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“Hey Avery; Hi Mrs. Coleman!” Molly Jansen waved as she saw her best friend getting out of her Mom’s car.

“Hello Molly; have a good day Honey” Kim Coleman said as she dropped her daughter off at school.

“Thanks Mom, I will” Avery replied with a wan smile.

Kim pulled away as Molly came near. “What was up with you Tweet last night: 2 A.M. and you’re sending out that you’ve never been more stressed in all your life? What’s wrong?” Molly asked as they walked together.

“It was nothing…just frustrated. I was studying for my Trig test and I couldn’t sleep then. I just couldn’t settle down you know…my knee was aching from the game yesterday” Avery rubbed her left knee. She had hyperextended it the night before playing soccer where she was one of their team’s best defensive players.

“I get it but it made me worried” Molly admitted.

“Well thanks Mom” Avery joked as they headed inside. “Hey Nate!” Avery waved and smiled as her boyfriend came over and wrapped an arm around her shoulders.

“Hey Babe…how are you this morning?” he asked.

“Okay…my knee still hurts” Avery seemed to be limping a bit more to Molly’s eyes to get sympathy from Nate.

They all stopped at Avery’s locker and Nate got down on his knee and kissed her knee “Better?”

“Always better with you” Avery replied.

Moly rolled her eyes and turned away, flipping her long brown hair out of her face. “Puh-Leeze” she muttered “I’ve got to get to Government; see ya later Aves” she said.

They air kissed as Molly went left and Avery and Nate went to the right, holding hands on their way to Chemistry class.

Molly picked up her pace as she headed her way. She had been best friends with Avery Coleman since they were in kindergarten. Their Moms had become friends and they had shared just about everything all the way through school, but now at the beginning of their senior year, Avery seemed distant.

Molly knew she was under a lot of pressure. She had a chance to get a soccer scholarship but Avery was also planning on going to Medical school. Soccer would help pay for it if she took it, but it would also drain away time she would need to study and she couldn’t make up her mind on what to do.

Now Nate clouded the picture even more. He was a nice guy, but he was also the type of guy who would never leave their hometown. His Dad ran an office supply warehouse and Nate had always known it would be his to take over so now Avery had let the thought of staying home for school creep into her mind so she could stay with Nate.

“I wish I could help her decide what was best” Molly thought.

Molly had her own questions about her own life but hers seemed much simpler. She had always wanted to be a teacher; she wasn’t a very good athlete so she knew she was just going on to college in the next town over to study education. She didn’t have a boyfriend even though she was quite pretty: Dark brown hair and big brown eyes on a very trim 5’7” frame.

Kim Coleman drove to work with her daughter on her mind “That girl just doesn’t know how to stop or relax” she thought as she drove on. She was an accountant for a large firm and made a decent living which was good since she had been divorced for 2 years now and had primary custody of Avery and her 12 year old son Griffin.

“Those scholarships would help out so much, either athletic or academic, but she’s killing herself trying to get both” she worried. She pulled into her parking spot and got out her heels; Kim always drove in flats or sneakers and changed into her “work shoes” when she arrived. Today she wore a tan skirt and cream colored blouse with a tan jacket as she put on her 2 inch well-worn tan heels.

Kim was 46; just 5’3” and carrying what most would call a Mom body of an extra 15 pounds that she could never shed. Her hair was a very light brown which was cut at her shoulders and while lines now rested at the corners of her eyes and mouth, she was still attractive.

She made her way to her desk but her mind never wavered far from her daughter throughout the day.

Molly and Avery only shared two classes together that semester but they would shoot off a quick text to one another when they could.

Molly got worried when she saw the text of all angry emoji faces after 5 period, which was when she had trigonometry. ‘OMG Luv U’ was all she could send back with a lot of concern.

After school, Molly had volleyball practice so she didn’t get a chance to talk to Avery, who headed home with a ride from Nate. Molly had her own car so she drove over to the Coleman’s house after practice to check in on her friend.

“Oh Hi Molly, come on in but Avery isn’t here” Kim said when she saw her “other” daughter pop up at the back door.

