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When Will My No Begin - Steps



I'm not sure how useful this is but I thought I'd upload it anyway since I had several screen captures of my progress on When Will My No Begin and I've had some people ask how I did the shading.

1. General drafting. Despite knowing that I wanted to do a scene with Flynn climbing the hair and Grumpy Cat threatening to cut it, I still went through nearly 20 different drafts. I had several difficult compositions that weren't working right until I landed on this sketch.

2. Color blocking on the tower and finalizing the line guides for the two characters. I changed Flynn's pose to something that made him look a little more chaotic and off balance. I also realized that I needed to make Grumpy Cat's scissors unrealistically huge in order to see them better XD

3. Shading Flynn. I spent most my time in his face and hair since I wanted to get as close as I could to the original look of the movie. I'm in love with the soft and painted look of Tangled!

4. Working on details in Flynn's clothing using the scratch brush to make sure I'm getting a lot of soft shading that still shows a bit of the brush work.

5. Shading Grumpy Cat and detailing. I didn't realize how detailed Rapunzel's dress was! I tried to emulate some of the embroidery on the dress but it's lost when zoomed out. I have a nasty habit of going overboard on details that only I will see :(

6. Background details and final touch ups on the tower.

7. Some additional lighting effects to bring out certain areas so they pop. Some quick adjustments to lighting and saturation and I'm done!

The last pane shows the brushes that did all the heavy lifting in this drawing. I use the scratch brush for all of the color blending and the hardliner for chiseling in the detail. The little example shows how these brushes behave with pen pressure on a tablet.

Created with Adobe Photoshop.

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