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“Mom’s always there but she doesn’t know the day to day…the world is so different from the one she grew up in and I know she’ll support me in whatever I decide but I also know that she wants me to decide on my own, I have to start making my own decisions and not have her make them for me”

“True, I guess that’ what Moms are for; unconditional love but also an urge to kick baby bird out of the nest and see if they can fly on their own” Kim replied.

“I’m so stressed out” Avery admitted.

“How about this weekend then we have a sleepover like when we were kids” Kim said. “No worries just a night of Dr. Pepper, popcorn, pizza and stupid movies!”

“I like how you think Jansen” Avery replied sitting up.

They talked for a few more minutes about the day they had witnessed before heading out. Kim really enjoyed the ease of being Avery’s friend instead of Mom for a change.

Coming back into the kitchen, Molly and Kim locked eyes before Kim said “I’ll see you later Mrs. Coleman” and Avery took a seat and began to get some dinner.

Kim mouthed “I’ll text you” as she slipped on her slides, picked up Molly’s purse and got out her car keys.

“Tell your Mom and Dad Hi!” Molly said with a smile as she sat back.

“You know I will” and with that, she left her own house, the house she paid for, to go and live in a single room as the daughter of her friends’ Pat and Meg.

Sitting behind the wheel for a moment, she looked around, caught a glimpse of a reflection of her eyes in the rear view mirror. “I hope my little sister behaves herself” she sighed.

Kim pulled in and stayed off to the side of the driveway. She grabbed her backpack, purse and her gym bag and lugged all three into the house.

“I’m home Mom!” she called out.

“You’re Mom’s at her book club” she heard her Dad call out form the next room over.

“Oh yeah…forgot” she said kicking off her shoes.

“We’re just having leftovers so you can heat up whatever you want” he called out.

Kim opened the fridge “Should have ate my own cooking when I had the chance” she lamented as she took out some leftovers in a Tupperware dish and put them in the microwave.

As she waited, she saw her 10 year old sister Amanda stroll in “What up chicken butt?” she asked her.

Mandy looked up at her big sister “You’re in a good mood”

“Yeah…guess I am” she replied.

“Can you help me with my math homework…Dad refuses too, he says Common core doesn’t make any sense to him” Mandy asked.

“Sure, as long as you don’t mind me eating while you work” Kim said.

“Nah” Mandy replied digging into her backpack.

They worked it out together as Kim stuffed her face, she was starving. As she ate, it dawned on her “SHIT…I’ve got to do homework now too”

She avoided her Dad and just headed up to her room with her stuff to do her homework which somehow she knew what was due and how to do it.

Sitting cross legged on her bed, laptop on her lap as she signed in to Molly’s account, she worked quickly and efficiently getting done in about an hour. She smiled as her phone pinged with a text from Avery. ‘Nite luv U’

‘Luv U 2.’ She typed back as she closed out her computer and stood up. Kim couldn’t remember the last time she felt this good. She didn’t hurt or ache anywhere, she was full of energy even at the end of the day; she was 18 again.

She glanced at the mirror and took in her face, it was one she knew well, almost as if it were one of her own children, she had watched it grow and change and mature over the years but now it was hers. “This body…” she said looking down at it “I’m so fit and skinny; there’s not an ounce of fat on this” She also knew that in a weird way, she was a virgin again. Molly hadn’t had sex and her mind was muddied on that particular event. She knew who she was and what was her correct life, yet, she also was having a hard time seeing and remembering those details now; having two kids, being married for 18 years.

She took off her pink top and her shorts and tossed them into the hamper “Mom does my laundry now yea” she realized. She took off her bra but left on her panties and put on a tank top to sleep in.

Molly cleaned up the kitchen and helped Griffin do some of his homework while Avery worked on hers alone. She knocked on her door and when answered, poked her head in “Just checking on you; you doing ok?” she asked in her best Mom voice.

“Yeah, rough test today but I think I did alright on it, just thought I could do better” Avery said.