“Oh, Thanks Mrs. Coleman” Molly said.

“I’ve told you how many thousands of times that you’re 18 now Molly, you can call me Kim” Kim joked as Molly came in casually.

Molly and Avery had been such staples in each other’s lives and had spent so much time together that it was all just like a big family between the Coleman’s and the Jansen’s. Molly’s parents Meg and Patrick had Kim and her kids over for dinner at least once a week so there were very few barriers between them.

Molly sat down at the table as Kim continued making dinner. Kim was barefoot now and her jacket was slung over the back of a dining room chair but she still had on her skirt and blouse “Get yourself something to drink” Kim told her.

“Thanks” Molly replied as she drew herself a glass of water from the fridge. Molly was still hot from practice and she wore just a pair of black shorts, a pink t-shirt and Adidas slides. “I was just stopping by to check on Avery; she didn’t seem too happy after her test but I didn’t get a chance to talk to her about it”

Kim sighed “I hope she did okay on it; she was so worked up over it”

“I know; I have to admit, I worry about her a lot. She puts so much stress on herself” Molly said.

“We both know that; she’s always been a perfectionist but this year, she’s just so high strung” Kim said. “I wish she would talk to me about it”

Molly nearly spit out her water “You and me both; she won’t say anything, she keeps deflecting me and saying that everything’s fine but I know it’s not”

“So she’s freezing us both out huh” Kim said shaking her head and leaning back against the sink. “I know she’ll be alright in the long run but I wish I could help her you know, just be able to be with her and have her trust me, oh I don’t know, trust me like she trusts you”

“Yeah I don’t know about that; you at least get to see her at home and see her in her down time…I don’t get that opportunity anymore, we’re both so busy. I wish I could comfort her more, show her that she’s loved” Molly admitted nervously working her fingers around her glass.

“I just want to be a friend to her” Kim lamented.

“I just want her to know I’ll always be there for her” Molly sighed.

“I wish I could be in your position in her life” they both said together and began to laugh.

“Jinx!” they both yelled as the pointed at the other.

“So you wish you could be her mother huh…good luck with that” Kim laughed.

“Oh! And that means you want to be her high school aged best friend” Molly scoffed “Definitely good luck with that”

Molly looked down at her hands and the water glass she was holding. Her attention was held by it as she daydreamed for a moment about how she would treat Avery if she were her mother and not just her friend. She saw a picture of her, but looking like Kim, hugging her tight and telling her that everything would be okay.

Kim stared out the window over her sink; she was daydreaming about being there with Avery during her day, being able to communicate with her instantly and let her know it would be okay. She saw a vision of herself, but looking more like Molly than herself, standing with Avery outside of a classroom, just able to give her that reassuring look of “You’ve got this”.

“I wish” Molly thought.

“I wish” Kim thought.

As Kim leaned back, the small of her back pressing up against the small bit of counter in front of the sink, her feet began to slide forward on the linoleum floor. She dug her toes down to stop it, but they continued to slide forward. She saw the white at the ends as she pressed down but her feet now shivered and thinned.

“What the…” she said mostly to herself. Her feet didn’t seem as thick as usual, they were narrowing and the skin was softening so she let the muscles in her toes relax against the ground. She watched in astonishment as her toes grew longer before her eyes. They narrowed as they grew and then her nails changed shape one by one until all ten of them looked different.

“How in the world is this happening? Am I seeing things? Those don’t look like my feet anymore, they look long and skinny, almost like…” she looked up and turned her head to look at Molly as she sat at the table, her head down, in deep thought.

“Muh…Molly” it felt as if her tongue were lined with cotton when she first tried to speak but Molly looked over with a cheerful and optimistic look and smile on her youthful face.

“Yes Mrs. Cole…” she smiled even wider “I mean Kim” she finished.

“Um…do you feel alright?” Kim asked.

“Yeah; why do you ask?” Molly asked.

“Um…no reason I guess” she looked down and lifted up her toes, surprised that they responded to her command when they looked nothing like what she was used to. Her skin seemed smoother and even looked a shade lighter in color.

