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After I did my first Discord drawing, I was inspired by his twisty body to do a Chinese dragon version of him. I've stylized his look to match up with an Eastern theme :) His eyebrows sort of scare me :(

Created with Adobe Photoshop. To see this drawing's evolution and my upcoming drawings, check out my Facebook:

See some of my other MLP fanart!
MLP: Discord by TsaoShin MLP: Day and Night by TsaoShin
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Discord is so amazing!!!!!!

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🎵Discord,he's chaotic.🎵
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Oh god his eyebrows are terrifying XD
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The God of Chaos...
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He's a wild one. :)
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do you use photoshop
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ok i am trying to get it
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Thanks so much!
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only the truth for an amazing artist!!!
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Great work in chinese dragon style
TsaoShin's avatar
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The coloring and style of this is so fantastic. Loooovvve it <3
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Thank you very much!
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This makes me the happiest ever. You do not even know.

Discord is hands down my favorite MLP character. So cool.
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We share similar love for this crazy villain guy, I love how slippery he is and how he is so sly 
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Oustanding! Discord Icon 2 
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