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Ray Cooper turned over in bed astounded to hear his wife brushing her teeth. He glanced at the clock and saw that it read 7:43.

“Are you going to sleep through our last full day on vacation or are you going to get up?” Ellie Cooper asked her husband.

“How are you so up and ready already?” Ray asked groggily. They had been out until almost 2 the previous night sampling the nightlife in New York City and even though Ray had promised to take his wife to Times Square and Rockefeller Plaza today, he hoped that their day would start a little later.

Ellie had already showered and gotten dressed in a white and blue stripped shirt and skinny jeans that showed off her long lithe legs. She was brushing out her long brown hair as she moved about their hotel room.

She put on her black glasses and perched on the end of the bed. “I can sleep when we get back home” she said as she slipped her feet into a pair of brown flats “I only get so much time in New York. I’m going to head down and get breakfast” she added as she patted Ray’s feet through the heavy hotel comforter.

Ellie headed down the elevator and stepped into the crowded lobby. A lot of people were already up and milling about; a bus sat by the front doors waiting to be filled with sight seers.

Ellie made her way into the hotel restaurant and found it packed. She scanned the room and found a single open seat at the end of the bar next to the wall. She made her way over and smiled at the lady sitting next to the empty seat.

“Excuse me…is anybody sitting here?” she asked.

“No…please have a seat” she said as she shuffled her seat a bit further to the right to give Ellie some additional room.

“This place is crazy today…we’ve been here four days and I think this is the busiest I’ve seen it” Ellie said as she took her seat.  “But this is also the earliest I’ve made it down here”

Laura Anderson smiled in return at the younger woman who took the seat next to her. She too had headed down for breakfast by herself. Her husband Will was not a breakfast eater and after seeing the crowds, he had decided to stay up in their room.

“We’ve been here four days too, where are you in from?” Laura asked.

“St. Louis…how about you?” Ellie asked in return.

“Chicago…well Joliet to be exact” Laura responded.

“So we’re both Midwesterners” Ellie said. “Are you here with a group?”

“No, just my husband and I” Laura said.

“I’m in the same boat…just the two of us. We’ve talked about coming to New York for a while... I finally get here and he’s sleeping in” Ellie said with a laugh.

“My husband isn’t a breakfast guy so I have to come down here by myself” Laura replied. “So what have you gone to see?”

“We went to the Empire State Building and Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty…we went and saw a taping of The Tonight Show. We went through Brooklyn and found this little Italian place that was fantastic and last night my husband and I hit a few bars and clubs; I’m having a great time” Ellie said.

“We went to Ellis Island and to the top of the Empire State Building too. We saw Lion King on Broadway…we did one of those double decker tours through the city; if you haven’t been to Times Square yet you have to go” Laura told her.

“That’s on today’s agenda, if lazy ever gets out of bed” Ellie said with a laugh.  “My name’s Ellie by the way”


“Nice to meet you Laura” Ellie said.

“Nice to meet you too Ellie” Laura replied.

Breakfast was a buffet so Ellie got up and made herself a plate and returned to her seat. The two ladies continued to chat throughout breakfast.

Ellie started to eat as she took in Laura. She was wearing tan shorts and a dark orange V-neck shirt along with a pair of black flip flops. She had short brown hair, barely past her ears and looked to be in her mid to late 30’s. Ellie could tell she was short because her feet dangled above the ground as she sat on the bar stool.

Ellie brushed her heavy bangs away from her forehead as she took off her glasses. She held them out at arm’s length and mumbled “Stupid smudge mark…don’t you just hate it when you wash and rub and that one greasy spot is still there”

Laura reached up and put her index finger on the back of the stem of her glasses and lifted them up and down “Tell me about it; I wish I could get up the nerve…and the money to get laser surgery but I’m too cheap and too chicken”

Ellie put her glasses down on the bar and rubbed her eyes.