“What is it?” Molly pressed, sensing that something was wrong.

“It’s just that…” she began to say until Molly looked down and her expression changed. Her eyes narrowed and her mouth opened slightly at first but it continued to open wider as she witnessed her soles rise and thicken and toughen up.

Her arch dropped lower which made her feet spread out wider. A small blister appeared on the outside of the little toe of her right foot and on her heels, well-worn spots appeared indicating a lifetime of wearing heels that had rubbed there.

Her toes shrank down smaller and her nails reshaped, slightly thicker but overall, her feet looked nothing like they had. “Uh…” she was basically speechless.

Kim walked around the island and looked down at what Molly was seeing; she recognized her own feet now residing on Molly’s body. Kim pursed her lips and took in a deep sharp breath before saying “Oh My Gosh…”

“What…what?” Molly said shaking her head in confusion. Her eyes darted back and forth between her own different looking feet and what she now saw and recognized as her own feet standing a few inches away “Mrs. Coleman?” she said in a shaking voice as she stood up slowly from the table.

As she stood, her lower legs began to thicken and shrink down shorter. Small bumps appeared in places new to her as her skin darkened and weight and a different shape took hold.

Kim now felt her body begin to rise up slightly higher. Her lower legs were thinning and gaining length as they smoothed, the result of Molly shaving them this morning while it had been almost three days since she had done her own. Her skin tone lightened and now matched the color she saw on the tops of her feet. Her knees felt stronger than they had in years and she bent slightly at them.

Molly locked her knees in place and not only did she feel it, she heard it to. Her knees looked puffier than before, fuller somehow but her eyes darted over to Kim’s and they were the opposite, knobbier and showing more bone than flesh in her outline.

“It’s our wishes Molly” Kim said apologetically. “I think what we just said in jest is somehow coming true”

“No…that can’t be…that’s not possible…” she looked over at Kim not wanting to believe her “I can’t...I can’t be her Mom…I can’t be…be you?”

Kim’s mouth went up and down a few times as she searched for words “I’m going to be a teenager!” she realized “I’m turning into Molly!” ran through her mind. “I know it sounds crazy but…I mean…look at us; look what’s happening to our bodies”

“I know but…” Molly said and stopped as her thighs began to grow thicker, rounder, fuller, wider and stouter. A few more bumps and marks appeared on her darker and fuller thighs. She felt a drop in her body and she looked around thinking that everything around her looked different now, slightly out of place…higher than before.

Her shorts came together as her thighs did, excess flesh popping out of the tight volleyball shorts as a bit of cellulite formed along the backs. Her hips spread out to a more matronly proportion and her tight, pert ass began to grow softer and larger.

Kim continued feeling lighter as she felt her body lifting higher as well. Her stronger knees gave way to thinning and trimming thighs. Her skin tightened and lightened as they grew long, lithe and trim, even coming apart at the top “I have a thigh gap!” ran through her panicking brain.

Kim’s hips began to narrow and pull in, no longer the body of a woman who had given birth two times but that of an 18 year old girl. The years of ageing were reversing rapidly and she could feel her ass cheeks lifting and hardening into a full round and perky backside fit for a high schooler.

As the extra 15 pounds began to melt away, the waistband of her skirt began to loosen and gap up and her panties now fit her totally different and were quite uncomfortable and bunchy.

Molly’s waistband began to tighten and strain and stretch out as her ass continued to change shape, growing larger and dropping lower and widening into that of a middle aged Mom. They locked eyes in embarrassment as they felt a definitive stirring in their bodies.

An itch began, a dryness began in Molly’s now very tight panties something she had never experienced or felt before. Molly was not experienced and had only known one thing; how her body had always felt. Now though, she licked her lips as more experience came onto her and into her. She felt something deep seated changing, a heaviness settled into her lower abdomen. She put her hand down and pressed hard against the outside of her shorts. It felt thicker there too, puffier and she even felt it moving against her hand and the outline of her clothing. Her vagina opened a bit wider, the skin loosened and her clitoris seemed to withdraw and pull back deeper into her body.

