal dinner I’m attending next weekend”

“Formal…okay…let’s start you off with a classic black dress then” Tonya said. “Your auburn hair and features would be perfect for many different patterns in here but that might be too flippant for a formal occasion. The classic black dress though…and I have one in mind with a high cut up the leg…give you a chance to show some thigh” Tonya laughed and Celeste laughed too.

“I will want to look at some new shoes to match too” Celeste said.

“Of course; a classic black heel will go perfectly…would you want closed toe, peep toe, open toe...something strappy?” Tonya asked.

“We will just have to wait and see and try them all on” Celeste announced.

“That’s the fun part of it isn’t it?” Tonya answered.

“Tonya? Can you come out here a moment” They both turned when they heard the owner call her.

“Just a second; please look around and pick a few out that you want to try on” Tonya said ducking out.

Celeste listened to the conversation on the other side as she looked at dresses.

“I am so sorry to do this to you Tonya and I will apologize to Miss Morris too but could you please take Miss Wilson around too. Maria has called off and Doreen already has two clients; I can’t believe how busy we are for a Thursday morning”

“It’s no problem Sir, I’m sure Celeste will understand and not mind; Hi I’m Tonya”

“I’m Kay”

“Follow me Kay and we’ll get you started right up” Tonya said perkily.

“No way we’ll get our outfits mixed up” Celeste thought seeing the woman who followed Tonya through the curtain. Celeste smiled and nodded and said “Hi!”

“Hello, I’m sorry to have to join you but I have a formal dinner meeting tonight and I really have to get a dress today” she explained apologetically.

“It’s no big deal really” Celeste said.

“I’m Kay” She said putting her hand out.

“Nice to meet you…Celeste” She replied shaking her hand and smiling “I’m on the lookout for a formal dress too”

“Awesome” Kay said in a chipper tone.

“So height and weight” Tonya asked getting out her tape measure and notepad.

“Um, 5’4” and 112lbs” Kay informed her.

“I wish” Celeste thought.

“Okay…bust is a 32, waist is 25 and hips are 35” Tonya noted in her book “So petite for you...probably a size 2”

“2 or sometimes a 4” Kay said bouncing her head back and forth.

“While you two browse…I’m going to get some shoes. What sizes are you?” Tonya asked.

“Eight” they both replied and began to laugh.

“Well at least something on us is the same size” Celeste joked.

Kay blushed and laughed “But it’s weird, I wear a wide shoe; I’ve got big feet”

“So do I for natural reasons” Celeste responded.

“Oh stop…you are gorgeous. I was stunned when I saw you” Kay said as Tonya left. “I would kill for your hair; it is the most beautiful shade”

“Oh Thank You” Celeste responded.

“And your skin” Kay said.

“There’s plenty of it” Celeste deflected.

“Stop it” Kay said. “You live with what you’re born with…every woman is beautiful and every body type is fine. I wish I had curves like you…hourglass figure…you are killing it”

“Ha; and I wish I was I skinny little thing like you of course but I couldn’t even imagine having measurements like the ones she rattled off for you” Celeste said.

They both smiled “Well today we’re shopping for each other; I’m going to pick out your dress and you’re going to pick out mine” Kay said. “And we will walk out of here in the same pair of shoes…mutual decision on shoes”

Celeste raised her eyebrows and laughed “Deal!”

They went over to the row of dresses and began going through them with enthusiasm. They were laughing and giggling and joking when Tonya returned with several shoe boxes “Well you two have made fast friends” she noticed.

“That we have” Kay said looking over her shoulder.

They picked out several for the other before going into the dressing rooms; Celeste went into the one on the left and Kay went into the one on the right.

Celeste took off her long floral skirt and tan top along with her 48EE bra. She looked at her body in the mirror under the harsh lights and smiled “Imagine her being this size” she said shaking her head “And me being a skinny little thing like her” She put her hands on her hips and took the top one to try on.