“You did your best” Molly responded coming a bit further in but still leaning against the door frame. “You know I’m proud of you and what a good person you’ve grown up to be right” Molly said just feeling the words flow from her mouth.

Avery blushed and dipped her eyes and nodded.

“And I know that you’re not done yet; you’re on your way to being a better woman that I ever was or will be”

“Don’t say that Mom; you’re one of the bravest and smartest women I know”

Now it was Molly’s turn to blush but she felt like she was blushing for Kim. “I did my best with you and your brother” a few tears began to creep out as she tried to smile. “When your Dad and I…” she stopped suddenly feeling the pain Kim had felt going through her divorce.

“Dad is who he is…He’s my Dad and I’ll always love him but he hasn’t been there for me like you have” Avery said.

“You know I’m always here for you” Molly said. “You know I don’t want to interfere or have you think like I’m pushing you in a certain direction, but if you want my opinion; all you have to do is ask okay”

“I know Mom” Avery said. “Good night”

“I love you honey; good night” Molly said backing out of the door.

Once out in the hall, she leaned against the wall reliving the most powerful exchange she had ever experienced in her life. Those few brief moments with Avery were unlike any interaction she had ever had with her before. She put her hands down on her knees and took a deep breath.

She could feel the fabric of the skirt beneath her palms, she could feel the extra weight of her chest leaning forward and she ran her fingers through her shorter hair and walked to what was now her bedroom.

She closed the door behind her and yelled out to the room next door “Griffin! Did you brush your teeth?”

“Yes” came the muffled reply.

“Good night honey” she yelled back.

“Night Mom” came his reply.

“Oh My Gosh” she said as she walked across the room, the soft and plush carpeting soft on her tired feet. She sat on the corner of the bed and crossed her legs bringing her left foot up so she could rub it while she flexed and curled her right toes in the carpet.

The bottom of her left foot ached and she knew it routinely gave Kim problems, something about a muscle there plantar fasciitis “I am such an old woman” she told herself.

Molly cocked her head at the reflection in the mirror. She knew it well, Kim had been a second Mom to her growing up but now that face and that body and that life were hers and for long, nobody knew.

“What if I’m Kim for the rest of my life?” she thought. “What if this is forever?”

She stood up and walked slowly to the mirror “What if I’m now a 46 year old mother of 2…mom to my best friend from now on while Mrs. Coleman gets to be me from now on?” She unbuttoned her blouse and looked at her tanner and rougher skin as she took it off.

She swallowed as she took off her bra to reveal her larger and softer breasts “Would mine have looked like this anyway by this age?” she wondered. She shrugged and reached behind her and unzipped her skirt to let it fall to the ground at her feet. She pulled out the waistband of her panties and looked down “Never thought I’d see Mrs. Coleman down there…didn’t need to know what she looked like down there” ran through her mind as her phone went off.

It was text from herself “How are U doing? U Ok?”

“Yes, so far how are you?’

“Ok but it’s weird being a big sis and daughter to BFF”

“Lol just talked with Avery, different! In this body”

“LMFAO, be her Mom, I’m her friend now”

“I know, together we will help her”

“Okay for work tomorrow?”

“Yes, somehow I know your job…ok for school?”

“Yes, same here, I know your classes and work”

“Talk about us soon and try to figure out if we can switch back”

“Sounds good…night Mrs. Coleman J

“Night Molly” Molly wrote back and put her phone down. She was getting cold just sitting in her undies so she went to the middle dresser drawer and found a nightgown to put on. Molly climbed into bed exhausted from her very odd day.

“Woke up this morning an 18 year old girl…going to bed a 46 year old woman…freaky” she thought trying not to dwell on the absurdity of the situation.

Molly was the first one up in the morning as befitting her new role as head of the household. She got up and started moving at 5:30 jumping into the shower and getting ready before waking up her two kids and getting them ready for school.