Kim saw the confusion on Molly’s sweet and innocent face as her body aged and changed on her. She herself felt energetic and rejuvenated despite not wanting to be stripping the youth from her daughter’s best friend.

A moistness began to work in the front of her ill-fitting panties. Her skin tightened and pulled in close and tight and her clitoris seemed to hum just below the surface. Sexual energy rushed up and down her spine making her fingertips and toes tingle and her hair stand on end. Butterflies bubbled up in her stomach making her smile despite herself as her insides revived and she felt invigorated with youth.

Molly’s back contracted and a small ache settled into her lower back and her shoulders dipped and came in. Her stomach began to grow out softer and larger into a slight belly that wouldn’t be seen under a looser shirt, but was on full display in her tight pink one.

The gaps in Kim’s clothing continued to appear as she got taller and thinner all at once. Her stomach, the bane of any woman in her mid-40’s pulled in washboard tight causing her blouse to poof out and bunch up while trying to stay tucked in. Her back spread out long and strong and her shoulders broadened and pulled outward.

Now above her paunchy belly, Molly felt her previously perky 34B breasts began to grow. Another cup size came on as they began to sag and press against her small and flimsy bra. Her chest widened, straining the side straps as she turned into a 38C in her more mature form.

Kim’s bra wasn’t needed; the extra wire support she had built in was no longer necessary as her breasts lifted up higher, perkier and smaller than before. They defied gravity as they held their own on her smooth and lighter colored chest. “Oh My Gosh Molly, I am so sorry; I never meant for this happen. You shouldn’t have to live with my body or my problems and worries and my life” Kim blurted out.

“No…I mean I never meant for this to happen either but I said it too. I said I wish I was more like her Mom and now I am and you wanted to be more like her friend and now you will be” Molly said taking in the changes to her body.

She looked over and noticed that Kim was now taller than her and standing straight and tall “We need to look on the bright side” Molly said “Now we really can help Avery as much as possible”

“I guess you’re right but…I don’t feel right about trading you my 46 year old body for your 18 year old one” Kim followed up.

Molly gave a nervous laugh “Well, it’s a bit too late to change that; I just hope it’s not permanent”

“Oh my gosh yes…I mean I know” Kim spat out nervously. “I mean, we’ll figure something out; a way to change back into our own bodies” Kim didn’t understand why she was so nervous and unsure of herself now. She didn’t realize that some of her maturity in her mind was also passing to Molly while some of Molly’s insecurities and youth were passing back to her.

Molly did feel calm about what was happening to her body. She knew she had to be strong and steady and not show too much fear and confusion. It was just coming naturally to her now to be the leader, the calm one as she detected an air of nervousness and confusion surrounding Kim now.

Kim bit her lip as her arms extended and her upper arms trimmed up and muscled in youthfulness. She splayed out her hands, taking a last look at the rougher veiny hands she was used to as her skin pulled taut and smoothed out greatly. Her fingers grew longer, her knuckles getting smaller as her fingernails grew out slightly longer and stronger.

Molly ran her hands back and forth in each other as her upper arms filled out and got looser skin and her hands began to shrink and ache. Her knuckle joints came out and veins came out thicker across the backs as the skin toughened up and her nails pulled back.

They turned to face each other head on again as Molly’s neck became more compact and the skin there loosened and a few lines etched across it. Kim’s on the other hand lengthened and rose up as the skin there smoothed too.

Molly’s eyes began to narrow and pull closer in to the bridge of her nose; a nose that was widening a bit at the base. Lines began to etch in around the corners of her eyes even as they moved in. Her cheeks seemed to deflate a bit and the skin there slackened as it lost it youthful sheen.

Molly’s chin came in and turned rounder and wider in shape as the corners of her mouth came down. Her natural upturn and sly smile changed into a more mature look; her lips thinned and her teeth shifted. More lines came into the corners of her mouth as others etched along a bit further out deeper in.

Her jaw line lowered along with her ears coming out as her long dark hair began to lighten and lift up higher. Her simple middle part gave way to a more styled hairdo that stopped between her chin and shoulders, the bottoms turning in slightly as a few stray greys worked their way in.