“Those are some awesome frames” Laura said “I love them”

Ellie pointed to the large mirror behind the bar “Try ‘em on…see how they look on you”

Laura picked up the heavier and larger black plastic frames as she took off her own light wire rimmed glasses. She flicked her head to move her hair away from her ears and slid the frames on. “I look like such a hipster in these but they are so cool”

“It makes you look younger” Ellie said. She picked up Laura’s glasses “Do you mind…”

“Of course not…try them on too” Laura said with a wave of her hand. “My husband would love to see me in glasses like these” She moved her face back and forth taking in the different angles and how she looked.

Ellie put Laura’s glasses on and adjusted them to fit and sit right on her nose. She looked in the mirror “I look totally different” she said with a surprised laugh. She thought the wire frames made her look older than her 26 years “Actually; I’m seeing pretty good out of your glasses…we must have similar prescriptions”

“Oh Yeah” Laura agreed “Everything is crystal clear in these” She adjusted them on her ears to keep them sitting right.

The distance to the mirror was about 15 feet so Ellie failed to notice as flecks of gold began to appear in her eyes making them lighter in color than her usual deep brown; in fact, they would be considered hazel if anyone were to look right at them now.

Laura too failed to see that her eyes were growing darker in color as the slight gold tones in her eyes disappeared and her eye color darkened to a deep brown. Her eyes then began to widen and grow outward but Laura dismissed it as just her eyes looking different with the darker and larger frames.

Ellie’s eyes began to narrow and get smaller; not only had her prescription changed into Laura’s; so had her eyes. Her eyelashes thinned as she blinked away unaware.

Ellie thought her eyes blurred just for a moment because as she was looking at her reflection in the mirror, it looked like her face and head wavered and now it appeared smaller. “Whoa…what the heck” she said and shook her head.

“That was weird” she said as she leaned forward over the bar trying to get a closer look at her face; something was off.

Laura scratched the end of her nose and looked up. The glasses had slid down a bit and she readjusted them saying “I should take these off and give them back to you” but yet something compelled her to keep them on. She lifted the stems and put them back down as her nose grew slightly longer and broader on her face.

She pulled on the stems as they felt tight on her ears, but as she leaned forward over the bar she let out a quick “Whoops” as her earrings popped out of her ears and dropped to the surface below.

One clanged off her plate while the other three hit the wood. “What the heck?” she said confused as her hands went to her ear lobes. She ran her fingers over her lower lobes confounded as she could no longer feel any holes for her piercings.

The glasses shifted and set back on top of her ears though as she looked down at the jewelry on the countertop; they now fit her perfectly.

Ellie looked over as she heard the earrings hit. Her eyes widened at what she was seeing and her ears developed four holes in them as they shrank up and lifted up under her hair. Her nose pulled inward and shorter as it turned into Laura’s nose and her cheeks began to get rounder.

“Look at me” Ellie said to Laura.

Laura turned to face her and they both looked at the other stunned. Laura watched as Ellie’s cheeks puffed up and out changing the whole shape of her face.

Ellie pointed at Laura as she watched her cheeks become sleeker and more defined. Laura’s face shifted and her chin became more prominent in the move.

Ellie’s chin came in dramatically and rounded off as her mouth began to get smaller as well. Her teeth were fairly large and they began to shrink and shift inside her mouth. Ellie clamped her thin lips tight and let out a “Mmpfh”

Her high pitched stifled scream indicated the odd feeling she had inside her mouth. Her tongue got smaller behind her shifting teeth and even though they were pulled tight, her bottom lip puffed out plumper despite her efforts to keep it in.

Laura had the opposite reaction as her mouth dropped open in shock as her teeth grew larger and wider inside her larger mouth. Her lips thinned though and her tongue grew. She swallowed and tasted orange juice even though she had been drinking coffee.

“Holy Shit! You look like me!” Ellie said in a sharp whisper. She didn’t want to draw any attention to them in the crowded restaurant.

“And you look like me in the face” Laura responded quickly. “What the fuck is happening to us?”

“I don’t…I don’t know” Ellie said noticing how different her own mouth felt to her. She glanced at the mirror again and saw her bangs beginning to spread apart and show off her forehead. Her full natural eyebrows were a bit bushy, but they were rapidly thinning as her forehead widened out a bit and her hair began to lighten up a shade. “Mmmm!” she added in desperation.