She was on her third one when she came across a very small black A line dress “Oops…got one of Kay’s in my bunch” she said but held it up in front of her “I wonder what it would feel like to fit into a dress this size?”

In the next room over, Kay was also working her way through her 5 dresses when she came across one that was big and heavy “Oops…looks like I got one of Celeste’s choices” she said taking in the floor length black dress with the slit up the left leg “I wonder what it would feel like to fit into a dress this size? That would be amazing”

Kay held the dress up in front of her and swayed back and forth and pursed her lips in curiosity “Hmmm…I wonder” she said quietly to herself. She tapped her index finger twice on her chin and smiled mischievously “I wish I could switch bodies with her…she has no idea how much I envy her and want a body like hers”

Kay blushed and felt a rush of adrenaline as she found the back of the dress and stepped into the size 22 garment. She brought the sleeves up and slid her arms in and through even though it was super loose “Same height…same shoe size” she thought as she stepped into the pair of black open toed heels that sat nearby “I really wish I could fill out a dress like her”

Celeste still held the little black dress up in front of her even though she could see her thighs and hips around it. “I would tear this thing in two…I couldn’t even get a leg into this” She leaned out and looked down to her feet which were clad in the open toed heels.

Kay flipped her blonde hair off her shoulders which were dotted with freckles. She looked into the mirror and jutted out her hip letting her thin leg slide out of the slit where she pointed her toe. She dipped her shoulder and downcast her blue eyes while puckering up into a kiss pose “You think you can handle all this woman” she asked the mirror “You don’t deserve a Goddess like me”

Kay closed her eyes and could see a reflection in the mirror that showed what she wanted to see; it showed Celeste. She imagined she had her long flowing auburn hair, her dark smoky eyes and her full cheeks instead of her own sleek ones.

She swayed her shoulders back and forth imaging the weight of breasts that were that size and how they would feel on her larger frame; what her more ample stomach would feel like held in by this dress, and what her plump and round ass and wide hips would move like if she had a body like the one in the next dressing room over.

Kay open her eyes and looked down at the very wide gap between her small 32B breasts and the front of the dress “You girls aren’t nearly big enough…you need to grow much bigger if we ever want to fill this dress” she jokingly told her chest.

But as she stared down, she saw movement.

Kay waited a beat and dropped her chin to her chest, her shoulders sagging and her hips dipping down as she reset her legs and feet below her.

“What the…” she trailed off talking very softly into her own chest as her breasts began to grow larger. “Ooo” she let out quickly. “I…I can feel them” she thought with excitement. Her skin rippled gently outward as more mass filled in, steadily lifting them outward, inching them closer and closer to the front of the dress.

“This is impossible; my mind is just playing tricks on me” she told herself. She looked into the mirror though and her head cocked to the side immediately trying to register what was happening.

“My arms” she said looking down at her upper arms which also looked to be growing larger. Her right hand flew over to her left upper arm; she gripped the back of her arm and pulled forward “Oh my gosh” she said quickly as there was more movement in more flesh than ever before. Her arm rippled back and forth, jiggling and growing as it did.

“This can’t be…my wish…my…my dream” she looked back to her chest and saw her breasts still getting bigger on her.

She put her hands to the sides of them and squished them together “Oh these are definitely bigger!”

Kay looked ahead into the mirror; her hands went up to her shoulders and she pressed them as they broadened and widened across. She put her hands on her upper back but pulled them away as if shocked when the flesh there rippled and softened as it grew.

She hoisted up her still loose dress and took two stomping steps to get closer to the full length mirror in front of her “Ohmygosh” she said looking in the mirror “I’m getting bigger!”

Kay turned to the side and saw her hips beginning to spread outward and her ass beginning to grow a lot larger. She pressed her hand against her stomach and it was lifted up as her stomach expanded and grew out under the fabric of the elegant evening dress.

As she spun to face the front again, she slid the leg slit open to reveal her thigh growing larger and rounder; the flesh stretching out over more and more mass building up. “This is unbelievable” she said in a voice of wonder.

