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This information is for client commissions. Industry commissions are always open.  Please contact tsaoshin[at] for business inquiries.

Digital Painting Portrait Commissions $60 USD payable via PayPal


  • 1 character
  • Head shot (from shoulders up)
  • Simple background
Character portraits are digital paintings of a single character bust (head, neck, and some chest) in a loose painted style on a simple background.  Perfect for PFP, icons, and IDs!  Only one character per portrait piece (1 pet/prop permitted)!  These commissions are an interpretation of your character realized in my style so the colors, style, and anatomy may change from your reference.

Grumpy Gecko by TsaoShinSpicyCrap - Avatar by TsaoShinVelkss by TsaoShin


All digital painting commissions include the final high-resolution finished image in JPG, PNG, or TIF format.  The average size of a commission is 8x10 inches at 300DPI.  If you need a specific size, please let me know before I get started.

All digital painting commissions include my drafting process where you approve each step.  The final result is a product that we have worked on together.

All completed commission pieces will not bear my signature unless requested.

You may build upon, color, and alter any sketch or lineart you receive in your commission package.  You may also display the commission and versions of the commissions you have built upon in your personal gallery so long as credit is given to me as the original author of your image.


Watch my social media accounts for when I announce the opening of my commission availability.  I generally open 5-10 slots at a time through a journal post here on DeviantArt.  On the journal post, leave a comment saying you'd like a slot and are ready to pay.  I'll reply and put you into the queue and send a note to collect payment.  Slots are first come first served!   

Once payment is received, I will create a loose draft of your idea and provide a thumbnail.  This is the time to make the most dramatic changes and alterations if necessary (poses, setting, additions, etc).  

If no alterations are made, I will move on and provide a cleaned up version with loose colors.  This is the time to make minor alterations.  If any major changes are made at this point forward, it may incur additional fees.  

Once approved, I will finish the painting and provide one more thumbnail when I'm finished for final touch ups (very minor additions such as glows, color modification, background elements) before sending the final high-resolution version.


I accept payments through PayPal only.  Prices are in USD.

I will issue a full refund if I cancel your commission.

If you cancel a commission with me and work has been started, I will provide said work at its current stage of completion with no refund.  When you commission me, you are not only paying for a product but also to be placed into my schedule.

Payment is due after I send you a quote.  I will not start work until payment is made.


Q: Will you do any character for these? Even popular or fan art characters?
A: Sure!

Q: Can I use this as my avatar, character portrait, Facebook profile, etc?
A: Go right ahead.  When I finish your piece it belongs to you and you're free to do what you want with it!

Q: What sort of things will you paint?
A: When commissioning me, remember to look at my gallery to see where my strengths are.  I prefer fantasy, animals, creatures, and organic elements.  Sci-fi, city scenes, mechanical, and robotics are my weaker topics so I may reject a commission of this nature especially if I feel that I will not do it justice.  Adult topics are acceptable if they are not disrespectful.

Q: How long does the commission take?
A: It all depends on how complex your commission is, where you are on the queue, and how quickly you respond to my draft approval requests.  The average completion time is 2 weeks.

Q: Can I get a print out of my commission?
A: If you pay shipping and handling you sure can.  I will also provide you the high resolution file so you're more than welcome to print it out at home!

Q: Can you do realism?  Can I commission a hyper realistic painting?
A: I can but you're asking me to work outside my current style so it might come out looking like pewp.  But hey, if you want to pay me to give it a shot I wont complain.

Q: Can I sell my commissioned piece (or) I need to use it as a promo poster/CD cover/YouTube Banner/etc (or) I'm an industry client.
A: If you intend to commission me for a piece that you plan to profit off of or you are an industry client, please note me to discuss commercial/industry prices.

Q: Are you only doing portrait commissions?
A: For now, yes.  My schedule is hectic and realistically I only have time for this type of commission.  If you're looking for something more elaborate please feel free to send me a message and we can discuss your project.


I reserve the right to decline or cancel any commission for any reason.

I retain the rights as the original author of your commission.  I may display the final product, drafts, and concepts included in the process of creating your commission as examples of my work in personal galleries including deviantART.  I will credit you as my commissioner and author of characters (where applicable) unless privacy is requested.

Total cost of a commission piece is based on the description of your needs.  Remember, you are buying my free time!  I could otherwise be out partying, playing games, saving Gotham, or hosting a cat party.

Your completed commission is completely yours to build upon, alter, change, etc.  You may do whatever you want with it!  If you intend to use the commission commercially and/or profit from it, please send me a note regarding industry prices and release agreements.

Thanks for your interest!

last updated: January 9, 2020
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