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I did a major cleanup of my gallery here today, deleting pretty much everything old, and uploading a couple new pieces.
deviantArt has removed the option for new users to sign up with a non-male or non-female gender identity. Their responses to trouble tickets has been disrespectful and in some cases downright offensive.

The original trouble ticket: deviantART, binarism, and transphobia

An extremely offensive response by a mod: "Look down between your legs. If you see a penis, choose Male. If you see a vagina, choose Female. If you see a penis but don't feel male, than pick Female." etc.

The top-level response is to change "gender" to "sex", thus forcing us to identify what's between our legs in order to sign up, and still leaving out the intersexed and those who have medically changed their sex to something other than male or female: Gender vs. Sex
Since FurAffinity is down so often, I've decided to keep up DA as well. Oh well!
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:bulletgreen: Current Arts: A couple art trades; waiting for exchanges to start for January.

I'm going to concentrate keeping my FurAffinity gallery updated, and not so much here. Why? Well, FA allows adult art. Heh. I'll still update here occassionally, but FA is also friendlier to my poor computer. I have so many watches here, it'd take hours to browse updated submissions every day, and I just don't keep up....

FA Gallery ::

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Zlato and I are heading to Dressage at DevonWood at around noon. Yesterday we went for the Freestyles and Grand Prix rides. Today there's Pas de Deux to see.

I got sunburned.

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:bulletpurple: Current Arts: Art Trade w/ Zenedai, FuroticXchange, Dragon Art Exchange, FurArtXchange2, donation to BEAT Riding Center's auction.

So much arts to do. o_o I'm going to ink the FuroticXchange today (that one will get posted in my FurAffinity gallery, but is inappropriate here), and start sketches for the Dragon Exchange and FurArtXchange2.

Bradley's Equine Assisted Therapeutic (BEAT) Riding Center Inc Auctions

I work for a therapeutic riding center that uses horses as a tool to help people with disabilities (physical, cognitive and emotional).  Each year, we have the Old West Extravaganza which is an absolute blast. Included is a silent and oral auction.

Pictures of horses, and, likely, equine mythological creatures like pegasus and unicorns, will probably be desirable auction items, and I'm going to try my hand at a real media pic to donate.  

The deadline will have to be before July, so I wish I'd thought of this sooner. However, I'd like to ask anyway.

If you would like to donate a REAL MEDIA picture of an equine of some sort -- to be recieved in person by me before July -- I would be SO grateful. All the money goes to taking care of our schooling horses or buying much-needed equipment. You donation will be tax deductable, as BEAT is a 501(c)(3) federally tax exempt charitable organization.

What's likely to sell at the auction?  Real media, especially full color with or without a background.  Would your picture appeal to people at the local country fair or average art museum visitor? There are a WIDE variety of people attending this event but the "in-crowd" of furry fandom is likely to be under represented.  Also: keep it clean. Hehe.  

If it's not sold at the Extravaganza auction, I may sell it on FurBid, and get money for the BEAT that way (in that case, you can donate any time!).

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, either e-mail me (tserisa [at] gmail [dot] com) or comment/note me here!  I'll give you details and answer any questions you have.

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:bulletred: Current Arts: Art Trade w/ Zenedai, FuroticXchange, ReptileXchange


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I be members here! (Or at least I will when they add me.)
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Of course, *I* still work today. But I don't mind. I have one of my cutest students today (she's five and has a boyfriend), and Zlato is going to ride.

My mom is very sick. I been crying a lot.

I been doing much arts.  Lots of xchanges and lots of art trades and lots of drawings and colorings of my characters. Yay! Productive.
I drew pr0n. o_o

I bought a flat unicorn at Goodwill. It is flat and its horn is essentially vestigal.  It only has two legs, and they are more like rounded stumps.

I am having iced tea.  It is indeed tasty.

Sore wa ii desu ne.

If one does not make a journal entry, an ugly little "you're not devious!" message is displayed.  This hurt my feelings.  I am so devious!  Though I can not think of anything devious to say.

I have been very sick for the past four or five days and thus have not gotten out of the house at all, and it's slowly driving me insane.  I am jealous of my wandering sibling (the devious Doot) because she said that while she was out, she was hit in the head by a Death Bee.  She said it went clinkBZZZZ off her forehead and did not sting her.  

So this weekend I drew a fox; Zlato (now in my Deviant gallery) is my latest work of 'art'.  I puked a lot.  No one will give me a back rub.