Laura felt her hair beginning to grow out. She felt it coming down across her forehead as her eyebrows filled out. She watched them lengthen and grow just before she lost sight of them behind her new bangs. Her hair was growing longer and it tickled her neck and ears as it went downward over her shoulders.

Ellie’s hair pulled up; lifting off of her shoulders and coming away from her neck and exposing it for the first time in forever as her forehead also grew clear as she received Laura’s hair. She looked away from Laura and back to the mirror and saw Laura’s face and hair on her body. Her eyes darted around until she found the door for the ladies room.

Ellie hopped off her stool and grabbed the stunned Laura by her upper arm. Laura awkwardly jumped off her stool and grabbed her purse as Ellie rushed her toward the Ladies room.

Laura’s hands patted at her face as they made their way through the crowd. Luckily for them, it was a small restroom with a lock on the inside. Ellie pushed the lock in as soon as she closed the door behind them.

“Holy Shit!” she yelled as she stared into the mirror. Her hands ran around the sides of her face and lifted her hair, panic on her features that were so foreign to her.

Laura was in shock and stood motionless in the corner for a minute as Ellie paced.
As Ellie went back and forth still clutching at her short hair, more changes began to occur.

“Stop” Laura told her putting her hand out.

“What” Ellie said as she turned to her. She looked Laura directly in the eyes as they were the same height.

“Weren’t you taller than me when we came in here?” Laura asked.

“I’m…uh…I’m 5’6”…how tall are you” Ellie said as Laura’s wide doe like brown eyes widened even further.

“I’m only 5’2”…really I’m 5’1 and a 1/2 but I round up so I don’t sound so short” Laura said as she put her hand on top of her head and ran it out straight where it cleared the top of Ellie’s head. “I thought it felt like I was getting taller but…”

“You’re getting taller while I’m getting shorter” Ellie concluded. She stole a quick glance at Laura’s body wondering if it would soon be hers. Laura’s legs were a bit bigger but so were her breasts. “Shit…we’re switching bodies”

“What?” Laura said “How…why…” she sputtered as her shoulders rose up slightly and her collar bones came out a bit more defined pushing out her orange top. Her shirt was already shorter on her body as her back had indeed grown longer. As she took in a deep breath, her stomach peeked out between her rising shirt and her shorts.

“I have no idea…I mean you put on my glasses; I put on yours…that shouldn’t make us physically swap bodies with the other!” Ellie replied as her shoulders rounded off and her upper arms became fuller under the sleeves of her blue and white stripped top. It grew tight even as it became longer on her lower arms as they shrunk up shorter.

“But…but…I don’t want to be you” Laura said as her arms trimmed and lengthened all the while her skin became paler and fairer than before.

Laura felt a tingling in her hands and she lifted them up before her face. She splayed out her fingers as her hands began to morph into Ellie’s.

Her fingers trimmed and grew long and thin. Her nails began to grow out from the short cut nails she was used to. Her skin softened on her hands and became smoother. “Ah…” she let out as deep purple nail polish began to appear on her nails. Laura kept her nails short and her hands were rough from her work as a nurse but these hands were much different.

“I’m so sorry…your hands are so soft and now you’re going to get my rough ones in return” Laura said.

“You don’t need to apologize; it’s not like you thought they’d become someone else’s problem…” Ellie said as she watched her hands begin to change. “But you know what…this really sucks. I put a lot of time and effort into my hands and especially my nails” Ellie said as she lifted her hands.

“I can’t…shit…my nails…ugh…not…my… nails” Ellie pleaded but it went unheeded as her fingers tingled and began to change.

“It’s just…I wash my hands all the time for work…I have to…” Laura said.

Ellie’s purple nail polish began to fade away, leaving her with clear unadorned nails that now shrank shorter on the ends of her rough fingers. She pressed the tips of her middle and forefingers down hard against the insides of her thumbs and rubbed them up and down turning the skin there white.

She looked at her wedding band and engagement ring standing out on her darker and shorter fingers as she stretched out the muscles in her left hand; it just felt tighter than normal to her.

