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The Land of Nightmares

By TsaoShin
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Commission for David Purse's novel cover for The Land of Nightmares.

From the story summary:

"When eleven-year-old Mona plans yet another escape from her orphanage, she totally expects to get caught. Mona figures it will take mean old Ms. Gloomberg until morning to realize she’s gone, but her break-out is ruined when a stranger climbs through her window in the middle of the night claiming to be the Sandman!

Mona is skeptical—who wouldn’t be?!—but a demonstration of magic using his rainbow-colored sand convinces her to give the guy a chance. The Sandman needs an apprentice, and he wants Mona to take the spot. Mona knows nothing about dreams, or why the Sandman would want her of all people, but she can’t refuse. It’s her golden ticket out of the orphanage, so she jumps at the opportunity.

Once onboard Sandman’s ship, doubt plagues Mona. She can’t be an apprentice. All the adults in her life say she won’t amount to anything. And she’s certain Sandman is hiding something from her. Something dark. Desperate for answers, Mona breaks Sandman’s only rule and sneaks down to the forbidden belly of the ship and accidentally unleashes an evil prisoner – The Boogie Man.

Before Mona can come clean, Boogie kidnaps the Sandman and takes him to The Land of Nightmares – a dark place where clowns are anything but funny and bed bugs really do bite. Needing to right her wrongs and prove she doesn’t mess everything up, Mona teams up with a hyperactive sloth and a kid who may or may not be working for Boogie to rescue the Sandman. But saving the day won’t be easy, and Boogie has a powerful magic that could stop the world from dreaming forever.

Talk about a nightmare."


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Created with Adobe Photoshop CC

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I like the composition!

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Thanks so much!

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this is amazing.

You are amazing at drawing

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More amazing composition. I love how everything draws your eyes towards the characters. Very strong piece.
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Thank you very much :>
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They're so fluffy!!!
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Ahhh, this is a gorgeous piece and really fits the narrative of the story well from the snippet provided~ <33 Definitely a beautiful piece of coverart for the story~ ^^

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Quite beautiful for a nightmare!^^ And with cute spiders too!
i wish my nightmares would look like that... At least it'd be more creative than just "random people looking through my windows for some reasons"! XD
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Really great pic and nice story too !!
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Yep, this is my nightmare. Screw spiders.
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I would read the heck out of this. Is this story available? 
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Not quite yet but soon!
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