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Denise began exploring with her eyes and hands. Moving all about slapping and preening and touching as she took in everything about her body.

Mia walked to a mirror and examined her body and face in that manner. What she saw was another woman looking back at her; one who wasn’t pregnant.

Mia turned and saw Denise standing in profile; her belly sticking out. She knew it was only going to get bigger. The aches and pains that body would experience as it changed over the next 5 months would be Denise’s to bear.

She walked over and hugged Denise as hard as she could, tears forming in her eyes.

“Why are you crying? I’m the one with the raging hormones and pregnancy brain now” Denise said holding onto her friend, and onto her own former body in the process.

“I’m so just so thankful that you said yes” she barely managed to whisper out. Her voice had changed into Denise’s lower tenor as well.

Mia backed up a bit and broke off the embrace “Now as part of this, part of our minds will change as well. I changed our job skills as well as our speech patterns and memories of personal interactions. You know people that I know and um, vice versa…you know so we don’t look like utter fools trying to live the other’s life”

“I think that was a good idea” Denise said. “I had actually forgotten what this felt like…the gravity pulling on my belly like this”

“You’re going to get so big” Mia said “My first pregnancy…my belly was way out there and I put on weight everywhere. I couldn’t wear anything but flip flops the last 3 weeks. Absolutely none of my shoes fit my fat feet”

“It’s okay. I’m already sold. I’m already in your body. I’m not going to ask to get out of this now. I gave you my word” Denise reassured her.

“Whatever you want…once this is over, whatever you want” Mia reiterated.

Denise smirked “I have plenty of time to think about it”

Mia began to get dressed in the clothes that Denise had worn over. The bra and gray top went on followed by the black leggings while Denise remained in her state of undress. “I feel too hot to cover up with clothes already…that swap made me warm and kind of sweaty” Denise said as she fanned herself.

Denise made her way to the couch where she took a seat “God that feels good”

She put her feet up. It hit her again just what had happened to them and she looked at her legs and feet with wonder “These are mine now” she said mostly to herself.

“Wild right” Mia replied. She took a seat across from her. Her thicker legs came together much more than before, her belly shifted as she sat and her more ample ass felt different as she sat in what had been her favorite chair. “I’ll get used to this body”

“I’m sure you will. Those short stubby little legs of yours now…Ha…you’ll find use for the little step stool you keep in the kitchen that’s for sure”

“Oh…I’ve never had one of those before” Mia replied.

“At 5’1” you do” Denise teased.

“Yeah, I am 5’1”

“Even your daughter is taller than you”

“By several inches” Mia replied seeing a 14 year old Taylor Reynolds’ face float up when the word daughter was mentioned to her.

Denise went to get up and had to pause. Her belly was already giving the orders. “Oof…oh yeah” she said getting up. She made sure to memorize how it felt to walk in Mia’s body. The way her feet fell, the way her thighs moved against each other, her hips, her arms, her breasts, her hair.

Mia got up and followed her as she headed to her bedroom curious as to what she would do.

Denise went to the mirror at the dresser and examined her face. She pulled her hair up into a bun on top of her head easily “I don’t have much experience with that…my hair isn’t long enough to do that”

“You pulled it off like you’ve been doing it for years” Mia said.

Denise pulled out a fresh bra and put it on. A pair of shorts and a simple white tank top went on next. The top stretched over her belly, accentuating it “Might as well show it off since I can”

“Go outside; everyone will be all over you cooing going ‘When are you due?!’” Mia laughed her deeper laugh.

“I’m not looking forward to that” Denise admitted.

They headed back down to the kitchen where they talked for quite a while; just going over basics of their lives, filling in details.

“I should probably get home” Mia said “My kids are probably wondering what happened to me”

Denise laughed “If they only knew”

“Exactly…” Mia answered getting up and slipping on the shoes that Denise had worn down.

“Good luck” Denise said as Mia stepped outside.

“Thanks…you too. I’ll check on you later” Mia replied as she walked to what was now her home.

Denise watched her go. She had brief surge of panic “What did I do?! What did I get myself into?! Why would you do this?!” but it soon passed.

Mia walked into her home and a completely different environment. Her daughter Taylor was on her phone in her room. Her son Matt was playing Fortnite and her husband was reading “Hey honey” John called out “How’s Mia doing?”

“Oh she’s fine…you know she just needed someone to talk to” Mia replied.

“I know. I remember the stories you told me about her panicking her way through her first pregnancy” John replied.

“She doesn’t take to it well at all”

“Not everyone does” John shrugged “She’ll be fine”

“I think so too but I’m still going to check on her” Mia said.

“Of course you will and you should”

Mia came in and sat down. She felt no fear, no nervousness. Enough of Denise had transferred to her to at least be comfortable. Now if things went further in the bedroom she might still freak out; she couldn’t guarantee that she wouldn’t but she thought she could pull this off.

“I’ve got to run to Target. I have your list from earlier, did you think of anything else?” John asked getting up.

“Nope” Mia answered.

“See you in a bit”

“Wow…how normal…how mundane…and how quiet it is with older kids haha” she thought as she settled in.

She went up to her bedroom and snooped around, taking in the more personal items she would be using. Her clothes, her makeup, her bathroom stuff. Just the sight of a different toothbrush reminded Mia that she had a different mouth, different teeth, different everything. She found Denise’s supply of pads for when she had her period “Her blood, my blood…does it even matter?”

Denise found herself anxious for her husband and daughter to get home. She wandered the house memorizing where items were kept and jus familiarizing herself to her new surroundings “21 weeks to go” she said to her belly.

She went back to the bedroom, impressed with Mia’s more extensive wardrobe “She has such cooler clothes than I ever did”

All of the clothes still fit her so she had a mini fashion show in the bedroom; trying on dresses and skirts and tops and shoes…so many shoes.

