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Steller's Jay Bowl

By tser
I was sitting at a table with this unpainted bisqued porcelain bowl in front of me and turned to Richey (my ceramics prof) and asked, "What should I paint on this one?" And he said, "Steller's Jay!" Steller's Jay it is!

The Steller's Jay is a gorgeous dark-colored jay with a jaunty crest seen frequently in the Northwest where I live, particularly in places with mature trees. I experimented with a watercolor-like technique using the commercial engobes to give the bird a mossy branch to perch on.

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In progress shots:

Jay Bowl In Progress by tser Jay Bowl In Progress by tser Jay Bowl In Progress by tser

 PS: Bowls are the hardest to photograph.
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Apr 9, 2014 11:53:22 AM -07:00
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Gorgeous line work! Bowls are tricky, but if you tilt them up at an angle (when there's a lot of inside detail work) you can usually get the detail across without too much glare (says the girl who has difficulty photographing my overly shiny/gloss bowls *face palm*) good job :)
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Bowls are annoying models for photographer! :D Been there, done that! :D

This is simply great (combining three of my interests: porcelain painting, ceramics and birds). Good work!
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After a few bowls, I said I wasn't going to make them anymore because they were so annoying to work on the curvature and photograph, but then I kept making them anyway. Haha.

Thank you!
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Hah, we all say that - and then we make some more bowls and photos :D. You're welcome!