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Tutorial - Digital Painting a Cute Lion


The image is HUGE so give it a little bit to load.

The folks at autodesk-sketchbook commissioned this tutorial covering how I digitally paint.  This is my compete process from start to finish (and some other details in between).  Hope that you find this useful!

Created with Autodesk SketchBook Pro.

Some of my other digital painting resources:
Griffins of a Feather - Animated Process by TsaoShin Old River - Animated Process by TsaoShin

My Brushes:
TsaoShin Full Brushes Set by TsaoShin
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Very interesting technique. Thanks!

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hey there how do i get the synthetic coarse angular brush ? please :)

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It should be a default brush but this is an older version of Sketchbook in this tutorial so I'm not sure if it's still there!

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Great tutorial I´m gonna try it on Paint Tool SAI I had some brushes and textures may I can fin some like these
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you welcome ^w^
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You're probably not gonna look at this comment but i understand the tutorial a bit better now, i kind of realized i kind of looked past really important things and i have a better grasp, i want to try and get into painting and stuff in Sketchbook (Since i'm a huge fan of the painting style). Some parts are still a little vague but i understand a majority of this tutorial and it's a big help ^-^
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I'm really glad it could help you out!  I have some video tutorials of how I digitally paint in Photoshop and the methods are very similar if you'd like to see more in depth stuff:
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Thanks, i'll go check them out if i start painting in photoshop ^_^
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large ears.. big eyes..
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Thanks for the help😊
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I have the normal sketch book lol ( I barely started on the first panel )
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Thanks so much for this great tutorial ! I wonder if I can do such thing 0n my phone since I have Sketchbook Pro on it :B
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Sorry if this sounds dumb but i don't exactly know what to do with the brushes and it doesn't seem too clearly explained to me. i'm not sure how to properly use the brushes and how to paint...again, sorry if this sounds dumb.
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Brushes will feel different to everyone - use them however they feel comfortable to you!
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