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When Will My No Begin

Due to many requests, here is Tangled! This is a continuation of my Grumpy Cat Disney mash up series. I had a hard time picking an iconic scene from the movie so I had to invent something new. This is sort of a perfect situation for Grumpy Cat - she gets to live alone in a tower. It would have been one short movie though o_o

When Flynn falls, I imagine he'll make that sound Goofy makes when he's falling:

I had to alter some things to make the scene work such as having the hair tied around the hook. Also, I'm fully aware of how ridiculous it is to have a cat handling a pair of scissors. Nothing is impossible for Grumpy Cat....well...except for love.

Next up: Beauty and the Beast!

Created with Adobe Photoshop.

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I'm laughing, this is too funny!! XD Love Eugene's "What are you doing" expression!

Now this could be the story of how he died. My goodness

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Interesting, very interesting

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I didn't know what to do and i accidentaly clicked on the picture thinking i would use the siccors XD

I have great grammar.

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Aaaad there goes the whole plot.

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No thanks I’m good here

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Tangled, if the movie ended 80 minutes early. XD
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the best is the lion king xD
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