Denise tried on Mia’s; no, they were her swimsuits now “I have to control this body and life as it’s my own. I’m Mia now. I have to get used to that”

She put on a black sundress and a pair of wedge heeled sandals “God…I have to admit that I’m better looking. Fuck that! I’m hot now!”

She walked around in that outfit for a bit “I walk better in heels now too. I don’t stomp anymore”

Denise was back in her baggy t-shirt and leggings by the time Mike and Emily returned. “There’s my baby girl!” she squealed upon seeing Emily running full speed at her. She got on her knees and caught her in a full hug, picking her up and walking around with her as Emily told her about her trip in her 2 year old way.

She kissed Mike on the cheek as he went by with a smile “How’s the project coming along?” she asked.

“Just about done…like 90%. We need to patch a bit then paint and it should be done. How are you doing?”

“Better” Denise replied.

“Good. I’m glad to hear it” Mike replied.

“Denise came down for a while today and we had a nice long talk”

“She calmed you down” Mike said.

“Yes…she definitely did. She really helped me out” Denise answered.

“Look I know you’re nervous but everything is going to be fine. Billions of pregnancies all over the world” Mike said.

“I know but this one is ours” Denise replied. “And that’s why it matters so much to me”

“And that’s why I love you so much” Mike answered with another kiss.

Both women quickly settled into their new lives and routines. Their job skills had transferred between them along with just a general sense of being the other. There was a sense of awkwardness a few times and a time of settling in but it went smoothly for the most part.

The first evening, Denise was lying on the couch when Mike came over and scooted up next to her. Her heart jumped when he put his hands on her belly and rubbed and talked to it.

After a tense moment, she relaxed and smiled and put her own hands on his.

Denise couldn’t keep her hands away from her baby bump. She found herself constantly holding it and caressing it, bonding with the baby inside her.

“I swear I’m bigger today than yesterday” she said with no sense of her own personal irony.

“I’m sure you are too…getting bigger every day” Mike said.

“I feel bigger” Denise said.

He slid down the couch and rubbed her feet.

“Oh that feels amazing” she cooed. She also felt herself getting aroused. “Damn…this is Mia’s husband. My husband…stupid pregnancy hormones are making me so fucking horny” she bit her lip and Mike saw the look on her face and recognized it.

“Later honey…Emily’s pretty tired” he told her.

“But I’m not” Denise answered with a wink shocking herself.

Mike laughed and playfully reached for her breasts as he kissed her. Denise couldn’t wipe the smile off her face.

Mia too settled into her new life. She had her series of checks as well like that evening as she stepped out of the shower to find her husband John standing there casually brushing his teeth.

Mia realized that they had been married a long time and this was usual behavior, nothing to be worked up about. Her softer and older body reacted and moved differently. Her shorter legs made some things more difficult but not having a belly sticking out in front of her made them easier too.

She got dressed in a well-worn sleep shirt she found on top of her dresser and got comfortable spooning with John. It felt natural to drape her arm over him and slide her bare legs up behind his “I’m already used to this” she thought. “It isn’t nearly as odd as I thought it might be. Technically I’m in bed with another woman’s husband”

Days turned to weeks.

Mia checked in daily. She could see little differences within the first week. Her former body got slightly larger around the middle of course but Mia knew it so well, she was able to detect the slightest swelling of her ankles. She could tell when Denise’s ass and hips spread and when her face got puffy.

“So…how are you feeling?” Mia would always ask first.

The first day Denise was a bit nervous seeing her old self and having to answer that question. She felt great because Mike had ate her out just 15 minutes prior. A little follow up to a night of mind blowing sex.

Denise’s answers started out positive but steadily got more and more full of little complaints as the weeks went on.

“My back hurts” “My knees hurt” My feet hurt” “I have to pee like every 45 minutes” “My boobs are starting to ache. They’re growing and I’m going to turn into a fucking cow” “I’m so ugly!”

Mia would constantly reassure her friend and always had tissues on hand for the tears that came more and more frequently. Always thinking “I’m so glad it’s her and not me”

Denise passed her 6th month; her belly stuck way out “I’m showing more than last time” she said surprising both of them with her phrasing.

“Yes. Frankly you are but women tend to show earlier on their second pregnancy” Mia answered “I remember from when I had my second”

Denise just shook her head and went on.

Her walk became a waddle. Her shoes no longer fit and even maternity clothes showed off everything. She took up yoga to help with the aches and pains but the hot shower water running over her straining muscles and taut, huge belly were what felt the best.

The baby was moving a lot. She took cell phone videos of the alien movements moving her stomach and shirt around to show to Mia.

Mia watched in wonder “You’re doing so well” she said. “You’re still okay with this right? No second thoughts?”

“No!” Denise said very quickly. “None…I’m happy we swapped. I know I can bitch and complain but ultimately, I’m enjoying this”

“Good. I’m glad”

Denise blushed “There is something you should know…Mike has been talking about having more”

“More?!” Mia’s eyes widened in shock.

“Well, yeah. I’m not afraid…he’s not getting the reluctant signs from, well, from you now so…” Denise admitted.

“And let me guess, you’re actually encouraging this” Mia said.

“I can’t help it…it’s the hormones” Denise said. “I like being pregnant”

“If that’s what you two want, then you might as well stay like this!” Mia said in a huff.

“I wouldn’t mind” Denise mumbled.

“What was that? What did you just say?” Mia asked standing up and putting her hands on her hips.

Denise just sighed and looked down.

“You want to steal my life?” Mia said “I asked you for a favor”

“A really big favor” Denise countered.

“Yeah…I realize how big it is” Mia said “But it’s still my life, my body, my baby, my husband…my…my everything!”

“I know” Denise said “All I said was I wouldn’t mind if you decided to make me stay. That’s what I thought you meant”

Mia’s jaw dropped.

