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“Hey Matt…fancy seeing you here”

Matt Edwards turned at hearing the familiar voice “Sue! They made you come to this conference too”

Susan Reynolds smiled as she walked up closer “Yeah…I couldn’t get out of it and neither could you”

“Watson sent me an email saying it was required that 2 teachers attend; he didn’t say who the other one was” Matt said casually to his colleague.

Sue put her arms out “Guess who?” she laughed as she did a little bow and curtsy, crossing her right ankle back and tapping her foot clad in a nude heel.

Sue flashed a wide smile “At least I know we can sit together at lunch and ignore strangers”

“Oh Thank God you found me…you know how much torture that would be” Matt laughed.

Matt and Susan were both teachers at William Henry Harrison Middle School. Matt taught Math while Sue was an English teacher but both had been at the school for several years. Sue was 8 years older at 39 to Matt’s 31 but both had similar backgrounds. Both were married; Sue had two kids and Matt had one and both loved sports.

Sue being originally from Ohio made them constantly discuss which teams were better and Ohio State vs Wisconsin week in football was legendary. Whomever lost had to wear the winning teams’ jersey for the next week.

Formal dress was required for the conference and Matt had on Khaki pants, a blue dress shirt and a blue and yellow tie with brown dress shoes. Sue was wearing a plain brown top and a loose floral pattern skirt that came down just past her knees along with a pair on nude heels. The top accentuated her very nice chest; something that even nearing 40 caught the attention of middle school boys. She had short brown hair and wore a pair of black framed glasses.

“Shall we find our seats for the next lecture?” Matt asked swinging his arm towards the hall.

“Certainly sir…lead the way” Sue said falling in line behind her much taller companion.

Matt was 6’4” with a full beard and short dark brown hair as opposed to the 5’2” Susan who even in her heels was still a foot shorter.

They got their folders and packets as they entered and took two seats towards the back. Susan sat and crossed her legs casually; a move impossible for Matt with the limited leg room between the rows “Lucky” he whispered eyeing his knees which were up tight with the back of the chair in front of him.

Sue laughed and swung her foot freely “Sometimes being short pays off”

“Wish I knew…” he replied shaking his head as Sue laughed and elbowed him playfully.

“Anytime you want to swap; you just let me know” she said to him which made Matt’s stomach flip for some unknown reason. He just smiled and squirmed in his seat.

The lecture was incredibly boring. Matt had sat through plenty of boring educational talks but this one was painful. After 10 minutes he caught Sue’s eye and she simply rolled her eyes at him in boredom. He smiled sympathetically and leaned over to whisper “Oh My God…we have to listen to this for another 50 minutes…kill me now”

Sue made her finger and thumb into a gun and shot him making them both smile.

They both fidgeted; Sue’s crossed foot bounced up and down and Matt watched it go somewhat hypnotized by it. He could tell when she stretched her toes out, he could see them outlined at the top. She switched legs and her other foot bounced but it was facing the other direction so he didn’t have as good an angle to see it. Instead he examined her left hand.

Sue wore a wedding band and her diamond engagement ring in front of it. Her hands were a little rough, she didn’t get manicures like Matt’s wife did so her nails were uneven and unpainted but he was so bored he was taking in every detail.

Sue, for her part was staring at the walls playing songs in her head, thinking about making it home in time for her son’s baseball game in the evening, thinking about what to make for dinner two days from now when some friends were coming over, thinking about if her daughter would finish her science report in time…she was procrastinating and it was driving her crazy but she was holding her tongue for the moment, thinking about the last chapter she had read in her book last night; trying everything to stay awake.

That was when an odd, random thought popped into her head “What if I was as tall as Matt?”

She glanced over at him and saw he was mostly staring at the floor. It was a silly thought but she played it out for a minute “What if Matt were as short as me? Heck…what if I were Matt and he was me?”

Matt was still staring at Sue’s hand when an odd thought popped into his head “What if Sue was as tall as me? What if I were Sue and she was me?”

With that thought, the room fell totally silent. The droning on from the speaker stopped, the buzz and rattle of people in their seats stopped; not a sound could be heard. Sue felt her legs uncrossing even though she didn’t want them to be uncrossed. Her feet both came down on the floor perfectly even with each other just as she felt herself being lifted up out of her seat “Um…what the fuck is going on?” she said as she rose to her feet, but she didn’t stop there.