Ellie brought her thumbs together and made a triangle out to her forefingers shaking her head at what was happening to her. She wanted to cry at the loss of her fingers and hands but she wouldn’t and couldn’t dwell on it any longer; there would be time for evaluation when all of this was done.

Laura felt her chest move and she dipped her chin down and looked as her shirt seemed to deflate below her eyes. “Uh…” she managed as she pulled her shirt out and looked down the front of her bra.

Her breasts were shrinking and getting smaller, creating a gap between her flesh on the cups of her 38C bra. She could see her nipples standing out and her areolas changing color and diameter on her diminishing breasts.

They were rounder and perkier than before but they were definitely smaller and she brought her hands up to cup them and lift them up.  Laura squished them together and held them close as they became Ellie’s smaller breasts.

“I don’t mean to be rude but how much do you weigh?” Ellie asked as she felt her chest stirring.

“I’m uh…I’m about 135” Laura answered honestly.

“Okay…I’m like 125” Ellie said doing the calculations. “And how old are you?”

Laura knew she was older but she didn’t know by how much “I’m 37…I’ll be 38 next month”

Ellie just nodded “I’m 26” she said as she looked at Laura.

“Those are going to be a 38C” Laura said pointing to Ellie’s chest.

“Oh; yours are now a 34B…” she added with a shrug.

“I always thought that only I would have to deal with my body imperfections and doubts…never thought somebody else would have to deal with them” Laura said.

“I know right…this is so freaky” Ellie added. She looked up with stunned look on her face “What the hell is my husband going to say?”

“Shit…I never even thought about that yet…yeah…what are we going to say to them…how are they going to react to this?” Laura said.

“I have no…ooo…idea!” Ellie said as she jumped. Her breasts had just begun to grow. She felt her bra dip down and pull as additional weight filled in.

She hoisted up her heavier and larger breasts trying to feel and adjust to how they felt on her shorter torso. “Wow…instant boob job” she tried to joke. Her hands ran down from them to her stomach. Even her navel felt different, shallower as her stomach got a bit softer.

Laura looked further down and saw a gap between her stomach and the waistline of her shorts “I’m getting skinnier” she said quietly as her stomach firmed up a bit.

Ellie’s shirt was no longer fitting right as she twisted her back to the left. Her larger breasts threw off her center of gravity and her arms were tight inside her sleeves.

She looked over though as she felt her body shift and drop down. “Shrinking again…our legs must be starting to change…”

Laura rose up another two inches and saw how much of a gap there was no in their heights. She was almost five inches taller than Ellie now. It was a feeling that she didn’t have very often: Being taller than another woman let alone several inches taller.

“I’m short” Ellie said as she looked up at Laura “I’m not used to being so short”

“Well I’m not used to being taller than anybody except kids” Laura admitted. She tugged on her shorts as her hips narrowed and her ass began to shift and change into Ellie’s.
Both women had rather full rear ends but Laura still had to pull and tug at her panties as she took on Ellie’s proportions.

Ellie returned the gesture with her own tugging as her ass became more heart shaped and her hips flared outward more than her body was used to.

With her hips, Ellie’s thighs began to grow. Her legs were shorter and now her thighs were becoming rounder and fuller. Her skinny jeans grew tight and taut as her flesh expanded to become Laura’s.

Laura found her shorts slipping a bit as she lost more weight and size from her legs. Her thighs became longer and trimmer and the bottoms of her shorts grew loose as her legs retreated and grew skinnier.

Ellie let out a cough as she felt a distinct tingling sensation between her legs “Oh SHIT” she said as her voice cracked. “My voice” she said as her hand went to her throat. Her voice was hoarse and she coughed and tried to clear it. “My voice” she repeated in a deeper voice.

Laura’s eyes popped up when she heard her voice coming from Ellie’s mouth. She tried to swallow but found her throat dry and unable to move for a moment. Suddenly saliva rushed forth and she swallowed and coughed. She hummed and could already tell that her voice would now sound different too.