She knew her routine and where everything was, but it was still weird showering and functioning in a body that was not her own. The aches and pains of being middle aged along with a whole different set of worries and anxieties was nearly overwhelming for her but she soldiered through and had to smile when she pulled up in front of the school to drop off Avery.

“Hi Molly” she said with a wave as she saw her old self, her former life and body walk up cheerful and perky wearing a white top, denim shorts and black flats.

“Hi Mrs. Coleman!” Kim said with an enthusiastic wave of her arm “Have a good day”

“Thanks I will, you two have a good day too” she replied.

“Thanks Mom” Avery replied climbing out of the car without looking back.

Molly continued on dropping Griffin off at his school and then it was off to work. She pulled into her parking spot and changed her shoes. Today it was an equally worn in pair of low black heels “When was the last time Kim bought herself some new shoes?” she questioned.

She had on black slacks and a blue top with a black jacket as she made her way to her desk for work.

Meanwhile back at school, Kim walked with Avery to their lockers where she saw Nate already waiting for them.

Avery and Nate greeted the other with a kiss as Molly loaded up for her first class. “See you later” she said heading off.

“Later” Avery replied with a smile.

Kim made her way through a day at school for the first time in 25 years. She got used to hearing her new name and by the end of the day, it was quite comfortable; and then she remembered she had a Volleyball game that night. 

“I hope her body takes over” she thought as she got geared up, slipping on pads on her knees and elbows and putting on her jersey and shorts and high socks to go with her volleyball shoes. She pulled her hair back into the tightest ponytail she could and went into rotation warmups.

She saw Avery in the crowd, she was working on some homework, but she was there for her. She smirked as she ran out and put up a set for her teammate to spike over the net “I can do this…just don’t think about it too hard” Kim told herself.

She laced her hands together and bumped the ball up “I feel great!” Kim realized as adrenaline pumped through her young body.

She got into the match, sweating and wiping her hair back out of her face. She dove and got a floor burn on her left side but jumped up and brushed it off like nothing as her competiveness took over. By the end, she was hot and tired but happy because they had won.

Kim found herself surrounded by Molly’s teammates as they cleaned up and got changed. She came out and saw no one around so she headed to her car and drove home.

Molly also had let the Kim part of her mind take over in order to get through her day. She was no CPA, but Kim was and that knowledge was part of her now. Running numbers and spreadsheets while talking to clients who had known her for years, she made her way through it but was surprised at just how tired she was after a day sitting at a desk.

Sitting behind the wheel of her car, Molly slumped her shoulders, closed her eyes and rubbed her temples before changing her shoes.

She came into the house, which was quiet. She saw Griffin sitting in the chair in the living room with headphones on and his head down. Molly kicked off her sneakers and went to him.

“Hey Buddy, how was school?” she asked.

“Fine” he answered quickly but in a way that her motherly instincts kicked in and told her was not fine.

Molly cocked her head and looked at him “You can tell me Griffin”

Griffin slipped his headphones off “You wouldn’t understand Mom” he said.

“Try me” she sat taking a seat on the ottoman and scooting up to sit by him.

“Well you know Trent?” he asked.

“Yeah, you two still not back to being friends?” Molly asked cautiously.

“No” Griffin replied, his voice wavering while still trying to sound tough. “He said I was a loser today because I let a ball get past me while I was playing soccer in gym class”

Griffin and Trent had been friends in grade school Molly knew but now Trent was one of the super jocks while Griffin’s interest lay elsewhere. “I’m sorry” she replied. “I know it hurts when someone that you shared a lot of time with and were good friends with isn’t the same person you used to know. But; people change and grow and sometimes that means growing apart and going in different directions. Trent and you…well, maybe it’s time to stop caring what Trent has to say about you. What have I always told you?”

“Be yourself” Griffin began

“That’s all you can be” they finished together.

“I’ve always tried to tell you to not let anyone else define you or tell you what to do or who to be; be yourself” Molly repeated as she patted him on his knee.

“But Avery is so good at soccer and I suck at it” Griffin said.

