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"Don't you know how to greet a new pal?"

Sans is my favorite Undertale character.  When I first entered the underground area, I was really freaked out by the ambiance and the fact that I was being stalked.  The introduction of Sans lifted all of that and with the following scene I was hooked on the game.

Since this was a pivotal scene for me, I wanted to draw it.  Plus there has been ZERO snow in my area this season (in fact it's 70 degrees where I am today) and I wanted to at least see it in drawing form :)

If you haven't played Undertale you should definitely check it out!

Created with Photoshop CC.

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Yo after-


15 16--

6 years!!

Still One of the best drawings of sans that i saw in my entire Life

{Also i never thought to comment under this}

Good job👍🏻✨

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Thanks so much!

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Can I use this for a remix? I'll keep your link in the desc. (Channel for reference:

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Go ahead! Thanks for asking!

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do you still respond to this?

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thats so epic! :DDD

this is perfect even my friend saw and said perfect to

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Are you aware that this is the cover image for a version of Megalovania on Spotify? Just asking if they used it without permission...

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If it's used by Gamechops then yes they have my permission otherwise no

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I think its by GameChops but I'm not sure.

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Dododo do do do doodododo

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images you can hear

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I was singing Megalovania

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This looks like something for a Disney short
It’s adorable and there’s so much effort put into it
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Thank you very much :>

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