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Lil Bowser - PSD


This is the source PSD file that I used for my Digital Painting Crash Course workshop at Anime Boston 2016.  The file contains my workflow process broken out into separate steps as well as the lineart, palette, and background layers.

Here is the video of the workshop:

Since DA has a limit on upload size, I had to reduce the resolution quite a bit.  This file would normally be 6000x4800.

Brushes that were used in this piece:
TsaoShin Full Brushes Set by TsaoShin

Created with Adobe Photoshop CC

Some of my other digital painting resources:
Griffins of a Feather - Animated Process by TsaoShin Old River - Animated Process by TsaoShin
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U thought bowser was a bad boi? Look at him when he was little :3

ExtremeEnderCraft345's avatar

Aww, before the typical routine of kidnapping back in the days in the life of Mario himself.

BowerFan's avatar

Bowser looks incredibly cute.

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DarkMagikarp09's avatar

Very Cute!

Tiny Bowser With His Tiny Evil Chain Chomp!~

Bowser Animated Icon SM64 But Different - Chain Chomp

TsaoShin's avatar

Thanks so much!

xxilikememes's avatar

This is like baby bowser junior but this is also the way bowser started to be evil and cute:) chain chomp

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Hello I am new your fan and I just want to say thank you so much for your digital art workshops! I've been watching your videos non-stop today and I feel overwhelmed by your amazing talent and skills. You're the best!!! T_____T

TsaoShin's avatar

Ah thank you so much! Glad you are enjoying the videos!

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What a fantastic clear and easy to understand tutorial. I always wondered how to make lineless art less complicated. I really want to do more lineless art. I like how you discuss so many aspects, like how to make a color palette, background and eye effects besides the coloring and building and refining of the character. I’ll be sure to try it out in my next artwork. Thank you so much for this. :D
TsaoShin's avatar
I'm so happy to hear that you liked the tutorial! I'm always worried that I cover too much in this workshop that it might be overwhelming
tamaraR's avatar
I personally don’t think it was too much. I think most people who follow these types of tutorials are at least a little familiar with photoshop. And even if they aren’t your instruction are so easy to follow and step-by-step that they can do it even without prior knowledge of the program. I also really like how you show the refining progress because in a lot of tutorials I see, they go straight from the basics to the refined piece without showing what they did. That’s usually the part where I think but ‘that’s what I wanted to know most’.
TsaoShin's avatar
Oh awesome yeah I'm glad to hear that actually.  I may make a tutorial that is -just- that part of it and how to do it somewhat effectively.  Thanks :>
tamaraR's avatar
Oh that be awesome. I’ll be sure to watch that one too if/when you make it.
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This paint has to much heart to it's awesome, in which I've also watched the tutorial on your youtube, which was well instructive and inspiring! Thanks! :D
TsaoShin's avatar
No problem! :D thanks!
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This is so cute.
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