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Roc Eating an Elephant

By tser
A roc eating an Asian elephant. As far as rocs go, this one is fairly small; I've read descriptions of them destroying three-mast sailing ships and so on. They are often described as Arabic, but the mythology extends to many parts of Asia and the Middle East.

Rocs are often described as picking up elephants and dropping them from heights, then eating them at their leisure.

So many things went wrong with this picture, but I believe I salvaged it at least partially. I really need to take a watercolor class; and perhaps a landscape class.

:iconstyx-leagon: helped me so much with the colored pencil!


India ink, watercolors, Prismacolor colored pencils.
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Supposedly elephant birds got their name because they were thought to be roc chicks.
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What a bird... And you say this one is small?

I'd hate to see its bigger cousins!

Nice work!
Is the roc WC to? It looks amazing!
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Watercolor and colored pencil. :)
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wow this is realy coool
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It is huge! Cool!
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Thanks! XD
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Ha, this is fantastic. Sort of made me look twice to realize it's size :D
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Thank you! Yeah, that was the effect I was going for!
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I like this a lot, great mythological reference and attention to detail on the feathers!
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Thanks! Feathers are my favorite thing to draw.
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Haha really? Man, I hate drawing feathers :P
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Despite your thinking some things went wrong, I think it's turned out rather well -- the wings, in particular.
Not a lot of people draw Rocs, that I've seen. It's very refreshing to see one. :3
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Thank you, wings are my favorite thing to draw! I think I'm rather taken with the concept of Rocs and might draw more.
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The trees are very nice!
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Thank you, that means a lot because it's my first time attempting to paint trees in watercolor ever. :)
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