Sue still felt herself being lifted up. Her toes pointed and came out of her nude heels “This…what?!” she looked around as her feet lifted out of her shoes and she was floating above them, her feet hovering, her red painted toes pointed.

Matt looked on dumbfounded; then he felt himself standing up “Whoa!” he said “Why am I getting up? I don’t want to get up!”

“Why are we the only ones moving Matt?!” Sue said.

Matt realized the total silence and saw that everyone else was frozen; time had stopped except for them and they were now experiencing something other worldly. Matt’s body was moving without his control and so was Sue’s. “I don’t know…I…Ah!”

Matt screamed out a bit as he felt his feet point and then lift up out of his brown loafers “I’m floating” he said.

“No shit!” Sue said as she rose higher and higher. She kicked her feet as much as she could as they came up to above the backs of the chairs. Matt soon rose up until their faces were equal to each other, both floating in mid-air.

“This is seriously freaking me the fuck out!” Sue said “Oh!” her eyes widened as she felt the zipper going down on her skirt “Hey now!”

She couldn’t move her arms as her skirt slipped down and off of her leaving her in just a pair of cream colored panties, her bare legs exposed all the way from hips to toes.

Matt’s socks begin to slip off his feet. He kicked a bit but soon they slipped off leaving him bare footed as he floated. His belt undid itself, his button came apart and his zipper ran down opening up as his khaki pants puffed once as if yanked down, coming clear of his legs.

Now Matt floated in just his black and white boxers, his hairy legs bare too.

Matt’s tie starts to untie as his buttons come undone on his shirt revealing a white t-shirt beneath.

Sue’s arms went up straight and her top began to rise up, exposing her belly, her breasts in a cream colored bra and her sides as it lifted up over her head and up her arms “No!”

Her arms came down and went out in front of her and she shut her eyes and gave a quick whimper as she felt her bra clasp come undone “No…not that…why is this happening? Why are we getting undressed Matt?”

“I don’t know” Matt tried to keep his eyes straight ahead on Sue’s face trying to spare her some embarrassment as she was about to expose her breasts in front of him.

His tie was undone and floated away as he felt his arms manipulated to the sides as his shirt came off. His arms now went up as his t-shirt lifted off over his head leaving him bare chested. “Holy shit I do not understand this”

Sue just shook her head as much as she could as her bra came away from her 38C breasts and floated down her arms. Her breast hung free and came down just a tad with no support. A red blossom of embarrassment came up on the top of her chest. She was worked up and her heart was pounding; a blue vein ran across the top of her left breast visible due to her stress. Her cheeks were bright red and she just felt her stomach drop as her hips locked. She felt a tug and her panties began to move, dropping a bit, moving her ass as they slid and moved down. They came clear and picked up speed leaving Sue floating and naked.

Matt’s boxers came down as well. He could feel them shift and as they went down, he felt his penis and testicles shift and move exposed to the cold air “Oh my God” he said in an exasperated voice.

Their eyes met and both just blinked and gave each other looks of confusion. Sue’s face changed though as she felt a tugging at her ears “Hey!” she said as her earrings came out. She had double pierced ears with 4 matching gold hoops that now floated away from her lobes.

Matt’s left hand lifted up and his fingers splayed out wide. His ring finger dipped on its own and his wedding band began to move. It shimmied before it popped over his knuckle and slid down off his finger.

“Ah!” Sue exclaimed as her hand also splayed out. Her fingers spread wide on her left hand as her diamond engagement ring slipped off followed by her gold wedding band.

The three rings floated in midair, off to the side like everything else that had come off of them.

Finally, Sue felt her glasses tug against the top of her ears. They lifted up off her nose and slid off her face but instead of floating to the side, they hung there for a moment, then they flipped around.

Matt watched his colleague’s glasses spin a 180 in midair so the stems were pointed directly at him and then they started to move closer.

“What’s going on? Why are they doing that?” Matt said. He wanted to swat them away like a fly but still they came closer and closer. The black frames lined up in front of his eyes and moved back until he felt them hook behind the tops of her earlobes and set down on the bridge of his nose “Uh…” was all he said.

Sue’s eyes were wide as she watched her glasses migrate to Matt’s face. She had been shocked all along but this was something new “Why did you get my glasses?” she asked slowly.

“I don’t know!” Matt replied. They sat there, the weight was something he was not used to. He also thought they would be too small for him yet they felt like they fit.

