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Kotira's Owlkapi

By tser
Kotira's Owlkapi hippogriff-like creature (barn owl/okapi), for the April Gryphon's Guild art exchange! [link]

Watercolor and pencil.
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this is essentially the coolest thing I've ever seen.

the owl–okapi combination is amazing. very pretty colours, too.
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Thank you so much. :D :D
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That is so awesome! Love the cold color palette you used :)
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...Great balance of , colors and textures...:heart:
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sooo pretty! those are some pretty luscious antlers there! LOL the ground texture is really cool too!
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ASmallGlimmer's avatar
this is awesome, it is my new background
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Thank you so much!
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Do I see that you used some rubbing alcohol for the spots, or are my eyes deceiving me?

And how did you do the sparkles? they're really cool! And also I must know how you did the super interesting texture on the ground

Ahhhhhhh just tell me all of your watercolor secrets!!! :dummy:
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Yes, I used rubbing alcohol on the owlkapi. I kind of messed up a little in what I was *trying* to do, so next time I'll know better. XD The ground was done with giant hunks of irregular rock salt.

The sparkles are really simple! They're just white gouache. I did little dots, and then when those were dry I dry-brushed tiny little lines out from them.
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ahhh, I love rock salt. We only have table salt and it just doesn't give you the same effect...

Ha ha ha haaaa, you have given up your great secret and now I will steal it mwa ha ha!!!
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Hahaha! Well I have only just started with watercolor, and I'm like, "USE ALL THE GIMMICKS!" I found the ideas in books. XD
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Love the cold color you used. :)
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That's really quite awesome, Tser :o
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Awww thank you <3 <3 <3
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Wow, this is beautiful! <3
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Thanks so much!
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