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Winged Mug

By tser
This piece was something of an experiment with a different glaze technique. Each side is painted using an underglaze with a detailed wing, opening around the mug. I glazed over the drawing with a tenmoku glaze -- though I had done test tiles, I honestly wasn't sure how much of the detail would be preserved, considering the shading and so on I had done on the wings. I ended up liking the effect a lot, sort of a antique, acid-stained feel to it.

I had mythology in mind when I painted it, particularly Judeo-Christian angel hierarchies (okay, okay, I'm a huge Supernatural fan, I admit it).

Cone 6 oxidation.


This piece was sold on Etsy. :D Yay!
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Mar 20, 2013, 6:08:45 PM
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so beautiful!
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Thanks so much!
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Wow, that glaze had a really good effect. I'd almost mistaken it for a wood carving at first glance.
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I really love it, I'm going to experiment using it over engobe and underglaze a lot more in the future, especially with a bit of light texture.
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How'd you get the inner texture of the handle? Did you run something along it during/after pulling?
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This handle isn't pulled! It is extruded. :D I use a die to extrude super comfy handles. I used to pull handles, but I just love the extruder, so I switched over entirely. I rarely pull handles at all anymore.
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Extruding? What is this black magic? o.o
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Apparently of all the pictures of the studio that I've taken, I managed to miss our extruders in all the shots. Oops! We have wall-mounted extruders, one much larger than the other. I have a big one at home, but have never used it because it needs to be treated and mounted.

The first two extruders on this page are similar in style to the type I've used though I've used a few different brands: [link]

Extruders can be used to make ALL SORTS OF NEAT STUFF, not just handles. They can be used to make long, even coils for coil building, entire walls for hand-building (such as casserole walls with the galleries built in), interesting hollow shapes for vases and other vessels, fascinating tubes and coils and ropes of all sorts to be used in creative ways, etc. Here's one example creating a "woven" basket effect: [link]

The handles on almost all my mugs are extruded, as well as the tail on my gryphon teapot (so that it would be nice and smooth and even, unlike my hand formed coils which tend to be kind of lumpy, heh): [link]

I've also used extrusions to decorate the top of planters and bowls and so on, though apparently I don't have photos of those uploaded.
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My art teacher has NEVER mentioned these (and as a public high school with a CERAMICS class, I'm surprised)!
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the first thing i thought was 'cas-mug'
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Hahaha! Well, you caught me. That is exactly what I had in mind while painting this one. Ugh, I am a mess over the next episode. *flails*
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lol mugstiel! XD

I watch seasons whole instead of weekly, so the only ep of 8 i've seen is when meg is killed :/ not sure i'm going on after that ;n; i don't normally attach to tv characters but that was painful. still not over it.
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Without spoiling anything, I just worry every time they bring on my favorite characters, because that's a chance for them to kill them. Hahaha. Because... that's what Supernatural does. *lol* My favorite character is Charlie Bradbury.
VIIStar's avatar
This is sadly true... and good luck... she's not a Winchester. everything would be easier if we all just liked dean or sam the best! ಥnಥ
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