Things were a little blurry for both of them; Sue without her glasses and Matt trying to see out of Sue’s prescription lenses but they both began to blink and their vision began to sharpen and clear.

Sue’s eyes watered slightly but as she blinked away the tears, Matt started to come into sharp focus; the slight haziness she had experienced when her glasses flew off was gone. What was also gone were her hazel eyes. They had turned a deeper and darker brown.

Her eyes widened, stretching out a bit larger as they changed shape. She blinked again and moved her forehead muscles trying to stretch out the odd feeling around her face.

She stared across at Matt, something was different; something was wrong. He was blinking rapidly but as he slowed, he widened his eyes and Sue’s strong eyes noticed a change; Matt’s eyes looked lighter. They looked more hazel in color.

She wanted to say something but stopped herself. Matt looked at her optimistic and surprised for a moment, then his expression began to cloud with confusion.

Matt’s vision cleared up as he looked through the lenses. He was happy, but only for a split second. He looked across and noticed something off about Sue. Her eyes simply looked different. Her whole look, looked off.

Sue’s jaw dropped open “Oh My God…is his face…shifting?!” she thought.

Matt’s nose was shrinking. His ears looked like they were shrinking too. His cheeks looked the opposite though; it looked like those were getting bigger, more pronounced on his face “Um…Matt?”

Matt saw Sue’s jaw drop and it made what was happening to her even more pronounced yet incomprehensible.

Sue’s whole face seemed to be getting larger, elongating. Her nose was growing, her forehead seemed to be spreading out, her ears were getting larger from what he could see around her hair. Her cheeks stretched out longer and larger.

She brought her jaw back up and it seemed more pronounced, stronger as did her chin and when she spoke, her mouth seemed to grow around the words.

“Sue?!” he replied genuinely confused.

Sue saw Matt’s chin and jaw shift back and soften as he spoke. His mouth seemed to be smaller too but his lips, especially the bottom one looked fuller. What she saw next made her speak immediately “Is your beard coming out? Your hair is thinning on your face like crazy!”

Matt’s mouth opened but before he could say anything, a dramatic change occurred on Sue’s face “Speaking of hair…” he said with wide eyes.

Stubble and small hairs were breaking out across Sue’s upper kip, cheeks and chin, growing out longer and longer and filling in.

“What?” Sue said

“Holy shit…” Matt replied recognizing what was happening to Sue’s face.

“Oh Holy Shit!” Sue now echoed upon realizing what was happening to Matt’s face.

They both looked shocked “You’re starting to look like me!” they yelled out at the same time.

Matt’s face continued to soften and feminize, his features getting smaller as Sue’s grew more prominent and larger and masculine as a beard filled in on her face.

Sue now felt the full itchiness of hair coming through her face. She couldn’t itch it and simply shut her eyes tightly as she felt it grow out. Small hairs brushed her lips and she pursed them in response. As she did she also could feel her teeth shifting and growing much larger inside her mouth.

Sue’s lips thinned, her tongue thickened and her teeth changed shape. Her nose finally grew broad and popped into place below her fully brown eyes.

Matt could only blink watching Sue’s face change into his. His cheeks came up high and round, his now hazel eyes blinked taking on Sue’s shape. His whole head shrank down smaller as his teeth shrank down much smaller inside his mouth. Still straight and white, just Sue’s now as even their fillings switched.

Sue’s earrings now floated his direction “What the…No! Stop that!” he yelled and moved his head as much as he could.

Matt froze and he watched out of the corner of his eye as 4 gold hoop earrings came up and effortlessly attached themselves through his lobes which were now double pierced and quite tiny.

Matt’s nose shrank down small and pert as his forehead shrank down. That was when he felt tugging at his hair. All he could do was raise his eyebrows; eyebrows that were now thinner, in response to the odd feeling of his hair growing out suddenly.

He could see and feel his hair brushing the sides of his face and the back of his neck as it grew out, lightening a shade or two but remaining brown in color. He tried blowing the errant strands away from his face but they simply grew longer until they reached their desired length; that was when his hair styled itself back and into place.

He picked up a new scent and realized he was wearing mousse in his hair to give it that bit of curl.

Sue felt a tug on her hair too. She watched in shock as her earrings placed themselves on Matt’s ears; ears that looked exactly like her own. Matt’s whole face was turning into hers, every detail she could see was there. A few faint freckles on her cheeks, a small darker patch of skin on her left cheek, all reproduced exactly on him.

