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Cheer! Animal Companions
Here it is, the final proof that the Cheer! girls are all Disney princesses!  The animal companions of Cheer!

Well, Bree isn't really an animal... or vegetable or mineral.  I'm not sure she has a classification.  And the dragon is actually kinda dead and spookified now, so that might disqualify him.  But the zero wing squirrel (word balloon omitted for image balance) and werekitty (never actually depicted in Cheer!) are both honest to goodness animals, so I think that counts.

Just a quick sketch for fun.  I looked up reference images for "kitten attacking hand" before I looked up reference images of how big the werekitty actually was, so scale is significantly off there.  Still, the squirrel is great.  I love that squirrel...
Cheer! In Media Res
I've long maintained a policy of not giving away spoilers for my bygone comic Cheer! in the vain hope that some day I'd pick up where I left off and continue.  I think the possibility of that happening any more is dwindling at a similar pace to the number of people who might still care!  So, having that desire to draw again, I figured I might as well share this image, riddled with errors as it may be.  I really wish I could redraw Alex... and most of Jo.  Maybe I should try another version now that I've shaken off some of the cobwebs.

Most superhero stories (of which Cheer! basically was in intent) would start somewhere in the middle, with the heroes established to some extent as heroes and already involved in much daring do.  After all, who would want to read five issues of Peter Parker just being some high school guy before any radioactive spiders entered the scene!  When I started Cheer!, I made the purposeful decision to start at the beginning, before super powers and before super adventures.  This was partly because Cheer! was a spin-off and, thereby, came with an interested audience without having to lure people in with action.  But mostly it was because I had no idea where I was going with anything when I started.

This picture might have been somewhere near the beginning of Cheer! had I started in media res... the main cast having already gotten their powers and... I don't know... investigating a dark warehouse or something.

Alex, being the main character of Cheer!, also has the strangest and most eclectic mixture of powers.  Even after losing the robe of intelligence, she maintains the knowledge of being a Channeller, and much more potent without the game world's restrictions.  As such she has the power to summon and, to a limited extent, shape fire and void.  The fire has many obvious uses typically surrounding burning things, while void is a perfect buffer to make shields out of, and is also how she doesn't burn herself.  Excessive use of void leads to leeching of one's own body heat and energy, so it does have its limits.  Bree also stays around, living primarily in Alex's shadow but coming out whenever her defensive qualities are needed.  And finally Alex maintains the "ability" to randomly transform into various mythical and fantasy creature hybrids whenever she's seriously stressed or emotional.  These transformations are almost never useful.

Jo is the only character who had her superpowers since the beginning.  She has a mixture of perfect attention and memory for everything happening around her.  She doesn't have supernatural senses, but anything that can be observed by astute human senses will be noticed and remembered by Jo.  When she ignores most of it, she functions quite well, but she becomes easily overwhelmed by the details if she tries to focus.  Eventually, with the help of her cousin Kal, she realizes what she can do really is a superpower of sorts and she learns to control it, noticing, understanding and being able to point out critical details at key times.  She's also completely immune to mind-altering effects such as illusions, mind control and, to her eventual potential chagrin, alcohol and other drugs.  Her wand is and always was a red herring, having no use in the story except as a portable club.  I did intend to show it actually doing something in an epilogue though... (and I just realized I forgot her choker and bracers in this picture... another error!)

Lita lost her sword and other accessories from the game world in the fight with Aulon, but she managed to keep the "plate armor."  From then on, she started wearing it as underwear whenever she could as she discovered the enchantments of the armor still functioned.  These enchantments give her superhuman strength, exceptional resilience (she's not bullet-proof, but she can take a beating) and exceptionally quick healing (HP regeneration).  And that's really it.  Everyone else's powers have some drawbacks that lead to potential drama, but Lita's are pretty straightforward and drama free.  That way I could use her as a rock for the others when things get too stressful.