“I wondered if this would happen…oh my gosh I sound so different” Laura said surprising herself with the more nasally sounding voice that came out of her. “I can’t believe I even lost my voice to you”

“You’re about to lose more than just your voice to me” Ellie said in her sultry voice.
“Oh what…” Laura stopped and shivered. A chill ran up her spine as she now felt a humming sensation that was all too familiar “Oh shit” she added.

Ellie’s hand came down and patted the outside of her jeans. She hooked her thumbs and pulled the jeans out along with the front of her panties as far as she could.

The hair that she had on top pulled inward and disappeared leaving behind a freshly shaved look as her pubic mound rose up. She felt her skin shifting and sliding; the mere act sending shivers down her spine.

Her clitoris hummed and throbbed as it changed into Laura’s and she thought that she now possessed a body that her husband had never touched. Her most intimate thoughts turned to him and how he would react to seeing her looking like this.

Moisture arose in Laura as her knees buckled and she crouched down slightly. Her loose shorts and panties helped her absorb the process as she felt small hairs poke out from her skin and brush up against the cotton panties. Her clitoris pulsated and her skin moved and rubbed as it lubricated and shifted and changed into Ellie’s.

“Oh My God…that was intense” Ellie said softly and breathy.

“You…you’re telling me” Laura agreed as she stood back up straight and put her hand to the top of her chest.

Laura then looked back down watched as her bare knees changed; the skin on her legs grew paler and whiter as the changes continued down to her calves. Her muscles rose up and tightened and trimmed there as well.

Ellie could feel her legs continued to shift and change beneath her jeans that had now grown long enough for the bottoms to come over the backs of her shoes and reach the floor.

She began to pace again in her tight jeans “Oh this is not happening” she said realizing that the process would soon be complete; only their feet remained their own. “This is not my body anymore”

Ellie felt her feet begin to widen and press up against the sides of her shoes. Her feet were rather narrow and skinny and a quick glance at Laura’s feet, which were already out in the open in her flip flops, showed that she had wider feet.

Ellie lifted her heels and took her feet out of her brown flats, exposing her long thin toes topped off with black nail polish. The experience of changing bodies had made her feet sweat and she felt the cool tile of the floor beneath her warm soles.

Laura looked over and saw the last part of what her body was becoming. She looked down at her own feet and wiggled her toes, topped off with red polish one last time. As she lifted them and held them up, her toes began to thin and elongate. Her nails shifted shape and size and her red nail polish began to darken to black.

Laura’s feet narrowed and shrank down a size from an 8 to a 7 as her longer toes no longer came as close to the end. She spread out her toes as far as she could as her heels narrowed and the skin there smoothed out.

Ellie’s feet widened a bit further as her heels and soles became Laura’s before her toes shrank down smaller and wider. Even though her feet were a size larger, her toes were shorter. Her nails moved and changed shape atop her new toes as her black nail polish brightened to red.

Ellie drummed her toes up and down and she did a quick rock back and forth from her heels to up on the balls of her feet. “It’s over…I’ve physically turned into you” Ellie said in amazement.

“And I’m you” Laura agreed. “I have your body”

They looked each other in the eye trying to calm down and take in the sight of their own body being in front of them now in another woman’s possession.

“What do we do now?” Laura asked. “I can’t just walk into my room and saw ‘Hey Honey…let’s go…don’t mind me I just swapped bodies with some other lady I was eating breakfast with’”

“My husband is still sleeping…I have to wake him up” Ellie said as she dug into her purse to get her phone. “Shit…this is his phone anyway…how’d I end up with his phone?” She opened it anyway since she knew his password.

“What the hell is this…deviant art…” she mumbled as she tried to get it to close.

Ellie furrowed her brow as she saw a message there that confused her “F 2 F Transformation Story…what is he looking at?”

The site finally closed out and she called her own number thinking that it would ring upstairs. It did ring and ring and ring; “Shit…he must be in the shower. Let’s surprise your husband first I guess”

Laura took several deep breaths “I don’t know if I’m ready for this” she said looking at the back of the door.

“First step is the hardest” Ellie said as she opened the door.
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