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“Alright Ladies that was awesome; let’s take a break to reset the lights and backdrop” The photographer shouted out.

At the words break, Chyler Leigh and Melissa Benoist both let out a sigh and smiled at each other wearily. They were doing promo shots for season two of Supergirl and it already been a long day.

“Oh My Gosh Chy, I am so tired” Melissa said, her shoulders slumping as she took off her prop glasses. She twirled the black frames around in her hands as Chyler reached for a bottle of water.

“I hear ya…I think I’m getting slap happy I’m so tired and we’re not even close to being done” Chyler added with a nod. Assistants and Producers were gathering and swarming toward them.

“Alright, time for the real shots…time to get into costume” A wiry young woman told them. “Full costume for you” she said pointing to Melissa “And we’re going to want you in the D.E.O. outfit…black boots, pants, black collared shirt…we’ll get the prop department down here to give you the holsters and all that stuff. So off you two go: Get dressed and then get to hair and makeup!”

Chyler and Melissa had been doing shots in their Alex and Kara character clothes; casual looks for some promos but now it was time for the serious shots.

“Ugh” Melissa groaned as they walked away together “That woman pisses me off”

“I know what you mean” Chyler agreed as they approached the trailer that had their wardrobes in it.

They climbed up and inside and closed the door behind them. They were alone in the rather roomy area.

Chyler flopped down on the couch and slipped her feet out of the shoes they had her in.
She flexed out her toes, still clad in pale tights as she drank her bottle of water.

Melissa sat down in a chair across from her and took off the ankle boots she had been wearing for the photos. She grinned “You know what we should do to piss off that assistant and throw off their schedule?”

“What?” Chyler said raising her eyebrows.

“You should come out in the Supergirl costume and act like nothing’s wrong” Melissa said laughing.

“Oh that’s funny” Chyler laughed almost spitting out the water in her mouth “We should totally do that” she said pointing at Melissa.

“And I could come out in your costume and be all like ‘What?’” Melissa was laughing.

Chyler stood up straight and put her hands on her hips with her elbows out while making a serious face “How do I look?” she laughed.

“Oh My God, perfect…got to keep that slightly haughty, slightly pissy look on your face with just a touch of a smirk” Melissa said. She jumped up and grabbed the Supergirl costume off its hook and shoved it to Chyler who took it with a glance down and a laugh.

Melissa scrambled around grabbing her red thigh high boots and the tights that went with it all. She handed those over too “I can’t wait to see the look on their faces”

“You really want to go through with this?” Chyler asked one more time.

“We have to” Melissa said with a slight bounce in her step. “I’ll help you get into it”

Chyler took off the pale blue sweater and white blouse she had on before Melissa told her “Bra too…you have a special bra slash spanx slash undershirt kind of corset you have to wear”

Chyler rolled her eyes and unfastened her bra revealing her small breasts on her slender frame.  She undid her skirt and let it fall to the ground before wiggling her slim hips as she took down the tights she had on.

Once undressed, she did a little dance as Melissa handed over the undershirt corset. She stepped into it and pulled it up until it covered her trim stomach and pushed her breasts up and out.

Chyler sat down and began to put on the tights that went with the costume. She rolled them down to put them on her feet and began to work them up her thin legs. They were a size too large but it didn’t matter. She stood up when she got them to her knees and pulled them up and over her thighs.

“Now it really gets fun” Melissa said with wide eyes as she waved the iconic suit in front of her.

“I knew this was a chore but damn” Chyler said exhaling dramatically.

“Ha-Ha…now you really understand” Melissa said handing over the suit. Chyler stepped into and pulled it up. It rested on her hips, even though they were narrower than Melissa and the suit had been custom fit to her body.

She put her arms out and Melissa helped her get the sleeves on “Ooo, muscular girl you are” Chyler said feeling how loose the sleeves were on her arms.

“You know it…I work out” Melissa said flexing and busting out laughing. “And they want to make sure whatever I’ve got shows through”

Chyler was also a few inches shorter and not as busty so the top fit loosely but the joke would be achieved. She turned and looked in the mirror and began to crack up at the sight.
“This is going to be awesome” Melissa said as she began to grab Chyler’s costume.

Chyler grabbed the red boots and sat down. She slipped her feet inside the boots which were also custom made to Melissa’s feet. They were a size too big as she slid them on and got them set on her trim legs. Standing back up, she felt the boots moving around on her lower legs and by her knees.

As Chyler turned to help gather up the pieces, she felt a pinch in her shoulders. She reached up and grabbed the costume and pulled it forward not realizing that it was beginning to fit her better and better.

Chyler was beginning to grow. She was getting slightly taller as she went around the room gathering pants and boots. By the time she had all the pieces Melissa would need, she stood 5’8” instead of her usual 5’6”

Chyler handed over the clothes and looked at Melissa. She cocked her head in a bit of confusion “It looks like I’m taller than you now”

“There’s something about that suit, I always say, that makes you taller. It makes you stand up straighter…I swear it adds height to you” She looked down at her feet “And I’m not wearing any shoes either”

“But still” Chyler began before blowing it off as nothing.

