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Edit: Hey, everyone! Noticing an uptick on comments on this piece and I suspect it might be related to the Twist Fate badge you receive when commenting on a contest submission.  While I enjoy all of your comments, I can't actually give the badge out and you wont receive it by commenting on this piece.  You'll need to comment on a Twist Fate submission which can be found here:…

A digital painting commission I did for DeviantArt for the challenge that they are hosting with Wattpad called Twist Fate.

"Pick a story and character, and create an alternate scenario where a famous hero is the villain, or an infamous villain, the hero"

The challenge is open to written stories AND illustrations!  They'll take the best of the submissions and publish them into a book that will be distributed in libraries in the US and Canada (will also be available online).  It's open to people between the ages of 13 and 17 at the time of the submission.

Check out more information here:
Twist Fate
Wrap-up ArticleView Finalists
“You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”
The Dark Knight
A DeviantArt & Wattpad Challenge
March 6 to April 6
for ages 13–17

When you think about it, any hero could become a villain, and any villain, a hero. It wouldn’t take much. A small change, a tiny twist of fate, a white suit or a red lightsaber, and things could be completely different.
What would cause the Joker and Batman to reverse roles? For an ogre to become a prince, Maleficent to switch places with Sleeping Beauty, Katniss Everdeen to b

Created with Adobe Photoshop CC

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I just love it! beautiful work TsaoShin TsaoShin !