“Don’t compare yourself to your sister; you are two separate people. I never wanted my kids to be clones of one another. You have your talents and interests and she has hers, that doesn’t even mean one is better than the other. I love both of you equally and you are both my reason to live” Molly told her son and in that moment, she truly felt like he was hers.

They talked for another few minutes before she had him smiling again. She stood up and kissed him on top of his head before heading to the kitchen to make some spaghetti for dinner.

Dinner was already on the table when Avery came in. “Smells good in here Mom” she said kicking off her shoes and grabbing a plate.

“Your favorite” Molly told her “And I made sure I made plenty of meatballs”

“You’re awesome Mom” she replied.

Molly settled in and asked her daughter about her day, trying to get to expound on it as much as possible, but it was when she told her that she had stayed and watched Molly’s volleyball game that Molly’s stomach dropped.

“I had totally forgotten that I had a match tonight” she realized “I hope Kim was ok”

She asked “How did Molly play?”

“She was outstanding tonight; she was flying all over the court but I don’t envy the floor burn she’s going to have tomorrow” Avery told her in between bites.

“She’s doing fine as me” Molly thought “I hope I’m doing okay as her”

The following day was Friday and after school, Kim came back to her old house for the first time since the swap for their much needed sleepover. It felt weird being back but not going to her bedroom or having to do the chores she associated with the place. Kim had to sit back and watch Molly pick up Griffin’s discarded clothes and go through the mail and other things she had always taken for granted that she would always do.

“I’ll make you girls some popcorn while you figure out what you’re going to watch” Molly said as Kim and Avery settled into the living room on the sofa flipping through their options. Molly and Kim’s eyes met and they nodded in acknowledgment but nothing else was said or done.

Kim had a blast that night just hanging out with Avery with no responsibilities. They talked about everything out of the earshot of Molly, whom had retreated to let them have their night.

Molly spent the evening in her own room catching up on some reading and hoping that the two girls would discuss their issues and help each other out.

Molly would come into the living room in the morning and find the two girls asleep and curled up on the couch, which made her heart warm and melt. “They’re closer than they’ve ever been” she realized “And I love her even more than before; maybe this was all for the best”

She accepted her role happily as she headed to the kitchen “If this was meant to be, then let it be” she told herself “Even if I do wish I didn’t have this pain in my foot now” she laughed at herself as it had cramped up on her during the night and she was limping a bit.

The soccer season played itself out as did volleyball. One day in November, Molly came home from work and found Avery and Kim sitting in the living room with a large manila envelope between them.

“Hey girls…what’s up” she asked.

Avery gave her a wan smile showing nervousness instead of happiness “Well”, she held out the envelope to her Mom. Molly took it and saw a return address from Palo Alto California on it.

She pulled out the letter and began to read “Stanford University wishes to extend to you the offer of a full ride soccer scholarship…” she read getting dizzy “Avery…is this…is this real?”

“It’s real Mom and I don’t know what to do at all” Avery admitted.

“But it’s a full ride to one of the best universities in the…” Molly began.

“But it’s so far away and I’m scared. I also have an academic scholarship offer from Illinois but even that’s far away or I can just go to Miller and be able to stay here with you and Molly and Nate and…” Avery said.

Molly sat down and looked at Kim who just shook her head in confusion.

“Let’s talk it out then honey” Molly said putting her hands on her knees with a motherly nod.

Avery exhaled and sat back on the sofa.

“I know you’re scared” Molly began in her calmest voice. “You know I love you and I will support any decision you make but I also caution you in deciding too fast. You need to consider your options carefully”

“That’s why I want you and Molly here” Avery said and Kim looked over and smiled. “I want to think and talk to both of you”

Molly smoothed out her navy blue skirt and tugged gently at her black blouse; she sat back and crossed her legs. Kim curled her legs up underneath her tucking her bare feet up while in her skinny jeans and yellow long sleeved top.

“Okay” Avery began with a sigh and the conversation began.

