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First Flight


A baby griffin contemplates his first flight.

Created with Adobe Photoshop CS4.

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Proportionately speaking, it's probably incapable of flight (ya know, tiny wings...)
It's frikin adorable, though
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Maybe he should just wait till his wings grow a bit more?
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Yeah he looks like he's not quite ready yet XD
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Better return to the nest.
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... Apparently the real why to spell "griffon" is Gryphon Stare 
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I seem to go back and forth in the spelling.  Gryphon reads like "grip hon" in m head XD
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good jib on it i like the eye 
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Thank you very much!
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Lol. Little wings. 
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Wonderful, beautiful, cute, adorable! Love your arts :heart:!
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Thank you so much!
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A baby griffin contemplating on life. Adorable.
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this is my fav along with the dragon/dog :DDDD i think its so cute.. at first before i read the explaintion i thought i was a falcon and a buffalo and i was like " OMGGGG BEST MIX IN HISTORY! " but then i saw it was a griffen and i was like " OMGGGG BEST PIC! IN HISTORY! " lol anyways its suuuu cute i also love the corba lion thingy? ( sorry forgot name lol ) YOUR ART IS THE BESSSTIESSS keep up la work! * rolls off like a worm *
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Thank you so much! Happy you like my stuff :D
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Thanks so much!
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Aaaaaaaaaawww.........  He's so adorable! :D
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