“All I meant was that you have a good life and if it were to be mine, I’d appreciate it and take care of it” Denise said sheepishly, tears starting to come to her eyes. “I’ll switch back with you if you don’t want to do this anymore”

Mia looked at the very pregnant body before her. Denise was struggling to stand up and Mia thought she looked like a frog as her knees spread out and her belly hung down before she was able to stand up fully.

Denise’s back caught as she stood and she winced in pain, her hand flew around to her back.

“No…I…I’m sorry” Mia said “I guess I misunderstood what you meant to what I said”

Denise put her hands out and flourished them “This is your body and you can have it back. There’s still two more months to go like this”

“No. I’m fine” Mia reassured her “You’re doing a great job as me”

“Are you enjoying being me?” Denise asked.

Mia paused “Yes. Yes I am” she admitted.

“Good, I’m glad to hear that”

“Since we’re talking about it” Mia began “I wasn’t sure when I was first thinking about doing this. I knew you were the one to do this; to see this through, to be pregnant but I guess I was being selfish thinking about going up to my mid 40s if I would like it” she shrugged “But I really do. I don’t feel old” she laughed.

“Well I’m glad! I felt old sometimes but just with not getting some reference, not physically even though I realize that my body at 44 is different. My knee does hurt…my shoulder hurts” Denise said.

“I know all about that mysterious shoulder pain” Mia said “I’ll sleep on it wrong. I don’t know what I did to it” she laughed her deep throaty laugh again “But I digress…the point I’m making is: Yes. I like being you. You have a good life, a loving family, a good job”

Denise smiled her wide smile and then went into a shocked look when Mia continued “Maybe I freaked out a bit and said what I said because part of me has been thinking about what if we don’t swap back?”

“Wh…What?!” Denise answered and Mia nodded “You…you actually might want to stay?!”

Mia nodded again “I’m sorry I brought it up, it’s not something we should be thinking about right now”

“No…I mean…my heart is pounding out of my chest now so we should keep talking about it” Denise said.

“So…it’s obviously crossed both of our minds” Mia said.

“I wasn’t going to bring it up. Maybe after the baby came. At first I thought I might just want to stay for a little while longer. You know sweet talk you into it by saying I’d lose your baby weight for you. I want to breastfeed. I really feel the connection and…” Denise trailed off.

Mia took her by the hands and looked up into her eyes. “We don’t have to say anything else right now. Nothing is happening until the baby comes. Just…let’s just keep on going forward okay”

Denise nodded and hugged her short former body. “Good thing my arms are longer. If they weren’t they wouldn’t get around you and this belly”

Mia walked home thinking about what they had both said “What if we do stay? Would it be for the better? Would we be happier?”

Denise watched her walk home “What if this is my body from now on?” she thought holding her long reddish brown hair back.

Denise’s long thin fingers ran gently over her belly once again and she giggled as the baby kicked its approval.

The last two months of the journey, Denise was pretty miserable but she refused to say a word about it. She always downplayed her aches and pains, her sleepless nights of heartburn and failing to get comfortable, her water retention and the fact that she could no longer even see her feet.

Mia still visited every day.

“My fingers look like sausages” Denise said “And I haven’t seen my toes in weeks so I’m guessing those are as well”

“Yep” Mia revealed looking at Denise’s propped up feet.

“I think I’m about ready to burst” Denise admitted “I thought a felt a contraction or two last night but they passed”

“Tomorrow is your due date” Mia said.

“I know…and I’m totally ready” Denise replied.

With those words, Denise’s eyes widened, her face went white and her hands flew to her belly “Oh God…that was definitely a contraction”

Mia jumped up “Should we go? Should I call Mike?”

“Just…let me breathe a second…let’s see if I get another one and how far apart they are” Denise answered.

Mia was on pins and needles as just a few minutes passed before Denise froze as another more intense contraction hit her “Yeah…we’ve got to go”

“I’ll drive” Mia said.

“I hope to shit you would” Denise replied sweating already.

Mia had to offer a hand to Denise to get her up off the couch and an arm to hold on to as she waddled to the car.

Mia drove as Denise called Mike to tell him the news.

Mia stayed with her as she got to the hospital and put into the wheelchair and taken to maternity.

Mike arrived and Mia gave him a quick hug before he headed to the room while she waited in the waiting room.

Denise was in full labor; her bare feet up in the stirrups, her gown pulled up and aside and her full thighs glistened with sweat as did her chest and face. Her long reddish brown hair was pulled back but already damp from her exertion.

“Why did I do this?” she kept saying as she bore down with each contraction. She gripped Mike’s hands tight as she pushed, her face wrenched up into a grimace of concentration.

“Breathe honey…just try to relax and breathe” Mike said.

“Unnnggghhhh!” Denise managed to say before it passed and she lay back and regrouped. Her muscles were twitching and pulling as she heard the nurse say “One really big push”

Denise bore down and grit her teeth. The world started to swirl away from her intensity. Words were very far away as she heard “I can see his head”

She pushed, felt a build up like never before, then some relief. She heard a baby cough and cry and sputter, she felt Mike’s cool hand on her forehead “Oh my god…” she whispered through a tired smile “I did it”

“You certainly did” Mike said kissing her.

She lay back staring up at the ceiling as they continued to work on her and the baby for a few more minutes.

Denise closed her eyes and saw a vision of herself shrinking down as Mia grew, taking back her body and life with no more than a simple Thanks and a tear rolled down her cheek.

Denise was exhausted as she lay in her bed. The baby was asleep in her arms, he had latched on right away and had fed for a bit before falling asleep himself.

Mia had sat anxiously in the waiting room with too many emotions washing over her to count. She was truly conflicted.

She had honestly enjoying being Denise and could easily see herself staying but she also missed her life, her real original life.

She closed her eyes. She could see herself growing. She was getting younger again, her hair growing out, her legs lengthening as Denise shrank down before her.