All grey vanished as Kim’s hair strengthened, darkened to deep dark brown and began to grow long. The front of her hair simply pulled to the sides in a more basic and youthful style of hair. The tip of her nose thinned and narrowed as her eyes lifted and widened and shifted further out. The skin around them came clear and smooth as even her eyelashes and eyebrows filled in fuller.

Kim blinked as her eyesight strengthened, her forehead rose up and all lines banished from it. Her ears got smaller under her long hair as her chin came to a point and came out stronger than before atop a more secure and firm jawline.

The corners of Kim’s mouth pulled up and in; all signs of ageing reversed as her skin refreshed and the lines disappeared. Her lips puffed out pink and full as her teeth strengthened and whitened. Her cheeks lifted completing her transformation into an 18 year old lookalike of Molly Jansen.

As their faces settled in and the changes slowed to a stop, the panic and profundity of their situation settled in and hit home for them.

“Oh. My. God.” The now very young Kim said looking at her old self standing before her in ill-fitting and inappropriate clothing “Ohmygod, Ohmygod, Ohmygod” she repeated.

“Uh…this is going to be okay” Molly reassured herself as she looked down at her now 46 year old body. Reality was setting in to what her life had just become “I look like Kim Coleman…I’ve turned into my best friends Mom and she just turned into me” Her hands slapped at her soft body beneath her clothes.

“We need to do something” Kim blurted out “We need to at least like switch clothes Mrs. Coleman”

Molly head shot up “What did you just call me?”

Kim’s hand was already at her mouth in shock “I…I don’t know what just happened there” she said softly, her voice carrying the tone of the body she now possessed; it was a bit higher and more nasal than her usual voice and it sounded totally different in her own head.

“I knew something else was at work when I stopped being in a total panic about halfway through but is it that we’re also switching something more profound than our own bodies?” Molly asked. “I feel different and not just physically; I feel calmer…more I guess for a lack of a better term, more mature, like I can handle this”

“Well I’m glad you can, ’cause I’m about ready to totally freak out here” Kim confessed. “This is some freaky ass shit…I’m you!”

“I know, I know honey but you have to calm down now. Avery could be home at any minute” Molly looked around at the clock on the microwave. “She’s usually home by 7 if she goes to Nate’s house after school.

“Yeah, um, maybe we should, you know, like change clothes” Kim said getting more unsure of herself and her problem solving ability by the moment.

“That’s a good idea, come down the hall to my room” Molly said before stopping dead in her tracks “I, um, I mean what was your room”

“Don’t worry about the little stuff, let’s just get there” Kim said rushing past Molly down the hall.

Molly’s body was moving in a totally different way now and it took her a few steps to adjust. By the time she got into her room and closed the door behind her, Kim was unbuttoning her blouse and pulling it out of her skirt. She paused before undoing her bra and releasing her perky little breasts but she shrugged knowing that Molly already knew what they looked like.

Molly was a bit more shocked at her own appearance as she struggled pulling her tight pink top up and off her fuller body. Confronted with a stomach and an older pair of breasts as she popped the hook on her strained bra.

She looked over to the now nude Kim and her taut and trim physique who could only give her a shrug. Her larger panties and tan skirt sat pooled over her feet on the ground.

“Never mind that for now” Molly said as she had to work her hips back and forth to get her panties and tight black volleyball shorts down and off her larger hips, ass and thighs. Once clear she lifted her right foot and ankle to snag them and toss them to the waiting Kim.

Kim grabbed them out of the air and fluffed them out in a single motion; jumping up and popping her legs through the holes in the panties. She quickly pulled them up, then did the same with the shorts.

She took the bra from the top of the bed where Molly dropped it and slipped her long arms through and hooked it like she was in a race to get redressed. The pink top went on quickly and tight over her flat tummy and smaller chest.

Kim spun to the mirror to fix her hair and try to look relaxed as she detected movement behind her coming from Molly.