She could feel her own forehead broaden and her eyebrows growing bushy “So much hair” she thought as she watched Matt’s hair growing out. She felt her own tickle at the back of her neck as her hair lifted up, no extra length remained and a tight razor cut formed up along the back and sides. Her hair darkened as it shortened and formed itself into a man’s style.

“This is not happening. I am not seeing this” Matt said breathing visibly harder.

Sue swallowed hard, a lump in her throat appeared and it was difficult to get it down “I can’t…” her eyes widened as she heard the words come out of her mouth. So deep.

Matt felt an odd sensation in his throat, like a breeze through it. He took in a deep breath through his nose; even that felt different to him, his senses were on high alert.

“Huh” Sue said swallowing again “I guess I have your voice”

Matt hesitated, Sue had a fairly deep voice for a female “I gu…” he almost hiccupped it out already stopping as he heard the familiar yet totally foreign voice come from him “Holy shit…” Matt’s voice wavered with nerves “I sound like you”

Sue closed her eyes and nodded as much as she could “This isn’t going to stop until I turn into you and you turn into me for some reason” she said in her deep voice.

“So you mean I now have to watch your body turn into mine?” Matt said.

“And I get to watch you turn into me” Sue replied “For whatever reason”

“People don’t just switch bodies Sue!” Matt said.

“Real big talk from a dude who has my face!” Sue retorted.

Matt bit his lip “You know what I mean”

“Yeah…I do, but I think…I…whoa…” Sue said as a new sensation washed over her. Tingling sensations moved out in waves from the base of her neck. She felt like she was stretching out. Her muscles tightened like when she wrenched her back and shoulders but then every muscle in her body tensed up rigid “Oh crap” she said softly.

Sue’s body began to move; it was growing.

Matt saw Sue’s confusion a moment before he too felt his body tighten. He tried to swallow again but every muscles was tense, twitching and ready to snap.

Matt’s toes were only about 6 inches off the ground but now they began to lift higher.

Matt and Sue passed a look realizing that their bodies were beginning to swap. Matt’s round cheeks rose up a high red blush as he looked over Sue’s naked body in front of him. He had tried not to stare but now it hit him “That’s going to be me…I’m going to have that body. My legs are already starting to shrink up…I can feel them”

Matt dropped his chin as far as he could and could see his feet lifting higher. His legs were shrinking and beginning to change shape, his torso was compacting, his arms and hands were lifting up as well. Everything still looked like his, it was just getting smaller for the moment.

Sue felt her limbs lengthening, her whole body stretching out like never before “How tall are you?” I mean I know you’re like way taller than me”

Matt looked at her “I’m 6’4””

Sue let out a surprised sigh “Shit…I’m going to be 6 foot 4”

“And I’m going to be…?” Matt asked.

“5’2” man”

“Holy shit that’s short” Matt replied. He could feel his legs changing now. Extra weight had begun to fill in along his thighs, he could tell. He craned his head forward with effort and saw them rounding and filling out

“Holy shit that’s tall!” Sue replied as hairs began to break out on her legs. She looked over and saw Matt’s rounding and changing shape. His thighs were full and round, his hips were beginning to shift outward and his calves were shrinking up

Sue felt a definite lump in her throat now that she saw her own legs across from her. His toes were pointed down, she could see his plain white nails, big and thick on his large feet as they gave a shimmer and began to shrink and change shape.

Matt’s feet squeezed down, simply getting smaller and thinner before his toes began to change shape. They shortened down, the pinky toes became miniscule compared to his old toes with barely any nails left. They thinned too as his bog toes shrank way back changing shape into Sue’s toes. Red nail polish appeared and darkened on the top of each of his tiny toes, still pointed but now much more delicate looking.

The sides came in along with his heels before his ankles trimmed. All the hair on his legs vanished; Sue had shaved her legs the night before and nothing but smooth skin remained.

Matt’s feet now hung about a foot off the ground. He tried to move his feet back and forth; they felt so different to him; small and light but he could barely get his ankles to kick.

His thighs rubbed together now. His body felt different to him already and he looked over to Sue for confirmation “I have your legs don’t I?”

Sue nodded “Yes…yes you do…it’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. It’s like something out of a dream watching a man’s legs turn into pair of women’s legs…specifically my legs”

“I’m seeing it now too” Matt said as Sue’s legs lengthened even further. Her feet dangled just a few inches above the ground now, her feet were lower than his and they were getting bigger.