She heard the door open and saw Mike standing in the doorway with a big smile on his face. She saw the man she had married, the man she loved going on and on about his new baby boy and she knew she had her answer.

The room was quiet, Mike had went to get something to eat when Mia crept in.

Denise was dozing, the baby laying in a bassinet next to her.

Mia stroked the baby’s cheek before she put her hand on Denise’s arm.

Denise had woken up but her exhaustion was still upon her.

“I know you’re tired but I had to talk to you” Mia said.

Denise sat up a bit still very sore.

“I just need to know; do you want to stay as me?” Mia said “I hate to be so blunt but I’m all messed up in emotions and I think we just need closure on this”

“Well…yes. I do want to stay but I can’t steal your life and body” Denise said. “If you’re willing to stay then yes, I will happily stay but if you want to go back, then…”

Mia smiled and shook her head “No…I just wanted to make sure you wanted to stay. I’m perfectly willing to make this permanent”

Denise heart leapt in her chest, her green eyes widened and she nodded “Please. Please make this permanent”

Mia took Denise’s hands in her own “This is the last time I will ever call you Denise. You’re Mia from now on okay”

Denise nodded “Okay Denise” she said making Mia smile.

Mia dipped her chin and she mumbled squeezing their hands together…

Mia opened her eyes. She could feel the compression socks pumping up on her lower legs, the soreness in her body was deep but she was truly happy.

Denise was standing and smiling, holding her younger friend’s hands “Thank You” was all she said.

“Best trade ever” Mia replied.

“I agree” Denise said. “I’ll never get back to 5’6” now haha”

“Nope” Mia replied from her bed. “But since Mike is talking about maybe having two more kids…”

Denise just smiled and shook her head laughing as she said “It’s all you”

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“Hey Mia…I got your message; you said you needed to talk” Denise Reynolds said into her phone as she walked to her car after work.

“Oh my gosh yes…thanks for calling me back. Can you, um, maybe swing by? I’d rather talk to you in person” Mia Soames replied sitting up straight on her couch.

“Of course hun…is something wrong? Denise asked.

“Um…no…not wrong…just…I’ll tell you when you get here alright” Mia said biting her lower lip.

“I’ll be there in 10 minutes” Denise said.

“Thanks…see you soon Bye” Mia hung up.

Denise got into her car suspecting what the call was about “I’ll calm her down if it’s what I think it is”

Mia got up and paced the room while mindlessly picking up the clutter her 2 year old daughter had strewn about. Emily was playing next door with the little boy who was her age, giving her some much need “Mommy break” time.

Denise lived down the street from Mia and Mike with her husband and 2 older kids. She had been through the toddler years and she and Mia had become fast friends. “I hope she understands and doesn’t just laugh in my face” she thought.

Mia paused and let out a long deep breath as she stood back up. The pains in her back and hip were just starting. She put her hands on the bulge of her belly and rubbed “Oh…such a long time to still go” she said to the ceiling.

Denise drove to her friend’s house with a million things on her mind. Work, kids, bills, extended family…the list went on and on. But with her own kids at 14 and 11, they wouldn’t mind if she was a few minutes later than usual coming in.

She got out of her car and straightened out her blouse. Her low heels clicked on the concrete driveway as she walked up to the front door, ringing the bell.

“Hi! Thanks for coming over” Mia said as she swung open the door “Please…come in”

Denise smiled as she slipped off her shoes upon entering. She was about 5 inches shorter than her younger friend as well as she followed her into the house. “How are you feeling?” she asked watching the slightly more swayed walk of Mia.

“I’m ok” Mia sighed and ran her hand through her long reddish brown hair “I mean, you know” she shrugged.

“Yeah but you sound all worked up again. I know you hate being pregnant but the time will pass soon enough” Denise said taking a seat on the couch as Mia sat in the big reclining chair.

Mia and Denise just locked eyes and Denise burst into tears.

Denise came over and rubbed her shoulders and whispered “It’ll be alright” in her ear “Just calm down and relax”

“I can’t do this” Mia said in a hysterical tone “I’m only 4 months along…I’m not even halfway yet and I’m going crazy! I don’t want to be pregnant anymore…I can’t do this…” she broke down.

Denise had been through this with Mia before. The poor woman didn’t take to being pregnant well at all. She had been talked into her first pregnancy and she loved her daughter dearly. Her husband had wanted another and after initial resistance, Mia had agreed and had gotten pregnant quickly.

Now she was in for the long haul; the aches and pains, the sleepless nights, the out of control hormones “I hate this!” she hissed.

“I know it’s no fun for you. It’s not really fun for any woman to be honest” Denise told her.

“I just…I know I can talk to you” Mia said sobbing.

“You know it honey…anything I can do to help you through this; I’ll do it okay” Denise added while rubbing her back.

“Anything?” Mia asked.

“Anything” Denise answered.

Mia grabbed a tissue and dabbed her eyes and blew her nose “Good, because that’s actually what I wanted to talk to you about”

“Oh…what’s that?” Denise said still standing next to the seated Mia.

“First, you should probably take a seat when I tell you this” Mia said.

“Okay” Denise said in a drawn out way. She sat back down on the couch.

“Now; before I tell you this, you have to promise me that you won’t laugh at me and call me crazy or stomp out of here thinking I’ve lost my mind okay” Mia said.

“Okay” Denise repeated not sure of what was coming her way.

“I have a favor to ask of you. It would be possibly the biggest favor anyone has ever done for anybody else. It is going to sound impossible; improbable and downright nuts” Mia said.

Denise leaned forward “Go on” she said hesitantly.

Mia took a deep breath “I would like to ask you if you would switch places with me for the rest of my pregnancy”

Denise’s expression went instantly to confused “What?”

“See don’t dismiss me as crazy. I told you it would sound crazy” Mia spoke very fast “But I’ve actually found a way for two people to switch bodies and I want to know if you would be interested in swapping with me until the baby comes”

“What? Why? How…?” Denise’s face was a mask of confusion and her mind ran.

