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Griffins of a Feather


Grendel and Rivers find a flock of griffins to hang out with!  Hang in there, Grendel! XD

The griffins are based on real birds.  Left to right: cockatoo, budgerigar, cockatiel, african grey, peach-faced lovebird, sun parakeet, and zebra finch.

Created with Adobe Photoshop.

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This piece inspires me to make a bunch of gryphons of my own. Is that ok with you?

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Yay!! I'll be sure to show you when I'm done!

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Very amazing illustration! Good work!

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My pleasure!

Hi... I am a bird lover and planning to make my mini aviary, I may also use an image of yours...


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Hello, I just wanted to give you a heads up that the company My Safe Bird Store is using your image for their advertising, you can find an example here:…

They've posted the same thing about 3 times. I added on credit to another stolen photo on their page, but the owner doesn't seem to understand what they are doing is not okay and removed the comments.
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Oh geez.. Thanks for letting me know!

The parrot there is like WATCHA DOING HERE HUH? REEEEEEEEEE!!!! XD



Hi there ! this is an amazing artwork ! may i use it for my discord server ? i will definetly give credits but do you have the transparent version of this too ? would be very great !

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Go ahead! I don't have a transparent version.  This is all one layer in my own file
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Aww! So cute! I saw this on the DeviantArtEclipse and I searched it up here to tell you how much I liked this concept!    X3
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Aw thank you so much!
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i had a cockatiel griffin idea aswell
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altough i called it the dwarf griffin
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Zebra Finch griffins! So cute!
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