“My feet feel like they just stretched out” Sue said wiggling her toes slightly.

“You’re correct; they just did” Matt replied. “They’re um, they’re definitely bigger”

“Do you recognize them?” Sue asked.

“Yes I do” he replied.

Sue’s feet spread out. The sides set out and her heels grew rounder. Her feet thickened and her toes began to grow longer and larger. Her nails widened atop her bigger toes and even a few black hairs popped out as her red nail polish faded away to nothing. Plain thick nails now sat in place on her size 12 feet.

The hair continued to thicken on her legs as her ankles came out and her calf muscles corded down. Her thighs lost their curve and softness in return for muscles and length. Her hips shifted inward making her squint her eyes in confusion.

“I have such a pounding headache” she noted.

“It’s due to the higher altitude” Matt joked.

Sue rolled her dark brown eyes. The look didn’t have the same effect coming from a man’s face “Really, going there already”

“Thought I’d beat you to the punch before you could do a short joke to me” he replied. “Mmmm!”

“What?” Sue said. “What is it?”

“Oh My God my ass feels like it’s growing” Matt replied.

Weight packed on rounding out his ass into a much more feminine shape. For pushing 40, Sue had a nice figure to her credit, her ass didn’t have much sag to it. Matt could feel it lifting and growing behind him; full cheeks to compliment his wider hips.

Sue tried to move her muscles in her backside but found them unresponsive for the most part. She felt different there as well; like there was less but it was longer, spread out up and down instead of out.

Matt grimaced “Ah God!” he cried out. Sue saw his stomach muscles flex and tuck back.

“God!” he repeated “God damn!” his face a mask of pain.

“What is it?” she called out.

“Oh…it feels like I just got kicked in the balls” his stomach clenched in pain but his eyes shot open in realization of what it meant to feel pain there.

Sue’s face went white.

She had a sensation of warmth building in her stomach and abdomen; almost like a menstrual cramp. The warmth grew to heat; turning white hot as her jaw clenched against it “God no” she pleaded as a cramp clenched down like a hot fist inside of her.

Matt felt butterflies building inside of him. His stomach flipped and fluttered as he felt his testicles resting against his plump thighs twitch. “Oh…” he said as his mouth went dry. “No don’t do that”

His testicles inched up. They shrank down, the skin smoothed and contracted and the hairs on his sack pulled in. He took several audible deep breaths which got Sue’s attention. She glanced down and saw them moving too.

“What the hell are they doing?” she asked.

“Um…moving up by the feel of it” Matt said in a higher voice “They aren’t going to be outside for very long. The pain he was feeling inside shifted. He no longer felt like he was going to vomit but now a warmth spread through him.

Sue winced “I think I’m going to puke” she said suddenly and dry heaved once. The skin and flesh of her labia and vagina shifted.

“Oh God this feels so weird! It’s like a garden hose getting reeled in” Matt exclaimed as his testicles shrank down and pulled higher on his body “Uh!” he let out a quick exclamation as they vanished, disappearing inside of him.

At the same moment. Sue let out a quick “Gah!”

Matt looked over and saw a sack descending from her body, filling up and growing larger as it went.

Sue squinted her eyes “Oh God that feels weird!” she said “One…” she shifted as much as she could to her right “…Two!” she exhaled “And I’ve got balls”

She let out a long breath as Matt grit his teeth.

Sue looked over to see his penis shrinking. It was getting shorter and thinner, losing length and girth simultaneously.

She felt her own skin and flesh moving below her waist, it was closing and moving around “As soon as it goes inside him, it’s going to pop out of me” she thought.

Matt’s skin lubricated as his penis grew smaller. The head shrank down but grew more sensitive as it did. His skin began to open and flourish outward like flower petals as the tip flipped to a clitoris and became hooded.

As his skin folded over, Sue’s clit popped out into the open and began to double in size, then quadruple. It grew larger and larger as her skin closed up, her urethra joined in with her vagina as flesh built up into a shaft. She had just developed a penis to go with her testicles. The pain in her abdomen and stomach lessened as it grew longer and thicker. She managed to take a deep breath as it rode out erect to its new size and shape.

Matt’s hands so badly wanted to go and touch his new opening. A slight itch had settled in but he was unable to scratch at it. He took several quick and short breaths “Oh My God I have a vagina!”

