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Something I've been picking at during my free time.  Just a mom out with her kids.

Sorry for the lack of updates!  The month is keeping me out of the studio more than I like :/

Created with Photoshop CC.

Back story by KingofSummer:
And although they could not hear as well as their mother, not even the infant dragon, it did not mean that the civil war was not going on all around them. The mother dragon could pick up the noise of all the different groups of monsters - or Imagibestium - clashing in order to keep their land and/or take land they believe was stolen.

She had no idea what caused the different imagibestium to inexplicably forget about their peaceful co-existence, but her suspicions did tell her that the battles, among other weird happenings, did not begin until rumors of three unheard-of, human-like beings known as The Boogeyman, Krampus, and La Llorona made themselves at home over at Skull Peninsula. This is the first time that other such none-imagibestium have been in The Land Hidden In The Trees since Captain Scurvy and his un-dead crew, and Stingy Jack. Besides these unfortunate event, never in the history of this world has it ever been dark or plagued by strange events: The Nefelibatas have gone extinct, no new Artistas have been sighted entering from any of the human worlds, and strange, new, yet unusually vile and ferocious monsters that seemed to be made of a tar-like substance have appeared as mysteriously as the Nefelibatas disappeared.  

The mother dragon had taken it upon herself to protect the little ones, including those of different species. Dragon or not, she understood that they were innocent in this entire petty war over territory; they are all children of the Land Hidden In The Trees.

She risks her life whenever she can in order to help escort all those who are neutral to the Woodlands of Fantastic Oddities, where the friendly Lunaspicia have happily agreed to take in refugees. 

The only reason they have been able to fend off all of the other powerful invaders, such as the doll-like Pupas, the Flametalli, and the Puerobots, is due to their appearance. None of their would-be enemies thought that a swarm of puffy, puppy sized cloud people that love to gaze at the moon could ever be capable of powerful retaliation.

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Ahh how nice of the mother dragon to adopt those kittens in war time.