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How to Blend Colors in Photoshop

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Video of the tutorial:

This is a digital painting tutorial on how I blend colors using custom brushes in Adobe Photoshop.

I'm using Photoshop CC in this tutorial but the brushes and most of the tools I use can be used in many other versions and even other drawing programs.  The tablet I'm using in this video is a Wacom Cintiq 24 HD.

Hang out with me on my Discord Server!  All are welcome!

Created with Adobe Photoshop CC

Brushes that were used in this piece:

TsaoShin Full Brushes Set by TsaoShin

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Thank you so much

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I used Photoshop for a long time but now i'm using krita and I think it's waaay better than Ps when it comes to blend, but to be honest I didn't know how to blend on phtoshop :p

Maybe I'll give another shot

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The brushes can really help :>
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Hmm, not sure if you'll respond to me or not. For some reason, when I try and download it fails for me :/

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Yeah it seems to fail for some people.  I'm not sure why.  Have you tried the link in the description?
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I did, and it worked ^^

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Your tutorial videos are awesome! I really love following them and I've learned a lot so far by watching them. :D and it's really kind of you to make your brushes available to everyone :heart:
TsaoShin's avatar
Thank you so much! I'm really glad they are helpful :)
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Yaaaay! New tut!
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Do you know if this would work on Photoshop CS6? 
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I finally got myself a photoshop program that I can draw, and I hope I get to know all the brushes and everything :D
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thanks for another tutorial!! Watching these really help me a lot! 
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So Great and  that you is And Pretty..💗
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