“And I have a dick!” Sue echoed

“You have my dick!”

“Well you have my vagina!” Sue replied to their mutual panic and embarrassment.

The warmth settled in as Matt developed a uterus and fallopian tubes and ovaries “I can’t…I just can’t…I’m a fully functioning woman now?” he asked.

Sue sighed “You still need these, but you are downstairs” she glanced down at her large chest.

“Yeah I know” Matt said rushed. “But I still don’t know why”

Sue shook her head as much as she could as her height increased again as her torso and back stretched out.

Matt felt the constricting and compressing sensation again but this time in his upper half “I have to be your size now”

“It’s your size now” Sue said, her eyes ranging down to see Matt’s tiny feet at about the level of her knees “I could get on my knees and still be taller than you”

“See, there you go with the short jokes” Matt said.

“Glad to see you kept your sense of humor through this”

“Sure…why wouldn’t I…I’m just swapping bodies and genders with one of my co-workers. I’m now a mother of two and you’re a father of one” Matt replied.

“I’m just as confused as you are…I never asked to be a guy, I…” she trailed off and bit her bottom lip.

Her abdominal muscles tightened. The little pouch of fat; her Mom bod, vanished back inside of her.

Matt felt his muscles slacken and a little package of fat popped out around his belly button as it too changed shape growing smaller.

Softness crept over Matt’s small body. His sides and back now softened too. His skin, in changing from male to female softened on every part of his body.

“What are we going to do?” Matt asked alarmed.

Sue let out a cynical sighing laugh “I have no idea”

She felt a numbness settle into her chest as her breasts began to react to the changes sweeping over them. They stood up. Sue felt her breasts raise up a pert as they had ever been just before they began to shrink down.

Matt felt sensations he never knew existed arise in him. His nipples popped up with newfound sensitivity and purpose. They popped out, pushed by a bit of soft flesh building up behind them. For every centimeter and ounce Sue lost, Matt gained. They were transferring equally similar to how their genitals had swapped.

Sue’s chest steadily shrank back as Matt’s steadily grew out.

Sue’s nipples shrank, her areolas shrank; even the small bumps around the edges of them got smaller. She felt like a balloon deflating as her breasts got smaller and smaller. She alternated between looking down at her own and across at Matt as he received them.

Matt’s breasts started off as just raised bumps before they grew out cone shaped before rounding and taking on actual mature heft and mass as Sue’s did the opposite. Losing mass and heft, getting smaller and raising up, going cone shaped and then down to just raised bumps.

Sue gasped as she went flat. Pectoral muscles took over, hair popped out and her chest took on the look of a man’s chest.

Matt’s jaw hung open at the 38Cs on him now. The weight of them, the way they sat even in this awkward situation, he imagined how it would feel to have them all the time; moving with him as he walked, in his way as he slept.

Sue shook her head again as her shoulders rose up and spread out, her arms grew stronger and longer and hair popped out thicker on her forearms.

Matt’s shoulders rounded and came down; his upper arms puffed up, once again, another body part that was softer than before. Matt watched his forearms shift before the changes moved to his hands.

Their hands were all that were left unchanged “I’m like 99% you” he said.

“How…” Sue said feeling her fingers spread out. She looked down in time to see her hands start to grow wider and larger. Her knuckles became more pronounced, her skin rougher and her fingers thicker and longer.

Her nails thickened and widened as they spread out on her new fingers all the while pulling back to show no white at the end. Her left ring finger dipped, shaking a little bit as Matt’s wedding band lifted up and floated towards her.

It looked huge but it was a perfect fit as it rode down over her knuckles and into place.

Matt’s hands also opened and his fingers splayed out as well. His hands shrank down, his knuckles shrank, his fingers shrank but his nails grew longer even as they narrowed atop his smaller fingers. The skin went smooth and soft naturally.

His left ring finger dipped and a tiny wedding band floated over and down followed by a one carat round diamond ring; Sue’s engagement ring now sat on his finger. Her wedding band as well. Matt knew she had been married 15 years…now he had been.

With barely enough time to take a full breath, Sue saw Matt’s boxer shorts coming her way. Her toes pointed a bit but the wide legs of the boxers had no problem coming up her legs, finally covering her penis and hairy testicles. They snapped into place along her waist. She saw all of Matt’s clothes starting to make their way to her.