Inside the boot, at the very tip, Chyler’s toes began to stretch forward. They grew slightly longer until they reached the end more snugly taking the tights along with them as they went, tightening them up. Her slender toenails grew outward and changed shape and a light white polish appeared on them unseen by both of the women. Her heels slid backward as they grew a size larger and the sides came out until the boots fit perfectly, almost as if they had been made especially for the feet inside of them.

Her ankles strengthened and adjusted and her calves expanded against the soft, pliable leather as the boots gripped her legs and held them closely and tightly.

Chyler flexed and bent her knees as the boots took hold but her attention still was not diverted downward.

Melissa giggled as she lifted the white sweater off of her chest and took off the short pleated skirt she had been wearing. She too did the hip wiggle to work off the pale white tights she had on. She stood in just her bra and panties as she tucked most of the clothes under her right arm and dropped the boots to the ground between her bare feet.

Chyler tensed the muscles in her legs and widened her stance a bit. Her thighs were getting rounder and plumped up just a bit making the tights fit better on her full and shapely legs. Her hips shifted just a bit outward and her ass rounded and lifted up in the special shorts that were part of the costume ruffling the red skirt outward as her body continued to shift and change.

Melissa looked down at her feet as the boots hit the ground with a thud. She jumped outward a bit to avoid them hitting her bare toes. As she reset her feet, she squinted her dark blue eyes trying to comprehend what she was seeing.  She watched in wonder as her toes moved on their own.

They got smaller as she watched; she moved her hair back out of her eyes as it had fallen across her face as she leaned forward in concentration. Her feet twitched and then got smaller pulling in from her heels and sides long with her still shrinking toes. Her nails even changed position as she watched and her polish faded away from their tops.

“What in the world?” she asked in a wondrous tone “What’s going on?” Melissa asked.

“What are you talking about?” Chyler asked in reply.

“Look at my feet…they look…I don’t know…different” Melissa said.

Chyler leaned over and her mouth opened slightly in shock.  She put her hand to her mouth and whispered “They look like mine” she admitted.

“What?! That’s impossible” Melissa said but as she lifted her toes up, she had to admit that her feet did look different.

Melissa spun toward Chyler and took a quick inventory and realized that something was wrong; Chyler was now several inches taller than her for one thing. “That’s not just because of those boots you have on” Melissa said. “Did you grow?”

“I’m 33 years old” Chyler replied, a very confused look on her face “I think I’m done growing”

“Then did I shrink?!” Melissa said utterly confused.  “Something’s not right”

Melissa’s eyes widened as far as they could go as she felt a tightening in her lower legs, almost as if they were squeezing in.

She took a step back and looked down at her bare legs “AH!” She yelled out and Chyler’s eyes bulged.

“What the hell?” Chyler said as she pointed at Melissa’s legs which were moving all on their own and changing shape. They got skinnier and changed shape overall.

Chyler looked down at her own legs and jumped at what she now saw. “My legs!”

Chyler’s hands went to her thighs and wrapped around then, gripping them as tight as she could but they were larger and fuller in her hands as she squeezed them. She felt how different they were; they were strong and round but they weren’t her legs. “These aren’t my legs!” she yelled out.

Melissa looked up from her own legs and stared at Chyler’s in amazement.  “It can’t be”
she thought as she saw how Chyler’s legs looked in the tights and boots “She looks like she has MY legs” she thought as she remembered Chyler saying how her feet looked like hers down there.

“That’s how my legs look in that costume” Melissa said as calmly as she could with her mind reeling.

“But that would mean I…I have your legs now” Chyler said confused “How is that even…”

“AH!” Melissa interrupted as her thighs trimmed and thinned before their eyes “This is impossible!”

Melissa’s panties shifted as her legs changed beneath them.

Chyler pointed as she saw a birth mark appear on Melissa’s right thigh that she knew was hers. “Those are definitely my legs” she said.

Melissa felt her ass begin to rise up and trim into Chyler’s.  Her hands slapped behind her taking in the frim cheeks beneath her hands.

Their eyes locked in the moment; Melissa looked down to the front of her thin panties with a look of total shock on her face. There in the outline, she saw her body change undeniably. There was a ripple effect as moisture flooded forth sucking the panties up closer.

Melissa’s cheeks blazed a bright red and it would have been impossible for her eyes to get any wider. She squirmed in a combination of confusion, fear and pleasure as her clitoris hummed and vibrated as it changed into Chyler’s.

Chyler’s brown eyes flittered as underneath her layers, her body too underwent a huge change. Her knees bent and her hips gyrated and she pivoted on the balls of her feet “Oh…” she half moaned half cried. Her stomach flipped as her clitoris spun to life “Oh God”

Their eyes met again and Chyler felt her waist and stomach began to change. They shifted outward up against the fabric making it fit snug.

Melissa looked down at her bare stomach as her hips narrowed and her waist and stomach came in. She was already thin but Chyler was skinnier and now she was taking on that look and body.

Chyler’s hips spread out to prominence where her hands could rest on them as she felt the changes moving up her chest.

“What’s happening to us Mel?” she asked.