In the next stall over, Celeste held the size 2 cocktail dress up over her large body “If only…” she said to herself as she pressed the dress up close.

She looked down at her 48EE breasts and said “You girls are just too big; you need to shrink down to fit into a skimpy little dress like this”

She giggled at her joke but before she could take the dress away, she felt a stirring in her chest. It felt like she was exhaling a long breath out but she knew she was breathing in and out normally; it just felt like her chest kept coming inward.

Celeste looked down at her chest and saw what she had always seen: her massive breasts, but as she looked closer, they didn’t seem quite as massive as usual.

She looked closer, inspecting them and when she did, she saw the flesh ripple and pull in on itself. Celeste jumped up and back in shock stumbling a bit in her high heels “What in the world?!” she asked herself. Without looking away from herself, she pulled the tiny dress away from her body and tried to put it on a hook. She couldn’t find the hook so she looked to the wall and put the dress on it and out of her hands.

By the time she looked back down, she gasped “Ohmygosh I’m getting smaller!”

Celeste was naked but for a pair of panties that were loosening up and the heels. She looked back and forth between the mirror in front of her and down at her own body below her repeatedly, her head pivoting up and down “What’s going on here?!” she asked herself as she watched her stomach shrinking inward and her breasts getting smaller above it.

She grabbed at her body trying to hold on as it seemed to be melting away and vanishing from her frame pound by pound and inch by inch.

She took in a sharp breath and it looked as if her whole body sucked in in a single motion. Her hips pulled in, her ass pulled in and up and her large thighs came in.

“Oh!” she said, her hands flying to her round soft cheeks. She was breathing harder and she stomped up closer to the mirror until her face was just inches away from it. She spun around and flung her chin over her shoulder to get a look at her back.

The soft waves that sat around her sides and over onto her back were lessening and still lifting up. Her shoulders appeared narrower along with her back. She slapped at her ample ass cheeks and while they still jiggled and jostled, they also seemed tighter and less.

Staring into the mirror at the backs of her legs revealed smoother and more even skin without the dimples she was so used to. “Holy shit that stupid little dress is going to fit me!”

“I can’t understand what’s happening to me…why am I getting so skinny all of a sudden?!” Celeste asked the mirror.

She still slapped at her diminishing body as she turned round and round in the dressing room. Her upper arms had always been very large and prominent but they were dwindling and her skin was pulling tighter and tighter trying to keep up with all the fat that was simply vanishing into thin air.

Kay was astonished at how much her body had already changed and how much more it was changing into. Her body continued to get larger as weight and inches poured steadily onto her changing frame.

Her hips were still sliding and shifting further and further outward as her ass continued to get larger and larger. Her tiny panties were digging into her abundant flesh until they finally tore along the sides and let go freeing her midsection to surge forward.

Kay could feel the dress now hugging her body closely. Her soft and large stomach now pushed it forward and outward and her breasts were slowing their growth and settling naturally into the cups of the size 22 dress like it had always been made for her body.

Her breasts still changed shape as they settled in at size 48EE and her hips came out to a circumference of 50. Her waist pushed forward a bit more settling in at 42 inches, 17 inches wider than it had been a few moments earlier.

With her wider hips and ass, Kay could feel her thighs filling in more and more and spreading wider; more and more of her legs came in contact with one another and she could see the top of her left thigh as it grew wider and larger “Sexy” popped into her mind at the sight of her exposed leg and she blushed.

Kay pointed her toe again and watched her left calf get larger and thicker all the way down to her ankles before she watched her already wide foot begin to change. She wiggled her toes in the end of the open toed shoe as they began to change shape. Her second toe grew longer than her big toe as the shape of her nails changed along with the color of her nail polish from blush pink to black.

“That’s not my foot” she said twisting her ankle back and forth taking in the shape and dimension of her extended appendage.

She lifted up the bottom of the floor length dress and saw her right foot matched the left but it was her hands that now caught her attention. Her fingers were plumping outward and her nails were resetting narrower on the ends of her fingers.

