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In a vast field on an unusually warm autumn day, a small cat napped after a long morning of hunting voles. His dreams were suddenly cut short, however, by the pounding steps of a nearby dragon.

The cat, frightened beyond belief, saw no other option but to arch his back and let out a hiss as felines usually do. The unsuspecting dragon jumped back and gasped. Like most dragons his age, he believed in ridiculous superstitions and feared cats like children fear the Boogey Man. The two froze in their tracks.

And as quickly as it started, both dragon and cat fled the scene in opposite directions - both equally relieved to get away unscathed.

I love dragons and cats. Drawn for fun in Adobe Photoshop CS4. Thanks for looking!

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If That Cat Was A Grumpy Cat...
Grumpy Cat Used NO!
It Was Super Affective!
Amazing Art BTW :D

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do you have any perspective tips it confuses the heck out of me qwq
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Thanks so much! I don't have any perspective tutorials yet !
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omg XD XD XD XD XD XD and welcome
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Thank you very much!
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This is awesome XD
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Thanks so much!
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Reminds me of those funny videos where the cat chases off a bear or a large dog. 
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dragon be like: "ha, I just destroyed a village I'm so awesome"
cat: "hi bro"
dragon: "ahhhh a cat"
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No different than what one would do in front of a rat, really.
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Something about the passage made me want to read it in the voice Jim Dale, the guy who narrated Pushing Daisies and the Harry Potter audiobooks.

Very cute scene!
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I'm not surprised, if they were the same size the cat would be more dangerous!
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I could probably see that cat chasing that dragon if it knew that the dragon was scared of it.
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