For three hours it went back and forth, touching on everything pertinent and inconsequential. Kim made her deal with the Nate question; is a high school boyfriend part of the equation when the rest of your life is at stake.

Molly answered questions about the long distance part along with national rankings of schools in terms of prestige but in the end, Avery excused herself to her room for a few minutes but asked them to both stay.

Kim and Molly were left alone really for the first time since they had switched bodies.

“How have you been really?” Kim asked Molly “Have you been okay with you know, getting older and stuff?”

“I adjusted” Molly admitted “I’ve come to terms with it in my way and decided that since this is where I was obviously supposed to be, then it was meant to be, simple as that”

“I don’t know if I’d be that calm going from young to old and having to watch someone else get to live the life I was supposed to have” Kim admitted. “I understand what you mean though, something swapped us for a reason but I get to go back and be 18 again, yet, by some cruel twist, I don’t know everything I knew, so my advantage there is nil” she laughed.

Molly smiled back. “Do you want something to drink?” she asked.

Kim followed Molly into the kitchen where Kim filled a glass with water and took a seat while Molly leaned against the counter with her back to the sink, her ankles crossed in front of her, her bare feet on the linoleum when Avery came in looking relaxed and smiling.

“I’ve decided I’m going to Stanford” she declared.

Molly burst into tears and rushed over and hugged her only to be joined by an also crying Kim.

“I have to excuse myself though” Avery said. “I’m going to go to Nate’s house and talk to him and tell him my decision in person”

“Good idea, very mature of you” Molly told her. They hugged one more time as did she and Kim before she took her Mom’s car and left.

“Well, good job Mom” Kim told Molly “We got her through”

“That we did” Molly agreed. “I don’t think I could have done it alone”

“Me either…that was a team effort” Kim said from her seat. She tapped her right foot up and down and as she did, the sole began to thicken, the arch began to drop and he foot began to widen. Her heel got rougher and a well-worn spot reappeared on the back indicating many years of wearing shoes that rub. Her toes began to spread out a bit wider and reshape themselves along with her nails.

“Ow” I’ve got a cramp in the bottom of my foot…I can’t bend my toes” Kim said as her left foot began to change and a familiar pain crept back into the bottom near her heel as her left sole thickened and her heel spread out and her arch dropped. As she flexed her toes, they changed shape back to her original form, her nails changing and getting slightly thicker on her shorter and wider toes.

Kim put her chin down on the table as her hand shot down to rub out the pain in her foot.

“You big baby” Molly teased her with a wave of her hand but as she stopped moving, she felt her toes clamp down on the floor trying to hold on as she felt her feet begin to move against her will.

Molly looked down and her jaw dropped “Ah!” shot out in surprise and confusion. The top of her right foot was turning a lighter shade and her foot appeared to be narrowing. Her toes got longer and her nails thinned and changed shape on top of her toes as her sole rose up thinner and her heel pulled in while her skin smoothed to a more youthful appearance.

The pain in her left foot that she had gotten so used to, began to lesson and fade away. She curled her toes up and when she let them go back out flat, they looked like her own feet again. Long skinny toes and small thin nails on narrow skinny feet.

Kim continued to rub and she moved her foot out to get a look at it “Oh shit!” she said surprised and she stood up quickly bumping her knees on the table as she did.

She stumbled back a step with her long dark brown hair flopping into her face. She pushed it off and back out of her way and field of vision in shock “My Feet!” she squealed pointing down at them. She looked at Molly and saw her engrossed in her own feet.

“What the…are we…?” Molly said. “Are we starting to change back?”

“Um…maybe” Kim said with a smile on her face. “Um…I hope”

“Me too” Molly admitted. Her ankles trimmed and her calves began to lift up and thin out more colt like in appearance. “I think it’s happening”

“Yeah, me too” Kim said suddenly grimacing and unbuttoning her tight pants “My thigs will bust these to shreds if I leave these on…I can already feel them tightening on my lower legs”

Kim got the jeans down to her claves easily but then had to pull, yank and peel them off her thickening legs. She saw the familiar bumps and marks returning as her skin darkened back to its rightful coloring.