There too her blush pink nail polish changed to black as her hands appeared puffier. Her eyes trained back and saw her thicker wrists and heavier arms “My arms; they’re huge!” she said as she flapped her upper arms and felt them move and wave. She flexed her left arm and her forearm connected quickly with her massive upper arm.

“My body…what’s…” she was confused and bewildered as she looked down at a body that had gained 142 pounds…more than double her original weight, in a matter of minutes.

Kay stared in the mirror and saw her face and hair on a completely different body.

Celeste continued to stare in wonder as she continued to shrink down skinnier. Her entire frame shrank down with each subsequent change to her body and weight. Her shoulders continued to pull in as her breasts and stomach shrank down steadily. Her upper arms thinned and pulled in, tightening up the skin as they went.

Her hips and ass and thighs continued to get smaller and already looked half their original size but as her stomach and waist pulled in, Celeste reset her feet and then realized that she could see her feet clearly below her without having to strain forward or press her belly in.

“My feet! I can see my feet; but what the heck is going on with them?” She saw that her feet looked different. Her second toe was now shorter than her big toe. All of her toes now lined up in a downward slanting diagonal line. She stared in wonder as her black painted toe nails began to shift and slide and then the polish turned to a dusky pink color.

“I recognize that color” she thought “I noticed it on Kay’s feet and thought how cute it was…Ohmygosh I’m turning into Kay!”

Celeste stumbled back a step “That’s why I’m getting so skinny! Holy Shit I’m turning into Kay! I…” She looked back down and thought “Those are Kay’s feet…and her, her legs” she realized as her eyes traced up her trim and thin calves, over her smaller and more prominent knees and up to her tight and much thinner thighs.

Her panties hung on her body like a sail, barely staying up on her diminished body that was half the size it had been. She pulled the panties out easily able to see everything down there “Blonde!”

She ran her fingers through the blonde pubic hair that now sat above her shimmering and fully visible vulva. Her clitoris hummed in excitement as it reformed into that of another woman.

Celeste’s waist was now only 25 inches and her hips were so much narrower as her ass continued to tighten and lift into a pert heart shape that was dimple and cellulite free for once.

Her stomach was flat; something that amazed Celeste to no end and her breasts were small and perky with no sag or pain to her stronger back. Her upper arms no longer pressed against her chest when she pulled them in and even her hands and wrists looked less puffy and thinner.

Celeste’s mouth dropped as her fingers trimmed and the same pink polish replaced her black on her fingernails.

“What if…” she said to herself as she hastily reached for the size 2 cocktail dress. She jumped into it with vigor and energy, amazed that it simply slid onto her lithe frame like it was made for it. The halter top sleeves easily rested on her freckled shoulders while the deep v neck cut down where her modest cleavage shone forth with her small breasts resting comfortably in the small built in cups.

“It fits: Holy Shit it totally fits me” Celeste said looking at her full and round face on a totally different body.

Kay pressed her fingers into the soft flesh of her large stomach “My body! I have Celeste’s body, it has to be hers…it’s…it’s all mine! This is amazing!”

She ran her hands over her exposed upper arms “My skin’s so soft” She put her left leg out again and ran her hand over her thigh as she felt a tingle begin in her face. She spun to the mirror and looked straight into it as her blonde hair began to darken and redden “Oh…” she began as her hands went to her hair “I love this hair”

Long wavy auburn locks of hair cascaded down replacing her thinner blonde hair to Kay’s delight. She got as close to the mirror as she could and still see her whole face clearly as her neck thickened out and her ears shrank down and pulled in under her hair.

Kay’s pointy chin softened and rounded off along with her jawline. Her eyes streamlined out from round to more feline natured as they darkened from blue to brown. She smiled as her lips plumped and filled out, a natural pink color filling in on her changing face. She flashed a bright white smile of straight white teeth as her cheeks puffed out and became full and round all of which made her smoky eyes the focus of her face.