“I know this is so huge that it’s hard to like, wrap your head around it all” Mia said.

“Yeah! That’s an understatement…” Denise said shaking her head “Do you have that bad of a case of pregnancy brain?”

“See! I knew you’d think I was crazy!” Mia said stomping her feet as she sat.

“Well you have to admit how nuts this sounds?!” Denise replied “People don’t just switch bodies!” she began to laugh. “It’s a joke to relieve some stress right? A little wish fulfillment…the old what if I could sit back and watch someone else go through what I myself don’t want to…”

“It’s not a joke; it’s real. It can really happen!” Mia said as Denise shook her head.

“You almost had me going there for a minute…haha” Denise said.

Mia looked at the floor and took several deep breaths. The only thing in her field of vision besides the carpet, were Denise’s bare feet. “What if I could prove it to you?”

“What?” Denise said.

“What if I could show you an example? Would you believe it then?”

“Sure. If you can somehow prove to me that…” Denise was saying when Mia broke in.

“Look at your feet” Mia said in a serious tone.

“Okay…” Denise scooted forward and put her feet together on the floor beneath her. She lifted up her small toes, the black polish on them glimmered in the light.

Mia closed her eyes and mumbled a few words as Denise felt a tingle run through her toes and back to her heels.

Denise’s jaw dropped. Her mouth hung open in shock. She couldn’t speak as she watched in awe as the shape and color of her feet began to change.

Her skin tone paled, her feet thinned and narrowed slightly. Despite being shorter, her feet were a size 8, a size larger than Mia’s feet. Now her feet shrank down slightly smaller as her heels smoothed out.

Her short toes began to elongate; stretching out as the placement of her nails shifted. Finally, her nail polish flashed from black to lavender.

“What?!” she finally managed to say, still too shocked to move.

“Look at my feet now…” Mia said sliding them out further “Look familiar?”

Denise looked away from her own feet and nearly screamed. There, at the bottom of Mia’s legs, sat her feet.

“How did you…?”

“Go ahead; touch them, feel them. You can…” Mia said as she lifted up her now shorter toes and wiggled them.

Denise’s heart pounded as she reached down and touched her feet. She ran her fingers between her longer toes. She ran the pads of her fingers and thumbs over her lavender colored nails “This is impossible”

“Touch mine” Mia said.

Denise did. She rubbed Mia’s short toes and black nails between her fingers.

“I have your feet and you have mine” Mia said. “I can change everything about us. Everything is perfectly safe. The baby will be safe too if we were to swap uteruses”

Denise was stunned.

“I know it’s so much to ask. I don’t expect an answer from you right now. Just please don’t tell anyone about this. Please keep it a secret even if you say no” Mia begged.

“Yeah…of course” Denise replied “There’s no way I’d say anything to anyone”

“Thank you” Mia replied.

Denise sat back still looking at her feet. She stood up and walked around “It feels so natural…but my feet are actually yours”


“I can’t…” Denise said posing and lifting them, examining them from her viewpoint.

A few moments passed in silence before she sat down.

“I can’t believe this is possible” she said breathlessly.

Mia just nodded “It’s so much to ask but I had to try and you’re honestly the only person I would trust this much”

“But there’s so much to it. More than just being you. We’d have to fully live the other’s life. As in jobs, families, kids. I’d be with your husband and you’d be with mine” Denise began.

“I know…” Mia said.

“I…” Denise paused and made eye contact “I’m thinking about it”

Mia jumped up with joy and clapped her hands “Oh my God!”

Denise put her hand up in a stop motion “I…don’t know. It’s so much but I can’t deny that I’m intrigued. But what’s in it for me? I hate to ask that but…why should I beyond just wanting to see if we could”

“Whatever you want” Mia said. “I don’t know what to offer you. Money…we don’t have much extra. A lifetime of gratitude and servitude from me…whatever you want”

Denise sat back and sighed “My heart hasn’t stopped pounding since you did this” she lifted her foot up. “I’ve never felt so…so alive!” she licked her lips “Could you teach me how to do it?”

Mia nodded slowly.

“Then we might have just discovered what I would do it for” Denise said. “If you can teach me how to do this; how to switch bodies or parts…then I might just say yes and switch with you for the duration of your pregnancy”

Mia’s heart swelled. A smile came across her face “You would?”

“Let me think about it” Denise said “It’s an awful lot…”

“That’s all I could hope for” Mia said standing up “That’s the best I could have expected from tonight”

Denise stood up and walked up close. Mia mumbled again and their feet began to change back to their original forms.

Denise giggled as her feet grew but her toes shrank and changed shape. She could see both of their feet changing as they returned to normal “That is the coolest this I’ve ever seen”

“I know” Mia answered.

“Let me think about it; I’ll get back to you soon okay” Denise said.

“Of course…thank you for even considering it” Mia responded as they walked to the door.

Denise slipped her shoes on but her eyes kept wandering to Mia’s shoes by the front door “What if those were my shoes from now on?” popped into her head.

As Denise left, Mia knew the answer would become yes.

Denise sat in her car stunned for a moment “What am I doing? What am I thinking about doing?” she asked herself. “I can’t believe I’m actually thinking about saying yes. I would be Mia Soames. She would be me…this is insane!” she let out another long breath “I’d be pregnant!”

She laughed “But I’d also be 29 again…I’d have a toddler again though too. I’d also be married to Mike somehow…God I don’t know what to do!”

All night as she went through her routine at home, all Denise could do was think about the proposal and the possibility of living the life of Mia for the next 5 months. “I can’t…but yet…” she would think and then she would relive her feet changing and the excited tingle would return to her.