Molly took her time; her balance wasn’t as good stepping into the panties and pulling them up to rest on her hips and cover herself. The tan skirt came up and she zipped it in the back. She picked up the larger nude colored bra and put it on, adjusting her larger breasts inside the cups and few times before it felt right. With a shrug of her shoulders and moving her arms, the blouse was on and she worked her fingers to button it and tuck it in before she too went to the mirror to make sure she looked natural.

The sound of a car pulling into the drive made them bolt from the room and run back to the kitchen before Avery could get inside. Molly slid to a stop in front of the stove as Kim jumped into the chair at the end; both managed to smile as Avery came in.

“Hey Mom, Hey Molly” she said “You two behaving yourselves?”

“Ha-Ha…of course honey” Molly said. “Dinner will be ready in a few minutes if you’re hungry”

“Okay” she said.

“I just stopped by to see how your test went” Kim said trying to act as much like a typical teenage girl as she could. Her body and mind still hummed with adrenaline.

“Oh yeah…my text may have been slightly overdramatic” she tried to downplay “Come on to my room” Avery said with a wave of her head. Kim shot a quick glance to Molly and gave her a smile as Molly shooed her off with a smile of her own.

Molly found herself alone in what was now her house. She looked around still adjusting to her new shorter height, but it was beginning to feel more natural to her already. She pulled out the casserole that was now finished just as a new sound approached; the sound of a skateboard.

The back door opened and shut with a slam. Without even looking around, new instincts came in and Molly’s mouth opened “Griffin I’ve told you to not let the door slam how many times?”

“Uh like a thousand Mom, what’s one more time” 12 year old Griffin Coleman answered as he unlaced his shoes and took off his helmet.

“That’s not the point young man” Molly said hardly even believing what she was saying, it was all coming so naturally to her. “Have a seat, you’re just in time for dinner, what can I get you to drink?”

“I’m his Mom now too” she thought as he answered milk and she got out a glass and poured him some. “And that means that Kim isn’t a mother anymore. She’s now the daughter of my Mom and Dad…she’s now Meg’s daughter, her best friend is now her Mom just like I’m Mom to her best friend. We swapped roles, lives, homes…everything with each other. I can even feel like I am really her and always have been. I feel a motherly instinct I know I didn’t have before. I know I can do her job too. I don’t know why but I just do and I know she can be me” Molly thought as she sat down across from her son and scooped out some food onto her plate.

“So how was school for you today?” she asked Griffin.

“Um Fine” he said barely lifting his eyes.

“Did you turn in your paper to Ms. Hardwick?” she asked before thinking “I even know his assignments too”

“Yeah I did and she already graded it; I got a 92%” he said.

“Good job…awesome, I’m proud of you” she said and she meant it. Molly looked over her shoulder but didn’t see or hear either of the girls coming back.

Avery walked ahead of Kim as they headed down the hall to her room closing the door quickly behind her. “Oh My God that test was so hard, I didn’t want to admit it but it kicked my fucking ass” she said to her best friend.

Kim’s shock at hearing her daughter drop a word she had never heard her use before passed with barely a beat. “I’m so sorry” she said full of sympathy. “I was just afraid you like flunked it some shit”

“No, nothing like that but I’m thinking like a B or B- on it” she shook her head “I’m just pissed at myself; I can do better”

“You can do better and you will, I know it, you’re smart, smarter than me” Avery smiled and gave her a withering look as Kim continued to talk faster than she thought she could. “Don’t let Mrs. Barton get to you, she gets off on being a hard ass but she knows you’re working hard”

Avery flopped on the bed “I’m so tired”

Kim curled up in a chair, tucking her long legs under her and pulling at her long toes “What does Nate have to say about it?”

“Same as you, told me I was smart but he added that I was pretty too” Avery laughed.

“You want me come over and brush your hair for you so you can show me your beauty?” Kim teased naturally. “Flaunt your boyfriend all you want”

“You know you’re the most important voice to me” Avery said.

“Not your Mom?” Kim couldn’t help but ask even as she slipped into her new role easily and comfortably. Thoughts of school and teachers and other students filled her head instead of her job and co-workers.

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