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The Little Vaporeon

By TsaoShin
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This is a collaboration piece with Flying-Fox!  Please check out her amazing work!

Flying-Fox and I have been planning on creating a Disney Princess and Eeveelution series for a while now!  Here's our first one!

Time Lapse Video of this drawing on YouTube: youtu.be/qkBNT_tOrQE

More in this series!:
The Princess and the Leafeon by TsaoShin Let it Glaceon by TsaoShin I see the Jolteon by TsaoShin Beauty and the Eevee by TsaoShin Once Upon a Sylveon by TsaoShin A Whole New Umbreon by TsaoShin

Hang out with me on my Discord Server!  All are welcome!  discord.gg/tsaoshin

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The cutest Princess My Angel Mermaid

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You are a truly amazing artist <3 I would hope you get lots of money off of spellings prints and stuff

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I gotta say this looks pretty cool.

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MY FAV!!! 💯✨😍🧚✌🏻 THAT'S AWESOME!!! 🌺
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I thought she would have a Dive ball or would that be to obvious?

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ah that would have been cool XD

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I like ir. Great job.

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This is beautiful !<3 I love the crossover concept Ariel would def. train water types :3

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Thank you very much!

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What about Primarina?
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I think we made these before that game came out but now I can't remember o_o
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under the sea, man!
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Magikarp may seem a stupid Pokemon to some but once they evolve into Gyarados, they can kick ass and do major damage.

But, I'm guessing that as Ariel's partner here, Vaporeon can do major damage to anyone wanting to harm her. I'm sure Ursula would get her own ass kicked by Vaporeon should she target it's mermaid partner/friend/sister if it's a part of her family.
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