She barely functioned that night she was so preoccupied. She knew which way she was leaning and couldn’t come up with a good enough excuse to go the opposite way. The following morning she got up and sent a simple 3 word text to Mia ‘I’ll do it’

Mia’s heart jumped when her phone went off as she cut up pancakes for Emily. When she read the text and then reread it over and over again, she simply couldn’t stop smiling.

Mike was going to take Emily with him to see his parents. He was helping his Dad remodel a room and it was a good excuse for his parents to see their Granddaughter. Mia asked to stay behind and rest.

As soon as Mike left, she text ‘I’m so happy! You have no idea how happy I am! I’m by myself…so if you want to, you can come down’

Denise was sitting on pins and needles; she hadn’t gotten a response right away and was afraid last night had been a dream or that Mia had changed her mind. When her phone went off, she nearly squealed with delight.

Denise was numb as she slipped on a pair of flats, taking a look at her toes. Toes which she had seen change into Mia’s. Toes that would soon look like Mia’s again.

She smiled as she headed out. She didn’t say anything; she couldn’t find the words. Her legs were numb, her face was numb as she walked down the street and up to Mia’s front door.

As the door swung open, both women squealed and embraced the other, bouncing around in absolute joy.

“I don’t know why I’m so damned excited but I am!” Denise said.

“I know! So am I!” Mia replied.

She closed the door behind them and wiped her mouth “I can’t believe it…look at you! That’s going to be me soon!” Mia said sizing up Denise like never before.

Denise Reynolds was 44. She was short; just 5’1” and she carried the few extra pounds expected of a Mom in her 40s. Her thighs were a bit thick, her waist and stomach and bit wider than she’d like and her rear was round and decent for a woman her age. She had a nice chest; 38D and her short brown hair had just the few beginning but very sporadic gray hairs in it.

She had a small round face with round cheeks, a small nose and thin lips. Her chin was a bit weak, leading itself to doubling when she looked down and her brown eyes were also on the narrow side. But it all looked great to Mia at that moment.

Denise slipped off her flats; she was wearing a simple gray top and black leggings “I have to admit; I couldn’t get the sight of your feet on my legs out of my head last night”

Mia smiled and could feel Denise’s eyes on her.

Mia was 29; average height at 5’6” but the only thing out of place on her was her belly. She had nice toned legs and a pert behind; a smaller chest at 36B that was just starting to strain forward and threaten to grow. She knew her feet, her ankles, her thighs, her hips, her ass, her sides, her hands and wrists and especially her belly were all on the verge of exploding outward in painful swelling.

She flipped her long reddish brown hair off her shoulders and smiled her much wider smile.

Mia’s face was longer; her nose was bigger and came to more of a point as did her chin. Her green eyes were much larger than Denise’s as was her mouth. She had big white wide teeth that flashed easily when she smiled.

She also wore black leggings today with the waist pulled down a bit to allow for the small pooch baby bump she possessed along with a loose fitting black t-shirt “You can, um, pick whatever to wear once we swap” she said nervously tapping her bare right foot.

“I’m really not worried about that” Denise answered giggling just a bit.

“I know…I’m just nervous and talking too much haha” Mia added.

“So…” Denise said sucking in her bottom lip.

“Yeah…right, um, are you…you know…ready?” Mia said spinning and lifting up on the balls of her feet.

Denise nodded “I guess so. We should probably just get started you know”

Mia nodded enthusiastically. She grabbed Denise by the shoulder and they ran into the living room together.

“I can’t thank you enough” Mia said standing in front of Denise “You have no idea how…”

“It’s okay…I’m really looking forward to this actually”

And I’m just blown away” Mia replied. She looked her up and down once again “Last time I’m going to see it from this side”

“Haha true…I’ll be seeing my own body from the outside…God how trippy will that be?” Denise said.

“How do you want to do this…should we like, um, take our clothes off?” she added.

“We could…I should at least probably take my bra off” Mia responded.

“Haha…yeah I’m a bit bigger there than you are“ Denise said as she pulled down on her leggings “Why not?”

“No time for modesty with what we’re about to do” Mia said as she brought her own down and off. “These won’t be my legs for much longer”

Mia lifted off her t-shirt and Denise smiled seeing her baby bump “You’ve been hiding it” she laughed.

Mia pushed her stomach out closer to Denise, whose hand stretched out toward it “You can touch it”

Denise’s fingers gently brushed Mia’s belly “It’ll be all yours soon and you can just rub it and run your hands all over it all you want”

Denise blushed as Mia continued saying “It’s just going to get bigger and rounder. I looked like I was smuggling a basketball with Emily but I’m almost 19 weeks now”

Denise smirked as she took off her top. She ran her hands over her stretch marks and existing belly “Nothing in here but too much food” she laughed. “You still have your youthful metabolism…but you won’t anymore”

Mia smiled “No, I guess I won’t. My body is changing just as much as yours is”

“Yeah…you’re going to get short haha” Denise teased even raising up on her tip toes as she said it. “Short fat and old haha”

“You are not!” Mia protested “Well…ok on the short part”

“I’ve got a severe case of Mom bod” Denise answered waving her hands up and down her body, clad in just a bra and panties.

“It’s perfect…I’ll take it” Mia said.

“You’re 15 years younger than me though. I don’t even remember what it was like being in my 20s anymore”

“I’m sure you’re going to do a great job” Mia reassured her.

“And I know I blocked out my pregnancies” Denise admitted.

“I’m a week shy of halfway. I did the puking for you but now is when I get nervous and I hated the last two months” Mia claimed.

“Well your innie isn’t an outie yet so…” Denise said as she looked at Mia’s belly button.

“Yeah I popped like a turkey last time but not until the last week or two” Mia said as she unhooked her bra. “Oooo” she shimmied her shoulders and made her breasts wobble.

“Oh just wait” Denise said reaching up behind her back “I mean, eventually we might be equals after I grow those out some more but until then…” she exposed her breasts.

Mia nodded “Those are beautiful…very nice”

“Really?! You think?!” Denise said shrugging.