“Um” was all she said as black socks covered her feet and rode up her calves. Her arms went up and the white t-shirt came down over her head.

“Oh my gosh…panties…” Matt said as a pair of cream colored bikini cut panties made their way to his pointed toes. They passed over his feet and calves easily but then his thighs and hips began to move on their own to allow them passage up to over his hips and ass and to his waist “I’m wearing panties”

Sue just sighed through her nose as she watched what used to be her bra move toward Matt’s large breasts “That’s not all you’ll be wearing…you get the full female wardrobe”
Matt rolled his eyes as his arms went forward “Oh!” he said seeing the matching cream colored bra heading towards him. The straps went up his arms before adjusting on his shoulders and clasping behind his back. His arms came in to his sides. He felt his breasts shift and move, settling in.

The arms went back up as the brown top came down over his head. The sleeves fit tight on his upper arms, the neck came down to frame his cleavage and the bottom came down to his waist, tight enough to press down his little belly.

Sue’s arms and shoulders shimmied a bit as the dress shirt came up over her arms and began to button itself back up. The tie flipped and looped, tightening down as the dress pants came up her legs.

An unseen force moved her penis to lay to the side as the zipper went up, they buttoned and the belt redid itself as well.

Matt took a deep breath as Sue’s skirt lifted up over his legs. He felt the hem brush his knees as the zipper went up over his ass.

“Now what?” Matt said as he felt himself moving.

“Oh…um…” Sue said as they began to move, spinning across and swapping sides with each other. Now Matt looked down and realized he was over top Sue’s nude heels and Sue was hovering over his dress shoes.

They started lowering down “Ah!” Matt said closing his hazel eyes as his toes pointed.

Sue had less area to travel coming down. Her feet slipped easily into Matt’s shoes setting her back again on solid ground.

Matt continued his drop until his toes touched the bottoms of Sue’s heels. They slid forward to the ends, his heels dropped perfectly into the backs of the shoes. He felt his toes slide into worn in grooves where Sue had broken in the shoes.

Still not in control of their bodies, Sue felt herself pushed gently back into the seat Matt had been in while watching Matt take her seat.

Matt felt his more cushioned rear come down on the seat. His left leg lifted up and crossed over the right and with a tap of his heeled foot, the world came back to life around them.

The speaker picked right back up mid-word, shuffling, whispering, glasses of water being moved all sprang up around them.

Matt flinched and Sue jumped but both now regained control of their bodies. Matt’s small arms began to slap and grope at his now female body.

Sue’s hands went to her crotch briefly then up her flat chest, over her neck and to her beard.

Matt looked around, uncrossed his legs and gathered up his purse, shoving the notes into his bag “I can’t sit here” he whispered harshly to Sue who also got up following his lead to get out.

Matt was more concerned with moving than with how he would move. He never thought about the fact he was in heels so he simply walked out effortlessly.

Sue was momentarily stunned with how big she had become. Taking long strides, she overtook Matt and opened the door for him. She looked down and whispered “Nice job walking in heels…you think you had done it before”

“Um…Thanks…whatever!” she replied as they exited into a nearly empty lobby.

“Holy shit!” Matt yelled looking up at Sue. He came right up to her and pounded his fists against her broad chest “I’m you!”

“And I’m you!” Sue replied.

“I’ve got your body…your…your clothes…your life?!” Matt replied.

“And I have yours so what are we going to do about it?” Sue replied.

Matt shook his head feeling his long hair move around him. He spotted the Ladies room across the lobby “Excuse me…I have to see for myself”

Sue watched him walk, still very naturally in the heels, hips swaying ass moving “Oh My God what am I doing? That’s you” she reminded herself feeling a twitch in her pants. She decided to take advantage of the moment and go to the Men’s room.

Matt couldn’t believe how his body moved. The swaying and wiggling and bouncing “This has to go!” she thought to herself as she hit the tile of the bathroom noticing the clicking of her heels.

A quick scan of the ground confirmed that she was alone. She spun towards the mirror and her jaw dropped “Holy…” she ran her hands through her hair, feeling her longer nails catch and separate. Her hands ran down over her soft smooth cheeks while her eyes trained down to her breasts and curves.

