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Fanart of Fenix, the XP-PEN mascot. 

XP-PEN sent me a Deco Fun tablet to try out! It's a really nice intro tablet and it's only $50! I was super pleased with it and did a review:

They didn't pay me for the review so I tried to be as honest as I could about it. I've only ever used Wacom tablets so this was a nice change! I drew this little fanart piece completely on the Deco Fun tablet they sent me. Thanks to XP-PEN for providing the tablet!


Hang out with me on my Discord Server!  All are welcome!

Created with Adobe Photoshop CC

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YOU: I want to paint

XP-pen: you need a driver!

YOU: so here he is

XP-pen: NO, I need a draver

WIN7# driver stopped working #

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Cute fox aside (yes I'm cruel :giggle:), I've heard a lot of very good things about XP-Pen. One company which didn't forgot that people prefer actual physical buttons to do things instead touch interface.

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I've enjoyed it so far!

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wow i didn't think u'd get the joke ^^

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Can I has it’s so fluffy :P

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Really cute ! :heart: I like when you draw fur. :)

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This is so cute! ^^

Nick - Icon

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Thanks so much!

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You are welcome, TsaoShin. :)

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