“So not bad for a woman my age” Denise blushed slightly.

“I’m honored to get such a great body in return…skip the pregnancy and still get to be sexy. I probably shouldn’t be rubbing it like this. You’ll change your mind haha” Mia said.

“I’m going to be sexy and pregnant thank you very much” Denise said.

They locked eyes and knew it was time to stop the banter and start “So…” Mia said feeling her heart rate begin to rise.

“Yeah…let’s…” Denise said. Her smile and expression on her face indicating her anticipation.

“I can teach you this later…I want to make sure I get this right” Mia said.

“Oh of course…I’m not worried about that right now” Denise said.

Mia began to speak very soft and low and fast. She spoke longer this time than the night before, going on for several seconds before looking up. She smiled softly and nodded “It’s started”

Denise felt a shiver run up her spine; she couldn’t help but smile “I can’t believe I’m going through with this”

“I know…part of me can’t believe it either” Mia replied. “Oh…Mmm” she looked around “I think…I think I’m shrinking”

Denise took a step back “Oh my gosh I think you are too…you look like you’re getting shorter”

“I feel shorter…I feel like I’m being pressed down; like getting compact. My leg muscles are tense and I’ve got this weird feeling for vertigo like I’m going down” Mia focused on Denise in front of her and could tell she was coming closer to her in size, dropping inches.

Denise felt a pulling and tingling in her jaw and shoulders followed by a stretching sensation. Her mouth dropped open and her eyebrows shot up “I’m…I feel something! I think I’m growing!”

Her leg muscles tightened and she looked down to see her calves physically get longer, stretching out as she laughed. Her back lifted and suddenly, she was taller than Mia. Just barely to begin but their difference increased as their bodies travelled in different directions; Mia going down as Denise went up,

“I’ve always been the shortest. Even 5’6” will make me feel like a damn giant” She laughed again “I never get to look down at people!”

Mia looked up and smirked “You can now…you get look down at me”

“I like this…I like the view from up here” Denise said.

“It’s yours now. We’ve swapped heights. I’m the short one now…just 5’1” and you know, I don’t mind it. I think I’ll like being small” Mia said.

Mia shook her arms and legs “They’re smaller too”

Denise held her arms out at length “Yeah…mine seem longer” she said as she wiggled her fingers. She looked down “My legs look longer too; my toes seem farther away”

Mia sized up Denise’s legs “Oh definitely…Your legs are longer”

Denise noticed her skin tone lightening all over. Her thighs were what she was staring at as the pigment began to drain. Mia was getting darker on the other hand. Denise had a darker skin tone and Mia’s pale skin was changing into it.

“Everything…the hairs on my arms are getting darker” Mia said.

“Your hair is already getting darker too” Denise said seeing the reddish tones darken on top of Mia’s head.

Mia looked up a bit shocked and then smiled “Yours is turning my shade…you’re getting a definite reddish undertone”

“And my arm hair is like gone” Denise added. “It’s super light I can barely see it”

Mia felt her upper arms plump up “I think I’m shifting to your weight now too”

Her thighs and rear began to grow fuller and rounder taking on Denise’s shape. She turned around giving Denise a full on view as Mia’s ass turned into her own.

A few dimples appeared, cellulite on the backs of her previously smooth thighs, a slight sag on the upper inner parts. “It’s so weird…this is just…so bizarre watching your body turn into mine. I didn’t even know what that looked like! I’ve never had that kind of view of my own legs before”

Mia turned shaking her head “I know right…but look at you”

“I feel different. I feel younger and I can’t really explain why…I just know” Denise replied. Her own legs were firming up, regaining a more youthful tautness to them that not even pregnancy could break.

Her calves, already longer, trimmed up as well as she watched Mia’s shorter one become stouter and a bit thicker.

Mia put her leg out and pointed her toe, posing it and displaying it “I’m not upset at getting legs like this one bit. They suit me…”

Her toes were still her own; painted lavender at the ends of the long skinny digits but now that began to change. “Oh…here come your feet again. I’m already used to them haha”

“Seeing your feet on my body is what got me to do this…I actually walked with your feet yesterday. I can’t wait to get them back again”

“Maybe after all this is over, we could swap feet permanently. You know, kind of like a souvenir” Mia joked.

“I just might take you up on something like that” Denise replied watching her black nail polish lighten up to lavender as her nails began to shift and her toes began to lengthen. Her pale feet narrowed and shrank down a size and she nearly squealed with delight at the sight of them on her once more.

Mia’s toes shrank down, her nails shifted, her pinky toe nails almost disappearing in the change. Her tan feet widened and grew a size and her heels roughened a bit with age.

Denise felt her hips shift to accept her changing body. She felt a pop as they settled into place. “I think the big part is coming”

“I think you’re right” Mia said feeling a warmth passing all through her. Her hands went to her belly and pressed down.

Denise’s hands went to her own soft belly and pressed down in a similar fashion but the changes started even lower. “Oh” Denise said flatly as her mouth went dry.

A spot appeared on the front of her panties as moisture flooded forward so suddenly, she couldn’t stop it. Her muscles clenched and her hands moved further down as waves of differing sensations washed over her.

Denise felt her skin shifting. Sliding in a new direction as black hairs popped through her previously shaved skin. Her pubic area flattened as her vulva and vagina took on the aspects of Mia. Her clitoris thrummed into high gear as it throbbed, grew, and lifted forward. “Oh God”

Mia swallowed hard as her whole body wracked forward in a series of shivers. Her stomach rolled as her muscles too clenched up as her body changed into Denise. “Oh!”

Mia reset her feet wider, separating her thighs wide to get air to her changing vulva and vagina. Everything was changing.

Her pubic hairs sucked inward leaving behind a smooth yet puffier surface. Her clit hummed with activity and liveliness as her knees buckled. Mia dipped down even shorter, her face painted with surprise.

