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We Know the Flareon

This is a collaboration piece with Flying-Fox!  Please check out her amazing work!……

Flying-Fox and I have been planning on creating a Disney Princess and Eeveelution series for a while now!  Here's our last one!  I know Flareon seems like a weird choice for Moana but we wanted to pair the fire/lava aspect and thought it went well with this one considering the heart of the film.

Thank you for all of your love and support on this series!  It's been so fun to work on and we plan to start a new set soon.  Look forward to Disney Villains and Shiny Eeveelutions!

Time Lapse Video of this drawing on YouTube:

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Hang out with me on my Discord Server!  All are welcome!

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wot? you like a torchic?

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haha I should redraw these and add Hei Hei in

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Wow!! So beautiful 😍💯✨🦋
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welcome!! 😊😉 i hope u have a nice day!! 🌻😁

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The combinations you make of the princesses and eeveelutions is perfect!
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Why does she have a Flareon? She needs a Mantine or a bird Pokemon :)
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We picked Flareon for the fire elements revealed later in the film
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Moana would support the False Prophet
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May seem strange but Flareon, in sticking to the lava bit and since it's a central element included in the film and Hawaii's history, it makes sense to make it a partner to Moana.

Very nice!
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I would think that it would be Vaporeon XD Awesome job anyways! :D
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Thanks so much!
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