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Sisu from Raya and The Last Dragon


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Sisu from Raya and The Last Dragon!

I made a tutorial on how to draw the magic water drops and bubbles that you see in this!  Check it out ^^


Hang out with me on my Discord Server!  All are welcome!

Created with Adobe Photoshop CC

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As usual an excellent job.

Just for curiousity did you like the movie?

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Thanks so much! I enjoyed the movie :>

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I love so much about this painting! Here is (probably incomplete) list...

How clouds follow a curve, creating feeling of wide FOV for them, a sense of grand scale.

How there is seen both open sky and many clouds.

How clouds lit up in beautiful warm hues (in contrast to blue color of open sky).

How distant mountain and greenery behind a bit of fog.

How sunbeams fall on tree and Sisu's chest, adding a bit of light.

Speaking of lighting, rim lighting on Sisu are just... *chef's kiss*

And also colors. Colors in this painting are super vibrant, just magnificent.

I've seen Sisu in the movie ~ her hair in this painting (both on the body and mane) represented well.

Translucent fin and tail looks very nice as well.

Sisu's face are just fantastic, both in looks and how she peacefully looks forward.

I also love extra detail of tail and paw creating tiny ripples on water's surface.

Speaking of water, looks nice and colorful.

And I like both magical water bubbles and how they form from amorphous mass of water.

Also, water bubbles close to (virtual) camera are a little blurry, creating extra sense of depth. Nice.

Even your signature here are like tiny stones, beautiful.

And here is my other thoughts on the painting...

Grass close to (virtual) camera somewhat obscures Sisu, but also gives picture an extra sense of depth. So, I am neutral on this one.

I don't see Sisu being reflected in the water. But possibly, it is as it should be (due to angle of reflection or whatever)... or I'm just being blind. After all, I am not a professional artist.

The only definitive downside for me is somewhat low resolution. And that comes from a fan of image optimization (which can include lowering res)... but I suppose, waifu2x exists for a reason.

In conclusion ~ thank you for creating this drawing, it is a true marvel!

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Wow! Thank you for this super in depth comment! I'm really happy you like this piece XD

this is amazing bro you have such a beautiful touch ,but is this artworks you publish here are free for commercial use ?

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Thank you! I don't allow commercial use of my artwork sorry!

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Both her and the background look astonishing! :love:

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Thank you so much!

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Any chance you might make art of any of her siblings?

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Thanks I love Sisu

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awesome job!!

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She looks so pretty, and the background is absolutely gorgeous :love:

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Thanks so much :>

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must protect at all costs

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:star:This is so magical! Fantastic artwork! :star:

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Whoa, I love this great job! :clap:

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