“Oh wow…oh…oh my god” Denise said feeling a warming in her abdomen. Her stomach muscles tightened and clenched.

There was simply a moment that she knew.

Mia felt her stomach loosen and she exhaled sharply.

She knew.

Their eyes met and Denise gave Mia a slight nod and a reassuring smile before looking down and watching her belly start to steadily grow out larger. A taut, tight ball formed up, pressing father out in perfect roundness and Denise’s hands came to rest under it.

As her stomach had gone out; Mia’s had slipped in.

The firmness of it vanished as it shrank down. Excess skin and fat did build up into a slight middle aged pooch; a muffin top, a Mom bod as Mia possessed Denise’s physique now.

Mia’s hand cautiously stretched out towards Denise’s pregnant belly.

“It’s ok…touch it…I know it’s alright” Denise said with a bit of giddiness in her voice. She giggled as Mia’s fingers ran over her baby bump.

“Yes…I know the baby is fine. And is yours now” Mia said looking up with gratitude.

Denise gasped at the realization. Her hands continued to rub her prominent belly “It looks bigger from this angle”

“Yeah…I have to agree” Mia said backing up a step. “Your belly does already look bigger”

Denise stuck her finger in her belly button “Hasn’t popped yet though”

“You’ve got a long way to go haha. I honestly can’t wait to watch you grow” Mia admitted.

“You know what…I can’t wait to see it too. Feel it too” Denise confided.

Mia smirked “I know I picked the right person to do this with. The only person to do this with”

“Awww” Denise replied as her sides and back shifted. Her shoulders rose up as well just before she felt the changes reach her breasts.

Denise watched in awe as her breasts rose up. Gravity reversed, age reversed as they lifted up perkier than they had been in years. They shrank back but there was something more to them; a sense of anticipation, of impending changes to them that settled into Denise even as she watched her nipples grow larger and her areolas turn a brighter pink.

For whatever reason, when Denise looked up and over at Mia, it really hit her how much she looked like her. The differences had really hit home. Mia was consumed in watching her breasts change. They were steadily growing larger on her chest, taking on more of a teardrop shape as opposed to her own natural high roundness.

Mia’s fingers caressed her nipples as they shrank down and her areolas darkened. A few bumps appeared, a dark blue vein became prominent as gravity took hold and took her large breasts downward.

Their bodies were nearly totally the others’ body now. Mia’s shoulders rounded a bit and her arms finished up the changes they had already begun earlier when they had exchanged height and weight.

Denise too felt the changes reverberate through her arms and now her hands clenched up; her fingers balled up into fists involuntarily.

Working to spread them back out, she saw her fingers were longer and thinner. The backs of her hands were smoother and fresher looking. Her nails began to round and lengthen just a bit before the lavender polish that she wore on her toes also appeared.

Mia hands twitched; her fingers pulled down shorter and thicker. Her nails flattened as her lavender polish disappeared. Denise never wore fingernail polish so now plain nails met her eyes. She ran her rougher fingers back over the palms of her hands, testing the feel of them, hearing the slightly raspy sound they made.

Mia began to chuckle a bit “My God…you really do have my body” she shook her head “Your head on my body…”

Denise playfully swung her body back and forth and covered up her breasts with her arms “At least for another 20 some weeks and that head thing is going to change pretty soon too I think”

“I agree…I see your hair is growing out already” Mia pointed out.

Denise looked out of the corners of her eyes and did see her hair coming down longer, touching her shoulders and then going over them and still down another inch or two. The reddish brown color intensified as she felt even the part in her hair shift sides.

Mia tentatively touched the top of her head as her hair began to pull up higher coming off her shoulders and stopping just above them. A few grays began to pop through and intertwine with the chestnut brown ones.

“I actually feel older now” Mia admitted “Just like…you know, something washing over me and making me tired haha”

“Don’t I know that feeling…but strangely enough; it’s fading. I feel the energy I have now and it feels natural” Denise replied.

Mia just smirked as her head began to reshape. She felt a pressure build up and press down. Her neck compacted just before her chin and jawline shifted back and in.

There wasn’t much time once the changes started on her face; it was like a chain reaction and all parts began moving and reshaping themselves at once.

Her cheeks rose up higher and rounder as her mouth shrank down. Her lips thinned and her teeth shifted and diminished in size. Her nose thinned and pulled up smaller and higher above her lip and her green eyes darkened to brown as they narrowed.

Small changes to her eyelashes and eyebrows as well as her ears followed. Lines etched in and her age caught up to 44 as Mia became Denise 100% physically.

Denise felt her neck elongate and her chin come to a point as her jaw shifted forward. Her lips plumped and her teeth widened, her nose grew longer and lower as her cheeks streamlined out. Her brown eyes enlarged and flashed an emerald green as her lashes and brows thinned. Her ears grew slightly as the lines and imperfections of 15 years vanished.

Denise was now 29, an expectant Mom, and Mia 100% physically.

Denise let out a long exhale. The tension she had been feeling seemed to ease up as Mia said “We did it”

“We did it…it’s over” Denise asked “I’m you”

“And I’m you” Mia confirmed.

I want to say Thank You very much for your continued support. I saw where my page went over 500,000 views and I really appreciate it. I hope that you all continue to enjoy my stories.
I know I haven't put out much TG content lately, and frankly, it's because I simply haven't come up with any ideas that I really like so if you have any ideas for a story that you'd like me to tackle, please send them along. It doesn't have to be just TG either. If you have an idea for a Female to Female or an Age Swap story, I'd love to hear those too. 
Also, if there is something different that you'd like to see me try my hand at, let me know. I'm always up for challenging myself.
I do have a few ideas that I'm currently working on including an age swap story that will be a reward for my long time readers...this one stretches all the way back in a call back years in the making that I'm excited about.
But most importantly, Thanks again


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