And then there's Sam whose powers weren't even hinted at yet (they were coming in the next chapter).  Sam, through a combination of personal valor, coincidence and Organizational mistakes, ended up inheriting the essence of the last war dragon.  While this bestowed Sam with the powers of that dragon (mostly various shapes and powers of wind, but basically she has the potency of a very large hurricane) it also gave her some of the dragon's thoughts and emotions which prove an incredible mental burden for Sam's control-seeking nature.  Eventually she does come to grips with these thoughts, at least enough to have decent control of her wind powers (slicing air, pushing air, flight, etc) but it's always a fight between her controlled, peace-loving nature and the joyously destructive and chaotic spirit of the dragon.

And there you have it!  For anyone who ploughed through that wall of text, "spoilers" for Cheer! and where I was intending to take the characters.  They were never going to be an active crime-fighting team... no one apart from Jo has any interest in being superheroes.  But events were going to keep happening around them and sweeping them up into a battle for the survival of Earth itself... and more importantly, a battle for School Spirit!  Goooo Kangaroos!
Evelyn Wolfe: Repair
As a hasty scrawl of an art piece, I had originally thought I wouldn't post this one.  But considering how hasty and scrawly my last posted art was, I figured... why not?

Introducing Evelyn Wolfe, a theoretical character for Shadowrun 4e!

Some time ago I was allowed to create a scylla race character named Rydia using custom surge rules.  While I spent a lot of time working on the world surrounding Rydia... her family, her area, her history... she turned out to be rather uninspiring to play as she lacked any concrete goals or personality quirks to make her interesting and motivated.  However, she had some very interesting "contacts", a mechanic in the game where you specify NPCs that the player character can use as resources.  One of her contacts was Evelyn.

Evelyn is a corporate-raised genius cybernetics engineer with a basketful of neuroses, not the least of which turned into a creepy obsession with Rydia specifically and the concept of real actual half-human, half-somethings in general.  Eventually her obsession turned to her desire to become just like Rydia and, when you're a cyberneticist, every problem looks like a limb replacement.  She crafted her own full body cybernetics (mostly without approval) and set up the Auto-Doc to perform the procedure on her.  However, when she woke up from the surgery, she found herself outside the enclave (for the first time ever) and "Erased".  Unable to return to the corporation, she's trying to survive in a life she's entirely ill-suited to.  Thankfully, she's actually kind of useful to have around...

Group Role:  Medic, Cybernetics Maintenance, Programmer, Corporate Expert, Investigation, Anything you can get a Skillsoft for
Weaknesses:  Social situations, infiltration, inability to maintain networked data (such as any SINs)
Goals:  Meeting Rydia in person, improving her cybernetics' performance, finding out why and how she was erased

As a side note, it must be very frustrating to have to fix your own cyberarm...

...And a Gallery is Born!

Wed Sep 5, 2007, 2:42 PM
Well, I figured it was about time I expanded my artistic horizons and possible exposure, and thus I have finally added some deviations to this account.

For you who may not know, I am the artist and author of the webcomic Cheer!.  Thus, anyone interested in seeing more of my artwork are encouraged to check it out!  There is also a Gallery there, hosting not only guest and fan art, but also a number of pieces of my own, many of which are not here (yet...)

So what is my purpose here?  Well, as it stands, I generally put only a certain type of artwork in the Gallery at Cheer!... work that is complete and coloured, and that is fitting to the themes and feelings of Cheer!.  So here I can cut loose... add art that is either too mature, too unusual, or too rough or incomplete to add there.  Here I can try some different things and hopefully get some good feedback on them.  That's my intent anyway.

I've uploaded a small selection of starter images here so far... just something to get me started, including images from when I first started taking my digital art seriously right up to one finished a couple days ago.  Obviously there's much that hasn't been added, and I may expand the gallery in the weeks and months to come with older art, but primarily I'll be adding new stuff as it's made.

So sit back, grab some popcorn, and enjoy!

--- Tselsebar (Cheer!)




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