Her now exposed legs showed her knees creeping back to size and losing their knobby look but her eyes shot over to Molly, who was very pleased to have knobby and pale knees again.

Molly’s navy blue skirt began to rise up as her legs lengthened. They thinned down considerably as her skin smoothed and her muscles tightened. Her skirt came loose at the waist as her thighs came apart underneath it. Her hand clutched at the side, grabbing a handful of fabric trying to keep it up.

Kim giggled at her modesty “You can show off her skinny legs again if you want to girl…go on”

Molly blushed as she unzipped her zipper on her skirt and let it down. She saw her own legs again for the first time in months, they were back and they were hers. She ran her hands up and down feeling how soft they were.

Kim stood with her legs exposed since taking off her pants in haste. Just her yellow top and a pair of pink panties from Victoria’s Secret were on her as her legs shrank down shorter and began to thicken and widen out with age. Feeling the extra flesh reappear almost felt comforting to Kim “It’s the body I’ve earned” she said watching her legs grow back and come together to touch at the top.

“You don’t have a bad body, trust me” Molly said “I was happy to have it for the time I did”

“And I thank you for taking good care of it for me while I was away” Kim replied. She felt her hips begin to shift and widen and her ass begin to grow and droop. “I am however, sorry to see that go back to what it used to look like”

Molly glanced over her shoulder, watching as her ass lifted back up nice and pert again. The cellulite faded from the back of her thighs and the bottoms of her shrinking ass cheeks as she regained the body of a teen. Her hips shifted back inward and her more modest briefs began to pull and not feel as comfortable on her changing body.

Molly tugged at her panties and did a quick up and down movement with her legs trying to adjust. “Oh by the way, your mammogram came back fine”

“Oh…you had to go through that for me didn’t you…I’m sorry” Kim said slightly embarrassed.

“And your pap; that came back normal as well” Molly informed her thinking back to having doctor checkups in Kim’s body.

Kim just blushed and covered her eyes. She felt a sudden drop in her stomach and abdomen and knew her body was going through a deep change now. A dryness began to return to her, familiar and not entirely unpleasant as she felt her skin shifting and adjusting and her clitoris dipped back deeper and higher “Oh…um” she swallowed and her hips shivered.

Molly’s cheeks flushed bright red and a thin line of sweat broke out across her brow. Her pupils dilated and her lips flushed plump and she licked them as moisture flowed freely and her body adjusted and rejuvenated. Her clitoris hummed as it shifted along with her flesh and vaginal opening “Oh God” she said bending at the waist and bringing her knees together tight.

Molly finally gained the ability to stand back up straight after a few moments locked forward as her body calmed back down. She hiccupped and hitched though as she straightened in time to allow her back to extend and grow back to its full height.

They passed each other in height as with a shudder, Kim’s back and chest shrank down taking her back down to 5’3” her waist crept back out wider and her stomach went from rock hard to soft. It poofed and pushed forward again “Mom bod” she said giving it a pinch between her fingers.

Molly’s waist caved inward and her stomach flatten out, pulling in dramatically as it returned to form “You’ll have it again in your own good time” Kim teased her. She was pulling off her shirt and undoing her small 34B bra “Don’t want to ruin it for you” she added.

Molly unbuttoned her blouse; she had been just peeking through it at her stomach but now it was off and sliding off her arms. Her breasts began to shrink and lift in her bra that was now too big for her. The skin lightened and tightened and smoothed as even her nipples felt perkier and more sensitive. She finally took off the 38C bra and set it aside.

Kim’s breasts were out and on full display and they both watched the process of going from 18 to 46 in fascination. The skin darkened first and then the pulsated out, growing larger and rounder at first before gravity and age kicked in and they began to pull down and become more tear drop shaped.

Kim’s areolas darkened and her nipples got stubbier and she did a playful shimmy to bounce and sway them back and forth.