“I don’t know…I just thought it would be a joke; you coming out in my costume, not coming out as me” Melissa responded.

The iconic S symbol began to lift up and become more prominent again. Chyler’s breasts were growing larger and rounder underneath the suit and lifting it outward as her breasts rose up in size. Chyler looked down, her mouth open as her breasts grew on her.

Melissa’s now skinnier chest continued to shrink in and now the changes reached her breasts. Her bra puffed and slid as her breasts shrank smaller in it. They lost size and mass disappeared down to Chyler’s size leaving the bra loose on her chest.

Melissa reached up and pulled on the too large garment. She pulled it out and got a clean look at her new breasts. She saw her nipples clearly and the whole of her new chest.

Melissa looked up in shock, absolute shock “This can’t be happening to us”

Chyler was about to respond when she stopped suddenly. Her shoulders were lifting up and causing the costume to fit even better. Then she felt a tingling in her arms.

Strength was flooding into her arms. The sleeves were growing tight as her arms grew. Her arms grew longer at first making the sleeves sit at her wrists before her muscles bulged.

Chyler’s mouth hung open as she took in her strong arms.

Melissa’s arms would still have their own strength but they were getting thinner, trimmer and skinnier as they changed into Chyler’s. Melissa held up her hands as the tingling sensation seemed to center there.

Part of her costume was wearing a thick nude polish of her fingernails to make them stand out, but now, that polish was fading away to leave only her natural pale nails. Her nails began to move and shift before her eyes.  They got slightly longer but thinner as her fingers also lengthened as thinned changing into Chyler’s hands.

Chyler flexed her fingers as that strength continued into them. Her fingernails shortened along her with her fingers, her hands were more compact but also more prominent. Nude polish came on her nails to make them stand out even more.

Chyler pursed her lips as her neck elongated and she felt the tingling in her face. Her chin rounded and her face began to get fuller. Her lips puffed out and became much fuller as her jawline became less angular.

Chyler spread her soft lips apart as her teeth began to change. Her two front teeth grew larger on top but the next two actually got smaller as the changes continued on down the line making her mouth water.

Her cheeks puffed out rounder and became apple like on her changing face. Her nose shifted rounder and a bit broader as her eyes felt the change reach them.

Chyler’s dark brown eyes widened and lightened to a dark blue as even her ears changed shape. Her forehead lifted as her hairline began to itch.

Chyler’s dark brown hair began to lighten and grow out much longer from the smart bob that her character was required to have. Flowing blonde locks now became her look.

Melissa’s neck shortened as the final steps of her change began. Her chin came out pointier as her jawline set up more angular. Her lips thinned on her smaller mouth.

Her teeth slipped in her mouth as they changed shape into Chyler’s teeth. Her nose grew longer and thinner on her changing face as her eyes began to narrow.

Her big doe eyes came in and darkened to deep brown as her eyebrows thinned and darkened as well. Her cheeks rose up and became more severe and prominent as even her ears changed shape as well.

Her forehead shifted as her hairline did as well. Melissa’s long blonde hair began to darken and rise up changing style and color and ending up as Chyler’s dark brown bob. She shook her head back and forth swaying her short hair back and forth brushing her cheeks.

“Oh. My. God.” Melissa said softly but also in Chyler’s voice.

Chyler turned to the mirror behind her “I look just like you Melissa” She said in Melissa’s voice. “I’m Supergirl now” she said. “I wonder if sound like you if I sing now”

“But this is impossible” Melissa said over her shoulder.

“I know, but look at me” Chyler said. “You know I tried out for this part originally” she said as she turned to Melissa. “They said they really liked me but I didn’t have the right look for the part…but I guess I do now” she said putting her hands on her hips and shaking her head to fluff out her hair, making it flutter and wave over her shoulders.

A knock on the trailer door made them spin as the door came open without a word. It was the skinny assistant again. “Melissa you look perfect; let’s get you to hair and make-up” she said storming in.

She took Chyler by the upper arm and started leading her out. Chyler looked helplessly over her shoulder at Melissa, still standing there in her ill-fitting bra and panties.

“Chyler; you need to hurry up and get those clothes on” the assistant said. “We can’t wait all day…the production crew almost has the new backdrops ready”

Melissa stood there dumbfounded as the assistant kept pulling Chyler out of the trailer.

Melissa sighed as a different assistant came in and started handing her Chyler’s clothes to put on, including her bra and panties. “Well, this is going to be fun come Tuesday when we actually start filming” she said softly.
So this is my first swap using actual people; actresses Melissa Benoist and Chyler Leigh from Supergirl in a bodyswap scenario.
anavt Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2016
there is a problem in your story. on wikifeet i have seen that chyler have bigger feet than melissa. melissa 7.5 and chyler 8.5 ;)
that is the problem when you use actual people :)
anavt Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2016
good story but i don't know this serie. it isn't broadcast in france yet
PlanetoftheAP Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2016
Lovely, though I thought this was going to be a swap involving the actual Supergirl. That would be cool for another story, though. A regular girl gaining superpowers and becoming Wonder Woman, or something.
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