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How to Digitally Paint Grass

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Video of the tutorial:

This is a digital painting tutorial on how to draw a quick and easy grass using custom brushes in Adobe Photoshop.

I'm using Photoshop CC in this tutorial but the brushes and most of the tools I use can be used in many other versions and even other drawing programs.  The tablet I'm using in this video is a Wacom Cintiq 24 HD.

Hang out with me on my Discord Server!  All are welcome!

Created with Adobe Photoshop CC

Brushes that were used in this piece:

TsaoShin Full Brushes Set by TsaoShin

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Great tutorial ! I have tested and approuved ! ;D > Paysage Herbe by Tchii001
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Thanks^^ It's thanks to you ;D
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First open Microsoft Paint...
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Awesome tutorial, this will be extremely useful.
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More tutorials for me to steal away (and love you for them as well!)
Instant fav!
*steals and runs away*
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Ahh thanks this is handy
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Ah, to PAINT grass!
For a second there i was confused...
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Let's build some happy grass here
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Bob Ross' reference
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Well, the brushes may not be of any use to me, but theory wise, there really seems to be some helpful stuff in there! Somehow never occurred to me to use more than the one type of grass brush I threw together :D Nicely done!
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Thanks for teaching us!!!!
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