Her nose flattened and shrank back broader but in a style that much more fit her new look and it was complete; Kay had turned into Celeste.

Celeste leaned close to the mirror as her wavy auburn hair began to lighten and thin out changing into Kay’s blonde look. Her ears came out as the hair naturally tucked behind them.

Her neck thinned and elongated and her jawline strengthened while her chin came out into a distinctive point. Her cheeks began to trim and they streamlined out sleek and long and prominent and much different than what she was used to.

Celeste’s lips thinned and became more flesh colored in appearance and while still straight and white, her teeth got smaller inside her smaller mouth.

Celeste’s smoky brown eyes rounded and pulled in turning blue from their normal brown while her nose thinned and grew out thinner and longer, coming to a point at the end and completing her transformation; Celeste had turned into Kay.

Both women stared into the mirrors before them in the dressing room and as if on command, they both screamed at the same time. It was a joint scream of surprise, shock, horror and outright joy.

Tonya rushed through the curtain at the sound and yelled “What’s the matter?! Is everyone okay?!”

The door on her right opened and to Tonya’s eyes, Celeste walked out looking gorgeous in the floor length evening gown with the slit up the leg “Miss Morris are you okay?” Tonya asked before creasing her brow in confusion “Weren’t you in the other dressing room?”

“I’m not Miss Morris” the woman before Tonya replied “But I am okay”

“What? What are you talking about?” Tonya asked confused. The door on her left open and she saw Kay standing there smiling radiantly in the small cocktail dress with the plunging neckline and the hem a few inches above her knees “Miss Wilson…when did you two switch dressing rooms?”

Kay turned her head and saw her old body emerge from the other dressing room as Celeste turned her head and saw her old body standing a few feet away looking like a full figured Jessica Rabbit. They screamed again.

“OHMYGOD!” They rushed to the other and began to touch, probe and prod each other while standing gape jawed in awe.

“You…you’re me!” Celeste said.

“I know and you’re me!” Kay replied “I can’t believe it!”

“Me either!” Celeste replied stepping back “Everything…everything down to our toes have changed; you have my body!”

“I…I know” Kay said bouncing up and down.

Tonya looked back and forth between the two excited women “What…but…I don’t understand; you were in that room and she was in the other and now…what are you talking about?” She backed up and backed out through the curtain.

Kay and Celeste watched her leave and laughed.

“I don’t even know where to begin; how did this happen?” Kay asked.

“I don’t know either, I was trying on the dresses you had picked out for me when all of a sudden I come across this tiny little thing” Celeste fluffed out the loose bottom of the dress she was wearing “I held it up to me and you know I could see my body around it and I thought I’d never be able to get one of my legs in it and then the next thing I know; I’m shrinking!”

“Ohmygosh!” Kay said.

“I know, like everything about me is getting smaller and thinner and then I look down and I notice that even my feet don’t look the same but I recognized your toenail polish because I had noticed it earlier and I liked it so much and that’s what triggered my head to say I’m changing into Kay!”

“That’s what happened to me too!” Kay exclaimed. “It was the third dress down; I pulled it out and it was bigger and heavier than the rest and I thought ‘What if I had the body to pull this off?’”

Celeste nodded.

“I mean I was curious so I just stepped into the dress and then the next thing I knew, I was growing into the dress until it fit me perfectly and I had your body and I love it!” Kay said still very excited.

“You do…really?” Celeste asked somewhat surprised.

“Yeah, of course I do why wouldn’t I?” Kay replied.

“Well it’s just that; you know, I’m not your body type” Celeste responded.

“No, you’re the body type I’ve always wanted to be though. I told you I always wondered what it would be like to have curvy knockout figure like yours and now I do” Kay said running her hands down over her full and ample hips.

“You do; you’d rather have a body like mine instead of this?” Celeste asked.

“Yes…I thought you said you’d rather be skinny like me and I would rather be built like you?” Kay said.

“Well yeah” Celeste said looking down at her small frame “I’ve always wondered what it would be like to look like this”

“And now you do” Kay said.

