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Another sketch in Photoshop that ended up being Cammy (6 hours). I made sure to accentuate her best assets...
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I love her braids!
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:3 nice one Heart Heart 
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Her right thigh seems too long.
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Cammy is one of my favorites forever! great job.
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Fantastic work as always
Ah that makes you all warm and fuzzy inside and it makes you forget all your troubles.......and then you remember that it actually doesn't exist and it all goes down the drain XD
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Hello! I like your painting style so much. This Cammy seems light, like floating. It's awesome.
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yey! cammy! <3 she is the sexiest anime character ever! i think it feels really nice to her having biting in the ass costume hehehe...
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But her outfit sure makes her hips look huge. :greetings: Not that I'm complaining.
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wow lovely Cammy, you did a great work on her :love:
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What character! I am in awe.

PS: leotard's riding a little "up" there, haha.
great attention to detail
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The bent leg looks strange...?? When the leg is bent from that angle, it wouldn't bump and dip like that. Great picture tho!
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