Her hands now went to the curve and rested on her hips “I’ve never had hips before” she said. “I…I…” she mumbled taking a step back. Her hair fell down over her face and eyes and she brushed it back as she looked at her smooth slick bare legs and feet encased in nude heels “I’m Susan Lynn Reynolds; maiden name Underwood” her head swung back up “Why do I know that?!” she asked the reflection. She closed her eyes and took off her glasses to rub her eyes. Visions were coming up to her fast and she exhaled taking several long breaths gripping the sink tightly.

“I’ve got to get out of here”

Sue walked casually into the Men’s room and saw it was empty. She turned and looked in the mirror at her reflection “Oh My…” he leaned closer moving his face left and right to get different angles. He couldn’t help but flex a bit just to feel his muscles move under his shirt and tie. He chuckled.

The new Matt surprised himself at the laugh that came from his mouth “Wow…” he added shaking his head. He looked around and seeing that he was still alone, unzipped his zipper and put a hand in. Finding the hole in his boxers, he ran his fingers over his penis taking in the size of it. He cupped and tapped at his balls as well before zipping up “Matthew Henry Edwards born in Chicago August 11th 1987” he looked up surprised at knowing it. Matt closed his eyes and put his head back as memories, thoughts and visions flooded him.

The new Sue put her glasses back on as she saw her 5th birthday party. A football game was on in the background and she heard the name Brain Sipe; quarterback for the Browns…it was 1983, December… “Why do I know this?” she also had a clear vision of herself at that age, when her hair was still blonde.

She rocked back on her heel and bit her lower lip in thought before spinning on her heel and exiting the Ladies Room.

Matt stepped out at the same time and their eyes met “You!” they both said pointing at the other.

Just as they walked up to each other, they heard a familiar voice call out “Sue!”

Sue spun but so did Matt “Honey?! What are you doing here?” Sue called out seeing her husband.

“Husband?! No! I am a guy, I’m not married to Wes…” she thought but she also saw her first date with him, their wedding day, a stay in the hospital, herself pregnant with not one but two kids by him “Oh shit” she murmured knowing that as she gained these memories, Matt lost them. The original Sue would not be there for very much longer; they were both taking over the other’s lives very quickly.

Matt and Sue exchanged a glance as Wes walked over with a smile on his face “I was in the area and decided to swing by and surprise you and take you out to lunch”

“Oh Wow!” Sue answered.

“Hey Matt how are you doing?” Wes said putting out his hand.

Matt took it and shook; losing more and more of Sue as he did “Good, long time no see”

“Yeah I think it was when I was helping set up for the choir concert when I last saw you. How’s your wife and daughter…is she two now?” Wes asked.

“Almost…22 months” Matt replied instantly seeing his daughter.

“They grow up fast…can’t believe ours are 12 and 10 now” Sue chimed in exchanging another look with Matt.

“I thought I’d have to wait a bit; I was surprised to see you out in the lobby” Wes said.

“Haha! My God the speaker was so boring that Matt and I decided to ditch the last twenty minutes. We both took a bathroom break and were going to play dumb and wander to the lunch room” Sue said as Matt laughed and nodded.

“Guy was boring everyone to tears” Matt added in as a few others began to leave early and mingle in the lobby.

“We might have started a revolt” Sue said elbowing Matt in the ribs. Even in her heels she didn’t come up to his chin.

“Well if we can escape…” Wes said eliciting butterflies in Sue’s stomach.

“Run along kids” Matt chuckled.

Wes took Sue by the hand, leaned over and planted a kiss on her lips.

Sue fell in love all over again. Tingles ran up and down her spine and all through her body, she blushed and smiled a dorky smile as she clenched his hand and walked off with her husband, heels clicking all the way.

Swapping Seats: A TG Body Swap Story
Think of this as the remix version of Dance Floor. It's a favorite of mine and I wanted to do another story like it
I want to say Thank You very much for your continued support. I saw where my page went over 500,000 views and I really appreciate it. I hope that you all continue to enjoy my stories.
I know I haven't put out much TG content lately, and frankly, it's because I simply haven't come up with any ideas that I really like so if you have any ideas for a story that you'd like me to tackle, please send them along. It doesn't have to be just TG either. If you have an idea for a Female to Female or an Age Swap story, I'd love to hear those too. 
Also, if there is something different that you'd like to see me try my hand at, let me know. I'm always up for challenging myself.
I do have a few ideas that I'm currently working on including an age swap story that will be a reward for my long time readers...this one stretches all the way back in a call back years in the making that I'm excited about.
But most importantly, Thanks again


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