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The New Sovereigns


King Alexander I and Queen Tatiana of Serbia.

After the death of his father, the King Peter I of Serbia in august 1921,
Alexander inherited the throne of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes.
He and his beloved wife, Queen Tatiana, formerly Grand Duchess of Russia, were married in Belgrade in january, 1921.
The royal couple posed for this picture on the day of their coronation ceremony in october, 1922.

Dedicated to :icongracefultatiana1897:, :iconmemoriesoftime97:
:iconbreakingfreedom94: and :iconanniebirdy:
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This is a rare and beautiful photo of Queen Tatiana and King Alexander I, which is not even on the Royal Serbian Family website... I think I know who she was and is now... It looks like she must have been the King's sweetheart and maybe his parents had him marry Queen Marie of Romania instead (who appears to be a sly lady inspite of her looks and wealth).  I thought this couple was married.. but from one post it says they were not... If they were so much in love.. perhaps they had a love child.... a boy or a girl?  What did she die of?  Did she really die or something else happened?
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Hello! :wave: 
It's just a what-if for the couple, it's not a true story, it was just something created by me.

The true story is:
Alexander I and Tatiana never married or had babies. She was Grand Duchess of Russia and daughter of the last Tsar of Russia (Nicholas II) and sister of the famous Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanov. Alexander I of Serbia was very much in love with Tatiana and
he wanted to marry her, but in 1917 the russian revolution happened, Tatiana's father, the Tsar, abdicated of his throne and after, the Russian imperial family was arrested. In july, 1918 by the orders of Lennin they were all murdered. King Alexander I (he was a Prince in 1918) when heard the news that Tatiana was dead tried to kill himself; After some years he married to Princess Marie of Romania and they had 3 sons, but he never loved his wife, he always loved Tatiana.
Thank you for the reply. However, why are you making up these stories?. The real story is that they did have a son, as per your photos and dates you have posted. Their son is not King Peter II of Serbia, who was the son of Mobarak Ali Khan and Queen Maria of Romania, the second Royal Queen he married. However, I truly wanted to know why he never married (Duchess Tatiana) her if he did not, or if he did where are the records of that.  There is so much wrong information on the Royal Family of Serbia, Russia and India on the internet, that people in these countries hate these families for telling lies (centuries of lies), which is not their fault probably the work of their enemies. I document facts with genetic testing and much genealogical and historical research so that the truth is revealed and people in these countries can be proud of their history and their Royal Families.
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Когда большевики убили русскую царскую семью, наш король Александр уже давно жаловались на Татьяне.
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Я читал, что король собирался жениться на ней, но первая война прервала свадебные планы.
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Вы правы. Александр посетить Россию в начале 1914 года, спустя несколько месяцев началась война.
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Exactly like a princess :rose: I believe they had a wonderful marriage and did a lot to support the war effort 
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Well, I think they would have a beautiful wedding if they had gotten married,
but they never got married to each other: Tatiana died and Alexander married to Marie of Romania.
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it is still nice to dream 
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It is definitely flawless, gonna stay in my favorites forever! BRAVO!

See, Tatiana is Queen of Yugoslavia & wife of Alexander I is the best AU version for me.
Also this is so beautiful and I’m still unable to find words which could be good enough to describe how much I love it! I thought that no one except VelcokneznaMaria and me promotes the Yugoslavian idea. Now I’m really happy I was wrong.

Thank you again for such pleasure! From this day on I started again to ship this nice could-have-been couple as hard as before. 
Wish you much luck and inspiration for the future great works.

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Oh! thank you very much Anna! hug 
I'm glad you liked it! 

I think this would be the best destiny to Tatiana in my opinion.
I think Alexander loved her a lot (he wrote letters to her) and maybe they would be
happy together and I think that she would be the most elegant and glamorous queen of her times.

And since you love this so much I 'll dedicate it for you too, because you love it
and because of your kind words.Heart 

Heart Thank you very much again for your comment, it means a lot for me!Heart bum 
Thank you!Suave Gentleman 
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Wow, it's so beautiful!:love: Thank you for the dedication!:heart::hug:
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Thank you! :) (Smile) 
I'm glad you like it! Heart 
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You're welcome! Yes, I really love it!:heart:
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Wow that's cool!!
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You're welcome sweetie!!
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I love the purple dress! Love 
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Thank you very much dear! :) (Smile) Hug 
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