“So now what do we do?” Celeste asked.

“Well I’m hoping that you don’t say that you want to change back; I’m hoping you say you want to try out my body and my life for a while so I can try yours out because that’s what I want” Kay said.

“You really want to?” Celeste asked slowly and unsurely.

“Yes!” Kay said bouncing up and down again “Please say you want to stay like this please” she clasped her hands together in a begging pose.

“Well I do want to stay like this, I mean what choice do we have if we don’t even know why we switched bodies in the first place”

“Maybe it was the overwhelming desire of both of us to switch in the first place that caused us to swap. Maybe I was always meant to be you and you were meant to be me and once fate brought us together, it put us in our rightful bodies and places” Kay said.

“Maybe” Celeste responded looking down at herself again “I can’t believe I’m skinny; I can’t believe I actually look like this”

“Believe it” Kay said “I love this body, this hair, this skin! I look amazing and I feel so sexy!”

She smiled and hoisted up her massive breasts “Oh, and I can’t forget these!”

“You won’t be able to ever forget them” Celeste joked.

Kay was sticking her leg out “Your legs are amazing…I love how they feel”

“I guess they’re yours now. I’ll take your skinny little ones in return and finally get to wear some skinny jeans” Celeste replied “But it’s going to take more than just looking like each other to live as each other”

“True” Kay replied “We’re going to have to learn everything about each other too like from basic stuff like birthdays up to how you’d react and behave, but I can’t think of anything else I’d rather do”

 A smile crept over Celeste’s face “Me either and by the way, my birthday is July 26, 1990”

Kay’s face went blank “Are you joking?”

“No” Celeste answered with a nervous laugh “Why would I?”

“That’s my birthday” Kay said “And I’m not even joking” She turned and walked into her dressing room and returned with her purse.

“I believe you” Celeste answered.

“You need to have it anyways” Kay said handing it over.

“I’ll get yours for you later” Celeste answered “Do you know what time of the day you were born?”

“I do: 11:23 a.m.” Kay said and by the look on Celeste’s face she knew what she had said hit home.

“This is too weird; that’s when I was born”

“Were we born at the exact same moment?” Kay asked “In that case maybe we were born into the wrong body. I knew there was something the moment I saw you; there was some connection there, some familiarity and now this. I’m really you!”

“And I’m you” Celeste said slowly “This is…”

“Fate” Kay answered looking directly into Celeste’s eyes. “This is our fate; mine and yours together, both of us getting the bodies we want and desire. What we thought was a simple mix up of dresses actually gave us our right bodies…they were made for us after all”

Tonya came back in still rattled “Are you two okay?”

“We’re perfect!” Celeste answered with a big smile “I’ll be buying this: Dress…shoes both”

“And I’ll be buying this one along with the shoes too” Kay answered.

“Okay” Tonya was still perplexed “I’ll be outside to ring you up…take your time please”

They both smiled and once alone they embraced.

“I guess I should go in that one” Kay said pointing to the dressing room on the left.

“Yeah those clothes will be yours now and I…” Celeste nodded to the door on the right.

“I apologize but you’re going to have to leave here going commando. I kind of ripped my panties changing into…” she waved her arms and hands up and down. “Let’s go to lunch and begin telling each other everything about everything”

“I understand” Celeste replied as she walked into the right side changing room. “I guess I know why they call them changing rooms now” she called out.

“HA!” Kay yelled back. 

This is a request from someone who wishes to remain anonymous. They wanted to see a Female to Female body swap that focused on a large difference in weight but yet stayed positive throughout. 
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Dominator83x Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2017
My birthday is actually July 26th
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Terrific story. Good to know they embraced the changes.
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Hi tservo! Haven't had a chance to read it yet, but very happy to see another one of your F2Fs! :)
Tservo96 Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Hope you like it, it's not my usual, but I like a challenge 
Noix01 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2016
Brilliant story, having both protagonist wanting the swap was refreshing.
Tservo96 Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks, glad you liked it 
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