“I know…I’ll have ones that look like that again on my own soon enough” Molly teased herself.

Molly’s shoulder lifted and pulled back as Kim’s rounded and came in. Kim’s upper arms puffed up and out, filling in as the muscle faded and loosened. Her forearms darkened and the skin roughened as her hands swelled out a bit wider and her fingers shortened and thickened. Her nails shifted and pulled closer back taking on their original look once more. She balled her hands into fists feeling the slight burn in her knuckles of age.

Molly splayed her fingers out as they thinned and lengthened and her nails thinned and grew at the same time. The spots, bumps and rough patches cleared in her youth and the veins across the backs lessened. Her arms trimmed and ropy muscle looped back in tightening her skin as it lightened in color.

Molly’s neck rose back up longer, elongating as Kim’s came back down more compact and stout.

Grey hairs began to filter and entwine themselves in as her hair began to lighten, thin, and rise up higher and higher. It lifted up coming off her back and shoulders, closer to her chin as the style returned to the front of it, twisting and puffing up. Lines began to etch their way across her forehead and around her eyes and mouth. Deeper lines creased as the corners of her mouth drooped and dropped down thinning her lips as they went. Her chin rounded and widened and her jaw line sank lower as the skin on her cheeks slackened and came in along with her ears which grew slightly as they repositioned themselves.

Her face continued to mature as her nose broadened at the base and her eyes narrowed, lightened and weakened with age. Her eyebrows and lashes thinned and she blinked hard against the slight tingle that resided in her face.

Molly’s jawline rose and strengthened as her chin came to a point tightening up her skin that rippled upward erasing lines as it went. The lines along her mouth vanished as the corners of her mouth lifted into an upturned sly smile. Her lips puffed up pink and full as her cheeks rose and the skin there came taut. Her nose narrowed at the base and her eyes widened back to doe like proportions.

She blinked as her eyes strengthened and darkened under eyebrows and lashes that thickened. Her forehead skin smoothed, erasing more signs of age as her ears shrank and lowered and her hair began to grow.

Her more elaborate part shifted to a simple middle part as her hair darkened and thickened, growing down over her shoulders, chest and stopping halfway down her back. “I’m back” she said “You’re back!”

Kim scrambled around to grab the bra Molly had discarded. She slipped it on and put on the black blouse as well. “That we are”

Molly slung her bra back on along with slipping the yellow top on and pulling all of her hair back out the back. “I’ll keep wearing the panties though…it’s no big deal” she added as she stepped into the skinny jeans and pulled them up.

“I’ll wash yours and get them back to you” Kim said as she pulled the skirt up her legs and zipped it in the back.

“No big deal; you can keep them if you want”

“What like a memento of my time when they fit me?” Kim laughed. “I don’t think I’m ever going to forget these last few months when I got to experience what it was like being my daughter’s best friend instead of her mother”

Molly dipped her head and nodded in agreement “There’s no way I can forget being you Kim”

“You made a fine Mrs. Coleman” Kim told her.

“And you were a very convincing Molly Jansen” she added.

“I always thought of you as my second daughter but now that I’ve actually lived your life for a few months, I know you inside and out” Kim said looking over the body she had just inhabited and putting her hand to her chest.

“And after living as my second Mom I think I know better than just about anyone else my age what waits for me” Molly said. “Think of it this way, when Avery goes to California, maybe I can still come by for dinner with you and Griffin”

“I’d like that” Kim said “I’ve missed him but I’m also going to miss your sister too. It was weird being a daughter again and an older sister for a time. I don’t know if I’ll ever look at Meg and Patrick the same way again after having them be my parents for a while”

“Time for them to be my parents again” Molly said.

“Do you think Avery is finally at peace with her decision?” Kim said.

“I do” Molly asked

“I do too…obviously you’d do anything for her” Kim said.

“Anything for a friend…or the Mom of a friend” Molly said with a smirk as she left to go home.

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Another great story. Look forward to your next work.
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October 25, 2016
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